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I’m waiting for you, lying on a bed in a darkened room. A flame burns from a well placed candle, the scent of vanilla hanging in the air. You walk in, lay beside me.

My clothing selection is a low cut hoity-toity teal cashmere cardigan and tight black pencil skirt, complete with shiny patent black heeled boots that tie up several inches above my ankle.

Seeing me playfully biting my lip you got the message I am anxious to be touched and decided to give in a little. You begin pressing down on the top button of my sweater until it sinks between my cleavage and rests upon my breastbone. You hold it there fondling the button with your middle finger, carefully trying not to touch my skin until the soft moans that escaped my lips were cut by quickened breaths. Satisfied by my reaction, you toil to undo the buttons and push the sweater aside.

You find me in an unlined lace corselet, my nipples standing erect with excitement. You entice me with the warmth of your breath while grazing your bottom lip against my nipple. My back arches feeling the moist heat, trying to bring my breast closer to your mouth for greater affection. You breathe in my perfume, an unfamiliar scent, slightly spicy not floral, utterly intoxicating.

As a tool to tease me, you use a button from the sweater to lightly circle my areola, watching my nipple harden. The abrasion of the lace and button against the tip makes me moan out load and grind my hips into the bed. My reaction pleases you and you do it again, this time harder.

I gasp and reach out to touch you, grabbing your shirt. You stop playing with me and bring my hand back to my side. Lightly you stroke the back of my hand with your finger tips, running them up my arm.

Your istanbul escort attention turns to my abdomen; my curves are accentuated by the corselet’s inlaid lace panels. A dainty band stretches around the middle of my waist, adorned with a bow.

Obscured by the top of the skirt, you are curious to see how far down the garment goes and slide your hand under it to find out. You can feel it ends abruptly where the hips turn into the upper thigh and then you touch the unmistakable feeling of garter clips attached to stockings. Watching my lip quiver and chest heave responding to your touch, you get off the bed and remove your clothing.

Naked, you stand at the foot of the bed, grabbing the heels of my boots and spread my legs wide. I bend my knees and sink my heels into the bed, spreading them farther. Now nestled between my thighs, you rest the palms of your hands on my knees, squeezing and releasing my flesh with your fingers, moving very slowly, massaging up my legs until you reach the hem of the skirt.

Eagerly I lift my hips and pull my skirt up to expose the garters and Cuban stockings. You laugh and grab at the waist to yank it down; you want it off not up. I help lift myself off the bed and you aggressively remove my skirt and throw it across the room. With one glance of my smooth, bare lips visible once my knees are back in place, your cock is sprung, throbbing to feel me. You force my right leg open and down to the bed.

With your left hand, you press your weight down on my knee, with your right positioned over my bare thigh. I am startled when I feel the crack of your palm. Again you smack my thigh as I start to shake. A third and avcılar escort final spank, much harder than the other two produce a flushed red area on my very pale thigh. Wrapping your fingers around the tip of your cock, you squeeze out a drip of pre-cum and rub it against the still tingling area and then blow on wet streak you left for me.

“Fuck,” I express breathlessly as I reach down, cup my breast and roughly squeeze and twist my nipple.

“Good girl,” you say aloud as I moan and fondle my breasts, pulling the left one out of its cup. After sucking on my finger, I rub the wetness all over my nipple. You see it glisten in the candle light. I contort myself to be able to suck my nipple into my mouth to bite and stretch it.

Overtaken by the urge to delve your cock in between my lips and take me, you grab the inside of my thighs with your hands and groan, trying to release some of your own tension. I am shaking, needing to cum. My slit slick and swollen, I reach down and start rubbing my clit in circles.

You watch me pleasure myself as you stroke your cock. Pinching my right nipple as hard as I can, my moans deepen and become louder. When I start to take deep breaths and hold them, whimpering as I exhale, you know how close I am to cumming having heard that same pattern of breathing many times over the phone. Ripping my hand away from my clit, you suck my fingers into your mouth, and taste how sweet I am.

“Please, please,” is all I can say when I feel the sensation of your mouth around my fingers. “I need you….”

I feel you press the tip of your cock against my opening and push in slightly. Then you grab my hips bringing them up and into you thrusting inside şirinevler escort me as deep and as hard as you can. I am frozen, breathless as I am filled by you, clenching the bedding in my fists. My mouth open, my body tightening. I milk and release your cock as you leave it there deep inside for me to savor.

Feeling my wetness drip down all over your balls as I continue to manipulate your cock with my tender pussy, you slowly rock inside me, in and up, taking controlled breaths until I squirt enough juice for you to feel it running down between us. You want to hear the smacking sound of my wetness against your already burdened sac.

You lie down on top of me and begin to pound my cunt into submission; you are going to make me cum for you right now. I shake and cry out digging my fingers into your back. The pleasure you give me is unrelenting, seemingly making every muscle in my body contract. My orgasm makes my pussy bare down on your cock as endless waves of spasms spark inside me. You close you eyes trying not to cum, but very badly need to.

As I exhaust a scream of completion, my body goes limp beneath you. I try to hide my face in the pillow as I softly giggle while trying to catch my breath. You smile seeing my vulnerability in this moment. Caressing the side of my face and softly kissing me, you hear what track I was on from the playlist we selected. Lifting my noise cancelling headphones you call me by my given name, the one you were surprised to see signed alongside “A.K.A~ Kitty” on a little note I had prepared for you along with your room key at the front desk. I hear your voice then whisper in my ear, “They are not going to be able to book this room tomorrow because this bed won’t have enough time to dry out you fucking dirty girl.”

Snapping the band of my blindfold, making sure it was still securely in place, your cock is once again sliding in and out of me. I can feel another small gush erupt and I not even close to cumming. “I will be leaving a huge tip for the maids who have to clean up tomorrow,” I profess giddily.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32