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My name is Ray Knight. I am a young black man living in Brockton, Massachusetts. Currently, I attend Brockton Community College, the largest community college in the state of Massachusetts. It’s huge, with six campuses and over twenty five thousand students. The school has campuses in Brockton, Randolph, Bridgewater, Boston, Milton and Avon. It’s also got one of the best collegiate sports programs in the country. Brockton Community College offers more varsity sports than most colleges or universities in America. I know this because I am a member of Brockton Community College’s Varsity Football team. We recently won our division title in the National Junior Collegiate Athletic Association.

Brockton Community College’s Department of Athletics currently sponsors quite a few varsity sports such as Men’s Intercollegiate Baseball, Basketball, Rifle, Cross Country, Golf, Soccer, Bowling, Pistol, Football, Wrestling, Volleyball, Ice Hockey and Swimming along with Women’s Intercollegiate Softball, Basketball, Cross Country, Pistol, Field Hockey, Bowling, Golf, Soccer, Rugby, Wrestling, Volleyball, Ice Hockey and Swimming. For club sports, we have Men’s Badminton and Archery along with Women’s Ultimate Frisbee, Badminton and Archery. The Athletics Department is located at the Brockton Campus, which is the largest of all the six campuses. I’m studying Criminal Justice. I’m not sure what I want to do yet. What do you think? Should I be a policeman or a corrections officer? Or hell, should I try making it to law school? I don’t know. I’ve got time to decide, I guess. After all, I’m only nineteen years old.

Brockton Community College’s Football program is the most beloved of all the sports programs. Half the town comes to our varsity football games. The attendance of our sports games is rivaled only by that of the Brockton Rox Professional Baseball Team. I love Brockton. Sure, it’s a big and messy town but it’s home, you know. My parents came from Haiti. We moved here when I was younger. I attended Brockton High School and later, Brockton Community College. One of these days, I’m going to transfer to a better school. A college with a good football program, like Curry College or UMass-Amherst. If that doesn’t work, I’ll try Bridgewater State College.

Playing football is important to me. I’ve been wearing helmets and pads since my days at Pop Warner Football Camp. I love the gridiron. It’s a place where character gets built. Most of my male friends played football. For a time, I was a high school wrestler. Wrestling is a tough sport. In my time, I faced off against one hundred guys and twenty seven females. Yeah, there are some females on the men’s wrestling teams. Especially at the high school level. That didn’t bother me. I took down my opponents regardless of their gender. That’s just how I do things. Equal treatment of the sexes and all that. My headlocks do not discriminate. That’s why I won the state wrestling championship during my senior year in the 235-pound weight class. I was done with wrestling, though. I liked football better.

Life at the Brockton Community College campus was alright. There were lots of black folks on campus this year. That’s cool with me. I like diversity. What really pleased me was the fact that we have an even number of male and female students on campus this year. Lots of colleges and universities have a gender imbalance. I guess they’re slow to understand that men are part of tuzla escort educational diversity too. The Brockton Community College is a really diverse and progressive place. They have a Men’s Center and a Women’s Center. They also have various fraternities and sororities, along with student activities clubs. I’m a member of the Black Student Union. They promote education in the lives of black men and black women. Lots of young black people with great potential don’t attend college. Especially young black males. That’s not right. We’re not just great athletes, we’re also capable of being great intellectuals. Black males need to step it up and start going to college. Word up, folks.

Today, as I walked around the campus cafeteria, I noticed this big black female checking me out. To be honest, I had mixed feelings about this. On one hand, big black chicks are really good in bed. On the other hand, they’re the most dramatic females on the planet. Always bickering and bugging. They’re very jealous and annoying. I am attracted to them and would love to meet one who’s smart, kind and graceful. Someone classy who doesn’t cuss every five seconds. Someone who would be kind and respectful to me. I respect a female but I got conditions. She has to respect herself and she’s got to respect me. I cannot respect a female who doesn’t respect herself and I especially cannot respect one who doesn’t respect me. Respect goes both ways. End of story. Unfortunately, finding a big black female who meets all of my criterion is like looking for a needle in a haystack the size of Mars. So, I just go looking for someone to hook up with and ditch afterwards. You dig? Cool.

