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I woke up alone. Enrique had left a message on my phone, saying he went to buy some stuff for that night. I decided to go out to run and exercise myself, just to empty my mind. I needed some time all by myself.

When I got back, near 1 pm, Enrique was at the apartment. He had bought drinks, food and some clothes, which he wanted to show me. He unpacked two jockstraps he had brought to satisfy Max, ropes (“maybe you guys can tie me”), lube and soccer uniforms that we were supposed to wear later. Max also wanted to compare sizes, so Enrique also bought a tape measure and a ruler.

“You fuck me first tonight, because… you saw what Max does…” He sure had many intentions. I asked about the uniforms and he replied, “Well, I was inspired by the story Ander told about Lorenzo and jock stuff. You will be great in it.”

I seemed a little bit infuriated about the whole situation. “Are we on good terms?” Enrique asked. I didn’t know.

He continued: “I think I like you even more now. We are discovering our true selves. Together. Let’s take a shower and get rid of this sweat.”

I was taken aback by his reaction. We entered the shower and he started to kiss me violently, directing my hands to his ass. He soaped me, massaging my big muscles the same gentle way he always did, but now with an admiring look. We didn’t have sex, but spent the afternoon together.

When the night came, Enrique and I dressed in the sports clothes he had bought. Enrique chose them for someone his size. My thighs and ass were thicker than his were, so the white shorts were almost ripping from the pressure. Although I had thought I would feel myself wearing a costume, I definitely looked good. The shirt fitted really good, highlighting the biceps and the pecs I were proudly packing.

We both went upstairs, to the terrace area. Enrique was tempting me, but we also wanted to save the moment for what could happen that night. Although strangely aroused by the recent memories of Max’s giant cock, the idea of bottoming did not please me. But I knew I had to see it again.

Drinking with Enrique left both of us in a relaxed, easy-going mood. One hour later, when Enrique’s phone rang and Max announced he had arrived, I was less scared than before.

With his beard and hairy chest, Max looked older than he was. He was wearing a baggy pant and a tank top where you could read “Top who tops tops.” He expressed confidence and arrogance in a natural way. Rodrigo, the Venezuelan bodybuilder, was 37 years old. He was a construction worker and had a smooth look, which contrasted with Max’s lumberjack appearance.

Rodrigo was also stunning like a muscle god: broad shoulders, barrel chest, eight-pack abs, narrow waist, sinewy arms. His upper body was almost as impressive as his legs and ass. He seemed to know that his ass was his best feature: his gym shorts contoured perfectly his juicy big bubble butt, drawing all the attention to that. He also had amazing lips. It seemed all his holes were made to be fucked. He was wearing a white shirt which some would consider small for the size of his muscles, especially on the chest area. He also wore a leather collar where you could read Maximillian.

Enrique and I loved Rodrigo. He was free-spirited, bold, and gentle and had a contagious laughter. He was very submissive to Max, whom he addressed as “Master.”

The weather was perfect. It was going to be one of those summer nights, with the ideal amount of breeze. As night went by, Rodrigo became a little bit drunk and revealed to me the obvious: that he and Max roleplayed as if Max were his master.

The story was this: Max was into authoritarian stuff and he played along. Rodrigo had been in love with Max’s cock since day one. He told me Max liked to impress men and women with it. Rodrigo could not have sex with other men, but he had to see his German Master fucking other men butts and even some women. “He is such a dominant man,” he assured. “He told me he is going to fuck us three this night. Honestly, you and Enrique are the hottest couple he introduced me to.”

“Thanks,” I just said.

“What I want to ask you is… if you could convince Max to let you fuck me. He told me you also top and that you have a big cock.”

I was so shocked by it, I didn’t even react. However, the night would be full of surprises. I was saved by a message coming to my phone. It was Lorenzo. He was downstairs apparently. “Are you guys having a party? I am here. I need to talk to you. Ander is not coming back.”

I told them one of our friends was downstairs. Enrique hated it, thinking Lorenzo’s arrival would break the mood. Max and Rodrigo, on the other had, were sure it could be another hole for Max to destroy.

Lorenzo was in his room. Surprised by seeing me in sport clothes, he gave me a spontaneous compliment. He told me he and Ander had a conversation and decided they would take separate ways.

“Things were not good for some time. Sex was just not great. Ander could not handle bahis firmaları me. He always asked me to stop and the sex ended up with him giving me a blowjob. And you know, just like you… I love ass.”

Lorenzo explained to me they were in good terms. Ander wanted to see me in four days. But he asked to be all by himself for a while.

