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Brenda was so glad she’d found Simon. He spent almost all his time at her place in Long Beach, rather than that smallish apartment in West Hollywood.

They were soul mates and Brenda paid for everything.

The thing was, Simon wasn’t any good at anything at all. He wouldn’t work, refused to learn how to drive, and had a lack of confidence that would of seemed glaring.

Glaring if it weren’t also in light of his natural androgyny and fem-boy girlishness. This seemed to offset his massive vulnerabilities. It almost seemed to justify them, in a crazy way.

Whatever could be discussed about this personality of Simon’s, Brenda just knew one thing, She found him so very fucking sexy!

The way his hands and slender fingers would shake slightly with nervous energy. His feminine movements, so very reminiscent of a certain hot chick that had sat next to Brenda in College. Brenda had a mad crush on her, but sadly was so bi-closeted at the time it wasn’t funny.

Simon was hot though! With an ass so indescribably sexy, smothered in skintight jeans. God! She had to see him in Spandex soon!

The way he walked and the way the cheeks of his ass sort of swayed from side to side in an oh so sluttish manner! His cock and balls pulsated beneath his tight jean-ed crotch!

His predilection for going barefoot, Brenda found so very sensual and it gave her a primal sex charge. It was truly mind boggling.

It made his sultry vulnerabilities even more pronounced.

Not surprisingly though, Brenda’s pendik escort friends didn’t quite like him.

“Oh Come on Brenda! He seems like some fag boy, ” said Carla, a large framed, slightly stuffy brunette who badly wanted to marry a police man.

“Look! He’s not gay! He’s my boyfriend, okay? ” Brenda replied in exasperation.

“Why does he go barefoot all the time? Surely you’ve bought him shoes! ” asked Josephine, the epitome of the fashion chasing valley girl.

Brenda didn’t even bother answering that one. There were many, many people who found going barefoot attractive. A statement in itself. Just check the fucking internet!

Not only that but there was a huge trend for celebrities going barefoot right here in LA. A certain head shaved, slightly crazy female singer. The ultra skinny British cocaine model in her skinny jeans. The movie legends wild socialite daughter. The list goes on and on. Going barefoot is cool!

Brenda’s friends were to be taken with a pinch of salt. In their world, Brenda lived a totally straight life, both sexually and otherwise. Any room for experimentation was out of the question.

In fact Brenda had always lived that way. All except for her long, lost weekend in West Hollywood. She had gotten overly wild sexually and had begun using drugs there. She had lived like a true slut, and certainly looked it.

Spinning out of control she had gotten out. Thankfully then she met Simon.

On the nights she wasn’t working, Brenda and Simon maltepe escort often frequented various Long Beach dance clubs, shaking their asses and boogieing until the early hours. Drinking nothing harder than a few Peppermint Schnapps.

From the corner of her eye, Brenda saw many a guy and girl admiring them in a longing sexual way.

“Good Luck! See you later Alligator, ” thought Brenda, showing no desire whatsoever to know these people. Simon was hers and it was going to stay that way, Goddammit!

After finishing dancing they’d take a taxi back to Brenda’s place, feeling slightly high on alcohol.

They’d first engage in long foreplay sessions and talk softly with each other under soft light. During one of these sessions, Brenda brought up a not much discussed subject.

“People have always thought you were maybe gay. Have you ever thought about going with a guy, babe? ” asked Brenda sleepily, with a suggestive smile.

Simon’s eyes quickly flashed with forbidden sexual excitement, and his cock got even rock harder.

“Yeah I have. I’d love to be some guy’s little slut boy! ” he giggled, slightly abuzz on some white wine.

This took Brenda completely by surprise! Simon was in quite the heat now because he’d finally admitted this to somebody!

“Wow! Baby! ” She laughed, squeezing his much throbbing cock.

“So you want to be a woman! ” She squealed in delight, and turned over on the bed sideways to face him, so that his cock began banging up against her kartal escort wet, burning pussy area.

She moved her hand in behind his ass cheek and placed two of her agile, slender fingers up his ass crack and began probing, soon reaching his prostate, simulating the action of a hard, aggressive cock!

“Ow! You slut! ” He exclaimed as his mouth fell onto one of her sizable nipples and he sucked on them with relish, all the while massaging her well oiled torso and ass cheeks with his eager fem boy fingers.

Now his cock was pumping inside her pussy like a taught, tight very thick live wire. Her fingers still worked and probed his on fire prostate and anal areas. They necked with each other furiously, moaning and groaning in between moments they were supposed to catch their breath.

“Pretend my tongue is a cock sweetie! ” she shouted out ecstatically, her red argot protruded outside of her lipstick smeared lips.

He grunted pleasurably and commenced necking again, his cock fucking her even more madly, while they necked and drank each others saliva as though it were blood.

They both rolled about on the bed in passion, finally winding up with Simon on top, furiously pumping Brenda, while her fingers still played a fine feminine touch on his asshole.

“So he does like Cock! ” Brenda thought in high excitement as she twisted and swiveled underneath Simon, and felt wave after wave of Orgasm as this fag boy fucked her raw. His hot sperm now shooting into her.

“Now she knows,” thought Simon in delirious, delicious pleasure, as his balls and cock slowly emptied his hot, burning seed into her.

After it all was over, they lay about on the wet sheets of the bed, not quite realizing that somehow, they had opened a Pandora’s box.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32