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Double Penetration

All characters in sex scenes are over 18 years of age.

Reese is feeling very nervous. She is having lunch with her boss right now. Alicia Humphrey is an accomplished 28 years old woman. The ebony beauty is a Harvard graduate who was also on the prestigious university’s wrestling team. Soon after she graduated from the Ivy League, the black bombshell started working at her best friend’s parents’ company. It isn’t very difficult to land the job, given both her perfect academic results and charisma. Within a relatively short amount of time, Alicia steadily rose through the ranks and climbed up to become a manager. She also still works out when she has time to maintain her excellent body shape, with the perfect balance of curves and supple muscles.

Of course, being in the presence of such a perfect woman is making Reese feel nervous. Alicia is that rare combination of brains and brawn, a young woman who possesses both intellect and great physical prowess. Reese, meanwhile, is a 40 years old out of shape woman of only average intellect, whose position in the company reflects that. She isn’t inconsequential by any means, but many other people could replace her and do as good a job, if not better. The only reason her ebony boss is having lunch with her is to hear a monthly report. Alicia prefers receiving reports during lunch when she is in a good mood, so if it’s anything bad she can distract herself with some good food.

“You did very well today, Reese,” Alicia compliments her at the end of the meal as she takes out her credit card. She gives her subordinate a rare smile and Reese feels very proud of herself for earning her notoriously hard to please boss’ approval. “By the way, tomorrow your son is taking his final exam, isn’t he? I heard you talking about it earlier.” Reese nods, flattered that Alicia would remember such a detail. “Well, why don’t you bring him over to the office in a few days’ time? Maybe he can get an internship here. It will be the next stage in his life.”

Reese nods appreciatively. “Thank you so much, Alicia. I’ll bring him over.” She gives her boss a grateful smile as they split the bill. Once done paying for the food, the two women get up and leave the restaurant together. Alicia heads out to her BMW and begins to drive away, while Reese pulls over a taxi to take her home. She muses over her boss’ offer in her mind as she thinks about her son. The woman has been worried about they shy, teenage boy for a while now.

At 18 years of age, he is still meek and unable to make friends. Noah is always by himself. She is afraid that this will affect his ability to work with other people as he is often unwilling to assert himself. The single mom sighs as the taxi takes her closer and closer to home. Other than her, there is only one other person he is comfortable around. That’s Reyna, his petite redhead classmate who has been coming around to tutor him. Reyna is a cheerleader but also incredibly smart, having been offered a place at Brown University. The two of them have a budding friendship and it seems like Reyna wants more than just that from her son. Reese almost wants to teach the girl how to seduce Noah but it would be inappropriate to help a girl get into his pants, just because she is worried about her son being lonely.


While his mother is being worried about him, Noah is perfectly fine. He is sitting on his bed with Reyna, who is explaining some concepts to him. The boy has been secretly in love with her for a month now. Well, not really secretly, since she knows about his feelings and has simply chosen to pretend not to. She suddenly looks up at him and says. “We have to talk about something that isn’t related to the exam.” Noah feels a little confused by this when she suddenly places a hand on his crotch. The touch of her hand makes the boy gasp as a certain part of him stiffens. Noah is an 18 years old boy. Of course his cock would get hard when she touches him.

He gulps nervously as she eyes him like a predator hides its prey. God, Noah’s never felt so nervous before. The boy wants to maintain his dignity and not let her take advantage of him so easily, afraid of how people are going to see him as loose. “Go on, then,” he mutters. “Tell me w w what we have t to talk about.” He hates how he stutters when he feels nervous. Reyna is now stroking his engorged shaft through the fabric of his pants. “Could you maybe stop for a second while we talk, please?”

Reyna shakes her head as she unzips his pants, removing it and then yanking down his boxers, letting his erection pop out. He blushes furiously as she spits in the palm of her hand and wraps it around the throbbing manhood. Her warm saliva coats him as she begins to caress his cock. “I’ve had a massive crush on you for a long time now,” she says to him, all the while continuing to give him a first rate handjob. “You are so cute and smart. Will you please be my boyfriend?” She knew it will make him very shocked to hear this question.

