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I am a new writer. This is only my second story. I hope you enjoy. You can check out my first story “from Nudist to Exhibitionist”, it gives a lot of background information about me and my wife.

Christy and I (Jason) have had a place at the lake for about 6 years. Every summer weekend we are enjoying lake life, boating, drinking, and always hosting old friends and new.

Last weekend, our mutual friends, Becky and Steve, were planning on coming to the lake. Becky called and told us that Steve’s sister was moving in with them, and would it be an imposition if she came to the lake with them? We have been friends with them for over 10 years. They usually come to the lake a couple of times a year and we always have fun with them, so of course we said “no problem”.

We had never met Steve’s sister, Lisa. Steve had told us that she had been with her husband since high school, and they had not had a good relationship for the last several years.

Everyone arrived at the lake about 8:00 Friday evening. We put our stuff away and proceeded to have a few drinks while talking. The drinks flowed easy, and Lisa fit right in with our playful banter.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that Steve is not a real handsome man, and I wasn’t expecting Lisa to fall far from the family tree. I could not have been more wrong.

Lisa was early 40’s. 5’7″ tall… and fit, did I say fit? Her C-cup size breasts looked really good on her frame. I’m not sure how many squats it took to get the ass that she had, but DAYYYYUM her ass was stacked like a trophy on top of her long toned legs. She was wearing just shorts and a tank top, nothing special, but she wore it well.

Then you look at her face. Was she adopted? She did not resemble Steve at all. She was very, very cute with an outgoing personality that really made her the total package.

Through the evening, Lisa told us all about her separation and how her husband had cheated on her and treated her like shit. She said that started going to the gym 5 days a week about 3 years ago when her husband first started showing signs of not being interested in her anymore. Of course she thought it was her, but really, he was banging his 10 year younger office assistant, and got her pregnant.

As usual,our conversations always seem to turn to sex or sexual overtones. At one point, Christy made the comment that she feels sorry for me because it had been about two months since I last had sex.. Lisa laughed and said she “shit, I haven’t had “relations” in over a year.”

Sitting there looking at her, I found that statement all but unbelievable. She was…. A catch. Her husband had to be a total idiot. The night got late, and we all turned in, ready to hit the water tomorrow.

“You think she is hot, don’t you?”

I didn’t look at my wife and just kinda huffed… “nah”

I was lying, she knew I was lying but let it rest.

The next day, after breakfast we all headed down to the boat. Lunch, snacks, and Coolers packed with drinks, along with sunscreen, we boarded. Man, the lake was calm today. It was going to be a great day.

The women all had worn cover-ups over their suits, and it was time for some sun. Christy had her sexy black-cheeky bikini on, and as always she looked great. I Ieaned in and kissed her after she uncovered. I commented “damn babe, you are rocking that suit today.”

“Easy cowboy. You’re just horny because you haven’t been laid in forever.”

I told her I loved her, and she said the same.

Her health issues had really been on a roll lately and our sex life had been pretty much non-existent.

Then I glanced over right as Lisa was pulling her cover off over her head. WOW. My eyes had to be as big as saucers. My wife leaned into me and whispered “damn, she is hot.”

“Not as hot as you, babe.”

Christy rolled her eyes, called me a liar and slapped me on the arm. I truly do think my wife is hot…

We cruised around a bit, and then decided to “cove” up and enjoy the sun’s warmth, flowing drinks, and good music. It wasn’t long before we were all feeling good and the girls started getting more playful. Becky and Steve were in the water when Lisa grabbed the sunscreen and asked Christy if she would mind… Christy smiled and replied, “I really gotta pee, but I’m sure this stud right here would be more than happy to rub you down”. And with that, she jumped into the lake.

I was a little wide-eyed when I turned to face Lisa. Her eyes beamed as she smiled and handed me the lotion. “Let’s start with my back” and she turned around. I replied it might be easier if you lay down on the sundeck, and she immediately giggled and laid down.

WOW. Her very small bikini was barely covering her toned ass. It looked as though it was custom made just for her. I stared for a few seconds before snapping back to reality. I looked down in the water and mouthed the words -“you suck” to my smiling wife. She raised her koozie covered drink up and said “enjoy”.

I positioned myself to start the dreaded task of applying kaçak iddaa sunscreen on this near goddess. I squeezed a few lines across her back and started rubbing. Almost instantly, I felt a stirring in my cock. “Oh come on, I’m too old to get aroused so easily” I thought to myself. I rubbed until there was no more visible sunscreen to rub. I cleared my throat, and said – “there you go”.

