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The days since Holly’s adventures at “The 1000 Lays” were mostly peaceful. Maria even managed to take Holly to a movie theater and watch a whole movie. To Maria’s surprise, Holly kept it together and made it through the whole thing with no difficulty at all.

“It’s because of that night, Maria,” Holly explained, “I came so much back then that my body is focused on renewing the reserves.”

“Let me get this straight,” Maria tried to wrap her brain around the wonder that was Holly, “your body needs less sex because you have less cum?”

“Something like that,” Holly said, “I can still do the “1000 Lays” all over again, it’s just that the cum won’t be as condensed as it was.

“I wanted to ask you something, Holly,” Maria lowered her voice, “It’s kind of strange but it really bugs me…”

Holly smiled at her girlfriend, “You can ask whatever you want, Maria, I’ll answer honestly.”

“I know you’re not the only futa in the world…” Maria hesitated, “have you ever been sexual with another futa?”

Holly thought back on her sexual escapades and tried to recall, “No, I don’t think so. I only fucked women… I guess one of my floods might have got to a futa, but I never actually fucked one…”

“Would you like to try?”

“I don’t know, Maria,” Holly hesitate, “I’d like to try it, but I fear what can come out of it…”

Maria’s face suddenly turned red, “Please don’t be mad at me…” she almost cried.

“Why would I be mad at my perfect girlfriend?” Holly wondered.

“Remember the other day when you fucked the blonde girl in your room?”

“Yeah, what about her?” Holly almost demanded to know Maria’s secret.

“After your 50th orgasm, I went to watch TV and saw your phone was ringing.” Maria explained, “I picked it up and took a message for you…”

“Thank you, Maria, why would I be mad at you for that?”

“Because it was Chelsea Liu…” Maria whispered and became dead silent.

“Who’s Chelsea Liu? Should I know her?” Holly was baffled.

“I keep forgetting you don’t know Titania all too well. Chelsea is the biggest futa in Titania. She said she wanted to have a talk with you…” Maria spat it out.

“Chelsea Liu,” Holly rolled the name in her mouth, “Is she as big as me?”

“I don’t know… I never checked…” Maria started to stutter.

“Do you have her number, Maria?” Holly sounded excited, “We have to meet her!”

It took the frantic Holly a minute to set a meeting up, “We’ll meet you over at Golden Bridge Park in an hour…” Holly ended the call. She didn’t explain anything to Maria, simply grabbing her hand softly and dragging her away. Maria was too embarrassed about what’s going to happen to say a word or object.

Maria’s and Holly’s walk to Golden Bridge Park was uneventful. Holly didn’t seem angry at Maria for withholding the information about the futa. After a long walk, they ended at the entrance to the park.

The place was a natural oasis, filled with endless lands of green gardens. It took no effort from the girls to locate Chelsea Liu in the crowd. The raging fangirls that gathered around her immense body were a dead giveaway, she was clearly someone in Titania…

The first thing Holly saw about Chelsea was her most prominent feature, towering a few feet over the fence of fangirl was a giant ball sack. It held two clearly defined testicles, each as big as a truck.

The girls around her gasped and moaned as a ripple traveled across her balls. One of the girls escaped the group and ran away with what looked like a balloon filled with a white liquid.

“I have her cum!” she screamed.

Five other girls chased her. “Give it back, don’t be greedy,” one of the girls shouted,” there’s enough for all of us to share.”

Maria looked at Holly with shocked eyes, “What the fuck?”

“It’s going to be amazing, right?” Holly smiled and started making her way through the fangirls towards the huge balls. The fangirls didn’t make her life easy, but after a short struggle, Holly found herself on the other side of the crowd.

“Nice to meet you, Holly Green…” Said the owner of the gigantic balls.

The futa was the clear opposite of her massive balls. A relatively young woman, she stood a little over four feet tall, had a slender figure and mostly looked as plain as the next Asian girl. Her black hair was cut short and it complimented her little button nose. It was a wonder such a tiny nose even supported a pair of glasses. It took Holly a moment to accept she was the owner of the huge sack directly behind her.

“Hi,” Said Holly, looking around to see Maria made it through the fan-fence, “I’m guessing you’re Chelsea Liu?”

“Correct, thank you for coming,” she said with a smile, “I see you brought your toy with you…”

Holly immediately understood she meant Maria and corrected her, “This is Maria, she’s my girlfriend.”

“Hi, Maria,” Chelsea greeted her with a smile, “you’re the one I talked to on the phone?”

“Yeah,” Maria admitted, “sorry it took us so long to get back to you, I just needed a few days with Holly after what happened in The 1000 izmit escort Lays.”

