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Big Tits

I was sitting in the kitchen casually eating my breakfast when Agnes walked in. She was wearing a wrapper and I could see she was wearing stockings , so I guess she was also wearing a girdle. I asked her where she had been as I had looked for her in her bedroom and also on the sofa in the living room. She said she had been in the downstairs bedroom sleeping. I thought that a little unusual since that was my fathers bedroom. I questioned her about it and she said she had to take care of my fathers needs as a man of forty still had desires.

Agnes was not unattractive at sixty four, but I thought this a little unusual. She asked me if Dad had given me the key to unlock the clamp. I told her I had the key but hadn’t been told what it was for. Agnes told me that father had fucked her three times last night and each time had not allowed her to wipe, but had clamped her pussy shut without allowing the semen to leak out. Now, not only did she have a huge load of semen inside her, but she also had to pee very badly. I was supposed to let her pull her knickers down to her knees, then unlock the clamp and take it off, then have her pull her knicks back up so the semen could leak into the gusset. Once all the semen had leaked out she was to take the knicks off and put them over the back of the chair and let them dry. Father would want to see them when he came home and see how stiff the crotch was from all the semen.

I could see these were not just off the shelf knicks, but rather custom made ones. They had flat elastic at the waist and bottom rather than round.The knicks were a beautiful lavender colored nylon that were also fitted tightly just for her. I also saw her nylons were quite long and the tops came clear up to her cunt lips fastened by the garters from her girdle. It looked like she had four on each stocking.They were a very deep brown color and had a Manhattan heel style. As she pulled her knickers back into place I could see the crotch beginning to dampen as the moisture ran out of her cunt. It took several minutes before she told me she thought it had all leaked out. I helped her take them off and put them over the back of the chair. As she took them off I paid more attention to her belly and cunt. It looked like someone had shaved her pubic hair off her belly, but had left it alone on her cunt. It was totally gray and her inner lips hung down like turkey wattles. She needed to piss very badly as she hadn’t gone since bedtime last night. She wanted me to open the door to the back porch so she could just go outside and piss. I wanted to watch her so I told her to sit down on the top step and spread her lips wide apart so I could see her peehole. To my surprise she did and I stood at the bottom of the porch and watched her shoot a stream of piss that made me envious. She must have pissed for two minutes, then stood up and told me she was hungry and needed some breakfast.

I then saw she was wearing a black garter girdle with eight straps. It was holding her nylons very tight and kept them from twisting, keeping her seams nice and straight. She asked me to get a bowl of warm water and washcloth and wash her pussy for her. Then she wanted some breakfast.

Little did I know how my life would change from that morning from that momon.

After Agnes finished breakfast she had to piss again, so she went out on the back porch and delivered another lengthy stream. She came back into the house and asked me to again wash her pussy, which I was more than happy to do. She must have had an accident while she was pissing since I could see that the tops of her stockings were somewhat wet and also part of the inner portion of her legs were also wet.

“What is going on between you and my father?” I asked.

“He is a young man and needs to have his sexual needs taken care of.” she replied.

“How is that happening?”

“Where are you getting all this lovely lingerie?”

I inquired.

Agnes informed me that she and my father had taken a trip to a neighboring town and there was a lady who made custom lingerie for people. Now as Agnes and I were talking the belt on her wrapper came loose and I could also see that she was wearing not only a bra but rather a nursing bra. I inquired more about the lingerie specialist and Agnes informed me that father had specified what he wanted Agnes to have and what colors and the lady simply made it.

So bahis firmaları Agnes said “I ended up with three pair of nylon knickers, three pair of panties each a different color and style, three open bottom girdles, three long leg panty girdles with split crotches, six bras, two regular in sheer lace, one open cup bra, and three nursing bras, and six pair of new stockings in a variety of styles and colors”.

“Why the nursing bras and open cup bra?” I asked.

“He likes to suck my teats and he doesn’t want them hanging down.” she replied.

“Have you ever seen my teats? You know I have very long nipples that seem to just flow out from the base of my teats. It makes them easy to reach and nurse on. Your father likes to do that. Sometimes in the middle of the night I will feel him open a cup and latch on to a nipple and begin nursing. I just become horny almost immediately.”

“Is that why he had to fuck you in the middle of the night last night?” I asked.

“I guess so.

Would you like to nurse on me now?” she asked.

I responded by taking her large nipple in my mouth and began sucking on it. I also put my hand down on her hairy wet cunt and began playing with her very long inner lips of her cunt. Agnes reached down and took hold of my shorts and grabbed my cock, which was now getting hard.

“Come on, let’s go into the bedroom and you can really play with my cunt.” she said.So I followed her from the kitchen into fathers bedroom where she promptly took off my shorts and boxers. My cock was now standing at attention and Agnes quickly grabbed hold of it saying “Ah, I’ve wondered for a long time what your cock looked like. Now I can see it looks nice and ready to give me a good fuck.” With that she laid down on the bed and spread her legs wide open.