“Oh, you haven’t done my legs yet.”

“Um, ok”, what else was I to say?

I drizzled lotion up and down each leg. I started at her calves, and was working my way higher… Staring at her ass like it was a trophy I desired to win by doing a good job. As I got higher on her thigh, Lisa reached back and pulled her entire bikini into the crack of her ass stating, “I want to make sure you get lotion everywhere.

That really brought the flow of blood into my semi-hard cock. I rubbed lotion everywhere except for her actual ass. She was wiggling back and forth and said, “get everywhere.” I was staring intently at the thin material barely covering the outline line of her labia. Was there a faint wet spot, or just my imagination? Dang she looked so good. I squeezed a little more lotion on each bun, and started rubbing.

Was that a moan? I know, even though the stereo was playing fairly loud, that I heard her moan. I rubbed a little deeper into her crack, inching my way slowly towards her (I’m sure gorgeous) pussy. She picked up her hips and wiggled just a little. Just when I was going to brush lightly against her covered pussy, I felt the boat rock as someone was climbing up the ladder.

I looked over to see Christy stepping onto the swim deck. Smiling a big smile right at me. I patted the back of Lisa’s thighs and said out loud… “all done”! She raised up onto her knees and in a low voice, almost a whisper, said to me “maybe later I can rub you down.”

I sat there, blank-eyed, just waiting for the shoe to slam down on my head. Christy commented “move it big guy, I need a drink”. I had been blocking the cooler, so I moved over a foot or so, and sat down again. Lisa stepped out onto the swim deck to talk to Steve and Becky. Christy shocked me when she reached into my waistband and dropped a bunch of ice down the front of me. Laughing, she says, “just trying to help you cool off.” Then she grabbed a handful of my cock and teasingly stroked me through my trunks.

It was at that point that I remembered my engorged state. I said, “sorry bout that, Hun”. Christy smiled and kissed me deeply, before getting back into the lake. I grabbed a beer out of the cooler and played with the radio volume a bit. After a few minutes, I stood up and joined everyone in the water.

We were all gathered around our floating “Island”, just talking and drinking and enjoying the day. I felt a foot rub against the front of my trunks. Across the island was a smiling Lisa. That TEASE… I moved backwards a foot or two so that she couldn’t reach me. She was trying to touch me again, but I was too far away. She made a big pouty face sticking her lower lip out. Then she started singing to the song playing, as if nothing had happened.

Damn, she was messing with me mentally and physically, and Christy was right beside me. I looked over at Christy and had one eyebrow raised looking back at me. I asked “what?” She just shook her head slightly, side to side, and smirked as turned to look right at Lisa.

Oh crap, was there going to be drama? We never have drama. What is she going to say? Is she going to cause a scene? My head was spinning with all kinds of possibilities, and none of them good.

Then, out of the blue, Christy says “Lisa, have you ever had one the these ‘Jamaican Me Happy’ drinks? You need to try these, come on.” And with that, they left the water and climbed back on the boat.

This can’t be good was my first thought, but I remained silent and directed my attention to Steve. We started talking about his latest job, and how much time he had been putting into his work lately. It was several minutes later that I started to wonder what was going on in the boat. I said…”I’m going to grab another, you guys want anything?” I swam towards the ladder and climbed into the boat.

The two girls were sitting beside each other giggling and laughing as I boarded the boat. Christy looked over at me and said “you could have hollered, I would have tossed you a beer.”

“That’s ok, I wanted to get out of the water and check my text messages.” I was lying, and they knew it. I was just glad they were getting along.

The rest of the afternoon was fun, with everyone getting a little tipsy and loose. Steve pulled Becky’s bikini top up, and got playfully smacked. I pulled Christy’s top down, and we all laughed. Lisa, while laughing, hollered “Hey!!! I don’t have anybody to pull my top off!”

Quickly Steve chimes in and says, “that’s a good thing, you’re my sister and I really don’t want to see your tits”. We all laughed. We made our way back to the dock and decided that we had had enough sun for the day.

We were in kaçak bahis our room changing, when Christy broke the silence.

“Steve is a killjoy. I was going to pull off Lisa’s top so that she wouldn’t feel out of place. Too bad, I bet her tits are amazing”

I swallowed, “I’m sure they are nice, but they’re just boobs.”

