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I was a woman who had always believed in being married one time to a man she really loved. My husband, Chad, and I had a fairly typical marriage. We had both graduated from college and entered the medical field. We met three years later while working at the same hospital. I was an RN. Chad was an administrator. He pursued me relentlessly. We fell in love and got married after dating for a little over a year.

Over the course of the next four years, we had two beautiful daughters, bought a home and started living the American dream. Life seemed perfect for me. But, my idyllic life was going to suddenly change.

We had not had much time together lately. Chad seemed to frequently have to work late. I wanted to surprise him with a romantic weekend for our anniversary. I arranged for the kids to spend the weekend with my mother-in-law. Renting a little cabin on a lake about an hour’s drive away, I planned for us to drive up tomorrow after a romantic candle lit evening tonight.

After taking a hot shower, I stood in front of the full length mirror drying myself with a large fluffy towel. Looking at my reflection, my green eyes sparkled with happiness. I had to admit, I didn’t look very bad for a 38 year old mother of two. Standing 5-7, my legs had always been long, but thanks to the six miles I ran every week, they were still well shaped and firm. At a slim 125 pounds, my belly was flat and tight from working out in the gym. My red hair fell half way down my back in a glowing cascade. Twisting slightly, I looked at my ass. The running and gym had been good for it too. The twin globes sat up tight and firm, just as they had in high school. The main thing that had changed was my boobs. In high school, I had been like most of the girls. I had perky little B cup breasts. That had changed when I had the kids. My breasts had grown to DDs and never shrank back. A light scattering of small freckles emphasized the creamy smooth skin and they were tipped by soft pink areolas that ended in nipples that protruded nicely when aroused.

Walking into our bedroom, I heard my cell phone beep. Picking it up, I saw there was a message from Chad. “Honey, I have to work late tonight. The secretary for the hospital board just called. They want the rough draft on the proposal for the new obstetric wing to be finished by Monday morning. I will be home as soon as I can. Don’t wait up for me.”

I was disappointed, but was not going to let this spoil our romantic weekend. Going into our closet, I picked out a black cocktail dress that Chad loved to see me wear. After dressing, I packed our dinner into insulated containers and placed a chilled bottle of champagne next to them in a picnic basket. As I drove toward the hospital, I smiled thinking about how surprised Chad would be when he saw me.

Getting off the elevator, I strode to the door to the administrative area. Wanting to surprise him, I quietly moved down the hallway to his corner office. What I saw when I opened the door, would be branded in my memory forever.

Chad was standing behind his 20 year old secretary. They were both nude and she was bent over the end of his desk. Her hands were braced on the top as he drove his hard cock into her from behind. Her moans of ecstatic pleasure filled the room while she pushed her ass back to meet his thrusting cock.

They were so involved in their illicit pleasure, that for a few moments they did not notice me. Those few moments seemed like an eternity. As I stood there in shock, the picnic basket slipped from my hand.

When Chad heard the basket crash to the floor, he froze in surprise. In total disbelief, he stumbled away from his secretary as he saw his wife. I could not accept what I had just witnessed. Whirling, I ran from the terrible truth. My broken heart filled my throat with shattered pieces as I sobbed uncontrollably.

Chad’s voice was a hoarse croak as he ran after me. “Susan! Susan please, let me explain!” He was forced to stop as he reached the front door to the executive suite. If he ran into the hallway naked, he would surely be seen. He watched me as I punched the button to summon the elevator.

I did not want to listen to Chad. I didn’t even want to see him. Not wanting to wait for the elevator, I dashed into the stairwell. I felt sick, my body was trembling as I stumbled down the stairs. Reaching my car, I leaned against it as my body was wracked by sobs.

My cell phone kept ringing as Chad tried desperately to reach me. Blocking his number, I sat in my car and cried. I never wanted to see or talk to him again. Not only had he destroyed my life, but he had also destroyed my children’s family. I could never forgive him for that.

Realizing I could not avoid Chad if I kept my job at the hospital, I resigned. Taking my children with me, I moved back to my hometown. RNs are always in demand. I found a job at the local hospital and started to settle in to start a new life. I felt a tremendous pendik escort sense of relief after the divorce was final. I could now go on with my life.