I had no choice but to invite him for the party upstairs. Seeing myself in soccer clothes, Lorenzo decided to put on the uniform of his favorite Italian team. Rodrigo, who had not seen him yet, could not close his jaw and stared directly at his huge package. Max, on the other hand, full of himself, kept an eye on the Italian’s butt.

At 8 pm, there were five of us on the terrace, drinking and eating the things Enrique had prepared: meat and good salads. It was so hot that Max decided to take off his shirt and everybody else followed. We looked like a pack of gym rats.

When Max and Lorenzo met each other, everybody could notice the start of a rivalry in the air. As we were all chiseled and muscled, they had the only thing that stood out: a huge impressive and proeminent package. This distinctive feature was made obvious when we took a pic together. Besides the skin tone and hair color, the only thing that was marking a huge difference between us five was the fact that two of us had a cock so big that no gym, food or drug could make someone achieve.

Looking at the picture, Enrique gathered us to propose something. “Well guys, I’ve been looking at your biceps and I honestly can’t remember being around so many guys with big arms at once. So, I propose a game. You seem all tough, why don’t we do an arm-wrestling game? I am really curious to see who would win it. Rules are: we spin a bottle, the two chosen wrestle.

I really liked the idea. Testosterone was on peak, everybody wanted to fuck, and a game of male dominance and assertiveness would be the ideal starting point. Being strong myself, I also thought it could boost my confidence.

1st round was Max vs Enrique. The two studs sat face to face. My boyfriend never looked so hot, his veiny biceps pumping. But the hairy stud showcased his strength and dominance over Enrique, pinning his arm on the surface in 30 seconds.

2nd round was Rodrigo vs Lorenzo. This one was easy for Lorenzo. His big arm and roughness distracted the Venezuelan and he lost in less than 10 seconds.

3rd round was me versus Rodrigo. This was probably the most difficult match. The Venezuelan bodybuilder was so strong that he forced my arm near the surface a couple times, before I regained all my strength and beat him.

The 4th round was Max versus Lorenzo. It was an interesting match because they seemed like opposites. Olive-skinned Lorenzo had this big smooth chest like the Greek god of muscles, while bearded Max was like a hot combination of muscles and fur, especially on his chest. When the match started, Lorenzo decided to tease his rival, seeing his opponent trying to defeat him. He looked at us, whistled, as if not taking that seriously at all. He then said “Let’s finish this now”, and, seemingly without effort, pinned down Max’s arm on the surface.

Max was really pissed off. He stood up and said “Enough, I’m done with you guys. It was my second match so my muscles are tired.”

“Stop with the excuses, man,” said Lorenzo.

“Shut up now, bro. I will show you what being big really means and I want you guys all bending over there. You will all form an ass line because I am starving for ass.” He turned to Lorenzo and said “Including you. I don’t fuck care about what you prefer.”

Max was furious. What a stud, ripped, with an ideal combination of hair and muscles. He was angry, impatient, and confident in his dominance and experience. “Are you all here because you want to see a big cock, right? So I will sink this big cock into all of you, is that clear? And you are going to call me Sir.”

“Yes, Sir,” Enrique and Rodrigo said quickly.

Lorenzo, however, just told him in his natural deep voice. “Shut up. You are looking like a mad bitch.” This infuriated Max, who lost his temper. All sweaty, he clenched his right fist and advanced in Lorenzo’s direction. “You are going to be the first ass I am going to destroy. Faggot!.” He was pissed at him.

He then reached into his own pants. His hand was huge, but it took a time for him to be able to hold all that meat and get it all out. It was completely hard, impressive, and gigantic. Enrique’s eyes were glowing. Combining huge muscles, sweat and roughness, Max seemed like an alpha god of virility.

“Lorenzo shouldn’t have challenged him,” Rodrigo whispered to me. “Max is going to be merciless.”

The bearded German moved like an animal towards Lorenzo, really going for it, hoping to finish him and reassure his dominant behavior. “Man, you really shouldn’t,” said Lorenzo, easily dodging all Max’s movements, which he openly classified as “weak and amateur.” He immobilized Max, stopping him. Max struggled kaçak iddaa to free himself from Lorenzo’s huge arms, and failed. Lorenzo put Max on all fours, like a bottom in the referee’s position, and then pinned down his arms, immobilizing him.

“I’m gonna kill you,” Max kept shouting.

Lorenzo released him and looked for the ropes Enrique had brought. Max ran towards him, putting him in a sleeper hold, and pressing his sweaty hairy chest and cock against Lorenzo’s back. Lorenzo, however, didn’t subdue. Freeing himself from Max, Lorenzo overpowered him and dragged him near the bars.