“Eat my pussy darling. I want to feel your tongue in my cunt. Suck on my clit and play with my peehole.”

With that she spread her long inner cunt lips revealing a nice big clit which I promptly took in my mouth and began sucking on gently. She began to moan almost at once so I knew she was enjoying it. I eased off her clit and began long slow licks of her cunt, slipping my tongue in and out of her vagina. I also stuck my tongue in her peehole, trying to get it up inside a little bit. She must have enjoyed that because she kept pushing her peehole against my tongue,trying to get more of my tongue inside it. Her peehole is rather large even when she does not have to piss. Suddenly my tongue tasted something a little salty and I knew Agnes had dribbled pee while I was eating her. Agnes bucked and reared as I did so letting me know she was enjoying having her cunt eaten.

“Get on top of me and slide that lovely cock of yours inside me. I need that fat prick fucking me.” she said. I took off my shirt and climbed between her legs, admiring her long grey cunt hair as I did so. She guided my cock inside her cunt, which was very wet, and pulled me completely inside her. I promptly slid all my cock inside her until I was in all the way.

“Fuck me good.” she screamed. “I need all that cock fucking me and I need you to make me come.” she whispered in my ear.

“Fuck me like your father does and give me a big load of semen.” I thrust in and out until within a few minutes I knew I was going to shoot my load. She must have felt me getting bigger because she began squirming even faster until I could hold back no longer and blew a load inside her wet cunt. “Oh my God, you just shot all over my cunt, and your cock is so long and fat.” she said. I left my cock inside her trying to get all my semen in her pussy. I could feel the walls of her vagina quivering as the began to relax a little. Finally she sort of nudged me off her and then said “Get up here so I can suck your cock and clean it off. I love to taste my juices along with semen.” to which she took my now wet shriveling cock in her mouth and began sucking on it. Having finished cleaning my cock Agnes announced she had to piss again and wanted to know if I would like to have her piss on me. I agreed and got off the bed and laid on the floor. She squatted over me, her lovely brown stockings glistening, and proceeded to piss all over my cock with my semen dripping out of her cunt as she did so. She moved up until her cunt was right over my face and then sat down on my face and told me to lick her cunt again. kaçak iddaa I began to lick her and as I did so the remains of my semen and her piss dripped into my mouth. Agnes got up and looked at me, telling me I had been a really good fuck and we would do it again later in the day when I had recuperated enough to fill her up again. But now I was to get her a bottle of beer, which she felt entitled to have. I agreed she could have one bottle now, as we were in the process of trying to “dry her out” and were limiting her alcoholic intake to a couple of bottles a day.

I went to the kitchen and got a bottle from the refrigerator and took it back into the bedroom for her. She drank from it and told me to get her the clean pair of red panties from her dresser drawer. I helped her put them on and immediately the crotch was wet from the semen and piss leaking out of her cunt. Agnes drank the rest of her beer and I took the bottle out to the kitchen. When I came back she was sitting down on a chair with a towel underneath her. I guess she didn’t want to get the chair wet.

It was getting late in the morning and I figured Dad would be home for lunch in a little while. Agnes told me she needed to have “some time” with him at noon so I just needed to go upstairs to my bedroom and stay out of sight. I heard the car come into the driveway so I headed upstairs. My bedroom was right above the kitchen and it was heated indirectly by a vent in the floor. Thus I was able to look down throught the vent and see a lot of what was going on in the kitchen. Father came in the back door and Agnes was there to greet him. He gave her a big kiss and grabbed her asscheecks with both hands. She broke the kiss and got down on her knees and opened the front of his pants and pulled out his already erect cock. She just stuffed it into her mouth and proceeded to suck him off. While she was doing that he opened one of her cups on her nursing bra and began pinching and twisting her nipple. About one minute later I saw father stiffen up and I knew he had shot his load of semen in her mouth. Sure enough, Agnes just let his already softening cock slide out of her mouth and proceeded to swallow all the semen she could. Some of dripped from the corners of her mouth but she took her hand and pushed it into her mouth. She told father she had drunk a bottle of beer about a half hour ago and really had to pee. He suggested they go out on the side porch and she could pee standing up. She went out and I lost sight of them, but they had left the door open and I could hear her tell him the pee was running down both her legs and getting her stockings all wet. Dad just told her to keep peeing and she could change stockings when she was done. Agnes must have taken her panties off and he must have put his hand on her cunt because he told her she was really wet and not to wipe her pussy. Agnes told Father she never wiped her pussy anymore. He wanted to know if she had told me about him that morning and she indicated she would tell me that afternoon. I went downstairs and told father hello. We sat down at the kitchen table and had lunch. After lunch was over, I excused myself and pretended to go outside but went back up to my room. I watched through the vent being careful not make any noise. Agnes took fathers cock out again and began playing with it till she got it hard again. Then she got on her knees and proceeded to suck him again. In less than two minutes he shot another load of semen in her mouth with her swallowing all of it. She cleaned his cock off and he zipped his trousers up and told her he needed to get back to work. After he left,I went downstairs into the kitchen. Agnes took my hand and led me into fathers bedroom. She told me to unfasten her wet stockings and slip them down her legs. I unfastened the four garters on each leg and gently slipped them down to her ankles and off her feet. I let her know I would wash them and hang them on the line to dry.

