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Joel was the sexiest guy in my whole entire high school. I’d been nursing a crush on him since I was a Freshman. We ran in different circles and so I had zero hopes of ever really getting with him. I was a goth chick, you know the kind that wears black everything and finds comfort in sadness and other dark things. I surrounded myself with other dark, creative souls and I watched Joel from afar as he worked his way from the bench to starting quarterback on the football team.

Every girl in my entire high school wanted a piece of Joel and I watched as he dated girl after girl. He never seemed to tire of dating and I knew that he wasn’t the right guy for me. I wanted a guy that wanted me too, one that would commit to me and be only with me. Joel obviously wasn’t that guy. Still, when no one was looking I was staring at him, wishing that I could have my turn with him. That turn never came. We graduated, virtually strangers. He knew who I was but I think we’d shared less than ten words during our entire high school experience.

I thought about Joel many times after high school. Sometimes when I masturbated, thoughts of him would be the ones that sent me over the edge. I couldn’t believe how much he turned me on. It was so much more than any other man or woman ever had. The crush I had on him was extreme and I knew it. Who kept thinking about their high school crush five years after high school? Me. I was a loser. I was-

I stopped suddenly in my tracks. I turned on my heels and moved to my computer. I opened a social media app that almost everyone used. Surely I would find Joel here. I typed his name into the search feature and was shocked when hundreds of profiles popped up. I couldn’t believe it! I tried to sift through them all but there was no way I’d be able to. I sighed, realizing that my desire to see Joel after all these years was still very strong. I had to find him!

I went to bed that night knowing what I wanted. For once in my life, I fully acknowledged how much I wanted this man. I sent up a prayer that I would find him and then I went to sleep dreaming dreams that we would find one another again. It must have been fate or maybe it was my intention that pulled Joel to me but when I woke up I couldn’t believe it! There was a message from him and a friend request in my inbox on the social media app that I had searched for him on. I read the message,

“I saw your profile and thought I’d say hello. I don’t know if you remember me but we went to the same bostancı escort high school.”

I instantly typed back, “Of course I remember you. Everyone knows you. You were the high school quarterback. That’s huge. I’m surprised you remember me.” I felt exposed after I’d sent the message but when he responded right away I couldn’t believe it.

“Of course I remember you. Who wouldn’t remember the prettiest girl in the school?”

“Me? I don’t think so.”

“I do. I should have asked you out back then but since I failed back then maybe I should ask you now. Want to go out sometime? Please tell me you’re single.”

“Oh my God! I’d love to go out with you!” I was screaming and jumping around my apartment as I realized that my dream guy had just asked me out. Nothing like this had ever happened to me and it made me feel like the universe was shifting in my direction and like things were finally starting to look up and not be so depressing.

We met at the local pizza place, a spot that had been the main high school hangout. I thought it was a cute, throwback choice for our first date and I hoped to God that this would be the first of many dates to come. I got there first and sat at one of the sturdy wooden picnic-style tables. I was really nervous. I could feel my palms sweating and I wasn’t sure what I would do if he stood me up. My insecurity started to get the best of me when five minutes passed and then ten. I thought he was ghosting me and my heart was breaking. It felt like high school all over again, me the weird goth girl that everyone avoided and him, the quarterback that never talked to me.

“Hey! Sorry, I’m a little late. It’s been a busy day,” I heard his sexy voice and I turned my head and gave him a smile of relief.

“Oh my God! I thought you were standing me up! I was freaking out!” I admitted.

“No way. I would never stand you up! I’ve been waiting for this date for at least five years.”

“You have?”

“Yeah. Why would I stand you up? You’re beautiful.”

“I’ve never felt beautiful. I’m just a weird goth girl.”

“I always liked that about you.”

“You did?”

“Yeah. You’re unique. It’s beautiful.

I blushed, wondering if he meant it. Our small talk moved easily from topic to topic and there was an easiness between us that made me feel good. I wanted his cock so fucking badly. No one turned me on the way that he did and now that we were together all I wanted to do was feel ümraniye escort bayan his naked body against mine. I looked at him, trying my best to convey that it was time to end this portion of our date and let things escalate back at my place, or his. It didn’t matter where we went I just needed him naked and my pussy was aching for it.