“Do I look like a man who submits?” Max shouted. “You are screwed, man. I will fuck you with my big dick, cocksucker.”

“I don’t fuck care for what you look like. You will submit.”, Lorenzo replied.

While Max was nervous and desperate, Lorenzo was extremely calm. He was sure of his dominance and patiently tied Max’s arms to the bars. Max was pathetically trying to escape, to “teach him a lesson”, but he couldn’t. Lorenzo left him there in a spread-eagled position.

Rodrigo and Enrique were both worried. Lorenzo grabbed a chair and put it in front of Max, who kept shouting bullshit at Lorenzo.

The Italian muscle hunk was spotting an obscene bulge. His massive horse-cock was now poorly hidden by his shorts. He adjusted his respectable package over his shorts with his huge hands. It seemed his cock would rip his pants at any instant. It was that intense. We all could see his dick getting bigger, bigger and bigger. It seemed unstoppable. Growing an obscene length and thickness, his monster cock had been pushing the fabric forward, pulsating. Every muscle on Lorenzo’s body rippled with definition.

He then sat in the chair and rested his hand on his bull balls. He was like a bare-chested muscle gladiator claiming his prize. “Rodrigo, look at me.”

Max spitted and cursed, disapproving it and murmuring Rodrigo was his sub, collared, that he owned him. But Lorenzo ignored Max. “I heard that you like big cocks.”

“I love them. I love Max’s big cock,” Rodrigo replied.

Lorenzo asked him: “Do you want to know the difference between big and huge?” Finally, the moment we were all expecting arrived. Lorenzo pulled out his massive hard pole and spat on it. It was IMMENSE. I had never seen a cock as big and thick as that one, even in porn. We all flinched. We simply could not believe in what we were seeing. And then… those lemon-sized balls, hanging low. He was big everywhere. His oversized cock, squared jaw, smoot chest, good looks and big muscles made Lorenzo the ultimate alpha hunk.

Rodrigo was the most incredulous. You could see… love in Rodrigo’s eyes. Spontaneously, he brought a hand to his mouth, petrified. “Fuck, is it real???”

“Do you like this combination of big and thick?”

“I love it,” he replied.

“From now on, you will say ‘I love it, SIR’. You have a new master now.” Lorenzo was doing that just to piss off Max and it was working brilliantly.

“I love it so much, sir.”

There was something incredibly exciting about seeing that virile swarthy bodybuilder so transfixed by a huge dick. He rested his giant torso between Lorenzo’s wide spread legs, slowly caressing all of Lorenzo’s manhood, from the balls to the tip.

“This is so huge, so thick, Sir. Is it heavy? It looks heavy.” Lorenzo slapped his cock against Rodrigo’s face and he smiled. “This weight a lot, Sir.”

Seeing that, Max became really angry. As he tried to untie himself, his muscles pumped and the sweat made his body glisten. He looked at Rodrigo: “Stop it, come here and untie me, it’s your master who is commanding you. You are using a collar with my name on it. I will savage your ass, you will be punished.”

Proving his superiority, Lorenzo looked at Max: “Seems he wants more meat than you can provide. Am I right, Rodrigo? Why don’t you tell us about it?”

Knelt down before Lorenzo, with stunning eyes looking up for approval, Rodrigo replied: “You proved to be so much stronger than him, Sir. And your cock is so much thicker. I can’t even wrap my own hand all the way around your cock, Sir. Can I measure it?”

Eager to know the results, Enrique gave him the tape measure he had brought by Max’s request. At the same time fascinated and intimidated by the volume before him, the Venezuelan bodybuilder pressed the bulky base of Lorenzo’s monster, and, with the other hand, held it vertically. He did like a pro, slowly, passionately, again and again, while murmuring words of disbelief and excitement.

“Here are the results Length: 10.2 inches. Girth: 7 inches. Max has 8.4×5.5 inches. Your cock is the superior cock here, Sir.”

Infuriated, Max made a last attempt, threatening the Italian stud: “Bastard, untie me now, I came here to fuck you all. I will never bottom and I will never submit. You can have fun with him for now. I will fuck the other 2 guys and then I’ll come back for you later.”

Lorenzo positioned himself kaçak bahis in front of the tied hairy stud. “I will fuck him while he uses a collar with your name on it. Or, if you prefer, I can fuck you instead.”

“Fuck you, man. My ass has never been fucked. No man’s ever going to do that, asshole.”

