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“I’ll let you know soon,” Tom said as diplomatically as he could while he zipped up his pants, anxious to get out the door without committing to anything. The middle-aged hausfrau unhurriedly toweled off her hair and refastened her bra, scooping up her drooping breasts and loading them back into the massive cups.

“Let me know?” she said with a frown. “You do not know already?”

“I, uh, just need to go over the paperwork with the base housing office,” he lied, pulling on his shoes. “They want to look over the contracts before we sign, since I can’t read German.” He gave an apologetic smile and shrugged, as if to say, Bureaucracies, huh?

He did his best to make polite small talk as they walked to the door of the potential rental home, the owner pointing out various small features that they had already been over. With a final awkward wave, he climbed into his car and pulled away, not even waiting to look at the map and figure out where he was going next. He rounded the corner, the house disappearing from sight before he pulled into an Esso station and sat in silence with a shocked expression on his face. Finally, he started to laugh. What the fuck had just happened?


Staff Sergeant Thomas Baird’s third day in Germany had started off well. Breakfast with Anja Weber, the pretty innkeeper’s daughter, had been pleasant after his worries regarding the previous evening’s activities had been dispelled. Tom gave her his brightest smile as he entered the restaurant, hoping that she was not regretting coming back to his room with him to continue his German lessons the night before. Her smile in return was merely polite, at best, and his apprehension grew. She brought him a menu as if they had not recently made a wet spot on his bedspread together and Tom debated on whether to play it cool and act the same way, or to ask if she was doing ok. Maybe she was upset with him. His concern overcame his caution and he quietly asked, “How are you this morning?”

“Fine, thank you. And you?” Anja shot a warning glance at a nearby table where a woman stood talking to those seated, enjoying their coffee. It took Tom a second before he put two and two together and recognized the woman as the innkeeper’s wife, and Anja’s mother. Switching gears, Tom became just another guest and handed the menu back to his waitress, asking her to just bring him something good since he still wasn’t fluent enough to decipher it. The other table finished up and Frau Weber (as Tom assumed her name to be) settled their bill and saw them off before returning to check on Tom.

“Guten morgen. Are you enjoying your stay, Herr Baird?” she asked, her English almost as good as her daughter’s.

“Yes, ma’am. Very much, thank you.”

“Und your evening was pleasant as well?” she asked. A bolt of electricity shot through Tom. How much does she know? Did she hear us? Did Anja tall her? Is she pissed? She doesn’t seem pissed. Maybe she just hides it well. Do I need to get a new hotel?

“My evening?” Tom asked, buying time.

“Ja. Did not you and Anja for a walk go?”

“Oh, yeah, our walk! Sorry, I’m a bit jet-lagged and the last few days are kinda running together.” He paused, trying to calm down. “Yes, our walk was nice. Your daughter is trying to help me with my German, though I’m afraid I may be a lost cause.”

“Lost cause?”

“Um, hopeless. No chance of getting better.”

“Ach, so. Well, perhaps with practice you will make progress,” she said encouragingly. “Thank you for taking care of Anja. Nattenheim is safe, quiet town, yet I do not like to see her go out after dark. With you I am thinking she is safe, ja?”

If you only knew, lady. “Yes, ma’am, keeping people safe is what I do,” Tom said aloud. “I am a policeman,” he added, as if to further reassure the mother of the girl he had filled with cum twelve hours ago.

“Danke,” Frau Weber said. “I know that she is grown up and off to university soon, but a mother still worries.”

“Yes, ma’am. My mom still warns me about going out a night, too. I don’t think she will ever understand that I am probably the biggest, baddest thing out there.”

Frau Weber laughed lightly, reminding Tom of her daughter. “Ja, we are all the same, I think, whether German or American. Well,” she clapped her hands together, “Let me go see what is taking that lazy girl of mine so long with your food.” She walked away leaving Tom alone in the dining room and he breathed a sigh of relief, reassured that the woman did not suspect anything.

A short while later the kitchen door opened again and this time Anja appeared, carrying a plate and a tall glass. She set both in front of him and, after taking a quick look around to make sure the coast was clear, leaned down and gave him a quick kiss.

“Guten morgen,” Tom said, grinning and echoing the greeting he had heard from the girl’s mother.