I sat down at a table and cracked open my Criminology Book. I’ve got to read the first two chapters and do a report on them. It’s the second week of September and I need to get ahead and stay ahead. So I’m going to do the work. As I look around the cafeteria, the same big black female keeps looking at me. I don’t know why but I seem to be really popular with big women. Especially big black women. What gives? I am a six-foot-tall, big and tall brother with dark brown skin who is pretty in the face. Plus I play college football, I get good grades, and I got a good job. I work for a private security firm with offices in downtown Boston. I am shift supervisor for the security guards at Copley Mall in Boston. Making twenty bucks per hour when you’re a poor young black guy with no wife or kids and no bills is pretty cool. I still live at home, so that’s cool. My father Franklin Knight is a police officer with the Boston Police Department. My mother Ellen Johnson Knight is a professor at Suffolk County Community College. My brother Ralph is a corrections officer down in Plymouth County. We all live together in a big duplex in Brockton’s West Side. Not too far from Brockton High School. I plan on living at home until I’m done with college. Lots of my friends have a hellish home life. Not me. I’m a Haitian man who comes from a traditional and very nurturing Haitian family. Oh, we practice tough love but we love our families. That’s the Haitian way.

Anyway, I crack the Criminology book. I open the chapter and surprise, it’s dealing with male and female criminals. I smile. The book says female criminals are the most dangerous of all inmates. Well, of course bitches are more dangerous than men. Bitches are more wicked. This book isn’t telling me anything I don’t already know. As I skim tuzla escort bayan through it, I suddenly feel a presence in front of me. It’s the same big black chick from before. I look at her. There she is, standing in front of me smiling. She grins and tells me that her name is Rosa. I nod slowly and say hello. She says that she’s noticed me and thinks I’m alright. I almost shrug. What is it going to take to get her to fuck off? I’m busy! I take a look at Rosa. She stands about five foot eight, thick and chunky, with jet-black skin and long hair braided into cornrows. She’s wearing baggy black clothes but I can tell that she has large breasts, wide hips and a big ass. Usually, that’s my kind of girl. Unfortunately, the personality always leaves something to be desired. That’s dating black chicks for you. Rosa leaves me her cell phone number, then smiles and walks away.

I lean back on my seat and watch her walk away. Rosa is a big black female with a big plump bubble butt. Definitely the kind of chick I like to chase. She’s a chick from the hood. A thug bitch. Good in bed. Bad for anything else. Lots of black college men like to fuck thug bitches. However, these days, since I am about to graduate from college, I’m looking for a different class of female. An educated, classy type of woman. Unfortunately, that’s hard to find. When I say educated, I don’t mean simply higher education. Education is seen in everything a person does. Their way of walking, the way they conduct themselves, how they speak, etc. Education is visible everywhere and in everything a human being does. You could have a Harvard MBA and be uneducated. If you’re in the subway cussing out like a common hood bitch, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got college degrees up the yin yang.

As I seat down on my chair and look at the cell phone number, I find myself divided. The Old Me would go after Rosa. The New Me is different. The New Me is a black college man who is going places. After I graduate from Brockton Community College, I’m either heading to UMass-Amherst or the Massachusetts State Police Academy. I can’t be messing around with a bitch from the hood. The woman I date has to be pretty, but also have a good job and a college degree. Hood bitches need not apply. The Old Me is itching to get out. I know exactly what he would do. I know because it’s a tempting thing to do. However, I graduate from Brockton Community College in December 2007. In January 2008, I start UMass-Amherst. That’s what’s up. I’m going places in the world. I’ve got to stay focused and keep my dick under control.

