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It had been a long time since we’d actually had two minutes to ourselves, to be alone. We’d finally gotten our asses to the hotel in downtown Pittsburgh and the king size bed looked extremely appetising as we strolled through the double doors leading to our suite. It was the usual room we always had when we stayed in Pittsburgh and I heard the usual response when we walked through the door.

“Fucking hell man.”

I just looked at him. “What? What’s the matter with it this time?”

“Nothing darling,” he mumbled. “Nothing if you don’t mind all the extra shite they have splashed all over the place.”

I looked around at the familiar room. The large bed stood between the ceiling to floor windows and was draped in the usual creamy satin duvet. There were red high backed velvet chairs placed around a card table, a wet bar and a couple of soft cream colored leather couches which sat at angles to the wide screened plasma TV. I instantly knew what he was talking about though. The hotel had kindly placed fresh flowers here and there around the room and apparently he wasn’t pleased with this idea. The more basic the room, the happier he always was. I on the other hand loved this sort of thing. I breathed in deeply, loving the exotic smells that wafted up my nose. He sighed!

“I’ll sneeze all night,” he grumbled as he turned around to close the large oak door.

“You’ll be fine,” I reassured him. “I’ll ask them to come and remove them if you like.”

He pulled me into his arms, his large hands splayed across my lower back “You’re a doll.”

I leaned up, kissing the subtle scar on his chin. “And you’re a pain in the ass! Let me give the front desk a ring.” I pulled away from him, but he held on tight.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to you know.” He looked around at the gorgeous arrangements. “Just leave them.”

“No, sweetheart, it’s fine. Go have your shower. They’ll be gone when you get out.”

He finally let go and turned around pulling his black t-shirt up over his head. He looked tired and worn out. It had been a hellish couple of years when I looked back on it. He’d been in a nasty motorcycle accident two years prior. After surgeries and multiple broken bones being fixed, he’d quickly bounced back. Doctors had been amazed at his recovery rate, but the effects from it all still haunted him. I was picking up the phone when he yelled.

“You gonna join me?” He was peaking his head around the bathroom door, his dark hair a stark contrast to the pale wall he clung to.

“Yes, I can do that.”

He smiled that boyish grin I’d fallen in love with so many years ago. My heart still melted every time I saw him and he knew it. “Fucking brilliant,” I heard him say as he disappeared into the now steamy bathroom.

“Fucking brilliant,” I repeated whimsically.

“Pardon ma’am,” I heard through the phone.

“Um nothing,” I laughed back at the unknown voice. “Can you come and pick up these flowers please. My husband has allergies to….” I looked around the room. “Orchids. Yes orchids.” I had no idea if there was a single orchid in the bunch of flowers I saw scattered here, there and everywhere, but orchids seemed like the right thing to say at the time. He assured me someone would be there immediately and I hung up the phone.

Not one minute later, four people bombarded our room, scooping up flower arrangements and apologizing profusely. I reassured them everything was okay and that it was a genuine mistake. I breathed a sigh of relief as they exited swiftly out of the room, still apologising on their way out the door.

“Bloody hell! The things I have to do for him,” I said to myself as I slipped out of my black slacks and green velvet top with the spaghetti straps.

A subtle smile crept over my face as I thought of the many times he’d slip a finger into those straps and pull them down my arms to kiss a bare shoulder. I guess that intense spark that had been lit so many years ago still burned quite brightly when I really thought about it. Our love for each other hadn’t diminished much over the years. In fact, if anything, it had probably grown stronger.

I wondered what his plans were for this evening. I figured something was on his mind the way he’d pulled my hips closer towards his when he’d held me. Shaking my head, I decided my wandering mind was wrong as I remembered his weary features on his way into the bathroom.

“Are you coming?” he shrieked just as my hand hit the brass handle of the shower door.

“I’m here for God’s sake.”

His face lit up as I stepped into the large two-person shower. “Well I didn’t know.”

“You would if you opened your eyes once in a while.” I laughed.

“I don’t have my glasses on,” he said.

I slapped his shoulder. “You aren’t that blind. Surely you can see two feet in front of your face.”

“Sometimes! When I have to, I can,” he said with a quirky smile. He pulled me closer towards him. My belly pushed up against his.

“Fuck, this is nice,” he bursa escort said gently, his forehead pressing against mine, his arms draping over my shoulders. “My neck’s killing me today.”

