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She descended the stairs like a movie star. So beautiful, so sexy. Her movements were fluid and she carried herself perfectly. Such a vision. She stood for a moment at the bottom of the stairs as if she were pondering her next move. Her naked breasts rose and fell ever so slightly in rhythm to her breathing. Her pert nipples, a rosy pink, in contrast to the milky paleness of her full, ample breasts, stood marvelously at attention. Her trimmed pubes perfectly ornamented the pinnacle of her legs, slightly spread, with one foot on a lower stair than the other.

A smile lit her face as she floated towards her computer desk near the bay window. She eased herself onto the chair and effortlessly moved the mouse to reveal a photo of an exquisitely beautiful nude woman as the screensaver of her p/c. The beautiful nude women on either side of the screen smiled at each other for a moment until a click of the mouse brought up the window for her internet provider. She logged on, clicking the commands she wanted, tapping her fingers when the browser slowed some due to traffic. Bringing up her bookmarks, she kaynarca escort chose her very favourite site and clicked the icon. The page came up with its Adult Content warning. Her breasts jiggled some as she giggled at the warning. She clicked another icon and the page she wanted appeared.

The joy showed in her face as she found the site had been updated. She loved to read the new erotic stories. She couldn’t decide if her favourite sections were about lesbians, or exhibitionists. She came across a title that made her stop and look twice. The description of the story made her want to read it even more. She adjusted herself in her chair, spreading her luscious legs a bit as she clicked the link for the story to appear on her screen.

She slowly scrolled through the script, reading intently as she immersed herself in the story. Her hand began to run itself across her skin, as if it had a mind of her own. Her excitement grew with every word she read, and with every stroke of her own loving hand.

She began to lose her concentration but did her best to stay with the sexy plot. She orhanlı escort imagined herself as the story’s sexy heroine, letting her mind take her away into the story. She let go of the mouse. Her own excitement was getting to fever pitch and both of her hands were now caressing her lovely and extremely sensitive body. Her right hand found her left breast and lifted it to her exposed, extended tongue. As her tongue made contact with her swollen nipple, the fingers of her left hand were dancing between the folds of her damp and swollen labia. Her body visibly convulsed as the electricity of her own touch exploded within her.

Even though she wanted to, needed to, continue to read her story, she could not keep her hands from her body. Her legs opened wider, her eyes closed and her head fell back as her hands closed in on her waiting, soaking, wanting, exposed sex. She raised her head and opened her glassy eyes, trying to find the point in the story where she had left off, to try to continue to read the sex filled text on her monitor. Her fingers spread her sensitive nether lips, exposing the tepeören escort pink wetness within, causing her head to again roll back in pure pleasure. A moan escaped her throat as a finger from her right hand slowly entered her.

Instead of remaining idle, her left hand found her clit just revealing itself from behind its curtain. She spread her legs wider, spread her lips wider and exposed her little pink love bud, moving herself ever closer to that rapturous point of no return.

She again raised her head, biting her lower lip, eyes clenched shut. The movements of her hands caused her breasts to bounce wildly between her arms, her hard nipples cutting the air with each and every movement. Her lower jaw started to open her mouth into an “O”, her fingers flailing away between her wide spread trembling legs. She leaned forward a bit and then fell back into the chair, her whimpers and moans of her ecstasy loudly filling the otherwise quiet of the house. With her deft fingers alternating between her breasts, mouth and pussy, her entire body spasmed in luxurious orgasm. As her breathing became more normal, her arms wound themselves around her, just under her breasts, in a beautiful self-hug.

She remained in that position for a while, eyes closed, just smiling that all knowing post-orgasmic smile. She loves reading erotic stories.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32