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This was inspired by watching videos of some girls who didn’t just play with themselves but also talked, sometimes responding to remarks by the interviewing woman behind the camera. It is all my original invention.

There are three girls: aged young twenty, nineteen, late twenty. The youngest one is now in junior college, away from home. She explains that she was a late starter. The girl always opens the conversation. After a closing quotation mark, the interviewer speaks, and so on.


“This is going to be funny, getting all naked. Oh, I want to, just a little embarrassing, knowing that so many people will be able to see me. Hm-hmm! Lots have seen my breasts – that kind of beaches – and I wasn’t embarrassed; they’re quite adequate. I like them; my boyfriends do too.”

She is plucking at the top button of her shirt as she continues:

“Oh, a couple of times we’ve been all naked, where others were. That was all right too.”

She is rubbing her hands on her breasts. She smirks with a shrug and begins to unbutton, murmuring:

“Here goes.”

“Nothing to be embarrassed about; they are nice, ‘quite adequate’.”

“I like them, my nipples especially, of course. Hm-hmm! When they’re like that. Almost as much fun to touch them myself. Hmmm! Feels good! Always does, when I’m thinking about what else I’m going to do.”

She smirks slightly and takes off her blouse, then her jeans, and sits back down. One of her hands slides down to her panties. She grins, her fingers sliding down between her thighs, the other ones fondling her nipple.

“Mmmm! I like to do this, sometimes better than guys can, especially back when.”

Her fingers rub. For a while she just has a dreamy expression on her face, then nods with a soft hum. Then she looks back at the camera, wrinkling her nose and remarks:

“Guess they want to see more. Hope they don’t mind hair. I shaved once, but it was a bother, and he didn’t say that he liked it better.”

“Right guy. It’s getting rare, just looks so natural. Oh, just trim it.”

She had raised her hips and slid her panties down, nodding in response. She remarks:

“He did like that better, me too. Hm-hmm! You too, guys? Want to see how see how I like to do it, when I don’t have any help?”

Her fingers begin to rub again. She grins at the camera, which then pans down to her pussy. Her fingers are exploring in her now exposed pussy, just exploring, down between her pussy lips, finding her opening, sliding up again, spreading them, letting her middle finger play with her inner lips. The camera swings up and catches her pleased smile, now ignoring the camera. It swings back down, finding her finger probing in her vagina. When she hums to herself, the camera swings back to her face. This time she notices and grins at it. She remarks:

“Feels good. I like my pussy.”

“More than guys do?”

“Hm-hmm! Have to ask them. Of course, they all do, and I like that they do – of course! But sometimes they – no, a couple of them – well, I wish they did it better.”

“Hmm? Maybe I shouldn’t ask; sounds like you don’t have a special friend.”

“Hmm? Hmmm, did. Shouldn’t have asked. Wish I did, but till then …”

“Sorry, shouldn’t have asked.”

“Maybe why I’m here.”

“I hope not. Oh, I like that you are. I shouldn’t have disturbed you. Enjoy! Try to.”

She nods, and the camera pans down again to what her fingers are doing, the one plunging in her pussy. She hums. Then her other hand is also there, its fingers rubbing over her clitoris. Her pussy is concealed behind both her hands, but the sound of her humming suggest that her fingers are doing what she wants to feel. The camera catches a view of her aroused face. When it returns to her fingers, two are jerking in her pussy, and then she is moaning. Creamy pussy juice appears under her knuckles, more of it. The camera jumps to her face again, revealing her intense, almost pained expression, as she groans, and then that her shoulders jerk, moving her head.

It swings back down her body, her hips twitching. When it finds her fingers again, the white pussy juice has run down to her asshole, now visible, since she has drawn up her feet with spread thighs, now pumping her hips against what her fingers are doing in her pussy. It looks painful, and she sounds like it is, as though she wants the pain to stop, but she continues. Then her hips go out of control, no longer rocking, suddenly jerking off the bed, as she gasps and groans. The camera zooms back to show her spasming body, her hips jerking a couple of times more. Her fingers still, but her body hasn’t yet. Then it does, and the camera zooms in on her pussy again, a white streak of pussy juice from her vagina to her asshole, her fingers tentatively moving again, making her hips twitch. The ones that had been in her pussy extend down, feeling the creamy moisture.