“The doctors said it would take a while for you to be back to normal. You can’t rush these things,” I informed him for the hundredth time.

“Yeah, I know. It’s more of a pain in the ass then anything. I’ll take a pill when I get out of here.”

Leaning forward, I gave him a long heart-felt kiss, allowing it to speak for itself. “You won’t need a pill when I’m done with you.” My eyebrow raised slightly. “Turn around.”

“Jesus!” He chuckled at my straight-forwardness. He paused before he spoke. “Give me a kiss first.”

Sliding my hands around his waist, I pulled him under the spray flattening my chest against his. My lips brushed across his mouth quickly before I pulled away.

“You’re such a tease sometimes.” He grasped my arms gently but firmly pulling me towards him.

He kissed me tenderly, our lips barely touching. It was a usual kiss, him kissing my upper lip first then catching my lower lip and gently sucking. His hand reached up, cradling the curve of my jaw as the spray slashed against us, running in rivulets between our bodies. Each kiss was slow, deliberate, as I pushed myself against him, my nipples tightening and hardening against the hairs that adorned his chest. My hands slid up his sides as his fingers trailed down my neck to hold me in this vulnerable position. He new he had me. I wouldn’t move till he released his grasp. He reminded me about the simple art of kissing, how lips parted allowing tongues to probe into each other’s mouths, to taste each other.

Finally he let go and after a deep breath he slowly and deliberately whispered against my mouth. “Now I’ll turn around. What do you have planned?”

I stared at him. “Well I was going to wash your back.” A sudden flush crept from my chest up to my cheeks. “Now, all sorts of things are floating through this head of mine,” I laughed.

“Really?!” Excitement emanated from him.

“Yes really. Now turn around.” My hand pushed on his shoulder in an attempt to turn him to face the wall. He ignored my request. Instead he leaned towards me, his lips lightly brushing against my cheek as he spoke.

“Are you getting turned on?” he teased. His hand rose to cup the back of my neck, his fingers sliding across that vulnerable spot. I could feel him getting hard as he uttered those words, his cock pushing intrudingly between my legs. He pulled away slightly waiting for my response, his hips still tight against mine, his fingers now weaving themselves into my damp curls.

The flush was creeping up my chest to my cheeks. Even after all these years he knew how to get a reaction out of me. “Jesus Christ, do you have to be so blunt all the time?” I asked.

He nodded slowly, his eyes flashing from one of mine to the other. His hand opened slightly before he balled it into a loose fist, pulling my head back, exposing my neck and pushing my breasts forward. They rose and fell before him, their pink tips visibly hardening under the spray of the water. I felt unsteady on my feet, my body swaying slightly as his lips brushed lightly over my neck. His mouth opened and closed over the smooth skin, kissing gently. I let out a gasp as his weight pushed me backwards, my warm skin suddenly being pressed against cold tile.

With one hand on my hip, his other slid from behind my neck, fingers trailing down my neck and lower still. Fingers circled my right breast where he then cupped it, its weight resting in his palm. I didn’t have the largest breasts by any means, but they seemed to fit perfectly in his hands and thank God, I thought to myself, as he seemed to have an infatuation with them. His fingers rolled and tugged at my nipple, his tongue lapping a trail from the hollow of my neck to just below my earlobe. My body quivered under his touch.

“Put your hands behind you head,” he instructed quietly. I looked at him with glossy eyes. “Go on, put your hands up behind you head,” he repeated

I lifted my arms up, linking my fingers together and did as I was told. He stood back from me, staring at every curve of my body. His eyes wandered from the curve of my breasts to the dark mound of hair that topped my bare pussy lips and back up again.

“You’re perfect,” he murmured. I instinctively dropped my hands, my insecurities taking over. “No! No leave them up. Please,” he pleaded.

I brought them up again and watched him trace a circle around each nipple with his fingertip. My breath was coming in short pants as he drew pictures over my chest, his finger occasionally flicking over my nipples.

“I fucking mean it,” he said suddenly as he brought his mouth forward, taking one nipple lightly between his lips. He teased it sucking it into his warm mouth as his other hand fingered and tugged the other one to a hard bud. I instantly felt a wetness forming between my legs. Pushing my chest forward, bursa escort bayan I encouraged him to suck harder. He’d suck and pull at one nipple before switching sides, his mouth leaving a wet trail as his mouth danced from one side to the other.