“Don’t lie to me, and don’t act like you didn’t want to see them. Hell, I wanted to see them!”

“I didn’t say I didn’t want to see them, of course I would have looked, I just don’t think they would be ‘amazing’ like your’s are”.

Christy smiled “Ok, suck-up. Enough. I know you are turned on by her. Hell, I get it, she is super hot. You don’t have to be fake with me, we are way past that.”

I wrapped my arms around her “I am not fake, I love you, babe.”

“I love you too. Let’s get something to eat.”

Now, in twenty plus years of marriage, we have remained true to each other and never strayed in our relationship. We have “played” around a few times while we are in the same room as each other, but my penis has never gone into another woman, and her vagina has only had me. This has been our code, our bond. But this Lisa, oh how she has my attention.

We walked out to the deck area, and Steve asked me to get the Blackstone grill out, and that they had brought dinner as a thank you. I obliged. I fixed a mixed drink and sat down in a chair to relax. Lisa walked over and sat down next to me.

“Thank you so much for allowing me to tag along this weekend.”

“You’re very welcome, it has been fun getting to know you. Sorry you are going through all the shit with your soon-to-be ex. He must be a total idiot.” I can’t believe I just told her that.

“I agree. He is a jerk to boot!” and she laughed and raised her drink.

Shortly after we all ate dinner, and a few more drinks were consumed, Steve said that he and Becky were going to turn in; too much fun in the sun. We told them goodnight.

I was cuddled up next to Christy and the three of us were talking about nothing, when Lisa asked, “can we go for a night ride on your boat, the moon is absolutely gorgeous tonight?”

I looked at Christy and she said “great idea. Why don’t you guys go for a cruise, I think I’m going to go to bed.”

“No, come on babe. You need to go with!” I strongly encouraged her because I did NOT want to be alone with Lisa.

“Yeah, come with us Christy. I have had just enough to drink that can’t guarantee that I can keep my hands to myself.” Lisa prodded and laughed.

Christy smiled a sincere smile, looked me dead in the eyes, and replied…”Well, if you take care of him, then I don’t have too.” She leaned in and kissed me deeply. Laughed and walked inside.

I sat there stunned. The statement she made “if you take care of him, then I don’t have too”, had been made more than once over the years, but always in a joking and playful manner. Tonight seemed different. My head was spinning. My mind in a hundred directions at the same time. Was she giving me the green light to be with another woman? Did I even WANT to be with another woman? Lisa was probably the hottest woman second only to my wife, that I have ever been around.

I sat in silence, just looking at the door that Christy had just walked through. Waiting for her to come back out. Waiting for her to say “just kidding”. There was just silence. I took a big gulp of the mixed drink I had, and turned my head slowly to look at Lisa.

She was sitting there, head slightly down, with her cup up to her mouth, sucking slowly into the straw that was submerged in her drink. She was looking right at me, and with the slightest smirk, “ready to go for that night ride?”

My dick was straining instantly against the restrain of the fabric of my shorts. “Let me fix another drink (or maybe 3 was my thought), and I guess we can go.”

“Fix me one to, please.”

“Ok, sure thing.” I walked inside. WTF am I going to do?

As turned on as I was by Lisa, I definitely was not prepared for what was about to happen.

Drinks fixed, we walked down to the dock. I held my hand out as a gentleman to help her step into the boat. Just the touch of her hand had me reeling. I think I was actually light headed. I let the boat down off the lift, untied and idled out to the main channel.

Lisa was sitting beside me in the passenger captain’s chair. She was playing some slow music on the stereo and being fairly quiet. We had a slow cruise going, riding under a full moon. It was a beautiful night. I looked over at her and she was staring at me. I looked back to the water in front of me. A minute later, I looked over at her again… she was still staring at me.


“My pussy is so wet right now. My shorts are soaked and I think I am actually sitting in a puddle on this seat.”

My heart was pounding. I pulled back slowly on the throttle until the boat went to neutral. I did not look at her, I looked straight ahead.

“Did you hear me?”


I felt her hand touch my shoulder and then wrap illegal bahis slowly around the back of my neck. My cock was instantly rock hard. She turned my head and quietly said…”kiss me.”

