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Chapter 2

Life just keeps getting better

Tom’s new duties had redefined his position in the company. Yes, he still worked in a cubicle farm. Yes, he ostensibly was still a project manager who on occasion actually managed projects. But as Gayle had pointed out, that was a job he could do in his sleep, and his boss still underutilized him.

His new responsibilities were the real reason he came to work every day. Gayle was fascinated by his ability to eat her pussy, and frequently called him for what she deemed “private conferences,” which generally consisted of him on his knees between her legs, her skirt hiked up to her waist, and his face buried in her dripping box. On one occasion she had him go down on her while she participated in a conference call, a situation he found very amusing when she came in the middle of a conversation. He could prolong her orgasm almost at will, bringing her just to that point then back down several times before her final, pulsating release. She loved it.


Laura was one of the many administrative assistants in the company. The place was overloaded with executives because every time the owners acquired a new subsidiary, the owners of that subsidiary became some kind of vice president of the parent company, and every vice president needed a staff, right? Here in the DC area, the abundance of beautiful, educated women meant that those administrative staffs were chock full of smart, supremely overqualified, and stunningly gorgeous females.

Like so many of his coworkers, Laura was prettier than the average woman. Petite, with a round face and a ready smile, her most striking feature was her eyes — large, widely spaced, and brilliant blue. She wore her dark blond hair in a fashion popular in those days, basically buzzed all around with a one-inch-long mop crowning the top. It reminded him of a Marine high-and-tight cut, and while he didn’t find it particularly attractive on women, her natural beauty more than made up for it.

It started in such a seemingly innocent fashion: she had lower back pain from sitting all day and needed immediate, non-pharmaceutical relief.

“Hello….????” She stuck her head around the edge of his cubicle.

He looked up from the project he was attending to. “Hey, Laura. Wassup?”

“I know you’re busy, Tom, but can you spare me a minute?”

“Of course.” He stood and followed her back to her own work area, which was located in a far corner of the building and not subject to much foot traffic. Everyone else in the area was gone for the day.

When they arrived, she explained. “I don’t want you to halkalı escort think I’m using you, but I know how good you are and getting rid of tension and backaches. Could you…?” she said, using her hand to indicate a region of her lower back, just to the left of her spine and just above her delightfully fit ass.

“Of course. Let’s see what’s going on.”

He gingerly placed his thumbs on both sides of her spine and pushed gently, moving them around until her reaction showed he had found the sorest area. As he began his ministrations, she closed her eyes and actually moaned. “Oh yeah, right there…” she said.

His was no poke-and-rub nonsense; he had studied anatomy and massage technique and pretty much knew what he was doing. As his hands kneaded the tension from her lower latissimus muscles, she could feel the relief spreading across her back and sighed. Oh damn, he’s better than the girls told me, she thought.

“You have exactly two hours to stop doing that,” she said with a slight chuckle. He smiled but said nothing for a few minutes.

He finally gave further instructions. “OK, I want you to stretch things out a bit. Bend slowly forward from the waist, letting your spine curl down one vertebra at a time. Go ahead and try that.” She did as directed, though too fast at first.

“Try it again, but much more slowly. Feel the stretch each second.” She did it better this time and indeed could feel it stretching the muscles slowly. “Yeah, that’s better. Now again.”

She decided to have a little fun with him. Since he was standing directly behind her, bending from this position meant she was making her cute butt more prominent. As she bent, she moved back slightly until her ass contacted his crotch. She held that position for a few seconds and could feel his reaction against her ass. She smiled.

“Was that better?” she asked with a sly smile.

“Uh, yeah, that was pretty much perfect,” came his reply. Oh, damn, he thought.

“Let me try it one more time to make sure I’m doing it right before you leave,” she said, and once again bent slowly from the waist. This time she made more firm contact against him and actually moved her ass around a bit while pressing it against his junk. His body reacted as expected and she could feel his hardon straining against his pants. She pressed a bit more and closed her eyes.

Without thinking, his hands had moved to rest on her hips, just where her small waist curved into them. He pulled her ass even more tightly to him. “Ahhhhh….” she said, and kept her position, letting her legs part slightly to bring her pussy olgun escort into more direct contact. Oh goddam, I’m already wet, she thought. Her breath came in short gasps.

“Is this normally part of a back rub?” she asked breathlessly.

“No, you’re getting my Super Deluxe Special,” Tom joked. Damn, she’s a hot one.