Six months after my divorce, I received an invitation to my high school’s twenty year class reunion. I had also received invitations to the ten year and fifteen year reunions. I had not gone to either of them. I had been busy with my life, but I had another more compelling reason to keep me from going.

I had a huge crush on a classmate. Tom was the quarterback, class president and the most popular guy on campus. My maiden name begins with “D”, Tom’s with “E”. If teachers seated us alphabetically, we always sat close together, even our lockers were next to one another. I spent most of my high school years fantasizing about him. I wondered what it would have been like to go out with him, to be his girlfriend, to kiss him, to touch him. I still wondered. He was my first love and he had never really left my heart.

But I knew I wasn’t his “type”. He is tall, slim hips, broad shoulders, blonde hair and the most amazing blue eyes. He was a jock and always hung out with the cool girls. I wasn’t an ugly duckling, but I wasn’t a swan either. I was not really popular or part of the “in” crowd. We knew one another, but were never really close. We had an entirely different circle of friends. I just admired him from afar since I was too shy to express my yearning for him. I was his secret admirer. When I received the invitation to the class reunion, I couldn’t help but wonder if he would be there. With the hope of seeing him again, I decided to go.

It took me weeks to decide what I was going to wear. This time, I wanted things to be different from the way they were in high school. I wanted to grab Tom’s attention as soon as he saw me. I wanted it to be clear that I was not the shy teenager anymore. I must have changed my mind a dozen times about what I would wear. Finally, I did the same thing I would have done in high school, I asked my Mom to help me. Two weeks before the reunion, we went to the mall together. My Dad was more than happy to keep the kids for me.

We went from store to store. I needed four outfits for the reunion weekend. For the picnic on Saturday, I wanted pants and a light blouse. I settled on jeans and a white pull over top that hugged my DD breasts. Mom did not really approve of the tight top, but she went along with it. Saturday night was going to be a dance, just like a prom. We found a beautiful black sheath gown. It was fairly tight, had a cowl neck top and was cut very low in back. It also had a split up the front of my right leg that went halfway up my thigh. We both loved it on me. Sunday was a cookout with everyone’s kids being welcome. I selected jeans again, but with a more conservative button-up teal blouse.

My selection for the mixer on Friday night was the most important one. If Tom was there, it would be the first time he had seen me in twenty years. I wanted to really knock his socks off. We spent hours looking for that one perfect outfit. Finally, we found it. The skirt was black. It hugged my curves and the hem was a couple of inches above my knees. It had a slit up the side, almost to my hip. The blouse was gathered slightly in the back, but the front was cut so low that I would not be able to wear a bra with it. It was an emerald green silk that really brought out the green of my eyes. Mother was scandalized. She could not believe that I would go out in public wearing a skirt “split to my butt’ and a blouse that “would let my boobs bounce out if I wasn’t careful.” I loved it. After buying four inch strappy heels, I was ready.

My parents had volunteered to keep the kids. Mom was going to pick them up from school on Friday and then I would come get them for the cookout on Sunday at noon. I was free from Friday morning all of the way through until noon Sunday. I was off on Friday as well. I had made an appointment at my favorite salon. I was getting the works; pedicure, manicure, massage and my hair was going to be styled for me.

The weekend finally arrived. It was a beautiful evening in early June. The stars sparkled like diamonds strewn across the sky. Pulling into the parking lot at the hotel, I was so nervous I was shaking. I sat for a couple of minutes, trying to slow my rapidly beating heart. What if Tom wasn’t here? What if he didn’t remember me? There was only one way to find out.

As I got out and walked to the entrance, I looked around for anyone I knew. My hair flowed across my shoulders like living flame while my braless breasts bounced and swayed beneath the silk of my blouse. The slit opened with each stride, displaying tantalizing flashes of almost my entire thigh. The heels tightened my ass and accentuated my calves and legs. As I walked across the lobby, I giggled as a man stared at me, while he walked into a potted plant.

At the entrance to the ballroom, Angie Fox and Marie Taylor were maltepe escort handing out name tags as people signed in for the evening. They did a double take as they watched me walk up to the table. Angie’s face registered total surprise as she looked at me. “Susan! Is that really you?”