“Well, yes kaçak iddaa sure! I like you too!” Noah admits, letting himself moan her name as she pumps his dick, squeezing it in her hand. “Oh god. Your hand feels so wonderful!” He shamelessly moans as she slides her fist up and down his prick, clenching it around the tool. She smirks at his cute reaction and keeps on jerking him off. Her warm hand squeezes and squeezes until it becomes too much for him to handle. “I’m cunning!” Noah cries out as he fires his loads into the air in a big orgasm.

Reyna smirks in a self satisfied way as she then stands up and removes her shorts and panties, quickly revealing her shaved cunt. “Your turn to make me cum now,” she orders. He quickly presses his face against her molten genitals, kissing the labia. Parting her pussy lips with his tongue, he probes inside and licks. Sucking on her clit, he buries his face between her thighs and gives her head as well as he could. It seems to work since only five minutes later, she climaxes with a shudder, groaning out loud.

With that done, she pushes him onto his back and climbs on top of him. “Don’t worry, I’m on the pill,” Reyna tells the boy. She mounts his crotch and lines the tip of the rod up with her entrance. Reyna slides down, gently taking him up inside her. Her warm tunnel sheathes his penis completely. She has now taken his virginity and gives him a few moments to adjust to the sensation of being inside a woman before starting to move on top of Noah. He grabs the bedsheets tightly as Reyna starts fucking him.

She begins to fuck the boy in earnest, lifting up her hips and then slamming down on him. “Please fuck me harder, baby,” he begs her, driving himself up into her with his hips, lifting his butt off the bed as he thrusts. His legs are spread wide apart as he lets her have her way with him. “I love how you fuck me. Fuck me, Reyna! Fuck me!” he is crying out like a whore as she screws him hard and fast.

Reyna smirks as she bangs Noah, her snatch a blur as she drives him into the bed. She is completely dominating him with her relentless fucking. “Do you like it? Tell me!” she orders him. “Beg me to keep fucking you.” The power she feels now is intoxicating and she keeps on banging the shit out of Noah as he begins screaming beneath her. He loves getting fucked by her so much and wants more and more. The way it feels when she is slamming down on him is amazing. It is better than anything else could ever be.

“Please keep fucking me Reyna! I need it so much!” he cries out, surrendering himself to her. She grins and keeps on fucking the boy who is in love with her, her slender thighs crashing against his own. This is becoming too much for Noah and he knows he won’t be able to hold back for much longer. He is now fucking her back as hard as he can, desperately trying to reach orgasm. “Please make me cum inside you, Reyna!” Noah begs her shamelessly, giving her what she wants by pleading with her to fuck the shit out of him.

“Yes! Cum inside me, you slut!” she orders, bearing down on the boy with all her weight, keeping his prick buried inside the warm tunnel. Noah screams as his penis pulsates inside her, filling her up with his sticky cum. “Good boy. I really love it when you fill me with your cum,” she says, getting off of him, with beads of his cum streaming out of her puffy cunt. She scoops some of it up and eats it in front of him, making the boy’s eyes go wide in the most adorable way possible.

“So, when do you want to go on our first date?” he asks her shyly as she starts putting her clothes back on, making her frown at him. He is now feeling confused at the way she is looking at him as she dresses. “You did say that you like me too, remember?” Suddenly Noah can feel a pit growing at the bottom of his stomach. “You did mean it, didn’t you? Please tell me you didn’t just lie to get me to have sex with you. Don’t tell me that that is what you did.”

To his horror, Reyna sighs with an expression that tells him he was correct. “I don’t want to lie to you for a second time,” she tells him. “Once was already hard enough. The truth is I only wanted your cock, and now that I have it, you’re just another one in my list of conquests. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve only slept with 10 guys this month, and you’re one of them.” It’s only been thirteen days into this month. He watches in pain as she gives him one last smile and leaves through the door.

The boy, recently tricked into giving up his virginity, sits on the edge of the bed. He buries his face in his hands, trying to get over the shame of what just happened. It’s his own fault for being so loose and trusting her words so easily. She got into his pants without any effort at all. God, he is such a fucking whore. He can’t believe he didn’t even pretend to hesitate before giving her his body like a cheap slut. He deserves this suffering.

