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“…This is for the ones who stood their ground…” Bon Jovi

~For those who write long (and short) stories about unrepentant (women)cheating fantasies, especially in my absence, and those who enjoy them~

= = = =

‘House Party’

(SU Rules! No. 14)

The warm spring sun gently caressed the soft breeze that passed lazily over the jewel-like city of Shorehaven, as if it too would rather rest on this idle Sunday morning just as many of the inhabitants of the great City of Taboo Dreams were. Many of the City’s residents were already up and about, some going about mundane chores, others enjoying their day off, while still others either headed to work or already slaved away, while they wished they were still in bed. Some, of course, were already in bed (or elsewhere) and enjoying themselves…their illicit moans and groans teasing the air before quickly being lost in the hubbub of the noise that always filled a city the size of Shorehaven.

As the wind meandered languidly north-westwards, from the golden beaches, up over the sprawling metropolis and over the sparkling blue of the great River Aphrodite, until it finally brought its warm, refreshing sea air into the northern-river part of Downtown that held the extensive campus of Shorehaven University. Here too the same things were happening as in the rest of the City, as if the campus was a miniature version of the grand metropolis that it belonged to. Onward the gentle breeze drifted, towards the edge of the grand campus, until it teased its way onto a raised street lined with large older-looking houses that the university rented to groups of students, each able to house eight or more people. From that hilly street one could see the great river not far away as it sparkled bright blue in the sunlight; however few around the university were up and about at that time on a Sunday morning to see.

Within one of those houses that stood with a large front garden with no fence, the mass of people that lay about in all manner of places remained silent as only one person stirred from their deep sleep after the chaotic night before. And so it was that the warm southerly wind found Rebecca Vaughn, as it sighed through the large open windows of the upper front bedroom and softly, almost lovingly, reached in to tenderly stroke her bare shoulder and arm as she lay sweetly and soundly asleep within the large pine double bed. Delicately the breeze stirred her soft, long mahogany-brown hair and warmly passed over her soft cheek, almost like a breathy moan at how beautiful this 20-year-old student was.

It was that soft, warm air that gently stirred the beautiful girlfriend of two years from her sweet sleep, her large hazel eyes slowly fluttering open before she sighed contentedly, relishing in the best rest that she had had in a long time. In fact, she couldn’t remember the last time that she had slept so well, nor felt more peaceful and, well, strangely…content. That was it; she thought drowsily as she smiled dreamily to herself, she felt perfectly content, as if the whole world were just right. Her whole body seemed to tingle all over and yet at the same time feel more alive, more absolutely relaxed and stress-free than ever before; as if every muscle within her body was relaxed and renewed.

Smiling again as she sighed and continued to relish in that feeling, Becca, as she was known to all of her friends, pulled the covers a little down her body so that she could feel the soft air caress her smooth skin. It was too hot to have the things on really and so she was glad that she was only wearing her black lace underwear, not her pyjamas, though why she was still wearing her bra in bed the sleepy girlfriend didn’t know. Wondering about that however quickly passed, as did the contented feeling that she was so enjoying, as Becca tried to lift her head to look at the clock on the bedside table.

It wasn’t the fact that there was no clock that made the attractive brunette grimace however, but rather the sudden sharp pain in her temples and behind her eyes as she moved her head. Stifling a groan, Becca lay her head back on the pillow and as the pain began to recede again her large hazel eyes fell on the empty cocktail glass on the bedside table and suddenly the beautiful brunette girlfriend understood both her headache and why her clock wasn’t there. Last night she and Danny, her boyfriend of two years, had gone to a house party at her friend Rachel’s place. Becca knew that she’d had a few drinks, but obviously she had had more than she realized, and more obviously she had been too drunk to head back to Danny’s place to crash.

Rubbing at her temple with her free hand, Becca winced at the hangover pain. Why had she drunk so much? She had promised herself that she wasn’t going to get so drunk again, she hated hangovers. Frowning at the throbbing behind her eyes the stunning brunette glanced once more at the cocktail glass, hoping to see it filled with water to help her head but unfortunately it was still empty.

Sighing again, tuzla escort though this time more in resignation than contentment, Becca decided that she would have to head downstairs to get some water otherwise her head would kill her all day. However, before the knockout girlfriend had moved her fingers from her temple the bed suddenly shifted behind her as someone moved. Calmly dropping her hand to the covers that were just about covering her bra-clad tits, Becca was about to turn around when a toned arm suddenly moved from behind her to rest on her stomach over the covers and she felt a firm kiss on the back of her head.

Smiling brightly at the thought that Danny was there too Becca let her hand reach down to gently grasp her boyfriend’s strong hand as he lightly held his arm around her. She always loved being held by her boyfriend, he was just so loving, and strong, and…well, hot, and she especially loved it when she could feel his toned, muscular chest pressing against her slender back as they lay in bed together, just like she could now. The feel of him close to her, his skin on hers, sent a gentle pulse of warmth coursing through her pussy, and for a moment the slowly receding pain in her head vanished at the gentle stirrings within her hot body. At least, they did until she was about to turn her head to kiss him, then she winced again and decided that for now it was probably best not to move.

She was, however, about to ask him if he could go and grab her a glass of water — as she doubted that Danny was in as bad a state as she was; he was always more careful when he drank — when suddenly she heard her favourite song blast out from the bedside table. For a moment all the hot girlfriend could do was squeeze her eyes shut at the sudden throbbing in her head as she reached out to frantically slap at the table when her hand suddenly landed on her phone, and with a half-painful, half-irritated expression lifted it up to try to silence it as quickly as possible. It wasn’t her phone’s alarm, she knew that despite only having just woken up, it was her ringtone, and she had had this phone long enough now that she could answer it with her eyes closed. And so, trying to get rid of that pain-inflicting noise, Becca didn’t even look at the screen as she quickly pressed the ‘answer’ key and held it to her ear, squeezing her eyes again as she wished for her head to stop pounding.

