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Ninety days.

She repeats the two words over and over in her head in the car.

Now it doesn’t seem that long ago, but before, it was an eternity.

She sits in the back seat, staring out the window, shifting her weight every now and again, and tries to keep those thoughts she’s thought for so long out of her mind. She knows the dampness between her thighs won’t dissipate anytime soon, though, so she eventually just sits still.

His parents make idle chit chat in the front seat, and she laughs and speaks to them as well, but her mind isn’t here. Her mind is with him, on the plane, and right now they’re making love in the tiny bathroom again, somewhere in the troposphere.

One hundred and thirty-five days.

Three thousand, two hundred and forty hours; one hundred, ninety-four thousand and four hundred minutes; eleven million, six hundred and sixty-four thousand seconds (give or take), since they’d last made love. It had been ninety days since she’d last seen him, when she had spent their only time alone together performing oral sex on him (when he finally came for the first time that way and she had loved every second of it).

She taps her nails on her purse again. Realizing that it’s once again the only noise in the car and might be annoying by now, she stops and writhes tuzla escort her hands together instead.

She refrains from asking, “Are we there yet?” like a child, and continues to stare out the window.

She wonders if he’s lost more weight and shakes her head. His first three weeks away he’d lost at least twenty-five pounds, and she hadn’t lost a single one. It wasn’t for lack of trying—hell, the first week of his departure she cried almost constantly, and was in and out of the bathroom throwing up. She couldn’t eat or sleep, and then as the days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into months, she either didn’t sleep at all or slept all the time, and usually had to be reminded to eat. She exercised to the point that she was sore for days afterward, but the scales stayed the same, so she eventually stopped trying altogether.

She shifts again and sighs, leans back in the seat, and closes her eyes.

She smiles to herself as the mental imagery takes over, and then crosses her legs.

She glances at the people, trying to spot him, and curses under her breath again because she can’t see far away clearly. She hears his mother say, “There he is,” and eyes the crowd frantically. When she sees him his smile is genuine, and she runs, just like she’d kidded that she would.

He drops his bags tuzla escort bayan and runs as well, but doesn’t get very far before she slams into him, her arms tightly around him, her sobs shaking her entire body, her tears wetting his shirt.

He laughs and holds her tight, glances up and sees his parents waiting, and then pulls back from her and takes her face in his hands. She wipes at her eyes and laughs, but she can see that he’s teary eyed, too.

“I love you. I missed you so much,” he says, and she nods in agreement and then kisses him.

They moan almost in unison as their tongues dance hungrily and their hands begin to explore one another. He cups her bottom and she squeezes her thighs together to stop the wetness from trailing all the way down. She runs her hands up and down his back, slides her fingers through the belt loops in his pants and pulls him against her, and she can feel his erection; she’s never been so turned on her life. She wants nothing more than to make love to him right here and now, in the middle of the terminal, but his parents are here, watching. Right now, there are several people watching, she realizes, and she clears her throat. “Your Mom and Dad are waiting.”

He puts his bags in the trunk and as his parents get in the car, casually asks, “Does anybody else escort tuzla have to pee? I have to pee.”

He glances at her and winks, and she tries not to grin.

“I do.”

He takes her hand. “We’ll be right back.”

They hurry into the family friendly bathroom, hand in hand, and he checks under the stalls to be sure they’re completely alone. When he turns around he sees her lock the door and turn, her back against the door. When he reaches her she drops to her knees, and he knows what she’s about to do. He leans against the corner wall, and when she frees him and takes him in her mouth he shudders. She goes down and up only twice before he pulls her up and kisses her. She lifts her skirt and wraps a leg around him, and when he guides himself inside her he can feel the wetness on her thighs. She inhales sharply as he thrusts, and kisses him to muffle her moans. She tries to grab the doorknob to steady herself but slips and misses, and when her full weight falls onto him he comes. She can feel him throbbing inside her, and he fills her completely. She cries out his name as her own orgasm overcomes her. He buries his head in the crook of her neck and shoulder and shifts his weight, and she wraps both legs around his waist and comes again.

“God…my Baby,” she breathes, and someone knocks on the door.

She opens her eyes when the car comes to a stop.

“Are we there yet?” she asks finally, and his mother smiles.


She grins and takes a deep breath, and then gets out of the car.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32