He was so desperate he didn’t even pause to think if what he’s getting is too good to be true. It makes kaçak bahis him feel sick and he almost rushes over to the toilet to throw up, before calming himself down and regaining control over his turbulent emotions. The boy desperately washes his cock, trying to get rid of all traces of Reyna. But it doesn’t change the fact that he just lost his virginity to a manipulative, lying bitch. Completely disgusted with himself, he sobs in a silent corner of his room.

He eventually leaves the room and goes down to the kitchen to get himself some milk. Gulping it down, he takes deep breaths and try to maintain a steady heartbeat, not wanting to start breathing heavily before his mother gets home. Noah wants all trace of his heartbreak to be gone when she comes home. There is no point to worrying her over something like this.


When Reese gets home, she is still thinking about her son Noah and his friend Reyna. She is smiling to herself, glad that Noah seems to be breaking out of his shell. Maybe she can send her son off on his first date before he leaves for college! The thought of it makes her smile. She knows he is going to be a much better partner to any girl lucky enough to have him than her alcoholic ex-husband was to her. Reese still shivers when she thinks about how he was such an ungrateful bastard who treated her as a slave despite all that she did for him, cleaning up the house to give their son a good environment to grow up in.

As she gets inside though, she is alarmed by what she sees. Her son is on the couch, arms wrapped around his knees. He is crying, something he hasn’t done in a very long time now. She immediately goes over to him, hugging her son lightly, trying to work out just exactly what is going on. “Are you okay, Noah? Tell me what’s bothering you. Why are you crying like that?” The middle aged woman has always been very protective of him, since that one time she saw a girl who was over to ‘study’ with him slip something into his drink.

Noah internally debates with himself over whether or not he should tell his mother about what happened. He decides not to. The boy trusts her and knows that she has his best interests at heart, and would always do whatever she could to help him, but she doesn’t want to open up about his half an hour long sex life right now. So he says “It’s nothing to worry about, mom.” Of course, it is not terribly convincing when he’s still sniffling and wiping away his tears right in front of her. There’s not a chance in hell she’d believe nothing is going on.

His mother sighs. Reese knows better than anyone that he would always do this, bottling up his feelings instead of sharing them with other people and accepting help. Perhaps it’s the side effect of having had such a cold, distant father. She has always tried to spend as much time with him as she could but because her loser ex didn’t work, she had to work really long hours and didn’t have that much time to spend with him. “Nonsense,” Reese says. “You’re clearly crying about something. You know you could tell me anything. I’m always here for you, my son.”

It’s becoming harder for Noah to lie about being okay. Not just because of his own crying but due to his mother’s concern for him. He can’t bear lying straight to Reese’s face when she is so concerned for him. He didn’t want to tell her since he didn’t want her to worry, but now that she is already worried, it seems like the only thing he can do is to tell her the truth. “Reyna told me she loves me,” he says. “But it was only to trick me into having sex with her. She told me after that she didn’t mean what she said and that she only wanted to get laid.”

Reese finds herself enraged by what she heard. She can’t believe someone could be so cruel. To lie to her son about having feelings for him, just to steal his virginity? It makes her want to march over to strangle the redhead bitch! But she knows she can’t do that. She is all her son’s got right now and if she goes to prison, things aren’t going to be good for him. He needs her. She needs to stay with him. “Forget about her. She is nothing but a bitch. Reyna doesn’t deserve your time.”

Noah feels very grateful for his mother trying to help him but still couldn’t stop himself from wondering that maybe Reyna had a point. “But mom, what if that’s all I can ever be? Just a boy toy for a woman to take advantage of. I’m such a hoe I spread my legs within a minute of a girl confessing to me. No one would want a relationship with a slut like me. And I can forget marriage. That will never happen.” He has always faced issues of low self worth and now is no different. The only thing he is proud of about himself is his literary taste, having a pile of Stephen King novels on his table.

“That is nonsense,” his mom says with a surprising amount of force behind her words. “You are a sweet boy who just happened to trust the wrong girl. She is a despicable excuse for a human being who tricked you into having sex with her. You made a mistake but that illegal bahis doesn’t make you worthless the way you think you are.” She takes a deep breath. “Now, on to more important matters. You will have some time after your exams before having to go off to university. You can spend that time by being an intern at the company I work for. My boss just kindly offered that to us when I had lunch with her today.”