“I like your Super Deluxe Special,” she answered.

Bringing her torso up slightly, she reached behind herself and let her hand follow down into the area where their bodies met, coming between them. Her fingers first traced the outline of his cock through his pants, then softly grasped the entire package and gave a gentle squeeze. Oh fuck yes, he’s as ready as I am. Her hand felt for a found his zipper, and her nimble fingertips slowly moved it down. Reaching through the open fly, she found he was going commando and wrestled his hardening shaft out into the open. Still facing away from him she began slowly stroking it to full hardness.

“Oh yeah,” he gasped, closing his eyes and tilting his head back.

She was casually dressed that day, in khaki pants and a white, waist length blouse. Standing more erect and moving both hands to the front, she unbuttoned the pants and quickly lowered those and the black thong panties she wore to her ankles. She bent slightly and pressed her naked ass against his now raging hardon, looking at him coyly over her shoulder.

“Come on, stud. Do me now.” She leaned fully forward and put her hands on the edge of her desk for support.

Tom moved to where her ass presented so beautifully to him and looked at it appreciatively. Standing slightly to one side, his rigid shaft standing straight out from his pants, he put his hands on her ass cheeks and felt the cool, smooth skin. His fingertips traced the shape of each cheek from top to bottom and across, gently pulling them apart and using his left hand to part her pussy lips and feel her wetness. He traced her juice up onto the brown bud of her ass with one finger and she gasped.

His left hand resting on her ass cheek, he moved directly behind her and grasped his cock with his right hand. He slid it under her from behind, moving the tip slowly from the one end of her wet slit to the other, then back up. He repeated the movement, scraping the top of his shaft across her swollen clit.

“Don’t tease me like that,” she pleaded. “Fuck me now.”

He expertly guided the head into her dripping snatch, then with exquisite slowness buried its full length into her.

“Ahhhh…” she moaned as he began a slow, rhythmic thrusting, şişli escort his hands again on her hips.

Omigawd what a perfect ass, he thought, and such a hot, wet pussy. The feel of her cool, smooth ass cheeks against him heightened his own pleasure, and he reveled in each touch. I could do this forever.

“Ohsweetmotherthatfeelsgood,” she said in a torrent of words. “Yes…yes…yes…” her words kept pace with his thrusts as they quickened. She could feel an orgasm quickly approaching, her pussy engorging and the friction bringing her closer and closer with each push. Just as she reached her release, she let out a high pitched squeal and pressed back hard against him. He responded by pressing as deeply into her as he could and holding that position as her box pulsated around his cock. He could feel her juices coating his member and actually dripping down his balls.

As her orgasm subsided he resumed his in-and-out movement, though more gently because of the heightened sensitivity in her nether regions. He loved doing it in this position because it enabled the deepest, most effective penetration. He was close to cumming himself, and the friction of her hot pussy brought him to that point in a couple of minutes. With a final thrust, he pulled out on the backstroke and grasped his rod, shooting his hot load of man juice onto her ass and back, grunting like an animal in release with each spasm.

They stayed in that position for a couple more minutes, catching their breath and feeling their bodies relax. He finally reached up and grabbed a handful of Kleenex from the box on her desk, then used them to wipe his goo from her ass and back. He tossed them in the trashcan.

“I wonder if the janitorial crew will have any idea what they’re throwing away tonight,” he chuckled, and she joined in with her own laugh.

“What they don’t know won’t hurt them,” she replied. Turning to one side, she reached down and pulled up her pants and panties, standing to fasten the waist and turning to face him. He composed himself and straightened his own clothes.

“You are so damn good at that,” she said, putting her arms around his neck and looking into his eyes. “My boyfriend could learn a thing or two from you.”

“Well, thank you,” he answered, holding her by the waist. “Really, I only did what any red-blooded man would have done in the circumstances.”

“Not true. Nick’s like most of the guys I’ve known in my life, only interested in ramming it in and cumming, then falling asleep. You’re different, more caring. We girls know these things. Why do you think everyone here wants to do you?” She winked and smiled.

He was a bit embarrassed and flushed slightly. “Well…”

She finished for them both. “I know I’m not the only girl around here who’s fucked you, but do you think we can do that again sometime?” He nodded his assent, and with a short but meaningful kiss full on his lips, she turned him around and with a pat on his ass sent him on his way.

He actually whistled as he returned to his own work area to wrap up for the evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32