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We’ve been together for five years and we are still very much in love. I would die for my Christi and I think she would do anything for me. My problem is my wife is Bi, while I’m a dedicated lesbian. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate the male body and wonder at some of the big cocks we have gotten for us, but they do nothing for me except be part of the show. My Christi is my personal pornstar at these meets and I get to direct. Usually it’s just pictures, but sometimes the “Bulls” want movies. And secretly… it makes me wet to watch her cum, even if it’s not me.

My bubbly blonde practically bounced down the hotel hallway in excitement. Her boobs were modest but bigger than when we met. She is tall and toned and she just makes me melt when she bares that athletic body. I call her my Goddess. She is taller than me, much more fit. Although five years with her has changed my eating and exercise habits, I look better… but this isn’t about me.

“I really like his picture!” She blurted out. “And he seemed nice on skype.”

“The fact that he’s got a thick ten inch cock wouldn’t be a factor, would it?” I said with sarcasm as I escorted her to her “date”

Actually we would both be meeting him and I would always be there, never leaving my baby alone. That was always the deal. Maybe Christie thought I would relent one day and suck cock or something, but also there was no way in HELL I was leaving my girl alone, even if we’ve known the guy before.

“Do we look good, Em?” Christi always asked how “we” looked.

She was amazing in a denim skirt and white cotton blouse, nothing fancy, in fact, simple and easy to get off. And as usual, my baby had no bra. Her nipples were already hard with excitement and pushing at the cloth. I was in a short grey knit dress with stockings and no panties and a plunging neckline for my girls. Unlike Christi, there was nothing athletic about my boobs, and once the guy left, my dress could come off with a tug from my five foot eight frame. “We look deadly, baby.” I said flatly.

Hotel bars are usually the same. We have only ever used three, but the bar was adjacent to the door and it wasn’t so dark inside as some seedy joint on the street. Hotel bars were cleaner, with a rolling clientele, I think they had to be. This one had a dance floor, about the size of our bathroom but it was there. Christi would love that. And there he was, Mister tall, dark and ten inches himself, waiting in a booth by the window.

“Christi. Emily!” He stood up, broadcasting our names to the room like an idiot.

Yes, I don’t like him. I never really like any of them… but I love my baby and I will let her get what I can’t give her. Oh sure, we use a strapon. Well the strapless strapon to be precise, but sometimes she wants “Meat”, her words, not mine, and that makes them tools, living dildos, and I can live with that.

Christi scoots into the booth with him and I take a chair opposite. She is probably already fingering his thigh, looking for proof of that ten inches. We get drinks and chat, covering over some details of the nights events. All of his attention isn’t just on Christi. I keep seeing hopeful and lusty glances and wicked smiles when he talks to me. By the second drink my girl is ready to dance, so we hit the little floor.

Tristan is taller than Christi, at six foot, with tanned skin, dark wavy hair and a sculpted roman nose . A mix of greek maybe with hints of spaniard, a true Mediterranean man. He isn’t clumsy on the floor, being tall and thin, he is actually graceful with a controlled power and Christi is eating it up. She moves from me to him and teases to come back to me again. Her hands are on him though, touching his chest as she moves bursa escort around him to come back to me, letting her nipples brush his arm as she spins away. My girl is a flirt and I do love to watch her work. She bumps and grinds with me, but she is looking over her shoulder with “Come get me” eyes to him. Am I jealous? A little, but it will be worth it when she is done with her toy.

She pulls me around as Tristan comes up behind her. My baby has made a sandwich of herself. He grinds into her ass, but I have her eyes, her soul, as she mouths “I love you”. My fingers go up her torso to find the man’s hands already just under her boobs. It got hot and heavy but we kept it at an NC-17 rating for this public display. Finally Christi had his hand and pulled Tristan from the dance floor. I followed closely behind as she sauntered slowly out the door with tonight’s lover. I’m sure the few other patrons were sure a wild 3-way was going to happen soon.

Once in the elevator, he moved in and kissed her. Christi kissed back, not some little peck but tongues were in play already. I just leaned on the wall and watched. Tristan groped my girl’s ass, MY ass. His big hands palmed her firm butt as he pushed his thigh between her legs. Her arms were wrapped under his and she pressed those hard nipples to him. When he got into her neck and she moaned out loud I thought I might have to take a water hose to them, but the bell rang and the elevator opened up. Christi straightened down her denim skirt and Tristan composed himself as I walked them to our room.