Noah nods. “Thanks. That actually sounds lovely,” he says, feeling a bit cheered up at the new prospects. Maybe an internship is what he needs. It could distract him from the pain he is going through right now. “I’ll just go and finish revising for the exam.” He then heads back into his room and starts arranging some notes, looking through mind-maps and bullet points. You got this, he tells himself reassuringly, patting himself on the back. Just keep calm and carry on.

It makes him feel better after he got to talk to his mother and now he is better able to focus on studying for his exam. This is what he needs. He gets himself a light snack to devour during a small break he grants himself after finishing a 45 minutes session, taking a small walk around the room to loosen up and ease the tension in his limbs that have accumulated from spending a long time in the chair. It feels really good and he is now ready to get back to revising.

A few days later, after Noah has already taken the exam, he finds himself in the building where his mother works. He has never been here before since she only recently got a job here. It is much easier to relax after taking his final exam, even though Noah often finds himself nervous in a new place that is full of new people. Socializing is not his forte and he knows it. Most of the time he prefers to be squirreled away in his room, all by himself, with only his copy of Stephen King’s The Institute. But he is now trying to break through his shell. Noah knows he is going to have to be a lot more confident if he ever wants to succeed in life. Hopefully, his time in this internship would help him do that.

As he is standing by his mom’s tiny cubicle, he could suddenly hear some footsteps from behind him. Before he could turn around though, the person says to him in a deep, seductive voice “You must be Reese’s son.” Feeling goosebumps all over his body, Noah turns around to see a tall black woman. Her chocolate skin is flawless, tapering over a very toned body. The woman’s thighs are muscular, clearly possessing a lot of raw power. The ebony is also extremely beautiful. “Yes, I think you are. You look a lot like her.”

Noah blinks. He cusses at himself in his mind, insulting his tongue for daring to fail him at this crucial moment. Finally he manages to say “Thank you! Most people we meet think I look more like my dad, but I prefer not to think about him.” He pauses for a moment before deciding to continue “He is a drunkard. Always threw stuff around when he had too much tequila.” Noah has no idea why he is opening up so quickly to an older woman that he just met today, but something about her just makes him feel more relaxed, after getting over the initial tongue-tied moment.

Had he known that he is speaking to his mother’s boss, Alicia Humphrey, he would be a lot more nervous. As it is, Noah doesn’t and gives her a smile, biting on his lower lip. She looks at him and says “You’re cute, white boy. Go on a date with me.” Noah is shocked by this. He’d just gotten over a nasty heartbreak at the hands of Reyna. He knows that people usually wait for a lot longer after a breakup before jumping into a new relationship, but what he had with Reyna was all based on lies. So Noah decides he isn’t going to wait.

“Sure!” Noah says to the ebony woman with a bright smile on his face. He has a coquettish look now, glancing down to the ground with a red face. “Thanks for asking me out. No one’s ever done that before.” He finds himself blushing even when she is just standing there and staring at him. Her intense gaze is making him feel like she is undressing him with her eyes, and unbeknownst to him, that is exactly what she is doing.

“Oh, I’m not asking you out,” Alicia clarifies as she steps close to him and makes him automatically back away in his surprise. “I never did. I just told you that we’re going on a date. You will still go out with me, even if you don’t want to. You definitely will once you know who I am when your mother gets here.” Now Noah is feeling confused, wondering what his mom’s got to do with this. “Hi, Reese!” Noah immediately whirls around to see his mother approaching from the other end of the hall way.

“Ms Humphrey! I see you’ve already met my son.” Wait. Ms Humphrey? As in his mom’s boss Ms. Humphrey? He quickly glances back at the older ebony and sees her smiling at him. Oh shit. His mom’s boss just asked him out and he said yes! Oh, god. This is so bad. “Hey, are you okay, son?” His mother is now looking at him in concern after he went silent for a while. Noah snaps out of it and mumbles a few words and then Reese whisks him off on a tour around the office. When his mother has her back turned though, Alicia reaches down to caress his thighs and cup his ass, squeezing and making him gasp.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32