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Jake and Traci were an interesting couple, for a lot of reasons. They both had a lot of similar views about their bodies, values, relationships, financial goals and many others. But they also had some real spikes in their time together where they would pull back, re-evaluate, re-think about each other, and then jump back in.

They were coming off of one of those ‘taking a break’ times. To be fair, they had spent a part of Monday evening together, for some cuddling, chatting and some loving, but they both knew they needed something more substantial to really prove they were on the same page. From Monday on, they texted and chatted about getting together, with much of their conversation centering on what their night might look like. Some drinks would be on the agenda, but they both wanted and needed more to prove their commitment to each other was real and solid. What would they wear, what roles might they assume?

Jake had always loved those times when he didn’t have to worry about pleasing her and could just focus on his own wants and needs. He understood her needs and how she needed to be loved, kissed, caressed and talked with, but when he had the choice, he just wanted to have his way with her and not worry about anything else, except what felt good. And when he was with her, there was a lot that felt good. He loved looking at her, period. She was not only gorgeous, but had perfect tits, a tiny waist, wonderfully sized hips, a shaved pussy and a firm, tight full ass. God, how he loved her body! And when she was naked, all he wanted to do was violate her in every way imaginable. And in a few days, all he wanted was to be her master who would take what he could from this willing sex slave at his command.

What did he want? He had these black motorcycle chaps and black leather vest he had for his bike, that when worn with a thong, would highlight his ass and package in a way that would definitely add to the atmosphere. With him being that bad biker boy, it was easy to just have her dress up as some scantily clad little fucktoy he would have his way with. So throughout the week their messages centered on who would wear what and who would be giving the orders. Just thinking about that scene caused Jake to have hardons throughout the week.

Traci also wanted this night to be special. She was going through a lot in her life and knew how hard it was on Jake. She also knew she loved him like she had never loved before and didn’t want to disappoint him. For him, she would be his toy, his mistress, his slave or whatever it was he wanted. She didn’t really care because she knew whatever he did would be done in love and respect, even if it were something that was new to her. And new it was going to be.

It was four days pendik escort later at the end of the week. Jake rushed home from work and got himself all cleaned, showered and shaved. With a couple of quick tequila shots to loosen him up, he popped in a porn and waited for her arrival.

Traci had her own errands to run, but couldn’t wait to get to his place fast enough. She had spent the whole day thinking about Jake, how she loved him, and how she wanted to please him. She also thought about his handsome face, well-developed chest, strong arms, flat stomach and tight ass…and his package. He was just the right size for her mouth and pussy; wide enough to feel and long enough to feel him deep inside of her. With those thoughts in her mind, she packed the few things he had requested: her high heeled shoes with the ankle straps and her French Maid outfit, atho he did say she likely wouldn’t be wearing it long…

By the time Traci pulled in, Jake was feeling very relaxed, very horny and very much wanting to attack her. When the doorbell rang, he pulled her in, closed the door and began kissing her like the starved man he was. Traci melted into his arms, tonguing him deeply, as she ground her pussy into his already-hard cock.

After some brief small talk and a couple of quick drinks, they moved into the bedroom. While Jake pulled out his chaps and vest, Traci began to undress herself. Seeing her gorgeous ass being revealed as she slid her jeans down was making it very hard for him to even get undressed. But when she slipped on her outfit and asked him to do up her bra hooks, that was it for him. He moved in behind her and while his fingers fumbled with the hooks, he laid his hard cock between her ass cheeks and began grinding against her. Feeling his cockmeat against her cheeks, she returned the favor and began gyrating to his movement. As he reached down to cup her tits, he slipped his cock down so it was now between her legs, being gripped by her thighs. Letting go of her breasts, he grabbed his cock and guided it to her wet pussy. Feeling that wetness, he didn’t worry about foreplay, he just wanted to give her a fuck to let her know who was in control. With that, he lined up his cockhead and forced his way into her tight pussy.

At first Traci protested, wanting to give him a better fuck when she was ready. But feeling his hard cock against her cunt, she knew she wanted it as badly as he did. As she let out a small moan of pleasure, Jake pushed her down on her shoulders so she was face down on the vanity. As he picked up his fucking pace, he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back.

“Oh fuck baby, I love fucking you from behind,” Jake said as he picked up his fucking pace.

Traci couldn’t reply; Jake was really escort pendik fucking her now and all she wanted was to enjoy this feeling of being fucked and used by her lover, having her hair pulled and having very little control over this pounding her cunt was taking.

“Unnnnhhhh,” Traci moaned as Jake pounded her even faster.

