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He hadn’t seen her in 20 years. They had gone to high school together and had played around a bit, but never had the right timing to get truly serious. There was always an amazing chemistry — but despite that everpresent sizzle, somehow they managed to just drift apart, going their separate ways.

Hearing about their upcoming reunion, he called just to see if she was going, and to see how life was treating her. From her holiday cards he had assumed she was content and happy without him — which always gave him a hollow feeling inside.

They chatted — soon enough, the usual sharp banter fell over into the outright sexual teasing that had been part of their communication style from the very beginning. The chemistry was still hot — even boiling — at least from his point of view. As they talked over the next few weeks, he realized his feelings were as intense as ever. He had to find out if there was ever going to be a chance for them. He convinced her to meet him before the official event for a little warm-up reunion. If this didn’t go well, then at least he’d know for sure…

He knew she loved Halloween, so asked her to meet him for a ‘Hayride of Terror’ at a nearby farm. All the local kids said it was the most horrifying ride around — the perfect opportunity to snuggle up and see if he could fan the flames back to life.

She showed up wearing a baggy sweat suit. She had lamented on the phone about putting on weight over the years, but to his mind the added pounds just did what he thought was impossible — it made the most attractive woman on earth even more appealing. Even though she tried to conceal herself in that chunky outfit, he could see her womanly curves move sinuously toward him. The effect was instantaneous — he felt his dick harden as he imagined her in his arms.

“Annie — hey, you look fabulous! Come here and give me a squeeze, baby,” he said, wrapping his arms about her and spinning her off her feet. She had described herself as ‘matronly and sturdy.’ “Sturdy, my ass!” he thought. “She’s an absolute goddess!” He stood her back on her feet and took a second look. Still imagining their old ties and hopeful for new, silently, he almost prayed, “And I hope I get to worship at the alter of her body.”

“Alex! I’ve missed you so much!” She returned his bear hug in kind. As she smiled up at him, he couldn’t resist the urge to bend to her and kiss the lips he had seen in his dreams for 20 years. He had meant it to be a quick, friendly smooch, but once his lips found hers, they seemed to glue themselves in place. As if with a will of its own, his tongue probed her lips. And he was stunned when hers parted and accepted his probing quest. They kissed with a deep, quiet frenzy that told of their longing for each other. It dawned slowly in escort bostancı his consciousness — the years apart had not dulled the burning ardor at all.

They parted reluctantly as the hay wagon driver pulled up. Along with a group of about ten others, they mounted the steps into the back of the huge horse-drawn cart. Positioning them toward the rear, he pushed his back up against a hay bale, and she snuggled up between his legs, her back pushed against his chest. He felt the fire burning between them as he wrapped his arms around her, pulling a big fleece blanket around them both.

A soft, warm cocoon surrounded them, and they contentedly cuddled together as the wagon started off with a shudder. He inhaled the intoxicating aroma of her hair — God, how he had missed that small pleasure. As she cradled her head back against his chest, he teased her pale, silken neck with his lips. She sighed deeply and pushed back deeper into his embrace.

He saw they were turning toward the field where the ‘hauntings’ would begin. He watched for the perfect moment — and when the first ghoul jumped out from behind a big oak tree, he pushed his hands up under that voluminous sweatshirt. Her gasp of surprise melded completely with the squeals of fear from the other riders. Turning aside the concern that he might get slapped any second, he moved his arms around her torso and cupped those magnificent breasts, reveling in their heft and supple softness.

Between the hardness of her nipples and the quiet purring coming from her throat, he was assured of her delight in his minstrations. As the wagon continued to roll through the inky darkness, he caressed the tips of those pliant nipples, teasing and taunting them. Her body writhed slightly between his raised knees — the pleasure obvious in her movements.

The sights and sounds scaring the other occupants of the wagon went mostly unnoticed by the two figures in the back, locked tightly together. He dropped one hand from a tortured breast and slowly rubbed her belly under her shirt. He was becoming so aroused, it was agonizing to sit still. Bending his lips to her neck once again, his hand slipped even lower, snaking its way under the elastic waistband of those baggy sweat pants.

She stiffened for a second — and, for a moment, he was sure he’d pressed his familiarities too far. But he was too turned on to quit now. Without giving her time to protest, he pressed his hand down over her mound, feeling the heat and the wetness. With a tiny moan of surrender, she relaxed back into his arms, breathing heavily, eyes squeezed shut. His finger pushed between her swollen cunt lips, spreading them slightly. “Ohhhhhhhh!” she gasped, though she was trying her level best to keep silent.

