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My friend David and I went on a wild night the weekend I turned 18 years old. He turned 18 a few weeks prior. We wanted to hit every porn store and ever strip club in the area. We lived in Tampa Florida and all the porn stores were in an industrial park called drew park. We went to two of them and just looked around. On the third one we got a little more daring than just looking at the videos. There was a sign that said arcade. We saw similar signs at other porn stores. This time we both went back there. There were a row of booths all numbered. I went into the booth 7 he went into a booth toward the front I guess booth 1. We both walked in and shit the door. We booth slipped a dollar in the machine. Porn starts playing. I start to look around the booth and there was a hole in the booth to another booth. I looked in the booth and there was a guy playing with his cock. As I’m looking at his cock I realize this is a gloryhole. Before I could think he stuck his cock through the hole. I reached out and started to play with his cock. I started to jerk him off. He came all over my hand.

The booth turned off and David and I exited our respective booths. I liked I. His booth as I walked by it and there was no hole. I just picked the lucky booth. After that we left and went to a nearby strip club called mons Venus.

After that night I couldn’t get that gloryhole out of my head. I’m not gay but I’m not straight either. A week went by. I was thinking casino siteleri about going back to the theater the following Friday. I blew off my friends and plan to head up there about 9pm after I got off work at the mall.

I did just that I walked into the bookstore. I went up to the clerk and got some change. As I was getting change I looked around the store and out of the corner of my eye I see one of my high school teachers. This guy is about 50 or so. Married to another teacher at my high school. He was looking at movies. He turned around and saw me. He didn’t say a word. I got my change and headed back to the booths. I picked my same booth number 7 and put some money in the machine. I looked through the hole and no one was there. I waited a few mins and I hear the door open and shut. I give it a min and look through the hole again. I recognize the pants. It was my teacher mr bell. I couldn’t take my eyes away. I kinda wanted to see what he was gonna do. He put money in the machine and then he started to unzip his pants. He pulled out his cock and began to stroke it.

I couldn’t leave the hole I was stunned. He got it hard it was about 7″ or so. As I’m looking through the hole he turns his body toward the hole and approaches the hole with his cock. He slides it through. His full cock is now on my side of the booth all 7″. I couldn’t help myself so I reached out and started to stroke his cock. As I moved up and güvenilir casino down I thought about what it was like to suck a cock. I stuck out my tongue and licked the head. That wasn’t so bad I kicked some more. Next thing you know the whole cock is in my mouth. I am sucking him for a few mins and my movie clicks off and so does his. He bends down to the hole and says “meet me in booth 11”. He pulls his pants up and leaves.

I’m thinking he knows it’s me. My mouth has already been on his cock what would be the difference. I walk out of my booth and over to the booth 11. The door is shut. I reached out and it is unlocked. I open the door and there is my history teach mr bell. The room is bigger than the others. It is built for two people. Instead of one seat it has a bench. He motions me to come in then tells me to lock it. I comply. He unbuttons his pants letting them fall to the floor then his boxers. He steps out of them. He is now naked from the waist down. He walks back up to me puts his hand on my shoulder and pushes down. I get the hint bens down open my mouth then he inserts his cock. I start sucking then he starts to thrust his cock in and out of my mouth. He does this for a good 5 mins.

He then pulls me up and starts to unbutton my pants. They hit the floor then my boxers. I step out of them. I am now naked waist down with a raging hardon. He positions himself so that he is behind me and the bench is in canlı casino front of me and I can see the tv that was playing lesbian porn. He starts rubbing his cock between my cheeks. It felt nice. He goes to his pants on the floor and pulls out a tub. He squirts some stuff in his fingers and rubs it on the head of his cock. Then he squirts some more and rubs it onto my asshole. I now knew what he wanted. He wanted my virgin ass. He bent me over a little I put my hand on the bench and arched my back giving him better access and a backstage pass to my pink teen asshole. He put the head of his cock to my hole and slowly slide his cock in.

Hair hurt are first but I got use to it. He took his time pulling out an inch and sliding in 2 pull out then in. My hole loosened up enough that it accepted all his 7 inches. He started fucking my ass faster and faster. He developed a good rhythm. I started to enjoy his cock in my ass and started to push back on his cock. He fucked me for about 15 mins until he started going really fast and then he gave one last deep trust all the way to his balls and just held it there. At that moment I knew he came in me. He stayed there a few minutes catching his breath. Then he pulled out. Cum flowed out of my ass and into the floor. He handed me a paper towel then my clothes. We both got dressed and left.

The next week in school he asked if I had any big plans this weekend. I joking told him that I would be going to the same place I was last Friday. He got the hint and I meant him again that Friday. I met him almost every Friday for two years and he took care of my hole. A few times we went into booth 7 together. While he was fucking my ass I was sucking cock through the hole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32