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Big Tits

“Fancy you should stop by here.” Amber typed back in the messenger screen. “Turn on your camera.”

“Be right there.” He messaged back.

The blue light on the monitor illuminated, and in an instant his face filled her screen.

“How are you sexy?” She shifted and readjusted the webcam to allow the silk negligee to fall to the sides of her hips, exposing her newly shaven cunt. “I’ve been waiting for you.”

Duke’s mouth turned up a coy smile. “Sorry, I’m late.” He shed his jacket.

“Please come over here.” She smoothed the cushion of the couch in preparation for him. “Do you know how bad I want you right now?”

“Now that’s quite a greeting.” He blew her a kiss and lowered his eyes to her spread cunt. “And exactly how I like it.” Amber trailed two fingers through the wetness of her folds, up to her clit, and rubbed the juice into her swollen nub. “Please take your cock out baby. I can’t stand it any longer.”

“What? Did my girl not get off enough today?” “You know I always want you.” She squeezed her legs together to abate the burn and imagined unfastening his jeans and slipping her hand over his cock. “I want to see you jerk it off baby.”

“Do you?” He stood and angled his cock for her to view. “It’s a good thing because I need to cum.” He slowly stroked his hardness over his jeans. “Tell me how bad you want this cock baby.”

“C’mon let me touch you.” She licked her lips. “Do you know how fucking hot and wet you make me?” She slipped her hand between her legs.

“Bring your cunt closer to me.” He undid his pants and halkalı escort took his cock in hand. “Ah…look how swollen my clit is.”

He rubbed the tip of his head and eyed her hardened nipple protruding through the see-thru silk.

Amber swirled two fingers over her sensitive nub. “Can’t stop fucking my cunt, thinking about you.” She dipped two fingers into her drenched hole. “Feels so good. Need you to fuck this cunt baby.” She continued to ride her fingers. “Can you do that sexy? Will you fuck my cunt?”

“Oh, I’m so gonna fuck your wet cunt.” He pumped. “Ram my fat cock right up your tight pussy.” He tightened his grip around his cock. “You want this cock baby?” He brought his cock closer to the screen.

“God yes! Please…” Her breath grew ragged. “Fuck the shit out of me.”

“Get another finger up there.”

Amber did as instructed. “You make me such a cum whore, do you know that? You and your big, fat cock.” She spread her fingers wider, filling and stretching the walls of her cunt. “The way you smell. The raw sex smell of your cum. Mmm… makes my fucking cunt burn.”

“That’s it baby. Get it off.” He pumped his cock in tune with her rhythmic hip moves.

“God baby, I’ve got to suck your cock.” She inched closer to the monitor, desperate to taste the head of his cock. “Would you like that? You want me to suck you off?”

He pumped more eagerly. “Oh yes!”

“You can slide your fucking hard cock right down the back of my throat.” She watched him stroke. olgun escort Her own cunt squirmed in burning waves of need. “Yeah you want that baby don’t you? Me too.” She finger fucked her pussy deeper and faster to synchronize the pace of his pumping. “And you can fuck my pretty little slut face.”

Duke moaned and she slowly drew her tongue out to lick his cock. “Ah! Look at your cock. So fucking hard you are! Fuck my mouth baby. Fuck my mouth with your hard cock and shoot your cum down the back of my throat.”

His hand pumped vehemently and flawlessly up and down and she felt the sweltering burn tear through her cunt. “Cock whip my slut face. C’mon baby…Whip me…yes!” She fed another finger into her pussy. “Harder. Yes! Oh look at your fucking cock. Pump it…fuck it!”

“Oh Baby” The words barely escaped through his hitched breath.

“More! Fucking give it to me.” The wave of her cum swelled and burned throughout her navel. “Use your fucking slut.” She brought her hand to her pebbled nipple and pulled it out for him. “Oh yes, just like that! Come on fuck it baby.”

His cock grew taut and red as his breath floated through her speakers. Twice as fast as what would normally fill his lungs.

“Oh yeah, cum for me. Fuck my mouth. Ram your cock down the back of my throat. Give it to me baby. All of it.” Her cunt tightened around her fingers, as she watched him. Tortured by the fact the screen shielded them. “Cum all over my pretty şişli escort face.”

“Oh…you’re such a fucking whore.” He pounded.

“Yes, I’m your whore! Such a slut for you! Fuck my mouth harder. More baby…Fuck it!” She bobbed. “Feel my hand on your balls? My warm wet mouth tight around you. Sucking your fat cock.”

The frame of his body stiffened as he pumped.

“C’mon on baby, fuck my mouth. Harder. Fucking use me.” She tightened her legs and the pressure of her mounting cum swallowed her. “I’m such a whore for you! Feed me your cum”

Liquid warm honey flooded her fingers and escaped to fill the room with her sweet scent. “God please, feed me! I need your hot cum. Give it to me…Mmmm…Oh yeah, fuck baby.” She dipped her fingers into her mouth and rubbed the silk of her juice all over her face for him. “Fuck it and explode in my mouth. Feed your slut your hot cum! I need your cum baby”

“Ah…Oh…” On his upstroke, the pearl white of his cum shot into her screen like a fountain. She opened her mouth wider and swallowed as if to capture it.

“Oh baby.”

“Oh man…” He sighed. “That felt so good.”

His wide smile and the relief in his eyes filled her, and she returned the same sentiment. “Mmm…you feel so good sexy.”

“You taste so fucking good.” She licked her lips.

They exchanged satisfied smiles. And in the moment of silence she caught sight of the glimmer of longing in his eyes. Her own, shone in a mirror of his.

“I miss you baby.”

“I miss you too.” She felt the wave of reality settle back down on her. “I hate being without you.”

“I know.” He nodded. “But the good thing about it is, we get to do this.”

Amber smiled. “So very true! Thank you baby, you’re incredible. Thank you for tonight.”

“So I’ll see you again tomorrow?” He smiled.

“Only if I can make it through the night.” She winked,giving a tug at her nipple, and hit the button to end the video call.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32