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My name is Tim. I’m twenty-one years old and keep in good physical shape. My muscular body is kind of easy to keep since I fuck like a god. My girlfriends love it for about a few weeks before I get to be too much and they break up with me. I tried having multiple girlfriends so I could avoid tiring them out but all of them didn’t like that. I’m currently staying with my parents again until I can get back on my feet. My eighteen year old sister is saving her money till she can move out. She won’t tell our parents but she does only fans and plays with herself for money. She does well, making a few grand a month. Something that comes easy with her healthy body, perky melons and juicy round ass. I know this because she has asked me to buy her some ‘toys’ before.

Now you are all caught up with my life so far.

I wasn’t able to sleep. Mostly because my girlfriend dumped me for some idiot with a fancy car a month ago. Since then I haven’t been able to find someone I could have sex with. Which made sleeping hard with my constant need to fuck.

I don’t think using my pocket pussy would be a safe choice with my step mom sleeping in the next room and sis being in the room that’s joined to mine. They would hear the wet suction of my cock going in and out of it.

So perhaps simply going to the basement would work. There is a futon there and I would have plenty of warning time from the walking above.

Slowly going down the basement steps so as to not make any noise. I know that I am being way too paranoid but something about what I’m doing just makes the caution feel valid.

By the time I was halfway down I heard quite moaning. Looking around I saw my sister illuminated by the static of the tv. She had her hand under her shirt as she played with her breasts. Her sweat 1xbet yeni giriş pants were pulled down just below her pussy that she was currently rubbing with passion!

Slowly and quietly I got to the basement floor. My sister hadn’t noticed me yet despite being a couple of meters from her.

Seeing my sister like this really turned me on! Sometimes I would look at her only fans and jerk off to her. Watching her fuck herself with the vibrating dildos, riding the sex doll I got her and even seeing her hump her teddy bear all felt good! Yet there was something better when seeing her in person.

I know I shouldn’t have these thoughts but they just felt right. Doesn’t help that we have a relationship where she feels comfortable asking me to spend her money on sex toys!

My pants and underwear were off by this point. My cock in my hands as I jerk off to my sister. Her sweat smelling sweet as her moans fueled my libido. Her pleasure became my pleasure.

She bit her bottom lip which told me she was getting close to coming! My breathing was getting louder as I hurried to match her orgasm!

She then came to an abrupt stop and flip over to her stomach. Next thing I knew she started crying.

Realizing that she now knew that I was here I felt the urge to run! Yet I didn’t, couldn’t. I didn’t want to leave my sister crying in the basement. That just didn’t sit right with me.

“I’m sorry sis. I shouldn’t be perving on you.” I said while getting closer.

“Wha-what? So, you didn’t hear what I was saying?”

She was facing away from me as she spoke so I had to get closer to hear her. “Uh, no. What were you saying?”

“I-it’s nothing.”

“So, why are you upset?” I was hesitant to ask but I want to know.

“Partly that my pervert 1xbet giriş brother is spying on me. Well kind of. I’m actually upset that I can’t have a relationship without someone wanting to do a porno with me.”

“Oh. I thought you like that sort of thing.”

“What? No. I want the real sex I have to be kept private! At least that way people can’t call me a slut and be correct in the usage of the word.”

“Hey, sis. I think I have the opposite kind of problem as you.”


“I can’t keep my girlfriends because I tire them out. I probably would go into porno, except I’m not comfortable being naked in front of strangers like that.”

“Umm, would you like to. You know? With me?” She wiggled her rump to make sure I understood. “I know we both want to. So why not? I’ll even let you stick it in my butt. I will need to lube up of course.”

Looking at her curved, shapely ass and thinking how nice it would be to thrust deep into her was more than enough. The way her sweat pants rested at the border of where her ass met her thighs was hot. How my sister wouldn’t be able to move as I made her mine!

Breaking from my thoughts of taking my sister again and again I said. “I’m going to fuck you where you are. Right now.”

My sister gave a short yelp as I climbed onto the futon. Pinning her down between my legs. Her curvy ass now sandwiching my hard cock! She was now trapped, unable to move. Her wet pussy ready to take me in as I easily got my head past her entrance.

She gasped in pleasure with every inch that went in. Her walls wrapped tightly around my shaft as I went balls deep!

By now I had one hand on her hip and the other pushing her down by her shoulder.

“I hope you are ready sis.”

She looked up to me from the corner 1xbet güvenilirmi of her eyes. “Stop stalling and fuck me senseless already.”

Using the leverage I had on her hip and shoulder I started thrusting. Each time I pulled back up to the tip and let my full weight slam my cock deep into her. My pelvis slapping against her ass. Her body repeatedly jerked with each thrust.

She was like a cocksleeve as I filled her up. Her only purpose now was to accept her fate as my sex toy. As I was ramming her I felt a sense of joy at seeing her submit to me!

I had no sense of time as I made my sweaty sister cum again and again. Her cunt squeezing my cock trying to milk me each time. A couple of times she was successful. Her orgasms grew more intense as I filled her with my love juices.

“Hahgn, Hahgn!” Her moans were pleasurable to hear even as she muffled them.

“Try not to be too loud! Don’t want to wake mom and dad!”

Holding her tightly against me I said. “I’m going to stop pounding your cunt.” She smiled, thinking it was over. “I’m going to start drilling you.” Her face turned to that of shock as I began thrusting at insane speeds. Going from deep thrust to shallow for the sake of going fast. My sister’s body went stiff as she tried to keep up!

Sis was starting to go to sleep at this point. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as her body relaxed. Eyelids closing as sleep took her. Knowing it was time to quit and pull out was hard to accept but I did.

Normally I try to not fuck woman until they pass out but I just couldn’t hold back with sis. She was too good!

Standing over the sleeping form of my sister I saw how hot she looked. Her shirt drenched in sweat. How messy and greasy her hair was. The sight of our cum dripping from her pussy while she slept. She look like she got fuck by several guys even though I did that to her.

Covering her up and putting my pants on I thought about what this meant. Was this going to be a one time thing? Or are we going to do this regularly?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32