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She needed to cum and cum quickly. There had to be to make this easier….

By the way there’s a slow build up to this story. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


It had been a long trip, the plane was late, her luggage was lost and a storm had just hit town. Arriving at her hotel she was disappointed to find that the gym and pool were closed. She checked in to her room, browsed the TV channels. Nothing, not even on the 15 second previews on the porn channels — just adverts for phone sex. Her laptop had been checked into the hold, so she couldn’t work –more security precautions, she’d been told.

Her stomach rumbled. Looking at the clock she realised she should hit the bar for a bit of food.

She needed to change, but had no clothes to use. It was too late to try and hit any shops. Checking herself out in the full length hotel room mirror she considered her appearance. Brown hair — neat and tidy; check. Blouse; White (and still clean!); check. Breasts; 34B –still there ; check. 34 inch legs, on high heels elegantly flowing into an equally elegant grey skirt. All in all she looked good. Not the most ideal of travelling clothes but she’d had a meeting at the airport prior to her flight.

Making her way down to the bar she noted a queue had formed at reception. A business man, was at the desk checking in. He was quite cute, she thought, nice buns too!

Pausing at the door to the bar she took a deep breath. She didn’t really like this side of hotel hopping. There was always someone with too much to drink ready to make a pass at her. Even when she’d faked a wedding ring she still got hit on. Not that she minded but most guys who were in the slurring drunk stage were not that interesting, typically repetitive and in desperate need of a shower.

On entering the bar she was surprised to find no other business travellers there. A few family groups were positioned around the place. Even the barkeep was a girl! Ordering a glass of red wine she asked for the food menu. Unfortunately, she discovered, the kitchen had been closed. She couldn’t even arrange a sandwich. Storm drains had blocked up and back fed into the kitchen bursa escort and most of the staff were desperately trying to get the place cleaned up in time for breakfast.

‘Ok,’ she thought, ‘I’ll drink my wine, eat some peanuts and go to bed’. Sitting at the bar she chatted to the bargirl; it turned out she was a college student, who was only a part timer in the bar and typically covered the quieter shifts. She was quite a cutie too, petite and blonde. Probably a little precocious.

Motion beside her made her turn. ‘Cute buns guy’ was at the bar, ordering a glass of wine. Whilst the bargirl was sorting this he turned to her and asked her about the bar food. She explained the situation with the kitchen. “Bugger” he said “Bloody typical after the day I’ve had too”.

He asked the bargirl where he could get something to eat. She suggested a local steakhouse, Gibson’s. “They’re normally busy every day of the week and really only stop serving when people stop asking, so you’ll most likely get something” she said. He asked the bargirl to arrange a taxi.

She looked at “Cute buns” guy in the mirror at the bar. “I’m hungry too” she thought. “Excuse me” she said, turning, “but would you mind if I came with you, I’m starving too”. He turned to look at her. “Hmm, green eyes” she noted. He smiled and nodded. “Absolutely, I hate “tables for one””. The bargirl turned and smiled; their taxi had arrived.

Leaving their unfinished glasses of wine they ran out to the taxi. The rain hadn’t stopped and it was pretty windy. He opened the door for her and she jumped in. She slid along the back seat, he followed her in and shut the door. Letting the taxi know where to go she sat beside him in silence. His hip was brushing against her hand and she could feel his warmth. He placed his hand on his thigh. She could feel the sleeve of his suit brushing against her skin. It tickled in a pleasant way.

Arriving at Gibson’s she offered to pay the taxi driver. He nodded agreeing and said he’d run in to try and arrange a table. Hopping from the cab she ran into the restaurant. The place was thronged. She panicked, she couldn’t see him. “What the hell bursa escort bayan was he wearing again?” She had had limited time to really look at him properly in the hotel bar. Scanning the faces in the restaurant she saw him at the bar. He had turned to her and waved and was shouting something but she couldn’t hear. She put her hand to her ear. He raised his hand and mimed drinking to her. She nodded and mouthed the word “Red”.

Making her way through the people, towards the bar, she was glad of the extra height the heels had given her. She was able to see him all the time. The noise was incredible; most people looked like they knew each other. She reached him at the bar. He turned and handed her a glass of wine. He said something to her but she still couldn’t hear. The crowd were quite raucous. Leaning over to hear him better she felt his cheek brush the hair by her ear. “There’s a company event here tonight, but the barman can arrange some food for us in one of the booths in the bar if you’d like”. “Sure” she said. “Let’s order here and then try and find a seat”.

Scanning the menu she picked a steak along with a side of crabmeat and avocado. He ordered the same. The barman gave them a pager “We use his for busy nights, when it beeps your food is ready, there’s a built in laser, just point the laser at the white wall at the back of the bar or even the ceiling over your table and we’ll find you”

He turned to her. “Let’s try and find somewhere to sit” Picking up his wine and the pager in one hand he took her hand with the other and led her through the crowd. She felt the firmness and warmth in his hand. She felt, well… almost safe. Leading her towards the back of the bar they could find no seats. He turned and leaned up to her again. “I think there’s a couple in that booth who might be finishing up, they appear to be on coffees” She enjoyed the warmth of his breath on her cheek as he spoke to her. “This really is very intimate” she thought “and I’ve only known him half an hour!”

She realised looking down at her hand that he still held it in his own. He noticed this at the same time and let go, reluctantly –it appeared.

It escort bursa was just as crowded in this area as it was in the front of the bar. He turned to face her. They had stopped by the last booth in the bar. His back was to the wall and he was facing her. She stood in front of him. They started chatting, mostly about mundane things, hotel accommodation, the recent winter weather, flooding and how it had affected them in the past.

The constant crush of the crowd was pressing against her from behind. At one stage a surge pushed her right up against him, nearly spilling the wine. She was forced up against him one of his legs pressed between hers. Stepping back she placed her hand on the wall behind him to keep the pressure of the crowd from crushing them. They had to stand close together to be heard but regular surges from the crowd kept pushing her into him. “If you’d like you could stand against the wall” he suggested. She nodded, ok. Her hand stung and her wrist hurt.

They turned together, like two slow dancers, his left leg between hers. Placing his hand on the wall to keep his balance he raised his glass. “To crowded bars” he joked. “And solid walls” she said back. They clinked glasses. Music started and the noise level went up. He stepped closer to her to talk. No touching her but very close. The constant movement of the crowd pushed him closer. His left leg was now lightly brushing her skirt. She could feel his leg close to her thighs and she was starting to enjoy the sensation. She could feel herself getting warm. She kept talking to him leaning in a placing her free arm on his arm to when talking to him and removing it when listening. His leg was now moving in motion with the crowd from thigh to thigh and touching against her. She could feel herself getting wet.

This was completely unlike her. In public. With someone she had only met. She realised she didn’t even know his name. She could feel a tension of excitement in the pit of her stomach. She leaned towards him, to ask him his name. She realised as she did so her left leg was pressing between his legs. She paused, mouth open. She could feel the hardness.

Leaning towards her he whispered “What?”

Momentarily speechless she paused, mouth open….movement to her right made her close it again. “Quick the table’s free”

She needed to cum and cum quickly. There had to be to make this easy….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32