I smiled as I signed the register. “Yes Angie, it really is me.”

As I walked to the door, I could hear Angie and Marie whispering. All of this attention was a great boost to my confidence. But, a bigger challenge loomed before me as I entered the ballroom. What kind of impression was I going to make? Was Tom here?

All over the room, people turned and looked as I made my entrance. It was like a ripple effect. I had never been the center of attention, but I was now. As I looked around the room, I tried to show confidence and poise. Inside, I was a nervous wreck.

With hope in my heart, my eyes searched the room. I saw many people that I remembered from high school, but Tom was not one of them. My disappointment was almost overwhelming as my hopes were shattered into a million brittle shards.

I sighed in disappointment. But, I wasn’t going to be allowed to stand there alone. Several men moved toward me as I hesitated at the edge of the seating area, near the entrance. Soon, I was surrounded by a group of men all vying for my attention. I tried to appear happy as I forced a smile.

As I tried to be pleasant with the flurry of men around me, I felt him. Turning, I saw Tom standing a few feet away. He scanned the room with a confident gaze. He was still the Big Man On Campus. When he turned toward me, our eyes locked. He had a puzzled expression for a moment but then his eyes widened in surprise. A dazzling smile lit up his face as he walked toward me. All of the men clamoring for my attention faded into obscurity. For me, Tom was the only other person in the room.

Tom hugged me to his chest in delight. Pulling back slightly, he looked me up and down. “Susan! Is that really you?” That seemed to be almost everyone’s reaction upon seeing me. “You look absolutely stunning.”

My heart soared on gilded wings. He remembered me! My thrilled smile was exultant as I took his proffered hand. His eyes gazed into mine with rapt attention. Tucking my hand into his arm, we walked across the room engaged in recalling memories of our high school days.

He remembered things about me that I had forgotten. As his memory awakened things I had not thought about in years, I was elated to know that he had noticed me in school and even remembered so many things about me. I was swept up in a haze of happiness as I basked in his attention.

As we talked, he frequently touched my arm or hand with a casual familiarity. I hadn’t been with anyone in a very long time and I felt my body react to his closeness, his touch, his smell. My labia started to swell as the wetness began forming between my legs. I could feel the heat in my chest and on my face. I was excited by his touch. I hoped I didn’t look as though I was that 16 year old girl with a crush.

Suddenly, Tom’s best friend from high school appeared at our table. Although he had gained quite a few pounds, David still had the same brown hair and laughing hazel eyes. After the three of us had talked for a few minutes, David led Tom away to talk with some old teammates.

As the evening progressed Tom and I mingled with our classmates, but we always seemed to gravitate back to one another. We were both always aware of one another, no matter where we were in the room. I felt a pang of jealousy when I saw him talking to Joy McAllister, his old high school girlfriend. She had been head cheerleader and Homecoming Queen. She was so beautiful and sexy in high school. But, the years had not been kind to her. She was not dressed in the latest fashion as she was in school. She had also gained about eighty pounds.

As the evening was getting late, people started leaving and saying goodbye. I came to him and we hugged. When the hug ended, he didn’t let go. Looking into his amazing blue eyes, I asked, “Would you walk me to my car?” Walking out of the ballroom, he slipped his arm around my waist. A thrill ran through me like electricity at the casual familiarity of his touch. I leaned slightly into him as we strolled out into the dark evening.

When we reached my car, I turned within his arms as they encircled my waist. I stood as if hypnotized as he lowered his lips to mine. His tongue flickered across my lips as I opened them to accept it. His tongue thrust into my waiting mouth. I heard his low groan as our tongues dueled in deep passion, the sound sending goose bumps rushing over me. Time stood still, as for long, hot minutes, his tongue and mine tangled, becoming one.

My breath was coming in excited gasps as I broke the kiss and looked up into his eyes. Tom leaned down and kissed me again. I kissed him back allowing his tongue to explore the dark kartal escort recesses of my mouth. His left hand ran through my hair and pulled my head back slightly, exposing my neck to his lips. I could feel my pussy getting wetter as he kissed and nibbled his way down my neck. I moaned as my arms went around his neck and I pulled him to me.

