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Josceline curled up like a cat as she pressed Finish Call and put the phone beside herself on the bed. Now she could use both hands to finish what one hand had started — the build-up to the glorious release of orgasm, even if she had to induce it herself. But hadn’t he promised more? “Before I come round tomorrow, I’m going to wank my cock but not let myself come, so my balls will be so full, they ache. And on the way to your place, I’m going to be thinking of how you will taste when my tongue finds its way into you, and your juice is flowing fresh and sweet from inside your lovely twat . . .”

And she held her lips apart with one hand, and pushed two fingers from the other one into herself, and felt her hips buck upwards of their own accord to accelerate the pleasure she craved. Her fingers were as deep as they could go, and she wiggled her fingers to make herself wetter, and more sensitive to what she knew would follow. Two fingers were a great start, but they were not enough.

“Not enough, Josceline, my girl . . .” she muttered, and leant over to the bedside cabinet to get her dildo from the top drawer. Her right hand was dripping wet from her eager twat, so she smeared the pungent juice all over the dildo, but couldn’t resist taking it in her mouth, just as if it was his cock. Her left hand went back to her crotch to tease her erect clitoris, which was standing proud of its hood in demanding anticipation of being caressed and pinched as she sucked on the dildo as if it was his cock, and she pushed it into her mouth the way he pushed his cock in there when she sucked him, because he loved the feel of her mouth so much that he couldn’t help fucking it. She pulled it out of her mouth, glistening with her spit, and rammed it into herself, with her hips lifted from the bed, and an involuntary moan came from her mouth as the toy reached depths her fingers couldn’t get to. Then the orgasm which she had hoped to delay hit her hard, and she felt herself clamp around the dildo, as more and more juice bathed it and poured out over her sex lips and arse, and she fell asleep.

She was awoken by the gentle trill of her phone. She had no idea how long she had been asleep, but kurtköy escort the bedding was still wet and the tip of the dildo was still holding the entrance to her sex apart.

“Hello?” she said, only half-awake, and having no idea who would be calling.

“Joss,” he said. “I know I said I’d be round tomorrow, but I can’t wait. I’m walking to your house now, because I need to bring you off, and I think you’ll enjoy what I’m planning. I’ve got your key, and I hope you’ll be in bed when I arrive.” And without giving her a chance to reply, he rang off.

The sound of his voice always excited her, and her hands found their way between her thighs to push the dildo back to where she wanted it. The strong smell which she exuded when she craved sex drifted up from her crotch, and she worked the fake cock upwards and sideways so it would massage her clit. She pushed her hips downwards so her clit would get the hardest possible massage from the hardness of her toy, and her head was thrashing back and forth on the pillow because she knew the release that was coming. When

“I see — you’ve started without me!”

Her eyes flew open, and even in the half-glow of the hall light she could see that he had kicked off his trousers and his cock was jutting out while he stroked it, unable to resist touching himself at the arousing sight before his eyes.

“Come and give me that lovely prick,” she said in a husky whisper.

“All in good time — I’ve a surprise for you first,” came his reply, and he pulled the duvet off the bed, so he could see just what she had been doing to herself.

“You greedy girl — let’s see if we can satisfy you with something better than a piece of plastic.”

“Oh, yes please — fuck me with that beautiful cock of yours!” she pleaded.

“First I’m going to stretch you — try to relax yourself before I start.”

She felt a tremble take over her body, starting between her legs and spreading all over herself. She had no notion of what he had in mind, but she could tell it would be something new and something wonderful.

He knelt on the end of the bed, and put his hands under her knees and lifted her legs up to her shoulders. aydıntepe escort They both knew that this made her as exposed as she could be, and the gift of total submission was his.

“This is to show you that no toy can replace a man,” he said quietly, and she felt him withdraw the dildo and put it on the floor. Then she felt the tips of two fingers caress the length of her slit, starting from the bottom and ending by holding her clit gently but taking control — she was his, and he was claiming her as his own. Soon a third finger joined the two, so he could milk her, and she felt herself emerge from the lips of her sex and grow into his caress. Then he slid his hand back down to the mouth of her twat, leaving her excited clit standing out hot and hard and wanting satisfaction. She moaned in disappointment, and reached down to guide his hand back up to where she wanted it.

“Oh, no!” he said. “You’ve been in control for long enough. Now it’s my turn.”

And she felt his fingers work their way between her sex lips, and get greeted by a fresh flow of lubrication from inside. She always enjoyed finger-fucking, and looked forward to what would follow — his fingers were longer than hers, and could bring her more satisfaction than she could bring herself, and after he’d brought her off, he always fucked her to another orgasm, which would be even more intense, and would usually involve her clawing his back and biting his neck, because it was so strong.

So she welcomed the feeling of having her lips spread for their mutual pleasure, but was surprised and delighted when she felt the fullness of his three longest fingers sliding into her. She grunted her satisfaction, and felt his thumb slide up to pleasure her clitoris, which made her thrust her hips down because she craved the roughness of his nail against her. Then he dug the nails of his other hand into her arse cheeks, and involuntarily her hips bucked upwards again, and she felt his little finger join the other three between the lips of her sex. This was new for her, but as he had asked, she made the effort to relax the muscles between her legs, and felt him pushing in and pulling out from her, as her tuzla içmeler escort excitement grew.

“We’re not there yet,” he whispered, and she began to hope that his plan was her fantasy. Josceline was so aroused now that the wet noises of his caresses filled the room, so they both knew that this new lust was one they both welcomed.

He pulled his hand out, and Joss cried out in disappointment, since he had not given her the release she craved of an orgasm to die for, but she realised that he knew how to make this an even more erotic event than she had imagined, when he lifted her hips off the bed and put a pillow under her buttocks, so the gaping hole that was now her twat was pointed up towards him. But then he lifted her head and put another pillow under it, so her body was curved and open to him.

A satisfied sound came from her mouth when the wet fingers from his hand found their way back to her centre, and he realised that she was even more open to him than she was before he adjusted her position.

“Please, baby — finger-fuck me! I need to come so badly, and I’ll service your cock however you want, if only you’ll bring me off,” she whispered.

“What I want is better than finger-fucking,” he said, and she felt his thumb slide down her slit and slide in with his other fingers. She realised now what he was planning, and she was both excited and apprehensive — could she take it? Would she like it? Would it satisfy him? Would she come?

She felt herself opening up to him as his hand became more insistent at the mouth of her sex, and with every push he was getting deeper, and she was getting more turned on by what was happening. Her legs were wide apart now, and he was watching her face to make sure that this was what she wanted, and he could see that it was. Then finally he asked

“Are you ready?”

And she nodded assent, well beyond speech. So he made the final thrust, and his hand was wrist-deep in her twat.

The effect on her was immediate — she made all the motions of sex on his wrist as a big, fat, juicy orgasm wracked her body, and he felt her milking his hand as though it was a giant cock, and her hands held his forearm to keep his fingers in place as she came and came in a torrent of sexual pleasure.

As she was recovering, and before she was left empty by the removal of his hand, she felt the heat of his cock against her leg, and she knew what she wanted to do . . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32