The camera returns to her face, now relaxed, smiling, as she sighs with a pleased expression. Her wet fingers appear and then disappear in asyabahis yeni giriş her mouth. The camera zooms back a little, including her breasts. After she has licked her fingers and sighed again, she looks at the camera, smiling wryly with a slight shrug.

“Forgot you were there,” she murmurs, then grinning and adding: “and everyone else.”

“We don’t have to show them, if you don’t want to, but it sure looked good.”

“Oh, it was! Better that I hoped. Hm-hmm! Should let some guys know that they aren’t doing it good enough.”

“Hm-hmm! I hadn’t thought of that.”

The camera fades out.


“I like to be naked, always have, did, until Mom said we couldn’t any more, me and my brothers, both younger. Hell, I was still as flat as they were. Hm-hmm! A lot flatter than the chubby one, but I guess she thought we had to stop running around like that before I wasn’t. I think he probably still has more than I do.”

She is already pulling off her T-shirt, revealing her young breasts. The interviewer replies:

“I can imagine. So at home not going naked any more; anywhere else?”

“Not in public, like at one of those beaches or like that. Of course, a couple of boys have seen me, and my girlfriend, of course.”

“Your girlfriend?”

“Yeah, mostly with her. It was her idea to do this. She wants to, too.”

“But you have to go first?”

“Hm-hmm! We drew straws. She really should; she looks sexier than me, you know, better figure.”

“Yours is also very nice, just slender.”

She looks down at her nice, small breasts and tweaks her nipples, light pink nipples on her fair skin. She looks back up with smile and says:

“She likes them.”

“Like I think?”

“Hm-hmm! I guess so. Yeah, we play with each other.”

“Nothing wrong with that; lots of girls do. Want to take off your panties?”

“I guess so. Of course, that’s why I’m here.”

She doesn’t hesitate, standing up and slipping them off, pink and blue striped ones that look more like those a much younger teenaged girl might wear. She smiles unblushingly, letting the camera show her untanned body and shaven pussy.

“You do like to be naked.”

“I said so.”

“With your girlfriend?”

“It’s better with her. Oh, I like it with the boys – those two — but, well, you know, our first couple of times. It’s better with her.”

“All beginners?”

“Very, the boys. Oh, I was too, all of us just eighteen. ‘Just eighteen?” Maybe that should be ‘already eighteen,’ kind of late starters, but I think that was the norm in our little town. Yeah, ‘all beginners,” doing the obvious, trying to. Well, we did, of course, but they didn’t know what I wanted, and probably I didn’t know what they wanted.”

“Sounds typical. But your girlfriend did?”

“Hm-hmm! We found out together, met in college.”

“That’s nice.”

“Um-hmm. Oh, we like boys and that they like us; just wasn’t as good as we had hoped.”

“Maybe they will learn.”

“Hope so!”

“And you and your girlfriend?”

“Of course, we both knew what girls could do together, but I had never thought about doing it, and she hadn’t either, but, well, we did: a lot of funny.”


“Yeah. Of course, we had seen each other naked in the showers after gym – and the rest of the girls in our class. I guess we both wanted to experiment, but weren’t directly admitting it, making up excuses to get undressed, trying on her clothes. Hm-hmm! Fun and funny.”

“Probably like most girls do.”

“Hmm? I hope so. Anyway, then we were naked, and I wanted to feel her breasts. Or did she say that she wanted me too? I wanted to, and you can imagine the rest.”

“Maybe, but if you want to tell . . .?”

She had long since sat down on the couch. With her last remark, her nipples had popped out. She rubs them, blushing slightly as she shrugs with wry expression, then glancing down at her pussy with its nice pubic mound, her pussy lips closed. She looks back over hesitating a moment, then asking softly:

“You want me to?”

“If you do; it is always interesting to hear about a first time.”

The girl shrugs again, smiling with a slight nod, then replies:

“If you really want. It was more ‘interesting’

than what I told. Oh it was fun. When we hadn’t taken off our clothes to try on hers, I still wasn’t thinking at all about doing anything. I don’t think she was either. I didn’t have on a bra, seldom do, but she did, still did. Why did she take it off? She did, and I said something about her also not really needing to wear one, since it didn’t seem that her breasts needed any support.

“We chuckled and wanted to find out, so she stood in profile, casting her shadow on the wall. I put my finger under the shadow of her nice round breast, and then she put her bra back on. It really didn’t make much difference – hm-hmm – except that there was no shadow of her nipple.”