Sighs and moans escaped my mouth as he pressed the length of his body to mine. Here I’d wanted to seduce him and he’d ended up turning things around. I wasn’t going to deny him it however. I wanted it and I wanted it badly.

His lips left my chest and slowly worked their way down my belly as he got to his knees. He paused at that tender spot right above my belly-button, kissing and licking a circle around the small indent. It triggered a response straight between my legs, my pussy suddenly aching for his touch, his tongue, for anything as I arched against him, my hands suddenly dropping and grasping hard on his shoulders. I dug my nails into the tender flesh as his hands lowered from my breasts to cup around my ass, to hold me still.

His tongue rolled lazily over my belly until his chin hit my hairline. His kissed my stomach. Looking up at me, his eyes met mine and that boyish smile once again spread across his face. “I want me some of this,” he said matter-of-factly.

I laughed at him and his candid remark. “Well hurry up then,” I told him, my pussy begging for attention. “Get on with it.”

He kissed down the smooth crease of my leg before placing his mouth against the most intimate part of me. Slowly his mouth opened his tongue pressing against the shaven flesh. He licked upwards, along the wet folds till I gasped, allowing my head to fall back against the tile. My hand instinctively went to his head, stretching my fingers through his hair as he pressed his tongue into me. He’d swirl his tongue up and down brushing it over the swelling bud of my clit then back down, delving into the depths he found there.

I struggled to look down, to see his head buried between my legs, as he tasted and feasted upon the sweetness he found there. His tongue licked, his mouth sucked as he took me to new heights, my body responding with an amazing intensity.

Suddenly he grabbed my thigh, pulling one leg up and over his shoulder. It exposed more of me, but it wasn’t enough. It was never enough. His hands slid from around my ass to pull me open. Hot breath instantly hit my clit as he moved in, flicking his tongue over it. Shock waves shot through me, rolling from the tight knot of my clit to the very pit of my stomach. My hips shot forward as he sucked me gently into his mouth, the hard pearl he sought rolling off the tip of his tongue.

“Oh God yes,” bounced off the walls of the shower as his left hand came up over the mound of scant hairs continuing to hold me open as his right hand pushed a finger deep inside me. It was quickly joined by another finger where he rotated them slightly till he found the spongy mass along the front wall of my pussy. His fingers brushed over it sending a tidal wave of heat and intense tingling to the very core of my being. My orgasm approached fast, his fingers fucking me, his mouth launching a brutal attack on my clit. It hit with a vengeance, my hips meeting his finger movements. My thighs quivered as my hips jerked. Hot wetness rolled onto his tongue, coating his fingers as he twisted them inside me as my orgasm exploded, taking over my body, launching me to unbelievable heights.

It slowly subsided and my thigh slipped off his shoulder as he rose from between my legs, his fingers still nestled deep inside the hot cavern of my pussy. He kissed me deeply, his tongue slipping in and out of my mouth, slow and meticulous. He kissed my upper lip then pulled my lower one between his teeth as I caught my breath.

Finally opening my eyes, I caught him looking at me as he slid his hand from between my legs.

“Shit! What happened there?” I asked breathlessly. “It was me supposedly making you feel better.”

We both laughed as he pulled me even closer towards him. “Oh, there’s still time for that,” he informed me. The hard shaft of his cock verified this as it twitched against my hip.

* * * *

My body still tingled as I dusted Chanel talcum powder all over my damp skin. He had left the bathroom a few minutes earlier, a towel wrapped around his hips, with instructions to ‘hurry up’. I ran my fingers through my damp curls before pulling the silk nightshirt over my head. I’d pulled the high cut panties up over my hips earlier, wondering what the point was really, considering he’d have them pulled off again in no time flat. He was always so impatient. It was a rare occasion when he would linger, taking his time to slowly undress me from the top down. He always seemed to start at the bottom and work his way up. Yes, the panties would come off first I thought.

My lips curled into a subtle smile at the very notion.

Flicking off the light, I strolled into the bedroom finding him on the bed, his long lean frame sprawled across half of it. He was in his typical escort bursa pose, his hands linked behind his head, ankles crossed, watching TV. The white towel was still the only thing adorning his body.