My legs felt like jelly as they fought to support my body. His hands were moving over my body. I felt as though I would melt as the heat rose in me. Warm waves of excitement flowed through me and focused in my pussy. My whole body seemed to be on fire as our passion built. Breaking our kiss again, I reached behind me and opened the back door of my car.

He joined me in the backseat and we started making out like teenagers. As our tongues dueled, I felt his hand sliding inside the plunging neckline of my blouse. My breasts jiggled within his grasp as he lifted them into the light. My breathing got faster as I felt him kneading and stroking my breasts. My body was responding quickly to his touch as I allowed him to kiss my breasts and pinch the nipples.

As his lips met mine again, his hand found the zipper in the back of my skirt. I arched my back to give him easier access. The only sounds in the car were my rapid breathing and the whir of my zipper as he slowly pulled it down. He broke the kiss and sat up. I raised my hips to help him as he pulled my skirt off my body.

I wove my fingers through his hair as he lowered his lips to suckle my nipple. My hips moved forward and pressed against him as the fire within me rose higher. His hand, moving across my skin, raised goose bumps as it formed a tingling trail behind his fingers. My belly was trembling to his touch as he slid his hand down across it. His hand blazed a path of fire as it slid beneath my black lace panties. My whole body was screaming for his touch. His fingers grazed my red haired landing strip as he moved a finger into my chasm of passion. I was already so wet that his finger easily moved into my pulsating vagina.

My hips began moving in rhythm with his hand as he finger fucked me. I felt his thumb swirling around my clit and bringing me ever so close to orgasm. I was straining to meet his touch as my passion rose like a bonfire within me. He was going crazy sucking on my big tits and fingering me and I was going crazy letting him!

He took my hand and put it on his cock. It was hard as a rock, making a tent out of the front of his pants. I started to stroke the cloth covering his cock as I tested its outline. Reaching down, he unzipped his fly. I reached inside and felt his hard cock. It almost burned my hand as I took it out. His cock was so big that my hand just did go around it as I stroked it.

I was whimpering in need as his fingers plundered my dripping wet chasm of desire. My body arched off the seat like a drawn bow, as my passion exploded in a liquid shower of ecstatic release. My cry of pleasure filled the car as my body trembled beneath his expert touch.

As my climax ebbed into a pleasant glow, I wanted more of him. Pushing him gently back into the seat. I bent over him and saw his hard cock in all its glory. His hard veined shaft was beautiful as it throbbed within my grasp. The plum colored head sat atop a long staff that extended well past my encircling grip.

I wanted to bring him more pleasure. I wanted him to thrill to my touch as I was thrilling to his. Leaning down, my tongue flickered out and licked just the tip. He gasped and raised his hips, seeking stronger contact with my hungry mouth. I willingly drew it in, running my lips almost the length of the erect shaft as I bobbed my head over him. The head was gliding into my throat as I took him deep. Sliding it from my throat, I teased the head with my tongue, swirling it over the rounded hot surface. I continued to stroke his cock while my lips caressed just the head, then I pushed the length inside my mouth again.

As I worshipped the cock that I had longed to possess for so many years, I felt his orgasm approaching. I could feel the telltale throbbing increasing as he approached his climax. I cupped his balls as they drew up tighter against his body. With a wild cry, he released his hot cum into my expectant mouth. His sweet nectar filled my mouth as jet after hot jet shot into me. Eagerly, I clung to his pulsing dick as I drank its salty load. I swallowed every sweet stream until his river of cream slowed and finally stopped. As his cock dwindled within my mouth, I licked up and down the shaft, seeking out every drop.

I kissed his stomach and chest as I moved up to receive his kiss. Our lips locked in deep union as his tongue slid deep into my mouth. Finally, I lay cuddled against his chest as our breathing returned to normal. Kissing the top of my head, he implored, “Spend the night with me.” Looking deep into his eyes, I nodded my acceptance.

As we rode the elevator up through the hotel, we could not keep our hands off one another. Our lips clung in sizzling embrace as he twisted my hard nipples and I stroked the front of his pants. After unlocking his room, Tom swept me up in his arms and carried me across the threshold like a new bride.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32