We leaned together and our lips touched. This was a strange feeling. The only lips I can remember are Christy’s. Softly, slowly and passionately we learned from each other. I could feel my heartbeat. I could feel the pulse in my neck. My heart rate was off the chart. Our passionate kiss turned to hands roaming.

I lowered my hand from the side of her face and gently cupped her left breast. She gasped. I felt her push her chest into my hand. I squeezed a little harder while kissing her. She let out a long moan. This added to my desire. I wanted Lisa more than I can ever remember wanting anyone.

“Stop.” Softly spoken I cannot believe that those words just came out of my mouth.

“Stop. I think we should stop.” Lisa pulled back. Silently contemplating my words.

Never speaking, she slowly and deliberately pulled her shirt off, all while never breaking eye contact with me. She was braless. Her chest moved up and down with every breath she took. I was hypnotized. I couldn’t move. Her perfectly shaped breasts were more spectacular than I imagined. Her pencil-eraser sized nipples were hard, and they were surrounded by a slightly darkened, quarter-sized areola. They were truly beautiful breasts.

“Jason, it’s ok.”

I sat silent for a moment.

She leaned in and kissed me. Tongues exploring all over again.

I wanted her, oh how I wanted her. But I could not get Christy out of my head. Was she actually giving me a hall pass, or was I totally wrong about the whole situation, and this shouldn’t be happening.

Lisa snapped my attention back to her by sliding her hand down the front of my shorts.

“Mmmmmmmm” she cooed softly.

I caressed her breasts and nipples gently as she stroked on my rock hard cock. I was hooked. I knew there was no stopping.

The heat between us was intense… almost savage. She stood up, peeled her shorts off, all while maintaining eye contact. I simultaneously removed my shorts.

My engorged cock was throbbing, literally jumping up and down with every beat of my heart. It was so hard that it actually was uncomfortable.

I became aware of my surroundings, looking across the lake to check our position. We were in the middle of the channel with no wind and very little current. “Thank God” was my thought… “I don’t need to damage my boat.” That was my last thought outside of Lisa.

I laid her gently down across the back bench and positioned myself over her. We locked in a kiss, and I could feel the heat from her pussy as my cock rubbed across it. Even though it was incidental, it almost made me cum before I even entered her.

Her hand locked on the back of my neck as we kissed. I could feel her grab at my hair, gently pulling me downward. I complied.

Gently I kissed her nipple, then the other. Her hand squeezed harder on my head. Moans escaped her open mouth, and I sucked a little harder on her beautiful tits.

“Oh GOD, yes….”

I took the que that she was not in the mood for gentle and soft. I reached up and grabbed a handful of hair while biting on her nipple. She quivered.

Did she just have a small orgasm? Her breathing was rapid, and her stomach was shaking. She had indeed came.

I could smell her sex. It was hypnotizing. Without any persuasion from Lisa, I started kissing lower, and lower, and lower…until my senses were overwhelmed by the heat radiating from her shaven pussy.

I kissed and tongued around her clit. She moaned loudly. I licked a little lower. She raised her hips to meet my hungry mouth. I tasted her wet, wet pussy for the first time. Oh my God, it was pure honey.

I have always enjoyed the taste of Christy’s pussy… when she would allow me to eat her. Twenty plus years of only tasting Christy, now my taste buds were in overdrive. I was eating Lisa, and could not get enough.

I gently nibbled on her engorged clit and alternated with long slow licks as deep as I could go. She was definitely wet. I was repositioning myself; preparing to eat her like I was at a Golden Corral buffet and it was my last meal.

Diving my tongue deep into her tight hole, the gutteral sounds coming from Lisa were spurring me on. My body was contorted, the back of the boat is not like a bedroom. My knees hurt, my back hurt, and I was NOT stopping – not for anything.

“Yes, yes, oh God yes. Don’t stop. Don’t, God, don’t, don’t stop.”

I nibbled and sucked on her clit. Inserting my middle finger into her while I ate her out was amazing… her pussy was so tight, but so dripping wet that it allowed easy insertion. The moment I entered her, she screamed… not a scream of terror, but of ecstacy.

Holding my head with both her hands, she bucked and thrust her hips into my hungry mouth. A non-stop moan spurred me on.

“FUUUUUUUUCK. Oh my God, oh my God… Ok, stop, stop, stop, stop.”.

I raised up, staring intently at her laying there in both the moonlight and the soft lights from the cockpit. She was glowing. Her post-orgasm bliss had her eyes closed, and her head still tilted back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32