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Steve spent the whole day setting up the surveillance cameras, he had three cameras, so he could watch from multiple angles. Once he was satisfied he called Debbie in to check it out.

Steve asked, “So Deb, what are you planning for Donna tonight?”

Deb knew exactly what she was going to do, “I’m going to give her a taste of her own medicine, I’m going to tease her, until she begs.”

What Steve didn’t know was that Debbie had already started her plan in motion earlier in the week.

Debbie had contacted Donna’s ex-boyfriend Billy and had convinced him to come over so they could talk. Debbie felt it was only fair to get both sides of the story.

Billy arrived just as Debbie had requested, as soon as he walked in Debbie could see why Donna was attracted to him.

Billy was tall, 6’2″, brown hair, blue eyes, and very muscular, she also knew that his family was rich, no wonder other girls would be offering their tits to him.

Debbie talked to Billy for over an hour that night, he told Debbie that he still loved Donna and wished she would give him a second chance.

Debbie convinced him that if he really did love Donna, he was going to have to do anything and everything that Debbie asked of him.

Debbie told Billy to be at her house on Saturday, at 6:00, she would tell him what to do than.

Billy was on time, just like Debbie had requested.

Debbie brought Billy up to her bedroom, she told him exactly what she expected out of him. He was to strip naked, and she was going to blindfold him. He would not be allowed to speak a word.

She promised Billy that if he did everything that she asked of him, she would help him to get Donna back.

Billy said he would follow her instructions, whatever she asked.

Debbie stood up and said “strip”

Billy just looked at her and said, “now”

Debbie said, “you promised to do everything I ask, remember, so strip.”

Billy removed his shirt, kicked off his shoes and started to remove his pants, but hesitated with his boxers.

Debbie walked up behind him and spanked his ass hard, and said, “I said everything”

Billy pulled his boxers down and stood before Debbie completely naked, his cock was already getting hard in anticipation of what was going to happen.

Debbie handed Billy a blindfold and told him to put it on, and he was not to remove it no matter casino siteleri what. Suddenly he felt his hands being tied together behind him. Debbie sat him down in a comfortable chair and told him to wait for her next command. She told him no talking or she would gag him.

Debbie called Donna, “I want you to come over at 7:00, I have a surprise for you.”

When Donna arrived she brought her into the living room and sat her on the couch.

Debbie explained to Donna if she was going to teach her she would have to obey her every command, the first time she complained Debbie would end the lessons.

“I’ll do anything that you ask of me.”

Debbie said, “I want you to strip naked, right now.”

Donna stood up and removed all her clothes, and placed them on the couch.

Debbie than handed her a small bullet vibrator and instructed her to insert it inside her cunt.

Donna spread her cunt lips apart and pushed the small vibrator inside her cunt.

Debbie grabbed the remote from the table beside her and turned the vibrator on slowly and watched Donna’s reaction.

“You are not allowed to touch yourself in any way, and more importantly, do not remove the vibe until I tell you,” Debbie commanded.

Debbie than looked at Donna, “you are not to speak another word for the rest of the night, if you do, I will send you home immediately.”

Donna just nodded her head.

Debbie said, “It’s time for your lesson, I’m going to teach you how to suck a guys cock”, Donna was told that she was only going to watch, and than she added, “don’t forget, no speaking”

Steve had been waiting for what felt like an eternity, all he could see was Billy sitting there naked, what was Debbie up to he thought.

The doors to Debbie’s room opened and in walked Debbie and Donna, Donna was completely naked, and thanks to his cameras, Steve now was getting a great view of this hot little babe.

Her perky little tits, with her nipples already erect, and her ass, soon, Steve thought, soon.

As soon as Donna saw Billy, she just froze, why was he here, what was Debbie up to, but she had promised, and remained quiet.

Debbie removed her clothes, and had Donna lay on the bed, she only said one word, ” watch “

Debbie picked up the remote to the vibe and turned up the speed, it was now at level 4, Donna squirmed at the güvenilir casino sensation.

Debbie walked over to where Billy was sitting and she knelt down between his legs and reached her hand up to his cock.

