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It had been a long day of taking care of the customers issues with gear that had been installed. I wanted to relax and forget about work. I decided to go for a swim in the hotel pool. I changed into my swim trunks and grabbed my key card.

As I entered the pool area I realized I would not be alone. I walked around the pool to a chair across the room. I saw a lady was laying on a lounge chair across the pool at the other end with her eyes closed. I could tell she was a curvy lady, which excited me. From the little I could tell she was in her 40s. She was wearing a black swimsuit. As she looked up and noticed me, she smiled. I noticed she wore earphones. I figured she had not seen or heard me walk in. I looked into her eyes and smiled at her. She smiled back and closed her eyes as she put her head back down.

I took a look around and realized we were alone on the pool deck. Music was playing over the speakers. I grabbed my swimming goggles and walked to the shallow area of the pool. As I walked down the stairs the water felt warm. I placed my goggles over my eyes and began to swim to the deeper end of the pool.

After swimming a few laps I sat at the stairway and leaned against the wall of the pool. I had taken off my goggles and just relaxed by closing my eyes A few moments later I felt the water move around me. I opened my eyes and noticed the lady walking down the stairs of the pool. She had a perfect body. Well perfect to my liking. I first noticed her hips, thick and plump. I looked up to her tummy and it was round. It looked great to cuddle with and hold. Continued looking up and her breasts be were amazing. They were held in place by the swimsuit. Part of the top was sheer, which added to my attraction. pendik escort I continued to look up and noticed her bright smile as she looked at me. Her eyes were locked in with mine. As I looked into her eyes I could feel my heart beat faster and blood rushing to my cock.

She turned and dove into the water and swam to the deeper end. In looking at her swim I noticed she had experience swimming. As she glides through the water with expertise I take in her sexy body. She got to the deeper end and flipped perfectly and swam back to the shallow end. My mouth must have been wide open when she stopped swimming a few feet from the steps and looked at me. She spoke to me and said “You better close your mouth before a fly gets in!” I was speechless and she had caught me looking.

I stumbled to say to speak and said something stupid about her swimming. She mentioned she had swam in college. I mentioned I had swam in competitions up until high school. She mentioned she had noticed my form and I looked comfortable swimming. I mentioned that it helps me relax after a long day at work. She mentioned that she had had a rough day too. As we chatted I could hardly keep my eyes off her chest. The sheer part of the swimsuit covered her breast and had a great view of her cleavage. She looked back at me and looked down at her cleavage. I looked up and smiled. I mentioned that that swimsuit looked so good on her. She smiled back and moved her arms to push her breast out more. I could see the edge of her areolas. She smiled back and winked at me. I looked into her eyes and moved closer to her.

She stood up and dove off the steps and swam to the deeper end. As I followed her she looked back at me and smiled. We met at escort pendik the 5 foot section and stood in the corner. She whispered that she would rather be away from the glass door that peeked into the pool area. I smiled back and told her I fully understood. She reached over and placed her hand on my thigh as I did the same. I took my other hand and placed it on her back. Her hand rose to rub over my crotch. She said “looks like someone likes bigger ladies. I smiled back and replied I enjoy to touch and play with curvy ladies. My hand rose to feel her breast through the sheer fabric. My other hand moved to touch her sexy plump ass and squeezed it. After feeling her ass touched and grabbed she said “you do enjoy more plumps ladies!”

All I could do is smile as she continued to touch my cock through my trunks. I looked into her eyes and saw a sensual fire and that wanted to be unleashed. My hand moved off the sheer fabric in downward motion. Her nipples were so hard I could see them as pencil erasers and I pinched one as my other hand drew a line down her ass crack over the swimsuit fabric. Our lips met as we both explored our bodies. I knew she could feel my hard cock as our bodies came together at the corner edge of the pool. We felt each other’s tongues explore each other as our hands explored the rest of our bodies.

I whispered we could enjoy more time together in a room. I whispered my room number if she was interested to continue… She whispered for me to follow her to the hot tub on the far corner.

I obliged and walked behind her admiring her walk through the water. Her hips swayed back and forth. As she stepped in to the hot tub she turned to face me. She reached out with one hand to welcome me. pendik escort bayan As we sat together she placed her hand on my cock. I placed a hand on her pubic area covered by the black swimsuit. She untied the string and moved the waist of my trunks. My cock sprung out like a spring being released. She held me as I drew a line down her slit feeling her lips. We both kissed passionately and continued.

My finger delved under her swimsuit to find her slit. She gasped as I spread her lips and stroked her clit. She grabbed my cock and held it tighter. I could barely stroke her clit since her swimsuit was tight. The moment of my strokes and where the fabric had moved added pressure to her slit. I now could see a small patch of hair above her clit. I continued to just stroke her clit in the upper region. She moaned softly. Her grip on my cock loosened as I could tell she was enjoying my strokes. She arched her back and I broke away from our kiss and sucked on her hard right nipple through the fabric. I could see her chest rise as she started to thrust at the same rhythm as my stroking. She closed her eyes as I looked up at her as I continued suck and nibble her nipple. I noticed she reacted my attention to her nipple so I continued to suck and pull at her nipple. I heard her moan louder and say “ahh that feels sooo good!” A few moments later her body shook and let out a muffled scream as lips were closed. I looked up at her and she looked divine and relaxed. Once she caught her breath she mentioned” you need to visit my room and fuck me!!” I told her it would be my pleasure. She responded whispering her room number and that she wanted to pleasure my body and enjoy mutual pleasure together.

We walked out of the hot tub and grabbed out stuff. We met at the door just as a family was unlocking the door. She looked at me and smiled. Perfect timing I thought. As we approached the elevator holding hands I realized we were on the same floor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32