I sat down in a chair and began readying the camera. “I get copies of everything, right?” Tristan asked me as Christi was already unbuttoning his pants.

“All of it.” I assured him. “I can email them before we even leave here.” anything more i was going to say was interrupted as Christi found his dick in the flesh, so to speak.

“Oh my God” she looked down on its length, just semi-hard and not pointing out or up yet. It was long with a cut head crowning a slim shaft. Well it seemed thin when compared to its length. Now my blonde sat down at the edge of the bed and hefted it in her hand. Her fingers wrapped midway along its tube and she gave it a pump and some turns, looking over tonight’s “Meat”. “Look at this cock, Em.” she looked over at me as I zoomed the camera in on her smiling giddy face. “Tell me I’m aloud to suck it.”

I hesitated just enough, “Say please, little love”.

“Please, baby. Let me suck it.” I couldn’t refuse that voice and the need it held.

“Lick it first, baby.” I instructed and clicked another picture.

Christi held the cock up, and starting at Tristans shaved balls, licked upwards, slowly, until arriving at its engorged head. She licked around it twice, kissed it and then went down its side with her lips this time. For his part Tristan just smiled as his cock got harder under my baby’s care. She slowly put the head at her lips, and watching him, took the engorged bulb into her open mouth. She never broke eye contact as she slurped his length inward, her tongue seeming to go out and draw in more each time. Then she hummed on it as she had him to the back of her throat, my baby moaned and began bobbing on dick.

Tristan let his hand rest on her head, as if guiding her back and forth. I knelt to the side to capture her face as she stuffed it with cock. My blonde wife slurped as she pulled it out and then stuffed as much as she could back to her throat. Her red lipstick shone along his shaft as she moved it in and out. Her hand at the base she pumped it when she would come up for air. I focused on Christi. The camera moving down her body. I let my own hand slide between her spread legs. Her panties bursa escort bayan were damp as I rubbed the mound there and lower.

“Take your shirt off, baby” I directed her. Let’s see how hard they are.”

Christi pulled cock out of her mouth just for the brief second it took to get the blouse over her head. Her rosebud nipples stood out and proud. Emily snapped pics of that and zoomed back out to catch her filling her mouth again with Tristan’s hard dick. He wrapped his fingers in her soft blonde hair and pulled her off his tool, bringing her to eye level. I was ready to stop that shit, but Christi was smirking and loving the touch of domination. Tristan unzipped her skirt from the side, letting it drop to the floor. His big hand cupped the wet cotton of her panties. His fingers mashing into the covered lips and rubbing her swollen pussy through the fabric. He bent in again to get at her neck. That drives my baby wild, and he seems to have learned that already. With licks and kisses to her jugular he rubs hard up and down her sweet pussy. I hear a moan escape her lips as he then bites her gently.

“Mmmm, Em,” her voice is pleading, “I want him to fuck me. Please, Emily.”

“Already? Jesus, Christi.” my voice a mix of distaste and disbelief. “Lay back on the bed then, but feet on the floor, you little slut.”

Tristan released her happily at the mention of fucking. Christi flopped back on the bed. Her sunny blonde short hair tousled and her lipstick thoroughly gone. But with panties still on, I myself knelt between those firm slim thighs, pulling the moist fabric away and inhaling the scent of my sweet love. I nestled my face into that soft blonde muff and licked gently up that sweet little slit. Tasting the horny nectar of a very turned on woman. Finally getting up and snapping pictures of that gorgeous clam. “You heard the lady, Tristan.” I moved out of the way and toward the chair again.

Grabbing her ankles, Tristan still stood tall over her, spreading her like a christmas turkey. Squatting low he lines up his meat to that glorious gate of heaven. I snap pics as she helps to guide him home. Pushing her knees back, he sinks it deep, pressing his cock forward without hesitation. Christi gasps, her breath taken away as her pussy is filled. I watch as her lips spread around that dick. He isn’t fat but he does go deep. I capture her mouth in the perfect expression of pain covered by ecstasy. “This is what you wanted, baby.” I tease from behind the camera. “Moan for him like a slut. Let him know you like that dick.” I almost spat the last word.

