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Gerry sighed heavily and slowly ran his fingers through his hair. He’d been going over these figures for hours, and no matter what he tried, the numbers just didn’t add up. It simply didn’t make sense. Gerry knew the answer was right in front of him, but he just couldn’t see it. Taking off his glasses, he rubbed his tired eyes. Too many late nights that had become early mornings were beginning to catch up with him.

Normally he would not have applied so much personal time and energy in a company project, but this was his baby, and it’s success would grant him the promotion he recognition he deserved. The increase in his salary was not something to be over looked either, but Gerry was not doing this for the money. This had become a personal challenge that he simply refused to lose.

Picking up his coffee cup, he took a sip without looking at the contents of the cup. Instantly he screwed up his face and spat the contents back into the cup. Not only was the coffee cold, it tasted a week old. Taking the cup, he left the confines of his small office, and retreated to the staff lounge for a clean cup, and fresh coffee.

“Geeze Gerry, you look like hell.” Chris gave his work mate a genuine look of concern as he took a bite of his sandwich.

“Trust me on this Chris, I can’t look half as bad as I feel.” Gerry hadn’t realized he was hungry until he looked at Chris’s tuna and lettuce sandwich. He could not remember the last time he had eaten properly.

“Is this project really worth killing yourself over Gerry?” Chris had been Gerry’s friend from his first day on the job five years earlier, and he was one of the few people in Gerry’s life who actually gave a damn if he lived or died. He hated to see his friend so burned out.

“I’m so close Chris. So damn close. I just can’t concentrate. It has to be finished today or Mr. Dolan is going to pull the plug on me, and all this would have been for nothing.” He sipped the fresh coffee and felt his body physically relax as its warmth entered him. Chris handed him the other half of his sandwich, but it did little to satisfy the emptiness in his belly. If anything, it only served to make him even hungrier. “I don’t suppose you have any more of them hidden in your pocket? I’m starved.”

Chris frowned and shook his head. His friend was neglecting his bodies’ simplest needs, and he could hardly consider himself a friend if he didn’t do something to correct the situation and help his friend out. “Nope, but how about you get back to work and I’ll go grab you some more lunch?”

Gerry rested his hand on Chris’s shoulder and gave him a relieved and thankful smile. “Thanks. When this is finished, I’ll buy you a beer.” And with that, he took his coffee and returned to his office.

Another half an hour of running over numbers and diagrams that seemed to blend into one another in an animated blur, and Gerry was almost at his wits end. He was only moments away from admitting defeat when there was a knock on his door. taksim üniversiteli escort Glancing up, he saw a pizza and mumbled for it to be put on his desk, but a second glance held his attention a little longer.

Swallowing hard, he had to make a physical effort to lift his bottom jaw and close his mouth. Never before had his pizza been delivered by someone who looked more eatable then the pizza. This girl was stunning. With an alluring smile, she stepped into his office, kicking the door closed behind her. “Gerry Wendelson, I have been asked to deliver to you, a pizza, with the works.” She licked her glistening red lips as she said the last few words, making Gerry pant a little as he caught his breath. Moving forward, she stepped around the desk, and Gerry could see the full length of her long legs, from toe of her high heal shoes, to the hem of her very tight, short shirt. “I hear you have not been taking care of yourself Gerry, and we can’t have that, now can we? I am a stress relief expert, and I am here to relieve all of that nasty, pent up stress for you.”

Every word was like silk to Gerry’s ears, every movement like a dirty word. He could feel his pants straining against his growing interest in what her expertise might offer, making him shift a little in his seat. He did his best not to be obvious, but her keen eyes missed nothing. His mind screamed that he could not afford this distraction, that he had to get her out of here before he lost all train of thought, or worse, before someone came into his office, but when she bent towards him, her more then ample breasts almost bursting from her tight blouse, he found he was rendered speechless.

She looked him over, as if considering the sauce of his problem. She almost looked professional in the way she was trying to annualize him. Almost. Then her face lit up as if she had made the breakthrough of a lifetime. “There is your problem, right there.” And with one quick movement, she was on her knees before him, backing under his desk and pulling his chair in after her. With expert hands, she unfastened his belt and zipper, setting his previously pent up manhood, free. Gerry sighed with relief at having his throbbing cock released, the pressure of his pants had been bordering on painful. Glancing beneath his desk, he still could not believe what was happening. He was a geek, a computer annalist, always overlooked by every woman in the building, and in the city for that matter, so why was this happening to him? She leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on the head of his cock, and he decided there was nothing more to question.

Wrapping her slender fingers around his shaft, she began to stroke it slowly. “Oh yes, so much stress, all caught up in here. I’m going to have to relieve this for you Gerry, before it becomes serious.” Her eyes sparked with her tease, the tip of her tongue making her lips shine, even in the dim light under his desk.

Gerry could tophane escort not hide the horny smirk on his face, “Well if you say so Miss, you are the expert after all.” It never failed to amaze Gerry how exhaustion could be swept aside by an erection, and this was one time he was definitely not complaining.

