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24 May 2019


Rohan was young man, son of a wealthy industrialist in Maharashtra, in the final year of his MBA. Quiet good looking he was a guy of great ability and qualities. His dad had no doubt that he would one day take his business to unimaginable heights. Rohan had already proved himself, as many of the times he used to assist his father in managing the business. He was the key player in solving the labour problems they faced in the factories. He was the one who helped his father to keep the finance of the business as stable as one could in the times of global financial crises.

As he was a guy of peculiar abilities and qualities, he had his very own peculiar preferences of sexual interests. He was attracted to women not of his age but of much elder to him. His quality preference was of women of in their late 30s and early 40s. He loved big boobs, big buttocks and a little fat on belly region. He preferred dusky complexion over complete fair. But as the circumstances were, he never got an opportunity to engage with women of his own preferences.

His interest was strengthen by the Velamma comics. In fact Velamma was the one who set his urges for mature woman on par. But… He never could find his own Velamma. He used to check out women but never had ever find a women who would appeal to him sexually. And as he was studying MBA he rarely got time to find someone with his busy schedule of studies and helping his father in business. Moreover he was in final year of MBA so couldn’t took risk by getting involved in other things than studies. He kept himself busy in studies.

The final exam of MBA was near. It was only one and half month before he could leave for home with his father, and take the business gradually in his hands. But, it never is easy as it seems. That day, Rohan was studying in his room, when he got call from their manager. Usually, Rohan would rarely get call from him. Only when it was urgent he used to call Rohan. Rohan, quick in his mind knew, that something urgent has come up. He picked up the call and got the shock of his life when the manager, Suhas Uncle, who had great respect in Rohan’s life, told Rohan that his father jus got a major cardiac arrest. When he was taken to the hospital the doctors tried their best, but…

Rohan understood everything, he quickly packed his bags and left for his home. He was numb, not knowing what to do and how to do. He couldn’t control, and let his tears make their way. After death of his mother when he was a child, Rohan’s father was the one who had brought him up with great love and care, not letting him feel the need of his mother. Their bond was great. His father was everything Rohan ever had.

When Rohan reached home, he saw his dad covered in white cloth of coffin. Rohan controlled himself, and showed the composure one could show at times such as this. Rohan completed all the after-death rituals. He asked his Uncle Suhas to somehow carry on the business till he comes back from the college after exam. And Rohan left for college.

After a month, Rohan came back and started concentrating on the business. After his arrival everything started functioning smoothly.

Rohan was ambitious just like his father. Rohan put forth a plan of constructing a manufacturing unit in a village, where he would easily get cheap labour, as well as he could also provide employment to the unemployed in the nearby area and also could use the local talent to help the business. He set the whole plan accordingly and started to work on it. He chose a place in Kolhapur near a river bank. Rohan alone went to check on the place.

It took Rohan a long ride of about seven hour to go to that place. Rohan was exhausted driving the car for so long. Rohan reached the village by around seven in the evening.

He still went to check the place. While he was inspecting, it got dark. The sun had already set. Rohan was very thirsty and had an appetite for so long, he had not ate anything since he had left home. He found a small cottage like house nearby the place. He was a little surprised as that place was a little far from the main village and there was no other house too.

Rohan stopped by the cottage, and asked if anybody is there. A boy around 10 year old opened the door. Rohan asked him for some water. The boy called his mother, to get water for Rohan. Till the boy’s mother was getting water for Rohan, the little boy and Rohan were talking to each other. Rohan asked the boy his name, the boy told his name as Ajay. It didn’t took the two guys to get along with. Rohan’s sixth sense told him that the boy was extraordinarily smart.

Ajay’s mother bought Rohan some water. Rohan after drinking one glass, asked for another. The woman got him another glass of water. Now Rohan was a little relaxed.

The woman enquired about Rohan. Rohan told her that he had come to check on the place of the factory. The woman asked him if he had ate anything, because he seemed tired. Rohan shook his head. The woman offered casino şirketleri him dinner, as it was nearly eight in the evening. Rohan hesitantly accepted the offer. He parked the car beside the house and went in.