Reaching for the remote he flicked off the TV. Then throwing his legs over the edge of the bed, he sat up.

“Well look at you.”

“Typical hey?” I suggested. I tucked an unruly curl behind my ear.

He continued looking at me. “No!” he said matter-of-factly. I watched his tongue run over his lower lip. “Come here.”

Walking up to him, I found myself standing between his spread knees. He quickly locked his arms around my thighs pulling me towards him where he inhaled deeply. “Always the same,” he said quietly.


“You have that certain smell about you. You mask it with this fragrance and that, but you can’t hide what’s underneath.” He looked up at me. My eyes met his. “And I fucking love it!” he stated with a grin.

“Well that’s a good thing I’m thinking,” I said smiling back at him. Placing my hands on his shoulders, I pushed away, but he pulled me back sharply.

“Where you going?” His voice had that mischievous tone about it. His eyes locked on mine. His hands wandered up the silky material of my nightshirt till they hit the curve of my breasts. I could feel his fingers making small circles on the undersides of them. Suddenly, his hands flattened and he lifted them up. It was as if he were judging the weight of them in his palms. My nipples instantly hardened beneath his touch.

“Well?” he asked again.

“Nowhere,” I sighed quietly as my eyes closed.

“I didn’t think so,” he replied. His hands dropped to my hips where he proceeded to pull me onto the bed with him. My body pressed flat against his as I let out a shriek, my full weight now resting on top of him. I could feel his fingers digging into the soft flesh of my bottom where his hands lingered before pulling my legs up and over so they rested on either side of his hips. I straddled him easily, my legs still very flexible from years of ballet and dancing. With my hands flat on the bed, I pushed myself up and stared. Dark hair was splashed across the comforter; his blue eyes piercing as he looked at me.

His hand reached up as he tucked my still unruly hair behind my ears. Insane it was I though to myself as he always seemed to be touching it. Suddenly he pushed himself onto his elbows and sat up. He kissed the soft skin of my neck, just below my ear, his mouth grazing over well known sensitive spots. How easily I could succumb to him and I still often wondered if he’d made love to all women this way. I breathed an audible sigh as he worked his way down, his lips sliding over the satin fabric of my nightshirt. Still leaning back on his hands, he moved between my breasts. He hovered. I anticipated his next move.

Expert hands undid the buttons of my nightshirt as he meticulously and slowly exposed a little bit more of my skin with each movement. As he undid the final one, I felt his mouth so hot, so close that it sent a shiver straight through me causing goose-bumps to rise up and down my arms. My nipples instantly hardened. That warm moist spot between my legs suddenly grew wetter. He was intoxicating.

Warm hands crawled up my sides till they cupped my breasts. Palming each one he rubbed a thumb surely over each hardened nipple sending waves of desire to the very pit of my stomach.

“These are fucking incredible,” he mumbled into my chest. I just closed my eyes relishing in the feeling of his mouth gliding over the roundness of them. He left no part untouched, kissing, licking, pulling my nipples into his mouth where he grazed he teeth over them gently.

His cock felt hard and thick between my legs, growing and throbbing constantly, letting me know its presence. I’d been amazed by the thing the first time I’d seen it. It was perfect as far as penis’s go, but I’d wondered just how on earth he was going to slide it into my petit body. Nature did what it was supposed to though and before long we were fucking insanely, grabbing and taking each other at every possible opportunity. I remember many times where we’d be doing the most casual of things. The next minute, he’d have me on my back, on all fours or up against the wall, my panties pulled to the side, his cock hovering at my entrance waiting to plunge into the warm depths between my legs. Time had slowed him down, but he made love with the same intensity, if not more so at times.

He looked up at me. “Do you want a drink?”

“God, I don’t know. Do you think we should, you being on these pain pills? And you’ve been……..”

“I know,” he said. “I’ll only have one. I mean it!”

“Okay. Go on then,” I said running my finger across his clean shaven chin. He planted a kiss on me quickly before helping me climb off his legs. He almost ran to the bar.

I walked up behind him, circling my hands around his waist. He smelled so good and I quickly buried my face in his damp hair. I found myself wanting to drink every part of him in since his accident. Turning around, he handed me a snifter of cognac. He held up his glass. It had double the amount of cognac in it that I had in mine. I gave him a wry look. He grinned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32