“You okay?” he asked, looking over the dough bones that were left of our pizza.

“I really want to go somewhere where we can be alone. I want to show you something,” I tried to explain my need.

“What’s that you want to show me?” His voice was husky and I knew he understood what I needed.

“I need to show you how much I’ve been wanting you since high school.”

“You wanted me in high school?” he asked.

“I think every girl wanted you back in high school.”

“What about now?”

“I want you so much now. I need you.” My voice broke with emotion and our eyes locked. I knew he needed me as much as I needed him.

By the time we arrived back at my place, we were both so hungry that we were barely through the front door when we began to desperately kiss. We pulled each other’s clothes off, basking in the feeling of our naked bodies becoming one. I led him to my bedroom, our clothes a trail behind us. It felt like magic the way we moved together, the way our bodies fit. I had never felt this way with any other person and so I let Joel use my body in any way he wanted.

He fucked me with long, deep strokes, working me in every conceivable position. He fucked like an athlete and there was no mistaking the passion that he was showing as he kissed me and fucked me. I felt like I was being swept away with our emotions as they combined to form something bigger than either one of us.

“I always wondered if goth girls liked pain,” Joel said, grabbing me by the hair. “If you don’t like it just tell me and I’ll stop.

“No, I like it,” I told him and I meant it. He pulled my hair harder as he fucked me from behind.

“You like pain, goth girl? Because I want to give you what you want, what you need,” he explained.

“I like pain. Please. Please, Joel. Hurt me.”

“I knew it, goth girl. I knew it.” He smacked my ass a few times and while it stung, I knew that I could take so much more.

“Harder!” I begged.

“Like this?” He slapped me harder and then harder until I was feeling the burn of his smacks and my pussy responded. I was cumming hard for him, at his mercy. kartal escort “That’s a good girl. Take the pain. This is so hot, baby. This is so fucking hot. I knew you and I would make a good pair. I wish I’d done this so much sooner.”

He pulled me by the hair until I was facing my full-length mirror. He pushed my face so it was only an inch away from the glass.

“Look at yourself! Look at you! You’re beautiful. Do you see that, goth girl? Do you see how pretty you are?” He fucked me from behind, pulling my hair and making me look at myself. I was shocked as I looked in the mirror. I looked so much more free than I had ever seen myself. I looked like a girl who was in heaven, a girl who had gotten everything that she wanted.


“Say that you are beautiful,” he commanded me. He stopped fucking me. “I’m not going to keep fucking you until you say it.”

“I’m beautiful!” I screamed and he began to thrust his cock into my pussy again, hard and fast. He pulled my hair a bit and then swatted my ass a few more times. By now, my ass was red and swollen and even the tiniest smack stung. I came again, loving the way he had taken control of me. Joel was the best fuck that I had ever encountered and we weren’t even done yet.

“Say it again!”

“I’m beautiful!”

“That’s a good fucking goth girl!” Take my cock for the touchdown! I’m going to cum!

I almost laughed as I realized that he was trying to tell me that he was about to cum. We hadn’t bothered with condoms but I was on the pill. It was okay for him to cum inside of me. In fact, I wanted him to. I wanted his cum as a souvenir of the time we had together. I wanted a piece of him to be with me forever. He was cumming. I could hear the sounds of his orgasm and I watched his face in the mirror. He was sexy. Joel was the perfect man and I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. I had finally gotten my turn!

“That was amazing,” Joel pulled his cock from me and his cum began to drip all over the floor.

“Yeah, it was. I need to lay down.” I moved to the bed and fell down backward onto it. I was exhausted from cumming so hard. It had been the most intense fuck of my life.

“I need you,” Joel fell on the bed next to me and wrapped his strong arms around me. It felt so good to be there with him. I’ll never forget that moment when I realized how much Joel felt for me. I could feel his love as he cuddled me close. We’ve been together ever since. I know not every goth girl gets the high school quarterback but I’m pretty lucky. Joel seems to think that he’s the lucky one for getting me but I think we are both lucky. My only regret is that I didn’t make a move sooner.

So if you’ve got a crush on someone, go on and tell them. What have you got to lose?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32