There was no electricity in the house. There were only kerosene lamps lit up. Out side there was only one lamp, in which one was barely able to see. In the light of the little lamps, the woman served Ajay and Rohan. Rohan was now carefully checking on the woman. He asked her name. Her name was, she told, was Asha. Rohan could see Asha, who just had taken bath, with wet hair, and a voluptuous body. Her assets were great, for a young man like Rohan, who has always dreamt of older woman.

Asha was in her early 40’s, Rohan guessed. She was wearing blouse and saree. Asha was wheatish in complexion. She was good looking. With straight nose, big eyes and a smile on her face in which Rohan saw a naughty sense. Rohan stared at her assets. Her chest was wide with big boobs around DD size. Her stomach was a little over than flat, and her buttocks were big. Big enough to give you an immediate hard on.

He realized that Asha was perfect in every aspect, he desired in his type of women. His desires started poking him. His desires took over him. He wanted to sleep with Asha. He wanted her to be with him. He wanted her to be with him, everyday. Every morning, when he would wake up, he wanted to see Asha lying beside him. He wanted to suckle on her breasts, he wanted to knead them, he wanted his hard rock penis to rest in her pussy every night. He wanted Asha to share his house with him, share his room and bed with him. Every single probability of having sex was running through his mind.

Rohan who had not had sex in recent times, felt that his penis was getting hard by just checking on Asha. Rohan was infatuated by Asha’s great aesthetics. Rohan who never was distracted by girls was now distracted by a woman whom he never had even met before. Rohan, controlled his urges as he knew that it was not appropriate. But he in his mind had resolved, that one day, he will lie down with Asha, and will have great sex with her at least once, but not forcefully.

But he could not make a plan. In the ordinary course of conversation,

Rohan asked Asha, “Why you guys live alone, that too outside the village?”

Aha answered, “A few years back my husband died of Typhoid fever. After death of my husband, my in-laws started harassing me, by saying that, because of my bad luck my husband died. So we moved out from the house of my in-laws. And now, we live here.”

Rohan was delighted to hear that Asha’s husband was dead. He thought that he now had fair opportunity to have sex with Asha. But he did not show the enthusiasm on his face.

Rohan- I am so sorry to hear about it.

Asha- Now we are used to live like this. I just wish that my boy, Ajay, studies and get a good job and be a great man.

Rohan- Oh sure he will. He is very bright.

Rohan had the dinner and went outside to get some cool air. When he came back to the car his plan was ready. He had made a full proof plan to get laid with Asha. But for now he planned to leave for home in Mumbai. When he went inside the house, and told Asha that he is leaving, Asha and Ajay both insisted, that Rohan should stay for one night and then in the morning should leave for Mumbai.

When Asha and Ajay both insisted on Rohan staying at their place, Rohan agreed. Ajay was very happy, as Rohan who was a knowledgeable person, used to answer many of Ajay’s curious question which made Rohan intellectually attractive to Ajay and they bonded very well. Even before sleeping his questionnaire was continue. But when Asha interrupted, and asked Ajay to sleep and not to trouble Rohan anymore, Ajay slept kind of disappointedly.

When Asha felt that Ajay was deep asleep, she got outside the house and was sitting simply idle thinking. Here Rohan could not sleep as he was not accustomed to the place. When he noticed that Asha was not there, he too went outside. There he saw, Asha sitting, thinking about something.

Rohan- Why are you sitting outside?

Asha- Oh, you did not sleep?

Rohan- No, I could not sleep, it takes time to get accustomed to a new place.

Asha smiled and said, “Yes, it does”

Rohan asked Asha, “Why don’t you live in the main village?”

Asha- You know, we widow woman don’t get respect from the villagers which we deserve as a human. The men in the village try to take advantage of our situation. They try to take advantage of us being helpless. It feels like a deer surrounded by lions and foxes. It feels very terrifying.”

Rohan was looking at her, imagining the situation and trying to understand the quantum of the issue. As a city guy he never had to witness such cruel truths of the society. He felt sympathy for Asha. But right now h could not do much about it. He some how comforted Asha.

Asha, getting out of the emotional state, thanked Rohan for listening her problems casino firmaları as he was by no means involved in it. Rohan said, “It’s okay.”

Asha- Tell me about you, how do you come here?

Rohan told her the whole story. Asha was impressed by Rohan. Rohan was the first young man, successful, wealthy, talented, gentle, she had seen in her life.