Slowly she increased the pressure, tightening her fingers around the full girth of his shaft, wetting her thumb with the tip of her tongue, and rubbing it gently over the smooth, dome shaped head. Gerry moaned softly, sliding down in his chair a little as he began to relax. Her fingers were incredible, seeking out and discovering every sensitive area on his cock, and exploiting that sensitivity to the full. As her fingers worked his shaft, she bent lower, reaching out and licking the tight area just below his balls, then sucked each of his tightening balls into her mouth in turn.

Gerry was in agony, and ecstasy, both at the same time. His cock throbbed painfully, but he held back. How long had it been since he’d had an orgasm? Damn, so long he could not even remember. He was not going to cut this short by blowing his load too soon; he wanted to savor every second of her expertise. Holding his shaft firmly, she ran the tip of her tongue from his balls, over her own fingers, to the tip of his knob, forcing it into the tiny hole in the end, licking away the pre-cum that had gathered there. “Mmmm yummy. I bet you have a lot more where that came from.”

Opening her mouth fully, she lowered it over his cock, closing her lips around the bottom of his shaft, and sucking hard as she slowly pulled backwards. A few more drops of pre-cum were collected on her tongue and swallowed greedily. The next suck threatened to drain his shaft completely and it took all of his self-control to restrain himself. In long, even strokes, her mouth devoured his cock, sucking hard, then soft, then sucking hard again. Her tongue worked his engorged head, licking away any of the salty juices that escaped his pulsing shaft.

Gerry watch as she ate him, thinking to himself that he had never seen anything more erotic, or more beautiful. Her hands cupped his balls, massaging and rubbing, rolling them about in the palm of her hand in time with her sucking. She was indeed an expert. She could have made him blow his load ten times over already, but she seemed to know just when to back off and make it last a little longer. He could feel the intensity building; feel himself growing closer and closer to the sweetest orgasm of his life, when she did something he had not expected. Licking a long, pointed finger, she pushed her hand deep into his pants, searching for, and discovering the tight puckered entrance to his anus.

Gerry was a little shocked at first, but when she began to suck again, he was amazed at the increased intensity of the sensation. He was almost there, he legs shaking a little and beads of sweat running off his brow. He could feel it, just a few topkapı escort more sucks, just a few more………. Right when he was about to blow, she thrust upwards with her hand, forcing her wet finger deep into his anus.

Almost blacking out from the intensity, Gerry groaned loudly, not giving a damn if everyone in the building heard him. Pulse after hot pulse of thick cum shot down the back of her throat, her hungry lips not allowing a single drop escape. Her finger worked slowly in and out of his anus, heightening his orgasm to the extreme, forcing every drop of his seed to be expelled from his long neglected body.

Pushing his chair back, she climbed out from beneath his desk, and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. “I do believe your treatment was a complete success Mr. Wendelson. Don’t hesitate to call me again should you be in need of a little stress relief.” And with that, she straightened her skirt, blew him a kiss, and left the office.

Gerry was in shock. Fighting to catch his breath, his head was still spinning with the effects of the greatest high he had ever experienced. After a few moments, his stomach reminded him that his cock wasn’t the only thing that he had been neglecting. Reaching for a slice of pizza, he cast his eyes casually back over the computer screen. For the first time in a month, he was completely relaxed. So much so, that he could not have cared one bit if he lost the entire project and was reduced to sweeping floors in the mail room.

All of a sudden, it was there. The answer was so clear that even a child could have seen it. Quickly he changed the two to a four, and the four to a two, and bingo, the program began to run perfectly. Kicking off in his chair, spinning in a circle, he shouted, “YES, YES, YES!” he was so excited about finding the errors and making the project complete, that he failed to notice his boss, Mr. Dolan, standing in the doorway.

“Your deadline is up Gerry, do you have that project completed?” His face was stern, hard, and unrelenting. It was almost as if he was waiting for Gerry to fail so that he could rip him to pieces and throw him to the sharks.

“Yes Sir. All finished and ready for your approval.” He did his best to hide his excitement and act professional, but the experiences of the last half hour made that virtually impossible.

“Good. I knew you had it in you Gerry. You’re a good worker; all you needed was a little incentive. You can move to your new, and larger office in the morning. Right now, go home, I’m tired of looking at you.” His face was still hard, and unreadable, but as he turned to leave, he gave Gerry a slight smirk, “Stress can be a very destructive thing to a creative mind Gerry. Never go too long without stress relief.” And with those words, he was gone.

Gerry’s bottom jaw almost hit the desk. He had assumed that Chris had sent the girl to his office, with the lunch he had offered, and a whole lot more. Could it really have been Mr. Dolan who supplied the answers to his stress, his hunger, and the project? He wasn’t sure he ever wanted to know. Shutting down his computer, he headed for home, and with the memory of his stress therapist still clear in his mind, perhaps a hot shower and a little light hand relief was in order…….. then sleep. A fitting end to a very suck-sesful day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32