She smiles, looking directly at the camera, apparently pleased that asyabahis güvenilirmi she had been right and that she had remembered that detail. She looks at the interviewer and asks:

“You want to hear the rest? This is fun.”

“It sounds like it; that it was, and that you’re enjoying recalling it.”

She nods with a grin and continues:

“Yeah, it is, and it was. I was a little shy, telling before. When she took off her bra again, I did want to hold her breast, wanted to know how one like hers felt. I didn’t want to admit that so directly before; she didn’t have to ask, I did, and she said that I could. Hm-hmm! I thought it would be more squashy. It was nice and firm, filled my hand, not like mine.”

She held one of her breasts, having to draw her fingers in to make it press in her palm. She shrugs again with a little smile. Her hand stays on her breast as she continues:

“She liked that, of course, and then held one of mine. I liked that too, of course. And, of course, we want to feel each others’ nipples. Of course, that also felt good, but to start with, I was more enjoying how hers felt for my fingers. I still wasn’t thinking about our arousing each other and what that could lead to, but we were. Hmm? Is a little, just telling about it.”

“Why not? That’s why we’re hear; let it be.”

“Hmm? Maybe, like doing something while I tell?”

If you want to, anything. We have all the time in the world; maybe a good way to start.”

“Mmmm! If you want. So we were arousing each others’ nipples, all four of them. She was the one who said that she wanted to lick one of mine. I guess a guy had licked hers. They hadn’t licked or sucked mine. Probably should have suggested it, but if they didn’t think of it, and I was too shy too, and a little shy of calling attention to my little boobs. But it was easy to let her do it. That was even more arousing, also that she wanted to. And it was arousing to suck hers.”

She was now holding her other breast, her fingers arousing her nipple, as she continued:

“I still wasn’t thinking about what else we could do, but I guess I was passed thinking that we were doing something we shouldn’t, if I was enjoying sucking her nipples, feeling that that was arousing for me too. I was.”

Her other hand is sliding down over the curve of her pubic mound, apparently unconsciously, since she continues without a break, while the camera shows her fingers cupped around her pussy.

“And then I was sucking her other one, and one of her hands was sliding down to my panties. Oh, I don’t want to blame her for starting more; I was already wet, and they were then to. I was going to do anything she wanted. That was when I started to think about doing what girls could do with each other. If she wanted to, was thinking the same thing, I would do anything she did.”

The camera shows that her middle fingers alternating pressure on her pussy lips. again apparently just a reflex, since she continues:

“Oh, I wanted her to take them off. I had been holding her other one, but then my hand also slid down. Anything she did, I would do, wanted to do.

“Our panties slipped down. The crotch of hers was also moist. Did she also feel mine?”

The camera is back on her face, catching her expression and slight shrug, as she continues:

“Yeah, then it was clear that we both wanted to do more, about the only thing we could do more. We embraced with slightly surprised expressions, both nodding. If she had wanted to kiss, I would have. Oh, I wanted to, but we didn’t. Hm-hmm! not yet, but we did later.”

The camera had returned to her fingers on her pussy, now one of them between her pussy lips, but with her last remark, it pans back up to her face, showing her slight smirk. She looks at it and then suddenly down at her pussy with an “Oh!”

She looks at the interviewer with a slightly apologetic expression and remarks:

“Hmm? Didn’t know I was doing that, really didn’t! Is that all right?”

“Very! Couldn’t be better, that you’re so involved with your telling, that it’s so arousing, that you didn’t notice that you were already arousing yourself.”

“Hm-hmm! I was, I am.”

The camera doesn’t have to move to show her squeeze her breast and pinch her nipple. She grins and continues:

“Oh, that’s good, this is being good. Have to tell her. Where were we?”

“Not kissing, ‘not yet’.”

“Oh, yeah! Hm-hmm! But I can show you what our fingers were soon doing.”

The camera jumps back to show her fingers moving on and between her pussy lips. She snickers and continues:

“Well, it took a few moments before our hands were there. Oh, we knew what we both wanted to do then, maybe not everything yet, but at least that. Mmmm! Hers felt just like mine for my fingers, and hers, just like mine on my pussy. And then one in mine …”

The camera shows her finger slip all the way in her pussy.

“… and then mine in hers. Of course, it felt just like mine, but so arousing that it was asya bahis giriş hers, and that her finger was in me.”

The camera shows her face again, her eyes clenched shut, as she moans. The camera jumps back to her hand. The interviewer murmurs:

“Maybe you should save the rest till later.”