Once, for a second, a thought of ‘she and Rohan getting together’ crossed her mind, but she denied the probability. She later asked Rohan to visit her and Ajay, whenever he may come to the village. Rohan guaranteed to her that he will visit them when he will come to village.

Rohan suggestively said to Asha, “Be ready, your life’s going to change forever.”

Asha could not understand the meaning of what he said, but was happy that he had accepted to visit them.

They went to sleep, that night.

Early in the morning, Asha got up. She made tea for herself. Later before it was sunrise she went to take bath in the bathroom which was made up of some coconut tree leaves and a plastic sheet surrounding it. The noise of utensils woke up Rohan, but he did not rise from bed. He was watching Asha, and staring at her assets, imagining Asha naked with him lying in his bed, every morning. The thought of him fondling her breasts and fucking her cunt made him horny instantly. When he watched Asha going to bath, he rose from the bed and went to check on her. Here Ajay was still sleeping.

Rohan, without making noise, went near the bathroom and started watching Asha, who was removing her clothes, from the gap left between the leaves and plastic sheet. When Asha removed her blouse, Rohan was awestrucked to see her melons. Her boobs were big. Big enough that Rohan would not have been able to hold one melon in one hand. Rohan had never seen such boobs in his entire life. On her big boobs were medium sized areolas, and on them were nipples, proud and erected about an inch long. Lata removed her saree and her petticoat. And here was her treasure, kept secret from the world for past few years.

There was a bush of black hair over her pussy. But otherwise there was no existence of a single hair over her rest of the body. She was a perfect woman Rohan had always dreamt of. Rohan got an instant hard-on. But resisted himself and again came back near the door of the house. In a few time Asha came too. She smiled and said good morning to Rohan. Rohan too greeted her. Rohan complimented her that, “You look beautiful” and smiled at her. She too graciously accepted the compliment and a smile showing her shyness ran through her face.

She cooked break fast for three of them. After having breakfast, Rohan said good bye to them and left, but before he left he gave them a ride in his car. Ajay and Asha were so much excited after the ride. They bid him good bye and asked him to visit again. Rohan assured them and went home.

After coming home, he started working on the plan of the new plant, keeping in mind that he will visit Asha as soon as possible. He gathered his team and started working on the plant. It was month of April when the project of the new plant started. Rohan himself went to see the progress of the plant. He frequently visited Asha and Ajay. No sooner than he visited their bond grew stronger. Now Rohan was like a family member to Asha and Ajay.

Once Ajay asked him if he can visit the city with Rohan, to which Rohan could not deny. He even Asked Asha to come with them. Asha initially denied but when Rohan insisted with firmness, she reluctantly agreed. Rohan took them with him in his car to his apartment in Mumbai. Ajay and Asha were first time coming to Mumbai. They were excited about the journey. Ajay in excitement was asking so many question to Rohan. Rohan too was enjoying their company.

When they reached and entered the apartment, Ajay and Asha were awestrucked by it’s luxury. They had seen this luxury only in movies of Bollywood. There was enough space to play cricket in the apartment and still enough rooms were left to sleep. It was a duplex apartment.

Ajay, who got tired of the journey went to bed early. Now only Asha and Rohan were awake in the apartment. Rohan played smooth jazz in the background and set the lights on dim mode. They were sitting on the sofa facing each other.

Asha curiously asked Rohan, “Do you live alone in such a big house?”

Rohan laughed and said, “Yeah, what to do, I dont have a girlfriend nor anybody wants to marry this poor guy.”

Asha laughed. She asked, “what type of woman you want as your wife?”

Rohan kept on looking at her and finally said, “I have seen a lady, but yet not asked her to marry me. As soon as time will come, I’ll ask her.”

Asha- “Ah, Lucky girl!”

Rohan laughed.

Next day Rohan took them on Mumbai tour. They enjoyed each other’s company. They had a lot of fun. Asha and Ajay enjoyed every bit of Mumbai as well as Rohan. Rohan insisted on them staying with him for a few days. Ajay accepted it as even he wanted güvenilir casino to stay in such a big apartment where he could take bath in a bathtub. He loved the luxury which was there as well as he loved the library in the apartment. Rohan was happy that Ajay was not wasting time on TV and other things but was reading various books. He knew that, if provided with good opportunity and resources Ajay would make an excellent student.

