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Hannah has been increasingly thinking of her last massage and how thrilled she was having 2 cocks to play with. She loved getting cum from each cock and loved the taste and smell and how slippery it was on her face and in her pussy and leaking down her thighs.

She was getting wet just from the memories.

Now she began to imagine having even more than 2 cocks squirting cum in or on her,

She decided to meet Al again and discuss her new fetish with him.

On a Tuesday afternoon, she called Al and asked if they could meet somewhere that evening.

They both decided to meet at a private adult club that Al knew about.

Hannah then spent a couple of hours taking a shower, washing her hair, waxing her pussy to get it smooth as a baby’s butt.

Al and Hannah had agreed to meet at the club around 8 pm.

Al got there first and ordered 2 Margarita’s for them and got a small table for them near the stage.

Only 2 minutes later Hannah arrived, recognized Al, and sat next to Al.

Hannah was wearing a very short skirt, a skin-toned thong, and a thin blouse with NO bra. Her nipples were hard and her pussy was making her thong wet already just thinking of what might lie ahead.

She was becoming a hopeless cum slut and she knew it.

Hannah to Al, “Hi Al, I am really glad you could set this up for me, this club seems quite nice.”

Al responded saying “Hi Hannah, you look fabulous, I love that short skirt. It barely covers you and I find that sexy as hell” Al then placed his hand on Hannah’s thigh and started to caress her upper thigh, But not going any further up her thigh yet, allowing Hannah to get comfortable with such a bold move.

Al then told Hannah, “I think you’ll like the stage show tonight, they usually show a man and a woman making love right before your eyes. Sometimes they even ask for volunteers to assist or take part in the lovemaking.”

Hannah was intrigued by the possibilities she was imagining. She wondered what the man would look like and just how much cum he could produce. She was hoping that the man was a big cummer.

Al continued to rub Hannah’s thigh and was slowly moving his hand near to her thong now.

Hannah noticed this change and was getting even wetter hoping Al would caress her pussy soon.

Now the club darkened and the spotlight was on the center stage where a round bed was unveiled and the curtain was raised.

A trim, brunette, nude, was lying on that bed with her legs parted, her knees bent upwards showing the woman’s beautiful, 1xbet yeni giriş bare pussy with a small landing strip located on the top of her mound. She had her hands up near her head and looked quite vulnerable but very sexy.

Everyone gave a polite clapping for the woman.

Then a second spotlight showed to the left side of the stage and in walks a tall, dark, handsome man who is also nude. He was just half hard but was packing an 8-9 inch cock and a set of balls that must contain a big load for any woman that could coax the cum out of him.

Hannah was thrilled to see this whole show right before her eyes and was starting to squirm because her pussy was tingling and leaking so much she was afraid it would start to squirt already.

Al then moved his hand all the way to Hannah’s Thong and started to slowly caress Hannah’s pussy thru her thong. Al noticed that Hannah was quite wet and she was doing a slow moan and licking her lips.

The man on stage then approached the woman and knelt below her thighs and started to lick her thighs and grab her ass and pull her right to his face. He then started to eat the brunette’s pussy and Hannah could get a good look at the man’s ass and she wished she was the brunette now and could grab that ass.

The man ate the brunette’s pussy for several minutes until the brunette came 2 times. The second time she grabbed his head and pulled the man’s face tight to her pussy, Shuddered and came loudly.

After allowing the woman a minute to recover, the man then slid up the brunette’s body until his cock could slide between her tits. The man would slide up to the brunette’s mouth and she would lick the head with her tongue and get all the precum leaking from his cock.

Then he asked the audience if anyone would care to join them to help get the brunette to cum one more time.

The audience murmured and Al told Hannah, “here is your chance to have a little fun, what do you think?”

Hannah only had to think for a couple of seconds before she raised her hand and said “I want to help”

The man waved Hannah up onto the stage and Hannah quickly joined the nude couple.

He told Hannah to remove her clothes and to straddle the woman’s face with her pussy.

Hannah then turned her back to the crowd and removed her blouse and dropped her skirt and the crowd applauded. Hannah then turned to the audience and slowly slid her wet thong down her thighs and then proceeded to step out of her thong exposing her beautiful pussy to the crowd. This got much applause 1xbet giriş and she could hear many of the men telling her what a beautiful, pussy or cunt she had.