“Good morning,” she smiled back at him. “May I join you?”

“Please do.” Tom nodded to the chair next to him and she sat bahis firmaları down. He turned his attention to his plate and saw that it contained scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. His glass was filled with orange juice. “Hey, this looks great!”

Anja smiled, pleased with herself. “I looked up traditional American breakfasts. It is ok? I wanted you to feel at home.”

“It’s perfect,” Tom told her, touched by her thoughtfulness. “Thank you.”

“I thought you might be extra hungry after last night,” she said with a cute smirk.

“Let me take you back upstairs and show you how hungry I am,” Tom said suggestively.

“Not so loud!” Her eyes grew wide ad she covered his mouth with her small hand, looking back anxiously towards the kitchen. She saw the twinkle in Tom’s eyes and lowered her hand, giggling quietly before asking, “You would let my beautiful breakfast go to waste? Nein. Eat your food and build your strength. You might need it tonight, if you are fortunate.”

Tom chuckled and dug in, cleaning his plate with alacrity while the pretty fraulein watched and chatted away, well pleased with his reaction. He thanked her and rose. “I’ve got to get to base and then go look at some possible places to live. As much as I’d like to, I can’t stay here forever.”

“It is for the best,” Anja shrugged. “In a few weeks I will be gone to Darmstat and you would only have my mother and father for company.”

“I dunno, your mom seems nice, though I don’t think she would teach me German like you do.”

Anja lightly smacked his arm, feigning protest. “She had better not! You go find a place to live; I don’t want to come home on holiday and find my family torn apart by a handsome soldier.”

“Technically, I’m an Airman, but I get your point,” Tom corrected. “So will I be able to see you when you come home on holiday?”

“Perhaps,” Anja said, tilting her head to the side noncommittally. “Though I am sure someone much prettier than me will have snatched you up by then. German girls are always looking for handsome Americans to marry and take them back to the States.”

“Well, I don’t know about much prettier than you,” Tom teased. She laughed and smacked his arm again good-naturedly. “No! I mean, it wouldn’t be possible to get much prettier than you; you’re already about as pretty as a woman can be.”

Anja laughed at him again said, “Charmer,” shaking her head in mock disapproval. She sighed and looked at him squarely, subtlety shifting the mood to a more serious note. “You do understand that I am ok with you finding another girl when I am gone, ja? I like being with you, but I am leaving soon and university will be a new place full of new people and…” She trailed off, not sure exactly how to say what she wanted.

Tom nodded, not hurt. “Hey, I get it. I know what it is like to leave home for the first time, excited to go to new places, meet new people, have new adventures. I broke up with a girl I’d been dating right before I joined the Air Force just because I did not want to be tied to something back home. I mean, we weren’t in love or anything so it wasn’t that big a deal, but I get it. I like you, but I’m not looking to settle down, either. And I’m happy to enjoy your company while we’re together, but I don’t want you to feel like you owe me anything, ok? When you go off to school, I want you to leave free and happy, not missing some boy back home.”

Anja felt the relief wash over her, thankful that he understood. She had worried that the American would be thinking she was his girlfriend or something, when all she really wanted was to live a little and have some fun before heading off to four years of lectures and study. She appreciated that he seemed to grasp that as well. And why wouldn’t he? she thought. He probably feels the same way, not wanting to get tied down when he has just arrived here. “Thank you,” she said simply, leaning forward and standing on her tippy-toes to give him another kiss. “Now, go find a place to live. Maybe you can show it to me before I leave and we can, ah, christen it together.” She blushed prettily.

“Alright, it’s a date!” Tom chuckled, kissing her again and giving her ass a quick squeeze before heading to his car. That went better than I’d hoped, he thought. She’s a cool girl, but the last thing I want to do is get into a serious relationship here.


A quick stop at the base housing office produced another list of potential residences and he was able to drive by a couple before his first appointment at one of the four places that had looked good enough on the outside to warrant further investigation. One of the new ones in particular caught his eye. A little cottage on the edge of a little village, it had a cobblestone driveway and a fenced garden in the front yard. With a barn on one side, a field on the other and behind, it was about as close to country living as he had thus far discovered. It was still early, so he called the landlord right away and set up a tour for that afternoon. He was kaçak iddaa pretty sold on it from the outside and had high hopes that the interior would be up to par. In the meantime, he had other properties to check out.