Rohan had in mind that he will keep Ajay with him and will enrol him in a good school, so that he will be provided with opportunity as well as resources. He himself will bear all his expenses. Later that day, a thought came in his mind that it will be a good opportunity for him to make Asha stay with him. As she too wants her child to learn and cannot stay away from him. Accordingly he asked first to Ajay, if he wanted to study in Mumbai, staying with Rohan. Ajay was more than happy to say yes. But he said, I will only stay here if my mother is with me and she permits me to stay. Thence later that day, Rohan asked Asha when Ajay was asleep.

It was a positive shock for Asha, as she never had imagined all these efforts being made from a guy who was stranger a few months ago. But when Rohan convinced her by reasons, of great future of Ajay, she agreed. She was happy that now after living in a cottage cum house for few years she was going to live in a luxurious apartment, she will no more have to live a life of fear. Also the thought of being with Rohan was stronger in her mind. She told Rohan that she is unable to express her gratitude towards him.

Asha said, “I’ll always be grateful to you.”

Rohan said, “it’s his pleasure to make future of a young bright kid.”

Asha showing gratitude hugged Rohan tightly.

Rohan got excited by the hug, and he hugged her tightly too.

The initial days were spent very good in the company of Ajay and Asha. Rohan took them to shopping and bought some good clothes for both of them. Asha insisted on getting sarees, hence Rohan bought her some quality sarees as well as some quality inner wears. Asha who was initially shy with Rohan had now opened up with him. Ajay got accustomed to the new life very easily, whereas Asha who was reluctant, got support from Rohan.

Ajay, got mixed up with the kids in the society. As it was month of may, all the kids were going to summer camp. Ajay too wanted to go, but restrained himself as he thought that it would be inappropriate to trouble Rohan every time. When Rohan got to know of this from the other children of the society, he was surprised by the sensible thinking of Ajay, and rewarded him with the trip of summer camp with his friends. Everybody was happy.

Ajay went for summer camp with his friends. The camp was of 15 days. Now it was only Rohan and Asha in the house. Rohan knew that he had a good opportunity to now concentrate on Asha. He started planning on seducing Asha. But he could not devise of any. Next day in the evening, Asha after taking bath was clothing up. She had not locked the door of her room. The door was a jar.

Rohan who was sitting on comfy sofa, watching TV, got a call from the engineer of the plant work who wanted Rohan at the plant next week. After the call Rohan went in Asha’s room to tell her that he will have to go to the village for the plant work. But when he entered the room, he saw Asha only in her bra and panty, trying to hook her bra, standing before the mirror. After seeing her, Rohan excused himself and closed the door of the room.

He went back to sit on the sofa and was about to sit on it, that he heard Asha calling him. When he asked, she called him inside the room. When Rohan went inside, Asha was still trying to hook her bra. She was unable to do it properly. She asked him to set the hook. Rohan, who already had a hard on seeing Lata half naked, found a good opportunity to initiate her seduction.

They were standing before mirror in the room. Rohan could see her front in the mirror and back with his eyes. She was a complete bombshell for Rohan. She had a curvy fine, busty body with a seductive appeal. Her front was too as beautiful as her back. Her big round boobs, deep navel area, her smooth thighs were a sight to behold.

Rohan tried to hook the ends of the bra but could not as it was tighter than her size. Rohan asked Asha to set the cups of the bra properly, but she was busy drying her hair. She asked Rohan to do it. He was shocked to hear that. He asked her, if she was sure. She told Rohan to do it fast. For Rohan it was a moment of opportunity.

Rohan grabbed the opportunity and set the cups of bra on her boobs. He took a little advantage of the situation and while setting the cups of bra on boobs, he touched her boobs. When set the cups, he pressed her boobs a little over the cups. Asha gave a naughty smile to Rohan. Rohan smiled back too in the mirror. Rohan set the hooks of the bra.

After the hooks, he moved his hands from her bra to her waist. The feel was ecstatic for Asha. It filled Asha with the feeling of the Ultimate physical desire. Here Rohan did not remove his hands from her waist. When Asha looked at him in the mirror, he removed his hands, but his lusty mind still glided them over from her fleshy buttocks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32