Giving a minute push, ümraniye escort he slipped that probing finger deep into her pussy. Her face was turned and buried into his sweater, her teeth clamped to a chunk of fabric. She moaned, thrusting her hips upward to meet his moving finger.

He didn’t speak — not a word. But his heart was singing to the sky. He moved his finger towards her clit, gently caressing around the sensitive bud. She snuffled and huffed quietly, spreading her legs just a bit wider, lifting herself toward his delicious touch as she tightened her grip on his knees. Slowly, with each caress, she arched toward her peak. He sensed her approach to the edge of pleasure, and held her tighter. At last, as he felt her pussy begin to spasm, he nipped her neck.

“Oh God!” she whimpered into his chest. Her body tensed against his. She shuddered as the waves washed over her, slowly fading into a glow of delight.

They both collasped completely onto the floor of the wagon, curling together and enjoying the warmth of the blanket cocoon. He kissed the top her head, laying his cheek against her flaxen hair. “I do so still love you,” he murmured.

She giggled, burrowing even closer. “The feeling is mutual,” she contentedly purred, drawing on a gentle, intimate joke from the conversations of the past few weeks. The wagon rocked its way along.

They adjusted themselves a bit against the hay bales. She rested her cheek against his arm, pillowed and secure, and looked into his eyes. The warmth and passion of his gaze washed over her as she lost herself in their depths. She had known what she would find when she looked there — he had always looked at her that way. But now …. now she could interpret the love and its humbling power that she had never trusted herself to believe in the past. Their conversations of the recent past had brought new understanding and light to the missed opportunities all those years ago. And as she watched him watching her, she reveled in a newfound awe at the strength of their connection.

She closed her eyes and lifted her mouth to be kissed again. As he obliged, she stroked his cheek, feeling the soft beard that covered his jaw. Her fingers trailed down the lines of his neck. Moving into his kiss, she slid her hand under his arm and around his back, pulling him closer — and then relaxed again, drawing back to look into his eyes once more.

Alternating between gazing and kisses, she slid her hand down his back and over his hip to his leg. Then, trailing her touch across the top of his knee, she pressed wanton fingers against the inside of his thigh. Watching him smile at her caresses made her heart beat faster yet again, and then skip as her probing fingers found the outline of his rigid cock straining kartal escort bayan at the fabric of his clothing.

“You know,” she whispered softly, “I really would like the feeling to be completely mutual…” She watched his pupils dilate a little as he thought about her remark. She deftly managed to unfasten the garment impeding her progress and heard a sharp little intake of breath as her fingers found the silken skin stretched so tightly over his rigidity. She stroked the shaft with her fingers and circled her thumb around the crown made slippery by the moisture she had evoked already.

With one quick glance around, she reassured herself that her position was well hidden from the others. They had passed through the area of the ‘hauntings’ completely, and so they were effectively alone with the night and the sky and each other. She stole one more kiss and slipped down under the blanket to find what she sought. Her busy fingers guided her in the dark. She curled herself around his manhood, letting him rock back slightly so she could pillow her head on his belly. She lightly blew a first steamy breath over the glorious nodding erection she still held in one hand.

She heard a deep, soft groan of pleasure as she started with a searing hot tongue run from the very base to the tip and then took him full in her mouth, sucking gently and rocking with the motion of the cart. His balls lifted tight and high as two fingers gently massaged behind them, pinching slightly with the thumb resting against the root between. Her tongue went to work, drawing circles and lines, alternating with nibbles and kisses. But after each little variant of pleasure, she returned at the end of each stroke to pull him deeply inside of her mouth, lips pressed tight against the base. Fingers stroked as she placed steady suction against a cock she didn’t think could get any harder …. but still did, as it stiffened and responded and danced with her mouth.

She matched his rhythm as the gentle rocking of his hips guided her in finding his release. She felt the muscles of his pelvis tighten as he prepared for it. She slid her hand between his thighs and cupped and squeezed his cheek as he finally gave up his pleasure into her waiting, wanton throat. She continued to rock him against her mouth, and suckled gently to encourage every spasm to maximum heights. She wasn’t sure if they had made any noise — the rushing in her ears had crested with his orgasm as she lost herself in his pleasure and the electrical charge that surrounded them.

He was still hard as she gave him a few kisses and licks in parting, and wended her way back to her former place in his arms, blanket securely in place. This time, when she looked in his eyes, she saw love there but now comfort as well. “I love you, too, you know — always have.”

His voice was a bit gruff as he smiled and responded in his turn: “The feeling is mutual.” Then he covered her mouth with his once again, and she lost herself in his love as the wagon trundled on through the starry, moonless night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32