The first possibility was a five-story home, which sounded huge until he discovered that it was also a five-room home, each room stacked on top of the other, forming a white tower in the middle of the village of Dudeldorf. Each room was about twelve feet by twelve feet, with a spiral staircase winding up through the middle. Tom had visions of rappelling down the side in order to save time getting down. The uniqueness of it intrigued him, though, and he left debating how annoying it would be once the novelty wore off.

The second tour he had scheduled turned out to be the basement level of a two-family dwelling. He had not realized that previously, and, while it was newly remodeled and very nice, he did not relish the idea of hearing people walk around on his ceiling all day and night, or having to be extra conscious of how much noise he was making himself. He had had enough of that in the dorms, thank you very much. He politely told his tour guide that he would think about it and get back to her.

The third house had real possibilities. A two story residence on a quiet side street, the advertisement had stated that the landlord lived next door and took care of the landscaping and other maintenance, making it ideal for someone like Tom who would be deployed for long periods of time. It also had a two car garage, and Tom played with the idea of getting some tools and setting up a woodshop in one half.

He parked his car in the driveway and climbed out, noting the peaceful atmosphere that seemed to pervade the quiet street. The town itself was a little bigger than most of the surrounding villages, sporting several restaurants and a small shops. As he stood, taking in the scene, the door of the house next door opened and a slightly heavyset woman descended the three steps down to the ground. Somewhere in her mid-forties, she appeared practically ancient to Tom’s twenty-one year-old eyes.

He idly checked her out in the way that men do and found her not exactly unattractive, just twenty years and several children ahead of where he was at in life. Her clothes were a bit too tight for her full figure, though whether intentional or because she had delusions of still being her younger, skinnier self, he could not guess. Tom placed her in somewhere between Curvy and BBW.

“Hallo! You are here for the house, ja?” she asked as she approached, holding out her hand. Tom shook and answered in the affirmative, introducing himself and learning that her name was Eva Schmidt. “Come, come, I show you the house,” she urged, unlocking the front door and ushering him inside.

The interior was just as nice as the outside with spacious (for Europe) rooms, a modern kitchen, and a large, open floorplan. Eva enthusiastically showed him around, talking up the high points, like the full-sized refrigerator and the built-in closets. As they moved from room to room, she bumped against him more than once, squeezing by to lead the way, accidentally brushing against him as she leaned over to open a cabinet or turn on a faucet. “The home was recently remodeled with Americans in mind,” she informed him.

“It’s very nice,” Tom assured her.

“Let me show you the tub. Perfect for long soaks after making sport.” She leaned over the tub, turning on the water which rushed out from several jets set in the side as well as the more traditional faucet.

“Make sport?” Tom asked, not familiar with the phrase.

“Go to the gymnasium. Build these big muscles,” Eva clarified, rubbing and squeezing his bicep appreciatively.

“Yeah, that could, ah, definitely be nice after a long ruck march,” Tom stammered, a little flustered by the compliment and brazen physical contact.

“Ach, so! And it is big enough for two, so someone could massage your shoulders.”

“That could be nice,” Tom allowed, trying to politely contribute to the decidedly awkward conversation.

“Come, we will try it!” Eva said.

Tom blinked. “Beg your pardon?”

“Get in the tub. I will sit behind you and show you.”

“It’s a bit wet,” Tom said weakly, as if this was the only reason he might hesitate about climbing in a bathtub with his potential landlady.

“Ach, so! I had forgotten. You should take off your clothes first,” Eva stated matter-of-factly, like it was a perfectly reasonable suggestion.

What the piss? Tom thought. Is this just a European thing? Being comfortable with nudity and all that? His thoughts were interrupted as Eva stepped forward and said, “No need to be shy. I will help you,” and knelt in front of him and began untying his shoes.

