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Nicole entered a crowded bar with her assistant following behind her. She’s beautiful, rosy complexion, tall, blonde straight hair cascading down her back. She’s wearing a red silk spaghetti strap dress that clearly showed her toned body, perky breasts and butt that elicited lust from men. She has a body to die for.

This was the fifth bar that she entered. She’s determined to find the special guy to assist in her research. She believed that she would find him tonight.

And she saw him.

He’s sitting across the bar in a black shirt hugging his muscular body. His pants clearly showed strong powerful legs. He’s handsome, black hair, blue eyes with thick lashes. He had a wicked smile. He eluded confidence in his demeanour.

He’s drinking a cold beer oblivious to the lusty stares of the other women.

Nicole walked towards him and slid her body between him and another man. She ignored the other man. She confidently asked him if he’s interested in helping her in her research. The ruggedly handsome guy, Seth, arched his brows and asked what kind of research.

She mentioned that she’s an actress and got a part of a hitchhiker in a movie.

In preparation for her role, she would like to hitch a ride with him to his next destination.

Seth looked at Nicole and slowly roamed his eyes on her body stopping on her perky breasts and butt. Nicole felt warm heat building up inside her, her eryaman escort bayan nipples harden and her pussy getting wet from the gaze that Seth gave her. She found him sexually attractive. She doesn’t mind being fucked by this guy.

Seth said that it would cost her and Nicole said that she’s willing to pay cash for his time and expenses.

Seth said that money was not the issue. She could ride with him if she agreed to his conditions: she would not wear bra and underwear and that she allowed him to touch her body and licked her. She ask if he would demand to have sex with her, and he looked at her amusingly and said that sex was only on the table if she allowed it. He said that he was happy just touching her body.

Nicole looked at him and turned around to walk towards the washroom. When she returned, she handed over her silk underwear to Seth. Seth raised his hand and smelled her underwear and got horny with the scent coming from her underwear. Seth looked at her lustily and said they have to go.

Nicole instructed her assistant to wait for her in the next destination and she got inside the truck with Seth.

Seth looked at her and his hand reached out to caress her cheek before it started roaming down towards her cleavage and breasts. He inserted his hand inside her dress and grabbed her nipple and started playing with it, sending heat racing throughout her body. Nicole felt her ankara escort body heat rising and when Seth slid his hand towards her pussy and cupped it, she’s wet and ready. Seth started playing with her clit and inserted two fingers into her vagina. He felt the warmth and moisture coming from her pussy. His cock got hard. He removed his fingers, smelled them and tasted her slickness. Seth smiled at her and said that they’re in for a great adventure.

He drove out towards the back road and while driving, his other hand was on Nicole’s pussy. Her dress was up to her hips and her legs were spread out to accommodate Seth’s hand. His fingers were driving her crazy with the constant massaging. Nicole’s getting horny and she’s moaning loud. Seth looked at her and smiled.

After an hour’s drive, Seth stopped the truck in an isolated area. He got out, walked around towards Nicole’s side and grabbed open the door. He turned Nicole on her seat so that her legs were spread out towards him giving Seth a clear view of her shaved pussy. Seth smiled and said that he hasn’t seen a shaved pussy for a long time. Shaved pussy’s a big turn-on because it looked innocent, clean and pure. Her pussy’s beautiful and should always be exposed this way. Seth finds women sexy when their legs are spread apart exposing their pussy.

Seth lowered her shoulder straps exposing her luscious breasts. Her nipples were sincan escort bayan hard and pink which Seth loved to suck. Nicole’s so horny from the sucking.

Licked my clit and finger fucked me – she commanded.

Seth obliged by burying his head between her thighs and started licking and sucking her clit. He inserted 2 fingers inside her vagina and started fucking her with his fingers. Nicole’s trembling with the lust building inside her. He started massaging her vagina where her g-spot is located. She screamed in ecstasy and her juices started flowing from her pussy and Seth’s licking it up. Nicole tasted sweet.

Seth asked if she wanted to fuck. She’s panting hard from her orgasm but his intense look made her horny again. She answered him by getting out of the truck, placed her hands on the side of the truck and exposed her ass to him. He grabbed her hips and brought it towards his crotch. He massaged her ass and pussy lips. She moaned again. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his engorged cock. He rubbed his cock against her pussy. Her pussy’s so hot and screaming to be fucked. She spread her legs to give him more access from behind.

Fucked me hard. Fucked me rough – she ordered.

Seth took hold of his big hard cock and shoved it through her saturated pussy.

He groaned that her pussy’s tight and hot. He started thrusting hard. He’s fucking her hard and furious. Nicole loved rough sex.

It’s so good. Fucked me harder – she commanded.

After he came, Seth embraced her and whispered that she could call him up if she needed assistance in her next research. Nicole smiled and reached up to kiss him.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32