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Heather and CJ had been arguing earlier in the evening. She and I had played a little bit of our Daddy-Teasing, Webcam Game before her boyfriend interrupted us. Watching my hot, teenage daughter had turned me on so much, I carelessly left my bedroom door wide open, and inadvertently got caught masturbating to porn. Once the shock of that moment passed, Heather and I recovered our mental states enough for her to bring me up to date on the resolution of her conflict with CJ.

I knew my night wasn’t going to be as I had fantasized earlier in the day. But I did enjoy a brief, erotic show, when my daughter undressed and teasingly masturbated in front of the camera, before provocatively sliding on a tiny thong, black stockings and high heels. Heather wore only that when she opened the front door for her boyfriend.

The laptop was still open in my lap when Heather let CJ in the house. I wasn’t completely sure if I should watch them, even though Heather had made it clear that it was my choice. I definitely wanted to continue watching my daughter, seductively and intentionally, get naked for me though. So I submitted to my lust, and kept the camera viewer open on the computer.

The front door opened. I strained to listen, but only heard gasping, giggling, and some muddled whispering, followed by two sets of footsteps back towards Heather’s bedroom. I watched the computer screen as they emerged into camera view. Seeing my gorgeous daughter so giddy and happy brought a huge smile to my face.

CJ followed Heather into her bedroom and went immediately over to the crib. ‘Good boy,’ I thought. It was sweet that CJ’s first instinct wasn’t to just grab my little girl and start fucking her brains out. Or maybe it was, but he resisted the compulsion. Heather stood embracing CJ from behind as he bent and quietly kissed his baby’s head. “Don’t wake her up, Daddy,” Heather whispered.

CJ stood back up and turned around to face Heather. Even in heels, she is several mariobet güvenilirmi inches shorter than her boyfriend. Heather looked up at CJ and smiled, raising her eyebrows in a, ‘Come and get me.’ playful expression. CJ bent slightly and put his hands under Heather’s butt. He lifted her effortlessly, as she quickly threw her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. I could hear light moans from Heather, and sexy, lip-smacking kissing sounds as CJ carried her a few steps to Heather’s bed.

The view from the camera wasn’t the best angle for my pleasure. I could only see the back of CJ bent over on top of Heather as they kissed. However, The sight of Heather’s sexy legs in high heels wrapped around CJ’s body, his hands aggressively groping her tits, and the passionate moaning of my daughter. filled in the void of eroticism for me.

Several minutes of intense kissing went by. CJ’s hands began making long trips up and down Heather’s legs. I knew her panties were about to get lustfully torn from her body. “Hang on, Baby,” Heather whispered, panting. CJ raised up and Heather lowered her feet to the floor.

CJ rolled off Heather, to lay on the bed beside her, while she raised to a seated position on the edge of the bed. “I would have bent the rule about having sex while my dad is in his room,” Heather began, while turning to look at CJ. “But you made me feel kinda shitty earlier, Babydoll.”

“I’m sorry, Baby. I told you I was wrong,” CJ pleaded.

“I know. You’ll just have to make it up to me,” Heather teased. “But don’t worry. I won’t leave you hanging,” she continued, running her hands up CJ’s legs. Heather began unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans, then took a quick glance at the webcam, suddenly remembering they were probably being watched.

Heather stood up and took CJ’s hand. “Come here,” she whispered, and silently led him off the bed to stand directly in front of the webcam. My sexy daughter was framing mariobet yeni giriş the view for me, centering CJ from his chest down. CJ leaned down, put one hand around Heather’s back and cupped one of her tits with the other. Heather slid her hand inside CJ’s open jeans, both of them breathing hard and kissing loudly.

After a moment of passionate kissing, my daughter’s head came into view, as she descended onto her knees, in front of her boyfriend. Heather hooked her fingers inside CJ’s pants and underwear, then swiftly pulled them to the floor. CJ’s was much bigger than I had expected. His cock was rock hard and pointed straight at the ceiling, tight against his body.

Heather looked up at CJ, keeping eye contact with him, while she brought her mouth to his tight balls. My little girl tenderly tongued and sucked CJ’s ball sack, slowly licking her way up his shaft. Heather took CJ’s cock in hand and brought it greedily into her mouth. CJ’s breaths turned to moans when Heather began aggressively bobbing her head in concert with her pistoning hand.

I moaned aloud when CJ’s hand went to the back of Heather’s head, his hips thrusting, pumping his cock into my daughter’s mouth. Heather let him fuck her beautiful face for several minutes. Sexy slurping and swallowing sounds, resonated from the speakers on my laptop. “Oh God, Baby,” CJ groaned.

‘He has to be ready to explode,’ I thought.

I think Heather was probably sensing the same thing. She slowed her performance on CJ’s blowjob, taking his cock out of her mouth, and relaxing the tempo of her stroking hand. Heather turned her eyes to look into the camera, while she jacked her boyfriend’s cock against her tits. “Spectacular?” Heather whispered, directly to me.

“Oh yes, Baby,” CJ and I moaned in unison.

“You want to cum on them?” Heather asked, still staring into the camera.

“Yes,” we both answered.

“Mmm. Do it. I want to see your big dick spray cum mariobet giriş all over my spectacular tits,” Heather moaned to me. Then my sexy little girl leaned back and turned her head to completely face the camera, mouth open, eyes full of want.

CJ and I simultaneously erupted in glorious ejaculatory spasms. I showered my orgasm on my stomach and chest and watched CJ explode in streams of cum on my daughter’s tits.

Heather’s beautiful chest was heaving as she turned her head down and watched drips of CJ’s spent passion slide from her nipples to create a pool on her panties. Then Heather glanced once more, smiling, at the camera, before giving her eyes back to CJ’s. I watched my daughter’s beautiful face leave the frame of view as she regained a standing position, in front of her satiated boyfriend.

I heard breathless, passionate kissing. “I better clean this off,” Heather quietly said. Then she stepped out of the room, leaving her boyfriend to dress himself. CJ tiredly returned his jeans back up to his waist, still taking in deep breaths of air. I heard the water run, then stop, as Heather quickly tidied her titties in the bathroom before rejoining CJ in her bedroom.

“You are fucking amazing,” CJ said, pulling my daughter into a smashing embrace.

“Yes. I. Am,” Heather teasingly replied, bending one leg at the knee and leaning in to steal a quick kiss. “And don’t you forget it.”

“Tomorrow is my night with Tara,” CJ started. “Will you stay? I promise to make up for tonight,” he finished, smiling.

“Yes. I’ll stay,” Heather answered. Then she took CJ’s hand and walked him out of the room. I listened as they said their goodbyes at the front door. Then heather clicked a sexy cadence with her heels back to her bedroom.

Heather slowly, teasingly, reentered her bedroom and stepped to the little nightstand by her bed. She lifted a vibrator from the drawer and turned to face the camera. As my sexy, topless, teenage daughter lay back against the headboard, staring at me resolutely, through the webcam, my hand began making the acquaintance of my erection once more.

“I hope you’re comfortable in there, Daddy. Because If you think I’m done with YOU, I suggest you think again.”

End of Part 4

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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