Now Jake was almost babbling, “Fuck you, you’re my sextoy tonight! I’m going to fuck you and use you the way I want!” And with that, he began fucking her even faster, pulling harder on her hair and slapping her asscheeks while he fucked her.

Traci was electrified, feeling her ass slapped and having her hair pulled. She had always wanted to give herself to her lover and just be used. To know she was being taken by Jake, who she loved, brought her even closer to him. And gave her a plan for the rest of the evening. With a final thrust, Jake slapped her ass again and pulled out.

“Fuck you, slave! Get dressed and meet me downstairs! Hurry!” Jake barked, as he left the room.

As Jake left the room, Traci caught her breath and finished dressing. Still weak in the knees, she made her way down the stairs to the fireplace room where Jake was sitting on the couch, all in his leathers.

He was just as she envisioned: rugged in his black leather…definitely that ‘bad boy biker’ look. And when he stood up and turned around so she could see his naked and perfectly framed asscheeks, she got the eyeful she was waiting for all night.

“What would Master like his slavegirl to do tonight?” she cooed, as she approached him.

“Come here slave, and suck my cock,” he commanded.

As she pulled his dick out and began sucking on it, Jake leaned back to enjoy this fantasy come true. He loved her lips on his dick, no question. But he loved it even more, knowing she was at his beck and call.

“Kneel on the ottoman and keep sucking my cock, I want to play with your cunt.” Without barely breaking contact, Traci spun around with his cock in her mouth while he played with her ass and pussy.

Traci loved him and wanted nothing more than to please him, especially since she had been putting him through the ringer these past few weeks. And also knowing what he liked and wanted, she had her own plan for making him very happy tonight…

He pulled her by her hair away from his dick and spun her around so she was lying on the large ottoman. He then kissed her, deeply tonguing her, before kissing his way across her tits, down her tummy and to her wet pussy. Tonguing, kissing, sucking her shaved cunt was one of his most favorite things in the world. He loved her taste, the feel of her soft and naked pussy lips and being able to stick his tongue deeply inside of her. And hearing her soft pendik escort bayan moans of pleasure also pleased him to no end…

She was so wet and horny now, she wanted him – her way. As he crawled back up her to kiss her lips again, she reached down to grab his cock and after stroking her own pussy, she lined up his swollen cockhead and began probing her own virgin ass. She knew he loved anal; he’d talked about it a number of times. And as much as she always wanted to try to please him, the opportunity never presented itself; maybe she was too nervous to admit it. Today was the day to give him the gift of her ass….

Feeling his cockhead being rubbed around her asshole, it took Jake only a couple of seconds to realize what was going on.

Looking at her, he said, “If you want that in your asshole, we have to get it wet first.”

With that, he took control and drove his cock deep into her very wet cunt and began fucking her hard and deeply. After a good pussy fuck and pounding, Jake pulled out and flipped Traci onto her side.

“That should get me wet enough,” he said and with that, he grabbed his cock and in one fluid motion, slid right into her tight ass.

Traci had never had a cock in her ass before. As she adjusted to the sensation and motion of his cock pumping her ass, she closed her eyes to savor the feeling of his cock in her, the tightness of her hole on his dick and the feel of his balls slapping against her cheeks.

“Oh baby, I love fucking your ass!” he groaned, as he picked up the pace.

He was fucking her hard now; balls slapping her cheeks, while he reached down with one hand to squeeze her tits and his other hand squeezed her cheeks.

They could both feel the explosion coming. He was fucking her hard and fast. As he slammed into her hole, she loved the feel of him pounding into her and his cock reaming her while she felt these new sensations she had never felt before. And she wanted him; she wanted him to come inside her ass so she could give him that memory forever.

“I’m coming baby! Do you want me to come in your ass? Do you want me to come in your fucking virgin ass?” he yelled?

“Yeah baby, fuck my ass, come in my fucking ass! Fuck me hard until you come!” Traci growled.

She couldn’t believe she was loving this so much.

That was all Jake needed to hear; his woman wanting him to cum in her ass. He pumped her harder now, grabbing her tits and asscheeks even harder again as he drove his cock deep inside her asshole. Within seconds, he exploded, emptying his cock juice deep inside, before falling on her. As they both lay there, catching their breath, it was a few minutes before either of them spoke.

“Was Master pleased tonight?” Traci purred, knowing she had done everything he wanted, and more.

“Yes, you were a good slavegirl tonight. I’m proud of you,” Jake said. What Jake didn’t say was the unformed question on his mind….who was the real slave tonight?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32