Let’s just say that the Old Me accidentally escapes. He gets up and picks up his backpack. Oh, yeah. Suddenly transformed from mild-mannered college man and athlete to Mack Daddy and Player’s Player. He goes over to where Rosa is sitting. The big black girl is sitting at a table with a couple of chicks she’s friends with. The Mack Daddy smiles at her and tells her to take a walk with him. Since he’s a good-looking college football stud, what do you think she says? She agrees. He walks around campus, telling her some sweet words. Rosa is definitely sweet on him, and since she’s a sex-hungry ho, she starts feeling him up as they make out in the back of the Technology Building. He leads her into the Men’s Bathroom after conveniently putting the “Closed For Cleaning” sign. Oh, yeah. He’s done this before.

The Mack Daddy soon has the big black woman on her hands escort tuzla and knees. He whips out his ten inches of uncut Black Man Power. He leans against the wall and she fastens her moist lips around his hard cock. He thrusts his cock into her mouth. Rosa begins sucking on his cock like her life depended on it. Nothing this big black woman loved more than sucking on a long and thick black cock. You see, she has an oral fixation. She’s addicted to black dick. You can tell by the way she’s slurping it like a hungry mother. He thrusts his cock down her throat, loving the feel of it. When he lets out his cum, Rosa eagerly drinks it down. He pats her head. That’s a good little slut.

Next, they try something radically new. The Mack Daddy asks his slut of the day if she’s down for anal action. She’s a very open-minded gal with an open ass to boot. So, yeah, she’s down for it. Our chocolate stud muffin is thrilled beyond measure and strokes his cock as the big black woman gets on all fours and spreads her plump butt cheeks wide open. He looks at her brown little asshole. Damn, the sight of it causes his cock to harden like steel. He presses his cock against Rosa’s asshole, puts his hands on those wide hips of hers and thrusts. The blood-curling scream which escaped Rosa’s mouth as he slammed his cock into her asshole was music to his ears. There was nothing he loved more than fucking a big woman in her tight asshole. He had read somewhere that the bigger the woman, the tighter her asshole. Well, he conducted a thorough investigation and figured out that this fact was true. Gleefully, he rammed his cock into the big black woman’s tight asshole like anal sex was going out of style.

As had been said before, there’s nothing the Mack Daddy loves more than anal sex with a big woman. In the voluptuous Rosa, he found a triple threat and a triple treat. A woman who was big and black, with a big butt. One who was totally down with anal sex. He began to give her ass a serious pounding. Rosa screamed as her butt cheeks were spread to accommodate the bulk of his dick. She’d been fucked before but never by a cock that was so damn long, thick and black. She pushed back against him, driving his cock deeper inside her. Laughing, he thrust even deeper inside her. Shoving his big cock inside her anal walls. Down where the sun didn’t shine. A little-known fact is that our lover boy is an anal sex master and a first-rate anal explorer. He loves to explore the assholes of big women, especially big black women. That’s his area of expertise. After due consideration, he decided that Rosa had one of the warmest, tightest assholes he’d ever fucked. With that, he paid her the ultimate compliment. He came, sending his hot manly seed deep inside her. Rosa squealed in delight. The Mack Daddy roared victoriously, a primal and masculine sound.

A short while later, the Mack Daddy and his latest victim, er, I mean sexual partner, exited the men’s bathroom after readjusting their clothes. They parted ways. He smirked as he watched her walk away. He was smiling not just because, after getting her fat ass fucked, she was walking funny but also because she had some cum stains on her face that she forgot to wipe off. He headed back to the cafeteria with a bounce in his step and a song in his heart. Yeah, that’s what would happen if the Old Me got out. Unfortunately for him, he’s not getting out. I’m a grown man who’s got an impressive list of accomplishments and is heading places. I’m changing my ways. No more hooking up with random chicks. I’m holding out for something better. In the meantime, I’ll attend college and play football. That’s what’s up. Holler!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32