Debbie wrapped her fingers tightly around the base of Billy’s cock, her lips parted and her tongue flicked across the very tip of his cock.

Debbie licked his shaft all the way from base to tip, letting her saliva coat his hard cock, she made slurping noises as she did so.

Debbie turned up the speed on the remote again, level 5, she went right back to slowly licking Billy’s cock.

Debbie glanced over at Donna, she could see that Donna was getting close to cumming from the vibe in her cunt, so Debbie turned it off.

Debbie could see the look on Donna’s face when the buzzing stopped, she had been so close, and now the feelings were subsiding.

Donna watched closely as Debbie opened her mouth wide and sucked Billy’s cock inside, still grasping the base of his shaft tightly.

Debbie’s lips wrapped tight around the head of Billy’s hard cock, she did not try to suck his cock any deeper just yet, she wanted this to last.

Donna was starting to wish that Billy’s cock was in her mouth, she just continued to lay back and watch the show that Debbie was putting on for her.

Debbie started sucking more of the shaft into her mouth, pulling off every now and than to lick the entire length, than bobbing her head back down again.

Again Debbie glanced at Donna, it was time for more vibe, so she turned up the speed, all the way to 8 this time, and with no warning, Donna suddenly felt her cunt buzzing again, her cunt was aching for release, she needed to cum so bad.

Debbie turned it off again, a sly smile on her face as she looked straight at Donna, while sucking Billy’s cock deep.

Steve couldn’t take his eyes off the screen, he knew what Billy was feeling, Debbie was a great cocksucker, and he could see that Donna really was getting a taste of her own medicine, he could see her squirming on the bed, while Debbie had her watch. Debbie was now sucking all of Billy’s 8 inch cock, she was deepthroating his long hard cock, pumping her head up and down, he was on the verge of cumming.

Debbie reached for the remote, she turned it up full blast,10, the highest setting, Donna was about to explode, only to canlı casino have Debbie shut it off.

Debbie could hear a whimper coming from Donna.

Billy started cumming, and Debbie was sucking for all she was worth, not letting a drop escape her talented mouth, she swallowed every drop, milking his shaft with her fingers.

Billy wasn’t the only one cumming, Steve had shot his load watching the action on his video monitor.

Debbie got to her feet and walked over to Donna, she could tell Donna needed to cum, but she knew if she was going to teach her a lesson, she had to make her suffer.

Debbie slipped her finger inside of Donna’s cunt and removed the small vibe.

Debbie escorted her out of the room and brought her down stairs to her clothes and told her she was to get dressed and go home.

Donna started to cry.

Debbie allowed her she could speak.

Donna pleaded with Debbie, “please make me cum, please, I’ll do anything”

That was what Debbie was waiting to hear.

Debbie took Donna by the hand and led her back upstairs.

Steve was surprised to see the girls re-enter the room, he thought the night was over, how wrong he was.

Debbie brought Donna over to where Billy was sitting, and pushed her down to a kneeling position in front of him.

Donna looked at his cock, he was already getting hard again.

Debbie looked at Donna, “your turn” was all she said.

Donna’s hand shook as she wrapped her small fingers around Billy’s hardening cock. Her lips parted and just like Debbie had done before she licked the tip of Billy’s cock.

Her tongue licked his cock all over, she opened her mouth and took his long hard cock into her mouth and sucked.

Debbie walked behind Billy and untied his hands, and removed the blindfold, Donna hadn’t noticed, she was too busy sucking his big cock, deeper, pumping his cock with her fingers, feeding his cock deeper and deeper, trying to deepthroat his cock.

Billy placed his hands on the back of Donna’s head and started fucking her mouth, she was gagging, but she didn’t care.

Billy started shooting his load, Donna tried her best to swallow, but most of it dribbled out of her mouth onto her perky little tits.

Donna was looking up at Billy now, tears forming in her eyes, she told him she was sorry, and begged him to forgive her.

Billy said, “I’ll forgive you, only if you agree to obey me, just like you obeyed Debbie.”

Donna agreed, and hugged him tight.

Debbie looked at them both and smiled, than she told them that they still had to do whatever she asked, she still has more to teach them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32