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I had to write this out to express my sissy fantasy because it is starting to consume me. I came out of a heavy relationship with a girl that I had sex with over a period of 4 years and eventually found myself on the gay sissy blogs. It started with reading stories to then taking pictures of my ass and uploading to just see how it felt being a sissy, I was in denial as a part of me had always fought my sissy desire. After I jerked off to my sissy blogs, I would instantly resume my straight life. Eventually, a day at work changed my life into the secret reality I needed to let go of my false pretense of being straight.

The day I met Will, I instantly felt a wave of ecstasy overtaking my body. It was an overpowering feeling that was new to me and made my instincts aware that he was checking me out. As he sparked a conversation up about my age, it lead to me telling him that I was 24 and then to me giving him my number under the pretense that if he had a better job offer for me, he could help me out. I knew instantly that if the chance occurred, I would let this man make me his girl. After work finished, I noticed him waiting outside with his van when he spotted me and offered me a ride home. I knew for sure that this ride was where the fun would begin and I was about to have a Daddy, a Daddy I would let ride me instead.

As we drove and conversed about his life and mine, a new feeling overtook me, I felt submissive. I wanted to listen to him, i wanted to admire the way he drove as he shifted gears of his van. His strong arms, his bear like shape and his smooth lips drove my mind into racing thoughts about what he can do to me. He noticed me staring into space, not realizing that I was fantasizing about him or maybe he did because I was in heat. Nevertheless, he decided I should take my mind off work because I looked out of it and then as he stopped we switched seats and he allowed me to drive his van. I enjoyed driving gears.

As we drove off, I felt him caressing my crotch and slightly squeezing güvenilir bahis my cock. I knew this was the moment. I slowed down and asked him if he enjoyed doing that. His smile melted me as he said that he does enjoy it. Upon hearing that I pulled my cock out and basked in his compliment about my size. He said that I had a big one for someone of my race. I was lightskin and although he was too, he had a mix of negro in him. He lubed me baby oil after some dry stroking and continued to play with my cock. The heat inside built as I kept driving until I found somewhere where we could park

I was beyond horny and ready for this man to just take me. As we stopped I removed my pants and underwear and left my black jersey on which made me ever hornier with heat. He knew what I wanted him to do to me. He stopped stroking me and I asked him if I can see his. He then whips out the thickest cock I ever seen. It was beautiful, the perfect colour, uncircumcised, bigger than mine with a fat head and looked to be a 9 incher. I was lucky. I adored it, and quickly got between his legs on the passenger seat to worship it. In my mind, I wanted to do exactly what I saw in porn. As I kissed his cock, I looked at him and then put his cock over my entire face and smiled at him saying with the most girlish tone,” Can I suck it Daddy?”

I felt his hand pressed behind my head as he nodded and forced me down his fat cock which filled my mouth. The excitement my body received made me so energetic that I went wild sucking his cock. The deeper I went, the more my cock pulsated, the more I licked the shaft, the sluttier I felt and the best part for me was slapping his cock on my tongue and face after I sucked and swallowed his balls in my mouth. He loved it but he lift me up after and told me to spit out onto his cock and then he pulled me up onto him. His lips then connected with mine for a kiss that should never be broken. His tongue entered my mouth and danced with mine until his tongue was the only one dancing. In that türkçe bahis kiss, I submitted, my mind told to be the girl and my body agreed as my ass began to arch into palms and lap. I felt his wet cock gliding against my ass. I knew the moment of truth was next as he looked at me while oiling his cock and asked me, ‘What do you want?” I muttered in a girlish tone.” I… I want to be yours, I want to belong to you, I want you to make me your girl, please Daddy, FUCK THE STRAIGHT OUT OF ME!”

He jammed his cock against my hole after pouring oil onto my ass and gently massaging my soon to be boy pussy. He looked at my face as I bit my lip while I sank my ass onto his thick 9 inch cock. I went down slowly, while I moaned in the pleasure of my ass becoming filled with my new favorite cock. I began to bounce slowly and then quickly until I realized how tiring it was. I grabbed my Daddy’s neck and kissed him and then told him that I wanted him to fuck me into his little girl. I felt the thrusts of his cock bounce against something in my ass until it felt like it popped. He moaned into my neck and kissed me with his tongue running against the skin of my sensitive neck. He told me that he just passed my second ring in my ass and that I was gonna remember that feeling forever. I was too busy moaning and being lost in pleasure that I completely ignored him and even ignored my cock. During this time, I had not once touched my cock which remained hard and pulsating.

The heat between us began to rise and I did not want this moment to end. His body started to buck and he pushed deeper strokes up my boy pussy until he bred me. I felt it, I felt the cum gushing into my ass and turning it into a pussy, a boy pussy. In my mind, a feeling changed and I became even more submissive as his cum kept shooting into me. The feeling caused my body to shudder and I instantly came. My orgasm was intense as the cum literally got fucked out of me. It felt as though he fucked the straight out of me and after cleaning up I realized güvenilir bahis siteleri that he did.

On the way home, I was addicted to his cock and I needed to suck it until he dropped me off. He kissed me and told me he will call me as he reaches home. He told me he loved me and I felt in that moment that I needed to be with him for the rest of the night. I begged him and pleaded to him that I need to come home with him but he said, “No baby girl, go rest because I am fucking you tomorrow until we sleep away at his place.” I smiled and leapt out his van and tried to maintain my balance to properly walk into my home.

As I showered and reflected that I lived out my fantasy, I began to feel his cock rubbing in between my now boy pussy and imagined being on my knees pleasing the cock that made me into girl. I quickly got out of the shower, still wet and proceeded to the sissy blogs on my laptop. The feelings were too intense and I had to write it out on a Website like Literotica. Eventually, I was able to describe my sexual encounter with my Daddy without being driven away to touch my hard cock. Then the only thing to get me away from my laptop was the ringing of my phone. It was him, it was Will, my Daddy. I could not wait to see him the next day. We spoke until I slept away. While we spoke I could not help but roll my boxers underwear in between my ass if it were a thong. I slept like that and pushed my ass out hoping it would recover a bit.

Then I woke up and realized this was all a dream. I opened my eyes realizing that I passed out. I thought to myself that wasn’t I just recovering from being fucked into a sissy girl. I felt confused until a strong arm came over my body pulled me into his chest. I felt his cock on my ass, it was Will’s cock, I turned over and there was my Daddy, he said, “Good morning princess.” He fucked me so good I passed out and dreamt about the first encounter. It was a relief to know that the next day did happen but I was just too drained to not realized it at the time. I felt in love as we kissed and then showered together. I was becoming fully his and as he told me he wants me to stay and live with him and become his boy wife. I happily nodded and told him that I would do anything for my Daddy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32