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Brendan had turned 21 just a few days before. A good looking kid who lived across from Rich and Steph, he was in college now but still a bit shy. Steph had always liked him and had thought, “Eh, good looking kid.” Brendan has always liked Steph, though liked was coupled with lust in his mind. Ever since puberty he had really begun to pay attention to Stephanie and her being in her 40s did not matter to him.

One afternoon he noticed Steph struggling with some bundles and almost sprinted over to offer her a hand. She was grateful and accepted readily. What would have taken 4 trips now only took 2. When they finished Steph thanked Brendan but they had started a conversation about school and such and Steph, though ready to kick back for a few didn’t want to rush the kid out the door after he had been so nice to help her. So, they chatted in the kitchen and Brendan has a glass of ginger ale though he was quick to point out that NOW he could drink, really DRINK, LEGALLY. Steph found that cute.

After a few, Stephanie excused herself from the room to go answer the phone which had been left in the living room. When she left, Brendan got a very bold idea. He had seen a sitcom where casino şirketleri a guy liked to strip naked and strike out or homerun, it was an interesting way to try. He felt his relationship with Steph was good enough he might pull it off. At the least, she’d have a good story for parties. So, off came every stitch of clothing, and he just stood there. His excitement grew, and that wasn’t all.

A few minutes went by and he heard her coming back. Several times he had come close to re-dressing, but didn’t. He had to try this. Steph came down the hall apologizing for being rude, turned the corner and stopped dead in her tracks. “Oh shit.” Was all she could think. This wasn’t really good and she would have to let him know this, but how? She really liked him and didn’t want to hurt his feelings, but, no, not this kid. She knew him AS a kid. She looked down at his raging hard on then back up to his raging smile. “Well, he IS a cute kid, but….” She thought to herself, shaking her head slightly.

“Brendan, uh,” she started, “what brought this on? I mean did you really think this was a good idea?” He said he did but immediately began to have remorse. “I’m sorry,” he casino firmaları muttered. “I’m an idiot. I’ll just leave.”

Steph saw he was crushed and really didn’t want to kill his spirit. An idea popped into her head. She began to walk slowly towards him, continuing the lecture. “I’m a bit older than you and this really is something you should save for girls your own age,” she went on. “Don’t you have a girlfriend? I thought you did. And really, this isn’t the way to impress a woman. Women like to be seduced in a nice way…”

As she spoke and neared him, she reached out and slid her left hand fingers around his cock. In his embarrassment it had begun to ebb, but the sudden touch of her fingers brought it back to full erection. She paid no mind and just kept talking. Her hand grasped just a bit tighter and she stroked him slowly occasionally letting her index finger brush his balls. She was reaching with her thumb closest to him so as not to have to get too close to him. As she spoke, Brendan was no longer really listening, but she continued, standing slightly to the side.

Her stroking began to increase in speed, just a bit, still she ‘lectured’. Brendan was güvenilir casino tensing up. Steph began to slowly increase the speed with which she stoked him. Suddenly she felt his cum fire out of his hose spewing on her palm and making a mess of the floor. She kept it up until Brendan almost collapsed. She never broke stride in talking. She gave his balls a little gentle squeeze, then without missing a beat, walked over and got some paper towels, some for her, some for him.

Brendan cleaned himself up and slowly got dressed, saying nothing as he did so. Steph kept on talking so stern, yet understanding. Once fully dressed, Brendan stood there and gulped down the rest of his ginger ale. He was shaking a bit, but dared not let it show, though it would be obvious to a blind man.

“Now, Brendan, I hope you got my message.” Said Steph in a stern voice, “This cannot happen again. It’s not right and don’t forget, I AM a married woman. Now, go home and we’ll forget all about this. OK? I like you and don’t want to ruin our friendship.”

Like Brendan was ever going to forget THIS! He sheepishly said how sorry he was and excused himself, heading for the door, his head still spinning.

“Brendan,” she said as he turned the door knob. He stopped and looked towards her. “I forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday.”

Brendan nodded an acknowledgement, grinned and staggered out of the house. Steph finally got to kick back and relax.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32