Suddenly there was a knock at the front door. I went to see who was at the door and saw Frank, my mothers former lover standing there. I opened the door and let him in. He wanted to know if Agnes was home and I informed him she was in the bedroom. I had seen Frank when he was fucking my mother and knew he had a very long uncut cock which Agnes had sometimes sucked off. Before I could close the door he was in the bedroom, had his pants down around kaçak bahis his ankles and she had his long cock in her mouth. She acted very much like she was happy to see him again and sat on the bed slurping his cock in and out of her mouth. She nibbled on his long foreskin and I could see the head of his cock begin to peek out of it. All at once his cock got very hard and he shot a load of semen into her mouth. She couldn’t swallow all of it at one time and it leaked out around the edges of her mouth. She just took her hand and wiped her mouth and licked here fingers to get it all. She continued to suck his cock until it beagn to get soft. I was amazed at the length of it even soft. It hung nearly half way down his thigh. Like most men after they have ejaculated, Frank let her know he needed to piss and for her to get on the floor and open her mouth. Agnes just complied and Franks cock began to spurt piss in her mouth. Agnes swallowed as much as she could but some ran onto the floor. when he finished he told her to suck the rest off his cock and clean it off, which she did. Agnes then told me to go to the kitchen and get them each a bottle of beer. When I came back they were sitting on the sofa relaxing and talking. Agnes had slipped on a pair of black knickers that came down almost to her knees, obviously to let all the semen in her cunt run down into the crotch of them. She told Frank she had just sucked my father off twice during the lunch hour. I think he was amazed at that and told her she could suck him off again after they finished their beers. She spread her legs apart and I could see the crotch of her knickers was plenty wet with semen by this time, so he had filled her cunt up pretty good. She put her beer bottle down on the carpet and got on her hands and knees in front of Frank and took his long cock in her hand. She proceeded to start nibbling on the end of his foreskin and trying to stick her tongue up the tunnel of it. Suddenly he just grabbed his cock and pulled the foreskin back and stuck the head of his cock in her mouth. Agnes had no choice but to suck it and it only took about a minute until I saw Frank start to get stiff and shoot another load into her mouth. Again Agnes swallowed as much as she could with some running out the edges of her mouth. She quickly wiped it onto her fingers and proceeded to lick it off. Frank informed her he would be back tomorrow and to be ready for him. He left and Agnes got to her feet and proceeded to go out onto the front porch, spread her legs apart, and begin spurting a stream of piss through her knickers that went all over the place.It ran down her thighs getting her stockings she had just put on all wet. When she finished she came back inside the house and told me we needed to talk. She took me in the bedroom and showed me the trunk that was on the floor across from the bed. As she was pointing it out to me she was unfastening her stockings from her girdle and taking them off so they could be laundered. She also pushed her knickers down and took them off too. She informed me the trunk contained some “unusual” items and I would see them later. I took a small towel and wiped her cunt with it to dry it off then helped her into a clean pair of knickers.

Agnes took a small key from the dresser and unlocked the padlock on the trunk. She then flipped up the clasps and opened the trunk. Inside was a removable top drawer filled with at least six cupless bras, a dozen pairs of different colors and styles of stockings, and some sheer panties. There were also a couple of small quirts and a short whip. Under the drawer were a variety of foundation garments including several open bottom girdles, a couple of long leg panty girdles, and a few garter belts and garter girdles. I was utterly amazed. She told me they were my fathers and that he also had several pairs of womens shoes which he wore with his attire. I asked when he wore this and she told me at night after we had gone to bed and he was going to fuck her. I found out he would make a couple of martinis for them and they would have a drink and a cigarette, then he would wash her pussy very thoroughly while she washed his cock. He liked to take her cunt lips in his mouth and nibble on them since they hung outside of her vagina. She liked to suck on his cock as evidenced at the lunch hour. Sometimes she would dribble a little pee while he was eating her lips and that excited him very much. She liked it when he finally stuck his fat cock inside her cunt and fucked her good, leaving a large glob of hot semen inside her cunt. That was when the clamp went on her pussy and stayed there overnight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32