Rodrigo was so hypnotized by Lorenzo’s cock that he simply did not pay attention to the threats Max was making. I had never seen a person so entranced before. He simply could not take his eyes away from Lorenzo’s rod anymore.

He stood up and kissed Lorenzo violently. “My ass is yours. It belongs to you and your huge fucking cock. I need it.”

Afraid of what could happen, I finally decided to interfere. “Hey Lorenzo, that was incredible. Just take it easy, because he is not used to a cock as thick as yours. You are going to ream him.”

“Don’t take it easy, sir. I can take it all,” Rodrigo said with his deep manly voice, looking at Lorenzo. He was a brave one. “What are you going to do with me, sir?

“I’ll ruin your throat and your ass for good.”

He knelt down before Lorenzo’s cock again, then massaged it, smelled it, kissed it, awaiting for Lorenzo’s next commands. Rodrigo was in heaven.

“Suck my 10 inches cock.”

“10.2 inches, Sir.” Lorenzo’s commanding words were like a password to activate Rodrigo’s incredible oral skills. While he was being tender before, now he decided to show Lorenzo how talented he was as a cocksucker.

The vision was spectacular, a scene of roughness and endurance only two men can provide. Lorenzo, standing as a ripped muscular king, serviced by his bodybuilder subject in front of his boyfriend. It was like a battle for dominance, Lorenzo almost breaking Rodrigo’s jaw and Rodrigo proving that he could take this challenge, choking and gasping, his drool covering the huge piece of meat.

Enrique and I were speechless. Rodrigo ignored Max completely, focusing only on the biggest cock. Lorenzo continued being rough and verbal. “I bet you’ve never felt a cock this big. Now I wanna see your ass.”

Rodrigo obeyed and, turning around while kneeling, thrusted his perfect round cheeks upward as an offering, spreading them with both hands. It was a spectacular ass. A round juicy big virile one. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Lorenzo said.

Max realized he had no control over the Venezuelan bodybuilder anymore. “Asshole, I am going to kill you if you fuck him.” Nevertheless, this time you could sense some notes of panic in Max’s voice.

“No, you are not. You are going to watch it and you are going to enjoy it.”

Lorenzo dismissed Max’s remarks with a snarky smile. This really pissed off the German stud. Lorenzo’s brutal showdown against the German stud took a step further when he spread the bottom’s cheeks wide, spitting on his hole repeatedly. I was wondering if the bodybuilder would be able to take him all the way down to the base. “Say what you really want.”

“I want to be butt-fucked by an alpha man like you, Sir.”

Lorenzo sat down, vertically adjusting his legendary cock with those impressive measures. “Come here, Rodrigo.” The Venezuelan bodybuilder was hypnotized; it was like his dream coming true. The gigantic hunk was eager to try it. “Fuck, sir. It is an honor.” He stood up, a mountain of muscles. In all my years as a personal trainer, I had never seen someone with such well-toned thighs.

Stretching even more his extra wide hole, with his own hands, Rodrigo slowly crouched until he felt the tip of that thick cock. As he expected, it took time to adjust. He squealed like the bull he was, feeling more powerful than ever. He took a deep breath, the pain in his ass lessening. His abs clenched, his Apollo’s belt forming a line so manly in his body. From where I was, it looked like he was being ripped.

Nevertheless, for Rodrigo, it was a challenge. “Be as rough as you can,” he said with his deep voice when he reached half the length. He had almost accomplished his ultimate mission.

It was the most extreme sex scene I’ve had seen. Lorenzo fucked him merciless, impaling the Venezuelan stud. He was being fucked in some positions I had only seen in porn before and in others I didn’t even know they existed. With every new position, the alpha man pushed harder into his burning hole.

Rodrigo was living for that cock. Lorenzo held him up and positioned him on his lap. Another round of full-on attack started on that ravaged ass. He threw Rodrigo’s legs high in the air and with one brutal thrust rubbed his massive rod on the ass of the bodybuilder. Inch by inch, he shoved his monstrously thick pole inside Rodrigo’s greedy ass. Rodrigo screamed, feeling his hole expanding. They stayed there for a while, Lorenzo’s amazing butt back and forth, dictating the rhythm. Spontaneously, Rodrigo shoot his load without touching himself, while being bred by the Italian stallion.

Lorenzo pulled his cock out of Rodrigo’s ass. He turned him so we could see the results. Fuck! It looked like a tunnel. Lorenzo then announced he was going to cum. Enrique, Rodrigo and I knelt before his perfect dick. Shooting buckets of cum, long stream of his white liquid hit our torsos and faces. Enrique and I cummed together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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