Tristan held her by her knees pressed to her sides with his own feet on the floor, he started pumping, working into that sweet tender pussy. His weight pushing the corner of the bed down and her body bouncing back up to meet his cock. My girl starts moaning like a true whore and I switch from pictures to sound and video, capturing her sighs as he grinds into her. Hearing the slow creek of the bed at the rhythmic plunging. Soon her sighs are moans and then wails as the evenings stud picks up the pace. I see Christi rock her hips, meeting the thrusts and guiding him to her favorite spots inside her juicy clam. He must be hitting a few because she is tossing her head back with her mouth wide open.

I decide to take advantage of that situation. So getting close I look down at the action, letting the camera see the sexes combine. With one knee on the bed and lifting my dress a little I drop my own wet pussy to my girl’s face, smothering her cries and sighs, doing my best to hold the camera still now that I’m on the bed too. At first I just feel her breath on my dark furred cooze, but soon I feel the first lick and then escort bursa a kiss as my little love remembers who brought her. This angle is incredible as the camera gets a topside view of pistoning cock and firm belly. I see her tummy roll with each thrust, taking the cock actively with her muscles, moving it, squeezing it in her sweet little quim. I press down, letting her get a mouthful and she doesn’t disappoint. Baby laps deep along my juicy slit. I feel the flat of her tongue swath along it and then up in it, digging my pussy out with her tongue. I can’t help but tweek little rosebud nipples beneath me. I do it hard trying to make her squeal up into my hole. Tristan is watching our play as it happens right beneath him. His look is to close for me to capture with the camera.

“I want her from behind.” He request, breathing hard.

“Hear that, Christi.” I voice down at her. “He wants a view of that pretty ass of yours.” Getting off I retreat again to the corner, holding the camera level.

Tristan rolls her over to her knees, but baby puts her feet on the floor with her knees against the bed instead, so when he plows in, like she knew (maybe hoped) he would she was rock steady and actually pushed back onto the thrusting cock. This time it was Tristan that gave out a grunt from the initial collision, but it didn’t slow him down. And now the room filled with that body slapping sound as rump collided with hips and groin again and again. SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP. Christi was grunting now and their pace was doubled as they began to rut. Her pussy squelched and sounded sloppy and I got on my knees to go under and investigate. Most of the mattress was in the way, but baby’s pussy was a fountain, with juices coming out on every invasion of that angry red cock. And now baby was taking it in earnest, her head bowed and guttural grunts coming from deep within her, and then she began to sing. Wails filled the room as she neared her climax.

“More more moe” she barely gets out the last word. Frantically she pushes back, needing to be filled, needing that cock to move within her, to make her cum. “OH GOD, MORE!” Her hands clench and her body stops moving with her ass all the way back. It’s just the deep strokes of Tristan now, hammering away at that pussy. I see her tighten and I know my own eyes go wide as I’m filled with the sight of my baby, MY pornstar, cumming for us all. Tristan is grunting frantically behind her, whether to cum as well or just to keep up the pace as demanded, I don’t care. I’m watching the most beautiful woman reach her peak and I’m enthralled by the sight of it.

“Oh, cum, baby” I can’t help but softly say, “cum.”

Christi looks up at me for a moment before biting her lower lip and dropping her face straight to the mattress. I see her body shake and convulse, her knees lock so she doesn’t collapse. She screams into the bed, muffling her climactic anguish followed by the soft spoken sound of… my name.

I capture it all, if even unfocused, but I film Tristan pulling out and splashing his hot load on her backside and then wiping his cockhead along her swollen puffy red lips. I see him slip it along her ass crack and lay his body along the mess he just made. They both roll to their sides, catching breath and copping a cuddle. I look down at her, my Goddess, and I want to eat her, to devour her to my contentment.

Putting down the camera, I do. I roll her to her back as best I can and spread those wondrous thighs and kneel between them. The aroma of her freshly fucked pussy fills me, intoxicates me. The heat coming off from her is intense as I dive my mouth between her legs, covering that pussy with my lips and my tongue sliding up where his cock just was. I grunt hungrily and EAT, filling my mouth with cunt and cream. I feel her hand at my dark tresses, caressing, not guiding, cuddling not directing. She is contented to just have me lap her, and I am fulfilled to be there, sucking at her soaked hole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32