“Oh, that was quite a number you two did on that place,” Chelsea winked at the two.

“Thank you, but it was all Holly’s doing, I just cheered her along the way,” Maria told her version of the truth.

“Wow, Holly, nice job,” Chelsea said, “a thousand perma-pregnancies is not an easy thing to pull off.”

The fans around Chelsea giggled and wowed while the girls talked. It was a hustle and Chelsea had about enough of it.

“Girls, please leave us alone, we need to talk,” the futa asked nicely. The girls whispered amongst themselves but mostly ignored Chelsea’s request.

“Quite a following you’ve got there…” Maria said while she tried to count how many fans were around her. It was an impossible job with all the noise and movement they made.

“I’ll count to five,” Chelsea sounded assertive, “after that I’ll make one of you perma-pregnant… One…”

That was all it took. The girls scattered screaming and running away for their lives. Holly couldn’t help but laugh at the sight. it seemed the threat was so effective even people who passed by heard it and ran away.

“Wow, that was strange, when I say those words the reaction is mostly positive, girls usually rush me…” Holly seemed baffled.

“She’s new here, Chelsea,” Maria looked at the futa, “she doesn’t know about the April incident…”

“What’s the April incident?” Holly followed.

“April was a girl I made perma-pregnant…” Chelsea explained.

“Oh, how bad was it?”

“Remember Anna?” Maria reminded Holly of the police officer.

“That wasn’t so bad, Maria,”

“April gives birth on a nine-month cycle like most women,” Chelsea explained, “but each cycle has over a hundred babies.”

“Wow,” marveled Holly, “that’s almost as bad as what I did to Liza from Aeston…” Chelsea and Maria blinked with disbelief after hearing Holly. The redhead futa was something else, “Anyways, how about a walk through the park?” Holly offered.

“Sure thing,” Chelsea agreed immediately, “I love this place, follow me.”

The huge-balled futa started walking casually down the path into the park. She paid no attention to the two gargantuan orbs that dragged behind her. Holly and Maria joined her and the tree walked in a line. every now and then Maria and Holly snuck looks at the giant cum factories.

“Don’t worry about them, girls, you’ll get used to them following us around…” Chelsea tried to calm the girls down.

“Were you born this big?” Holly asked.

“No,” Chelsea giggled, “they grew this big when I was 19. I decided to abstain for a week and they got this big.”

“The thought of draining them never occurred to you?” Holly offered a solution.

Chelsea giggled hard at the suggestion, “I drained them, a million times over… Nothing helps, they just stay this way.”

“Bummer,” Maria sighed.

“Not at all girls, I learned to love the benefits…” Chelsea said as the girls walked along the path. They mostly shot the breeze and talked about everyday life. Before long the three stopped walking at Chelsea’s order.

“Here we are girls,” Chelsea gestures with her hand at a deep valley that stretched away from the path. It seemed about half a mile deep and stretched about 2 miles away before Titania’s skyscrapers took over again. The whole valley was filled with welcoming green trees, heavy with fruit, that invited them to enjoy their shade and nourishment.

“Is this what I think it is?” Maria wondered.

“Yes, Maria, this is Futa Lake…” Chelsea declared.

“Where?” Holly asked, looking around for a body of water.

“The valley, Holly…” Maria explained, remembering her girlfriend was new to the strange mysteries of Titania, “This is Futa Lake, most of the time it’s a wonderful valley with what people say are the most tasty fruits in the world.”

Holly looked around, she saw Mangos and apples and pears. Maria was right, all the fruits seemed ripe and inviting.

“Try some…” Chelsea offered. Maria needed no farther instructions. She stormed into the valley and plucked an apple and a mango for her and her girlfriend to try.

“There you go Holly,” Maria offered her the apple.

“Thank you,” Holly said and took a chunk into her mouth. Her eyes lid up when her taste buds exploded. The apple tasted sweet and flooded her mind with delight, “wow, that’s the best apple I ever ate…”

“Created by me…” Chelsea said and tapped the massive ball sack behind her.

Holly looked confused, “You have apples in there?”

Chelsea started laughing at Holly’s remark, “wish it was so, apples are much easier to clean than cum.”

“This is a futa park, Holly,” Maria started explaining after realizing Holly wasn’t getting it, “there are a few of those around Titania, Futa Valley is the biggest…”

“Okay, I’ll roll with you girls,” Holly took another bite from the apple, “what’s a futa park?”

“It’s a place where futanari like you and Chelsea can come and unload without getting in trouble with the police… you can kadıköy escort even have sex here as long as it’s consensual…” Maria elaborated.

“Wait, you’re telling me those trees are watered with cum?” Holly asked.