She nods, and the camera zooms back to show her head and body. Her finger is moving in her pussy, looking like it is more enjoying itself than trying to arouse her. A finger of her other hand is circling her nipple. It circles the other one. The corners of her mouth twitch, and the hand leaves her breast and finds her mouth, two fingers disappearing between her lips. With wet fingers, it returns to her nipple and does what a tongue and lips could do to it, the camera showing that her own lips are pursed, the tip of her tongue moving between, as she hums. She licks her fingers again and does the same to her other nipple. She hums again, and then her fingers extend to squeeze her breast.

The camera pans down to her other hand, zooming in. Her thighs have opened further, and her finger is moving a little more purposefully. “Um-hmm,” she hums softly. The camera zooms in closer, showing that it is wet. She chuckles softly, and her hand disappears, letting the camera show her pink pussy, revealing that she has a small clitoris, its hood just a small fold of pink skin.

The camera catches a view of her sucking her fingers with a slight smile. When her wet fingers and hand disappear, the camera shows that her other hand is now holding her other breast, rubbing her nipple between her thumb and the base of her index finger. Her other breast jiggles, and the camera follows her arm down, finding her wet fingers rubbing quickly over her clitoris – only one actually on it, since it’s so small. When she draws her thighs up and lets them flop open, the camera angle shifts to show a better view between her pussy lips, pink, glistening, where the light reflects in the camera.

She moans, and the camera zooms back; her feet now drawn up on the edge of the couch. She is sighing with long moans, her eyes closed, occasionally clenching. Her hand is clasping her breast, then clasping the other one, looking like it is trying to be fair to both of them with their erect nipples.

The camera waits, showing how her expression becomes more strained, her toes curling, as her breathing and moans become shorter, gasping. Her hips twitch, and she gives a pulsing “uhn-un-unnn!”

Her fingers cup around her pussy again, and she draws a deep breath and sighs with a long moaning. Her feet slide off the couch, and her thighs clamp together on her hand. After two or three more sighs, her eyes open, but only look up at the ceiling. Her thighs twitch, then she murmurs:

“Oh!? Oh, here.”

She hesitates a moment, before she looks over with a surprised expression, apparently looking at the interviewer, her eyes then finding the camera. She smiles wryly, then looks back at the interviewer again with a shrug and murmurs:

“I did it.”

“You did. Looked good; I hope so.”

“Hmm? She does it better. Hm-hmm, says I do too.”

“That’s nice, very nice, what a good girlfriend is for.”

The girl begins to laugh, and the interviewer chuckles. When the girl catches her breath, the interviewer remarks:

“But we still don’t know how it was with her.”

“Hmm! You really want to hear the rest?”

“If you want to tell. Hm-hmm! Sort of like having a second orgasm.”

“Hm-hm-hmm! Maybe she didn’t do it better than that the first time.”

“You just had your fingers in each other.”

“Hmmmm! Not after that. We both said that we wanted to see where they were. I said it first. Before, I was really shy about admitting to you that I wanted to. She wanted to, too. I still wasn’t sure that I wanted to do what girls can with each other, but then we were lying there, both looking. Hmm! I just had to kiss it! It looked like it wanted me to. She did too. Hm-hmm! A better French kiss – hers too – than with boys. When we had, we kissed like that, chuckling, our tongues trying to do what they had been doing in each other’s pussies.”

“Oh, that was lovely! Thank you!”

“Hmm?! I never thought I would tell about that. Hm-hmm! That was just the first time!”

“And I hope not the last time, if it was that good and you like it.”

“We both do. Hm-hmm! But don’t tell her that I told all that.

“Oh no! I want to hear her version.”

The girl snickers and then laughs again, rubbing her small breasts up and down as much they could, then holding her pussy.

The camera fades out.


“I’m going to like this. I always wanted to see what I look like when I have an orgasm.”

“That’s a nice attitude; we do too.”

“And a couple of my friends, both kinds. Hmmm! And the rest of the world!”

“If you don’t mind.”

“As long as my parents and older family members don’t see me. Hm-hmm! Maybe my uncles want to.”

“Hm-hmm! You want them to?”

“I wouldn’t mind – i guess. Don’t all girls want to show off to someone, and don’t all men want to look?

“And you have a figure to show them.”

“Thanks. Uh! Did you ever do this?”

“Once; wanted to know what it was like for other girls. Didn’t go on the website.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32