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Deep Throat

This is a true story, and no embellishment was needed for this amazing experience.


“Fuck me in the ass”. With those five words, my girlfriend at the time invited me into a new world of anal pleasure. I was a naive and innocent young man, and knew almost nothing about anal sex. Kelly was about to change all that.

We met at a small neighborhood bar on the north side of Chicago. I was living alone at the time and started frequenting the bar for cheap drinks and good music. I had not seen her there before, but as soon as we locked eyes, I knew I was going to put some moves on her. She was playing a game of pinball by herself, and I simply asked if I could join her. An easy pick up line I must say. We began playing a few games and it was obvious that she was pretty good. This went on for awhile, the drinks were flowing, and we seemed to be hitting it off. As the hour began to get late, I asked her if she would like to go to a nearby beach that I knew would be deserted at this hour and smoke some pot. In those days I always had a pipe and some stash with me, and she was not hard to convince. We found our way to the beach, lit up a bowl and started making out a bit. This quickly turned to heavy petting and I decided to ask her to come home with me. Despite the fact I could be a serial killer; she decided to trust me and said yes. My apartment was just a short ride away on the “El” train, and we soon arrived in my tiny room. Things get a little blurry after that, we had both been drinking pretty heavily, but I do remember we had regular old sex before we both fell asleep. I awoke in the morning to an empty bed and a note that just said “Kelly” with a phone number.

I thought I might really like this girl, and decided to give her a call the next day. We agreed to meet again that evening, and I took her to a local restaurant she suggested. We continued to hit it off, and with a few less drinks in us, agreed to go back to my place again. Here I soon found out that Kelly was a phenomenal bahis firmaları cocksucker. As I sat in the only chair in my sparsely furnished bachelor pad, she immediately got down on her knees, pulled out my bulging cock, and proceeded to give me the best head of my relatively inexperienced life. Her enthusiasm for cocksucking was overwhelming, and she didn’t hesitate to look at me with her big brown eyes while she engulfed my swollen member with her succulent mouth. Up and down my shaft she sucked, taking me all the way with every stroke. The sight of my cock disappearing into her willing mouth, the sound of her noisily slurping away, and the perfect pressure she applied to the underside of my cock with her lip covered teeth, soon had me ready to explode. I warned her I was cumming, as most of the girls I had been with would not let me cum in their mouth, but this only seemed to drive her to suck harder and deeper. Unable to hold off, I exploded in her mouth, and she hungrily devoured my entire load. When she was finished, she raised her head for a kiss, and I could taste my cum, another new and surprisingly not unpleasant experience for me.

This became a regular ritual for us, and she seemed to enjoy sucking cock as much or more than getting fucked. Most nights I would first cum in her mouth, then after a bit of recovery time, fuck her pussy in one position or another. The night I lost my anal cherry however was slightly different, and I knew something was up.

Instead of going right to her knees, she suggests we get in bed, and it is then I see she has a tube of KY jelly with her. At this point, I hardly even knew what KY was, and I innocently assumed maybe she was just a little dry that night or something. Little did I know what was coming next. Once in bed, she got on her knees and presented her delicious little pussy to me. I quickly slid my cock in, finding her to be plenty wet, and began pumping away vigorously. I kept this up for awhile, and then I heard those five kaçak iddaa beautiful words. “Fuck me in the ass” she moaned with a low guttural voice that I had never heard before. I was taken completely by surprise, but not wanting to disappoint her, I was determined to give it a try. As I said, I was pretty ignorant in matters of the ass, but the command to fuck her ass was pretty clear, and sticking my cock in it seemed like the only course of action to accomplish it.

Rock hard by now, and tingling with anticipation, I placed the head of my cock on her beckoning rosebud. Of Greek descent, Kelly had slightly olive colored skin, and her anal star was an even darker shade of brown. The sight was amazing to me, and I found it unbelievable that my cock was about to enter this forbidden hole. In my excitement, I forgot all about the KY jelly, and still covered with the juices from her pussy; I placed the head of my cock against her waiting target and started to push. At first it seemed impossible that my cock was going in her ass. It felt tight as a drum, and I slipped to the side a couple of times during my clumsy attempts to penetrate her. Then the miracle happened. First just the tip, then a little bit more, and finally with an almost audible “pop”, my swollen cock entered her tight little ass. “Ummph” she moaned, as I began to push in a bit farther. Afraid I would hurt her, I went slowly at first, but her urgent chanting of “yes, that’s it, fuck my ass” removed any hesitation. Deeper and deeper I went until finally I was buried to the hilt and heard the sound of my balls slapping on her ass.

By now Kelly was an animal, and pushed back against me as vigorously as I plunged into her. The sheer excitement of this new experience told me I wasn’t going to last long, but I did my best for her. At one point I reached around and found her drenched pussy with my fingers, for some reason needing to confirm that I was deep in her ass. By now I knew I would soon be cumming soon and there was nothing kaçak bahis that was going to stop the flood I could feel building in my balls. What happened next surprised the hell out of me, and no matter how many times I have filled an ass with cum, I still can’t properly describe it. Perhaps some readers can help with a better description, but there is something distinctly different about the way it feels to cum in an ass than a pussy. Maybe it’s the tight channel designed to expel rather than receive fluids, or just the way the cum seems to splash back against your cock rather than disappearing into the void, but cumming in an ass is a unique and delicious experience. At any rate, I did not disappoint her, and I filled her ass with the biggest load of cum my swollen balls had ever produced.

Satiated, I tried to catch my breath as I waited for my cock to realize what had happened. Slowly, I began to shrink, and reluctantly my cock slid out of its new found home. I gazed in amazement at her gaping anus, a deep dark pit lined with a fresh load of steaming hot cum. Slowly, it began to retract, pulsating as it did and starting to pump some of my load onto the sheets. As it closed, Kelly’s ass began to make wet farting noises, and I continued to watch as more of my cum oozed out of her ravaged asshole. Thinking to myself that this was as good as it gets, Kelly had another surprise in store for me. Sitting up and pushing me on my back, she took me ass to mouth, and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Still soft, she somehow encouraged my poor cock back to life, and managed to suck another load out of me before collapsing to the bed apparently satisfied at last.

Kelly and I continued to share what was for me life-changing sex for the rest of the time I was in Chicago, but before long I returned to my home on the West Coast and did not see her again for over thirty years. Then through the power of the internet, she tracked me down and I agreed to meet her on a visit to Chicago with my wife. Needless to say, it was a bittersweet reunion for both of us, and my wife has no idea what we once shared. We both agreed to leave it at that and parted again as friends, but I will never forget those five beautiful words!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32