“Yes, I am actually the only futa in Titania who was able to take care of most of the trees in the valley…” Chelsea tried to sound modest even though the valley was filled with hundreds of trees.

“Cool,” Holly sounded more interested in the mango she was eating than in the fact Chelsea cum enough to nurture all those trees.

“Shall we continue?” Chelsea offered to move farther into Golden Bridges Park.

“I rather we stay here…” Holly said as she finished devouring the mango.

“Ahm… Okay,” Chelsea said, “is there something else you want to do?”

“I want to see you water the valley…” Holly talked bluntly.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea, Holly?” Maria wondered.

“What can go wrong?” Holly said, “Besides, I wonder how big her package is compared with her sack…”

“I’m not sure Chelsea is comfortable with such a thing-” Maria voiced her opinion before Chelsea stepped in.

“If that’s what you want, Holly, I’ll be willing to play your game,” Chelsea looked at Maria, “can I use your girl to move things along?”

“Who? Me?” Maria sounded confused.

“I’m sorry Chelsea, but Maria is not game,” Holly stopped her, “I’ll take care of you if you’ll take care of me…”

“Sounds fair,” Chelsea approved and started removing her top. her body reflected the outfit that covered it. Two perky breasts, no bigger than a B-cup, decorated her slim frame, “I’m also curious to see what you can do…”

“I’d love that,” Holly said as she too undressed and exposed her big breasts, each more than twice as big as Chelsea’s. Next, she moved on to expose Baby, it dangled down to her knees, completely dormant.

“Nice thing you have there, Holly,” Chelsea complimented as she took off her pants. Her own cock was longer than Holly’s, its tip resting on the grass below them. While Baby was sleeping Chelsea’s cock was quickly waking up, it seemed to become thicker and longer.

“Well, let’s get this show on the road,” Holly said as she made her way to the other futa, “Maria, you can wait here or hang out by yourself while I get things rolling with Chelsea.”

“I think I want to see this…” Maria said and walked over to a shaded bench nearby.

“You can change your mind later on if you want, Maria,” Holly suggested and leaned forward to pick Chelsea’s cock head off the ground, “I think I know what you need girl,” Holly gave the pulsating tip a sloppy kiss.

Chelsea moaned with a big smile on her face, “That felt great, but your mouth won’t be enough dear…”

Holly chuckled, “I’m sure of that, Chelsea. That’s why I’m going to give you more…”

She used her free and to push baby aside and make way for Chelsea’s cock. Baby’s huge size and massive balls didn’t bother Holly at all, she moved the beach-ball sized orbs out of the way with little effort.

“Been a long time since I had a real cock in me…” Holly said when she felt the enlarged tip against her wet slit. It didn’t take much work to get the slit open and the tip inside her.

“Aren’t you risking becoming perma-pregnant, Holly?” Maria wondered.

“Not at all, Futas like Chelsea and me are different. We can get pregnant, but we have to do it while we’re ovulating…” Holly explained between moans of pleasure as she took about a foot of cock in her, “my ovulation ended a week ago… Besides, Chelsea won’t cum in me, I want to see her take care of the valley…”

“I’ll pull out when I get close…” Chelsea agreed.

Holly messed around with Chelsea’s cock for a bit longer, hunched over to make sure everything was okay. She then lifted her head up and looked at Chelsea, the outline of her cock was visible on Holly’s stomach. Holly carefully lowered her body onto the grass, coming to rest on her back. Her hands grabbed her growing balls and lifted them up to exposed her pink pussy lips wrapped tight around Chelsea’s cock.

“I’m all yours, girl,” Holly tempted the futa.

“With pleasure,” Chelsea smiled and stepped forward, pushing more of her growing cock into Holly. The rod was as thick as its owner’s shin and it clearly bulged out Holly’s once flat midsection. Holly looked like she was enjoying what Chelsea was giving her. Moans filled the pastoral air that once graced the park. Between her girlfriend’s legs, Maria noticed Baby was waking up to the party its owner started.

“More, Chelsea,” Holly demanded as another foot of cock disappeared into her outstretched pussy and made her belly even bigger.

Chelsea was giving it her personal best, she stood over Holly, her cock massively long. It fell from her crotch and slithered along the floor before going into Holly’s love cave. The whole thing seemed fully erect and eager to fuck the Holly into next week, now as thick as Holly’s thigh.

“Get ready for my special move, Holly,” Chelsea declared between moans of kahramanmaraş escort pleasure. Maria heard of Chelsea’s special move, she flexes her cock hard and lifts her lover off the ground. She used it to go even deeper into girls she fucked and stretch their wombs.