Tom stood in stunned silence as she undid the laces and lifted his feet one at a time to slide off his footwear. When she reached up and tugged at his belt buckle, unlatching it in one smooth, experienced motion, kaçak bahis he quickly took stock of his situation. She’s about to take off my clothes. I should probably stop her. If I don’t, will I essentially be agreeing to rent from her? You’re not 100% sure that you want this place, especially since you haven’t toured that other one you found this morning. How much of this is trying to get my business, and how much of this is just trying to get in my pants? A week ago he would have assumed it was all business, just a trick to secure a tenant, but the last couple days had boosted his confidence level to new heights and he had to admit that his dick was in unusually high demand lately.

She slid his pants down to his ankles, pulling his underwear with them, leaving his cock dangling at face level. Maybe she’s just a bored cougar looking to get some fresh meat, his little head seemed to say, adding, More importantly, does it really matter what her motivations are? This could be fun!

Tom flashed back to a conversation he had had with his supervisor, Sergeant Atkin, back in Korea. Tom had made fun of him for hooking up with the fifty-something elementary school principal and the thirty-five year-old sergeant took him to task. “Pussy is pussy,” he had said, shaking his head at the young airman’s ignorance. “You young bucks like to think you can get into any panties you want and therefore can afford to be picky. I see you and your buddies, all chasing after the handful of hotties, ignoring the older women on the sidelines. You’d rather have some ignorant, young virgin with a fresh, hot body who thinks she is doing you a favor by allowing you access to her hidden garden.

“You drool over her and treat her like a little princess, all competing with each other to mate with her. It’s no wonder she gets stuck up; she’s the one who can afford to be picky. And then what happens, if you win the day? Nine times out of ten she lies there like a dead fish, allowing you to pleasure her. Or, even if she’s willing to be an active participant, she still has no more idea of what to do than you do.

“An older woman, on the other hand, is everything she is not. Sure, she might have a few extra pounds on her and her titties may be a bit saggier, but so what? They’re still fun to play with, her pussy is still wet, and she’ll be way more open to freaky-deaky shit, like tongue-punching your brown star, or letting you cum on her face, or whatever you’re into. She’ll appreciate you, and the fact that she knows she has to compete with all those tight little twenty-year-olds will motivate her to go above and beyond.

“Plus, you need to understand that women are like dog turds: the older they are, the easier they get to pick up,” Atikin joked. “You can go running around, panting after the homecoming queen and most likely going home frustrated; makes about as much sense as a cheetah only going after the youngest, healthiest gazelles, ignoring the old and the weak. While you’re back in your dorm, silently rubbing one out in the bathroom so your roommates don’t hear you, I’ll be fucking my way through the local population of divorced soccer moms.”

Eva stood up and tugged at Tom’s shirt and Tom raised his arms in surrender, letting her pull it over his head. Fuck it, he thought. This one’s for you, Sergeant Atkin! Tom reached out, popping open the first button on Eva’s blouse. “If you’re going to show me, you’ll have to keep your clothes dry, too,” he said.

“Ja, this is what I am thinking also,” she nodded, a hint of mischief glinting in her previously businesslike eyes. Tom continued to unbutton her top and slipped it down her shoulders. She gave a little shake, setting her curves a-quivering and letting her top slide down her arms to fall on the floor next to his own clothes.

Tom turned her around with a touch on her shoulder and attacked the industrial-strength, five-hooked clasp holding her bra together. As it popped loose and joined her blouse, he traced his fingers down her sides, over her muffin top, and snagged the stretchy waistband of her pants. In one smooth motion, he slid them to the floor, gazing up at her plump ass while she stepped out on her pants. He thought about giving her a squeeze, but decided to play along with the bathtub demonstration angle she had pushed and see what happened.

Eva was still business-like as she leaned over, her massive breasts swinging like pendulums as she adjusted the temperature. Satisfied, she stood up and stepped in, indicating the Tom should join her. “Come, sit in front of me,” she commanded.

Tom complied, his erection nearly at full mast, and Eva showed none of his hesitancy when she copped a quick squeeze of his firm buttocks. Tom settled in front of Eva, facing away from her, sitting between her legs stretched out on either side of him. She grabbed his hips in surprisingly strong hands and pulled him back against her, warm between her smooth, thick thighs, her untrimmed bush tickling against the top of his ass, her hard nipples poking his lower back. Sergeant Atkin was right: older titties were still titties, and a few extra pounds just made them that much bigger. Her hands slid up his back and he leaned forward as she began a surprisingly good massage.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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