That was music to her ears and she was quite pleased that she was met with so much approval.

It also made her wet pussy even wetter if that was possible, she had pussy juice running down her thighs already. The Brunette will get one wet pussy to lick.

Hannah quickly disrobed and got a nice round of applause from the audience when she was nude.

That thrilled Hannah even more. She also heard several men say what a sexy slut she was. She liked hearing that and it may have been demeaning to some women but to Hannah, it was exactly what she wanted to hear. It made her feel needed and wanted.

Hannah, now nude, did straddle the woman’s face with her pussy. She was facing the man now and he was starting to slide lower getting ready to slide his cock into the brunette.

The man put his cock at the brunette’s pussy entrance and started to slowly slide into the brunette, inch by inch slide in her pussy until it was finally buried fully in and his balls were hitting the woman’s ass.

Hannah continued to slide her pussy all over the woman’s face and was getting the brunette’s face soaked in Hannah’s pussy juice. Hannah was really enjoying the woman’s technique on her pussy and clit and was approaching her own Orgasm.

The man then started to fuck the brunette with a steady in and out. He would draw his cock almost all the way out to where his cock helmet was the only part of his cock in her pussy and then drive it deep and to the hilt. He was doing this over and over.

But now the man pulled all the way out and presented his pussy juice-covered cock to Hannah.

Hannah had never tasted another woman’s pussy before and was hesitant for a split second before deciding the cock in front of her was too tasty looking to ignore.

Hannah bent her head down and slowly took the cock in her mouth. She could taste the woman’s pussy, and feel the heat from the cock and smell both the woman’s pussy and also the man’s masculine smell.

Hannah discovered to her immense pleasure that it was quite the turn-on.

She could now taste the man’s precum leaking into her mouth too. That really got Hannah’s juices flowing. She was hoping he would pull out of the woman when he came and give her what she really wanted, a mouth full of cum.

The man then withdrew from Hannah’s mouth and resumed fucking the brunette. Hannah also continued 1xbet güvenilirmi to get her pussy eaten by the brunette lady.

The sensations Hannah was experiencing were beyond her description, she just knew she was in heaven.

The man would continue to feed Hannah his cock from time to time and Hannah was really enjoying this whole sexual experience.

Now the man started to speed up and was approaching his orgasm now.

The brunette could feel the familiar twitching of the man’s cock right before he comes. She was ready for a big load and was about to orgasm herself.

Now the man started to come and probably shot 2 big loads into the brunette’s pussy causing the brunette to grab Hannah and pull her pussy tightly to the brunette’s mouth and she let out a pussy muffled yell and then the man quickly pulled out and offered his cock to Hannah and she quickly opened her mouth and sucked the man’s cock into her mouth. He came 6 more times in Hannah’s mouth and did a nice job of filing Hannah’s mouth with a full mouthful of cum. She almost couldn’t take it all and a small line of cum dribbled from her lips onto her chin.

The Brunette had a fairly large creme pie, considering she had only gotten 2 loads of cum.

The audience applauded this whole scene and the audience gave another round of applause to Hannah when she turned to the audience and opened her mouth to show everyone what a huge load she had coating her mouth and tongue.

Hannah played with the cum in her mouth by rolling her tongue around and making the cum coat EVERY Part of her mouth. She would open her mouth from time to time to show everyone she still had a mouthful of cum. She was in no hurry to lose her prize. To her, that taste was sublime, and didn’t want to give it up.

Eventually, Hannah got off the brunette and then leaned over the brunette’s mouth and gave the brunette a french kiss, and dropped a mouthful of cum into the brunette’s mouth. Hannah opened her mouth enough to allow her mouthful of cum to all run into the brunette’s mouth. The audience then gave cheers and applause witnessing this cum kiss.

The ladies continued sharing the cum back and forth. The brunette finally came again during this sensual exchange of the man’s cum. She shuddered, and grabbed Hannah by the back of the head, and held her tight licking Hannah’s lips.

After the brunette started to come down from such an intense experience Hannah gave the woman one last kiss, and bowed to the audience, and received another round of cheers and applause.

Hannah then finally swallowed what she had left of the cum in her mouth.

Hannah then left and gathered her clothes and left the stage nude and proceeded backstage, where she met the tall dark sexy man.

Look for part 4 soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32