Before Maria’s eyes, the massive rod flexed. It started at the base, a huge upheaval that jarred feet after feet of enraged cock. The pole arched from Chelsea and made its way to Holly, getting ready to lift the futa off the ground.

Baby was getting bigger, waking up from the jolts that shook Holly’s world. Her huge balls now full after their adventure in The 1000 Lays days ago. As the arching pole reached Holly’s pink glove she felt it pushing her us, demanding she leaves the ground to join the tsunami Chelsea was about to unleash.

Chelsea’s will and her cock didn’t interest Baby. The growing cock went past Holly’s head and her balls inflated quickly. The pulse that shook Chelsea’s cock struggled against Holly but the futa showed no regard. After a long struggle that lasted a couple of minutes, Chelsea’s cock seemed to have given up.

“That pulse felt great,” Holly screamed between tides of pleasure, “I can’t wait for your special move Chelsea…”

Both Maria and Chelsea looked amazed. Not only did Holly stay on the ground after Chelsea’s special move, she seemed to enjoy it. Chelsea did the math in her head, the reason she failed to lift Holly was because the futa was too heavy. Seeing as the woman was rather slim, Chelsea assumed the added weight was coming from Baby. Chelsea lifted fat ladies in her past, she even managed to lift a woman filled with almost 300 gallons of her cum, but Holly didn’t budge.

The thought pushed Chelsea over, she started fucking Holly in earnest. Two feet of cock moved in and out of Holly, making her belly bulge out so far it reached between her massive boobs. Holly was enjoying the little playout between them, but it was nothing compared with Baby. Towering about 4 feet above Holly’s head, the giant cock pulsed angrily and changed its color to a bright red.

“Chelsea, please, it feels so good,” Holly moaned as her right hand manipulated her nipple and her left hand felt around in her giant ballsack, “If you keep going like this I’ll-“

Holly didn’t finish the sentence. Baby pulsed violently and silenced its owner, the pulse made it grow to about twice the size. Before everyone in Futa Valley, Baby released some pent up pressure. The slit at the tip opened wide, easily big enough for a fist to go inside. The stream that left Holly was as thick as Chelsea’s cock was, it flew about a dozen feet away before meeting the ground, gallons splashing everywhere. A few innocent bystanders were drenched as the flow kept going out of Holly, the futa indulging in the pleasure.

The whole thing lasted about 5 minutes before the tail left Baby. The area where Holly’s blast landed was thoroughly covered with her output. “I’m sorry,” Holly called to the people she accidentally drenched.

“No need to apologize,” Maria said, “People who come here know they run the risk of getting wet…”

“Wait,” Chelsea interrupted the two, “Holly, are you multi-orgasmic?”

“Yeah, why?” Holly answered.

“That explains why you’re still ready to go after blasting so much,” Chelsea tried to rationalize Holly’s sexual ability, “I bet you’re mostly empty after letting that out.”

“What? That little glob of precum?” Holly giggled.

“That was precum?” Chelsea was so shocked she didn’t notice her voice became louder.

“I had that issue in the past too, Chelsea,” Maria called from the bench, “Holly didn’t even start cumming yet, once she’ll cum you’ll know it.”

Chelsea froze in her tracks. Her cock started to grow slightly with each pulse, “My god, Holly, you’re so sexy, how is that even possible, that blast of precum was amazing.” Without warning, Chelsea grabbed her cock with both hands and started pulling feet after feet out of Holly. The futa was so wet Chelsea’s pole slid out of her with ease.

Chelsea turned towards the valley and her cock followed her motion. The whole thing looked about 8 or 9 feet long and red with rage. Pulses ran along its length in rapid succession and Chelsea moaned wildly. Behind the little woman, her balls seemed to have grown in size. Each testicle seemed bigger than Chelsea herself and both of them swam in an ocean of cum.

“Fucking shit, Holly,” Chelsea lowered her voice, “You’re so sexy, I’ve never been this turned on by seeing someone cum…” Chelsea wiggled her hips around as a low roar came from her sack, “I can’t imagine seeing you cum for real… Ahhh…” And with those words, Chelsea locked in place.

The huge sack at Chelsea’s back started to vibrate and shrink. Soon, the thing was about as big as her. Both Holly and Maria asked themselves where did the content of her balls went but the answer came a moment later.

Chelsea’s screams of joy drowned in the roar that her cock produced. At the very tip, a stream of cum as thick as Chelsea’s waist, launched itself across the air. The stream sailed along the valley and into the forest of fruit trees. It crashed onto a tree and painted it white in a split second before going on to drench everything around ground zero. Chelsea stood firm in her place as hundreds of gallons left her body. Each stream lasted a long minute before making way for the next blast.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32