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Big Tits

Tired of the review, Lisa and Ricky decided to watch the movie “No Strings Attached.” When the movie reached the sex activity, Lisa took the DVD player control and paused the movie. She looked at Ricky and admitted a rather surprising secret.

“Ricky! I’m aroused!” Lisa moved closer to Ricky and put her left hand over Ricky’s crotch. She smiled before saying, “and so are you!”

“Lisa! I don’t know how to say it discreetly but I’d like to do it with you now.”

Both went to the bedroom and Ricky locked the door. Lisa began to undress leaving only her bra and panty on. Ricky’s heart began to beat fast as he also removes his clothing and left only his boxer’s on. Lisa climbed the bed and seductively motioned Ricky to climb the bed, as well. Lisa bit her lower lip upon seeing Ricky’s erection obviously bulging in his boxer’s. She parted her thighs to seduce Ricky more by gently massaging her vaginal area covered by her panty. Ricky moves forward looking at her nudity. Lisa is so pretty in her nakedness.

Ricky climbed the bed and Lisa positioned herself in preparation for the foreplay. He kissed Lisa’s hand and he kisses his way up to her lips traversing her arm up to her shoulder. When he is kissing her neck, Lisa caressed his body, tracing her way down, feeling his bulging erection. Ricky responded by moving his hand underneath her and loosening her bra.

After unlocking her bra strap, Ricky moved in caressingly inside her bra and began to gently massage her breast. Lisa took the opportunity to also move in. She slid her hand inside Ricky’s boxer’s and finally made her first skin contact with his organ which she longed to feel inside her : invading her womb. Feeling her touch, Ricky kissed Lisa passionately.

He transferred his hand from her breast to her slit. He also slid in her panty and made his first contact with her pussy which he would never leave untouched by his hands, by his lips, by his tongue, and, of course, by his fuck pole.

The heat went up and their lust grew stronger. pendik escort He helped her totally remove her bra which made him gently utter “Wow!” before he licks her nipples one after another. He began to suck her breast, the one he massaged a while ago while he cupped and massage the other one using his other hand.

Ricky practically covered strategic points which can make Lisa beg him to fuck her immediately. With one of Ricky’s hands on one of the breasts, his mouth on the other breast, and his other hand inside her panty beginning to play with her clit, Lisa moans gently; mumbling “fuck me, please!”

Ricky hears this but he opted to incite Lisa’s lust further so that she would not resist anymore how he plans to fuck her. She is obviously horny at this point and she does not want to wait any longer. She began to remove Ricky’s boxer’s which gave him the signal to also remove Lisa’s panty. After a few seconds both are naked.

“Remember, no strings attached” Lisa reminded.

“Yes!” Ricky agreed as he continue to caress Lisa’s slit.

“Ooohh!” Lisa moaned as Ricky felt that she is beginning to already wet. Ricky began to reposition himself below Lisa’s waistline, on top of her, between her thighs. Ricky placed Lisa’s legs over his shoulder so he can effectively prepare Lisa’s slit for his invasion. He began to kiss Lisa’s inner thigh; licking his way to her pubic area. His tongue navigates thoroughly until it reaches her slit. Lisa put her hands over Ricky’s head as his tongue tries to look for her clitoris.

“Oooohh!” moaned Lisa. Ricky began to play with her clit; he sucked and licked it randomly. As he does this, he caresses Lisa’s body further as his hands navigates up her body back to her breasts. He cups both of them again as he moves his tongue in, licking Lisa’s inner vaginal walls.

“Ooohh!” Lisa uttered as her body twitched indicating that her lust has increased further.

Ricky transferred his right hand to Lisa’s pussy and as he licks her clit more, maltepe escort he began fingering the wet fuck hole of Lisa.

After a few seconds Ricky stopped and looked at Lisa. Without any words, he moved to lie beside Lisa and he kissed her in the lips. With the eye contact, Lisa knew exactly what she needs to do now that Ricky is lying.

She got up and moved over Ricky positioning her pubic area on top of Ricky’s mouth. After settling in a sixty-nine sexual position, Ricky continued licking her pussy as she gradually licks his erected rod. She used her hands to caress Ricky’s balls hoping that it will help produce a massive volume of hot semen she longs to feel injected inside her.

She slowly licks the rod from the tip down to where it joins the balls and then back again to the tip. She opened her mouth gently as she lets Ricky’s rod moves in her mouth. She gobbled his organ like a girl does to a popsicle.

“Oooh!” she heard Ricky moan. After this moan, Ricky held her butt cheeks tighter as he moves his tongue inside her cunt deeper causing her to let go of his dick and moan the words “Shit! You have to fuck me now, please!”

“Later, dear!” he said cunningly as he temporarily sets her vagina free from his invasive tongue.

Lisa bit her lower lip before smiling. She cannot anymore hide her desire to let Ricky fuck the hell out of her. Her cunt is obviously more than ready to accommodate his cock; she is very wet now with the mixture of her cunt juice and Ricky’s saliva. She returned to sucking Ricky’s cock, lubricating it with her own saliva, making it very much erect so that it can be very effective later when it is inserted inside her fusing his body with hers.

They were intensely engaged in that sixty-nine position for about a minute before Ricky instructed Lisa to stop sucking and lie down on her back so he can penetrate her cunt. Lisa excitedly lie down and spread her legs wide as Ricky positions on top of her aiming his very erect cock at Lisa’s very kartal escort wet cunt. Ricky kissed Lisa and she did not show any resistance. As Ricky sucks Lisa’s tongue, he began pushing in his cock. Lisa held on Ricky’s waist as his cock moves in declaring invasion inside her womb.

“Oooh! I love it!!” Lisa declared.

“You’re mine!” Ricky moaned.

“Yes! I am!” Lisa confirmed.

Ricky began to slowly pump in and out of Lisa’s slit; making him Lisa’s master at that moment. She held tight on Ricky’s body feeling every inch of his skin; smiling; thanking him silently for letting her have her hidden desire.

The bed slowly rocks as Ricky pummels in to Lisa’s fuck hole.

“Harder, please!” Lisa begged.

Ricky smiled as he speed up the phase and deepen the thrust.

“Oh shit! I love this!” Lisa admitted.

Ricky kissed Lisa’s neck as he felt the surge of lust inside him. The touch of Ricky’s tongue on Lisa’s neck boosted her lust more while the bed began to make noise as the rocking became faster. The rocking sound and the moaning of two persons in lust (not in love) blended harmoniously.

Ricky kissed Lisa’s lips after her neck before he held her butt as he pumps in and out catching his breath. Lisa could not resist but to let lust mandate her body do what she needs to do. She clung on his butt as it moves along the pumping action of Ricky. She slaps it once in a while as she felt surges of her cunt juice lubricate further Ricky’s very hard penis.

“Oooh!” she moaned before Ricky whispers “I am about to come!”

“Me, too! I think, I am coming, as well!” Lisa expressed as she wraps her legs around Ricky’s waist.

Without talking, their body agreed to reach orgasm at the same time. Ricky pumps faster as Lisa let go of her orgasm; just in time, both moaned “Aahhhhhh!!!”

Lisa felt hot squirts of Ricky’s semen being deposited inside her womb as she feels him loosen his grip and letting his body gradually collapse on top of her.

“Sorry! I can’t pull mine out!” Ricky said realizing he came inside Lisa’s cunt.

“It’s OK! I’m safe!” Lisa smiled still catching her breath.

“Thanks!” Ricky said before kissing Lisa’s lips.

“No strings attached!” Lisa said before they feel asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32