“Hello?” She said, sounding half asleep as she felt her boyfriend gently pull her against him – the sudden feel of Danny’s bulging underwear against her tight ass once more sent a pulse through her body that made her pussy tingle even more this time — as he made a noise as if he had just been woken up by the sudden blaring of her phone, before he once more kissed her firmly on the back of her head again.

Becca was about to try to turn to face him again, the pained expression changing to a small smile of teasing pleasure, when the person on the other end of the phone replied.

“Hey babe, wakey wakey.” Came the familiar voice of her sweet, loving boyfriend of two years, and suddenly Rebecca Vaughn, the stunningly hot brunette girlfriend, forgot all about the pain in her head and the pulsing heat in her loins.

“Danny?” She asked, sounding stunned, before she could think straight. How could he…?

Her boyfriend chuckled down the phone at her, obviously amused. Becca felt every part of her body suddenly go cold.

“I take it you drank a lot more after I last saw you?” He asked in reply, sounding even more amused.

“What…?” Becca began to ask, still feeling numb as her mind reeled. What was going on? “Where are you?”

“You really got wasted, ah?” Her loving boyfriend teased down the phone, oblivious to anything untoward. “I’m on my way to Rach’s, guessing you crashed there, I shouldn’t be long. You really don’t remember?” He asked, sounding vastly amused at her drunken state.

“I…” Becca began before she realized that she didn’t know what to say…and then, as if a switch flicked on in her mind, the hot brunette suddenly remembered the arm around her and the bulging crotch pressed hard against her lace-underwear-clad ass.

That was when the sexy girlfriend’s eyes shot open, and all the pain in her head was forgotten as she felt her stomach twist, her mind racing.

She was in bed…in her underwear…and some guy had his arm around her and his bulging cock pressed against her as he held her from behind…he had kissed her head…and she was on the phone to Danny…so Danny wasn’t this guy…

…She was in bed, half-naked, with some guy that wasn’t her boyfriend…

…Her boyfriend was on the phone while she lay in the arms, and pulled against the hard chest and bulge of this guy…

…What had happened??

Panic set in as Becca moved faster than she ever had in her life and spun around and sat up at the same time. The fact that the bed covers fell into her lap, fully exposing her heaving, only black lace bra-covered breasts, didn’t register to tuzla escort bayan the hot girlfriend as her eyes suddenly fell on the attractive, just-woken up but smiling face and well-built body of Sean Danton…her boyfriend’s team mate and one of his best friends.

Becca’s mouth fell open and her heart seemed to race at an unthinkable speed. Thoughts should have been flooding the stunning girlfriend’s mind as she stared into the face of the half-naked friend of her boyfriend lying next to her, however right then it was as if the whole world had stopped.

…What had happened? What had she…they…done? How?…

It was in that numb state of shock that Becca finally registered that Danny, her sweet and caring boyfriend of two years, who was oblivious on the other side of the phone to the fact that his girlfriend and his team mate were half-naked in bed together, and obviously had been all night, spoke her name to question her sudden silence. Becca, however, couldn’t think straight right then…all she could do was stare in utter shock at Sean’s face, ignorant of the fact that he was openly enjoying the sight of her swelling, luscious breasts perfectly on display before him in their lush confinement.

…Then Danny’s words finally hit her — he was on the way to Rachel’s…

…He was on the way here!!

“Uh…how long are you going to be?” The stunning girlfriend asked numbly as she watched Sean stretch before he pushed himself up to lean against the headboard. Becca’s eyes looked from his naked muscular chest to his smugly pleased face.

“Shouldn’t be long.” Danny replied, completely unaware of what was going on with her. “Only about ten minutes or so, I just started back from Matt’s.”

Becca still stared at Danny’s friend for a moment before she pulled her eyes away and frantically looked around the room, as if some answer lay there. Her mind reeled, and she didn’t know what to say.

“Uh…ok, I’ll see you soon then.” She replied, trying as hard as she could to sound perfectly normal.

“Yeah.” Her boyfriend said, still seeming amused at what he thought was the results of her drinking too much. “Love you.”

“Love you too.” She replied, trying hard to ignore the sudden spike of panic, or guilt, or whatever it was, that lanced through her heart as she said those words and thought about where she was and with who.

The moment she heard the phone click off on the other side, Becca dropped her phone on the bed and ran her hands through her long hair before she turned with wide eyes to stare at Danny’s friend.

Sean sat back against the pine headboard, calm and serene as if everything was as it should be in the world, rather than that he was sitting in only his underwear, in bed, with his friend’s almost-completely naked girlfriend.

“Fuck Sean, what’s going on? What happened?” She asked, sounding as bewildered and panicked as she felt. Her hands fell from her hair to grip her phone again as she stared numbly at her boyfriend’s friend and team mate.

“You don’t remember?” He asked calmly — calmly! — with a small, amused smile.

“I…” Becca began, when suddenly memory crashed home like a rampaging flood…

– – – – – – –

“You’re not going to Matt’s tonight, are you?” Becca asked as she finally managed to clip the delicate silver-link bracelet around her slender wrist before reaching for its matching necklace, which had a small pearl hanging from it, and looking over at her boyfriend of two years through the mirror.

“Huh?” Danny answered as he turned to look at her as he placed his phone on the bedside table, obviously not having heard what she had said.

“Matt. You’re not going to his tonight are you? Rach is expecting both of us.” She repeated as she reached beneath her long deep-rich mahogany hair to fasten the fine chain around her elegant neck, her eyes still watching Danny calmly.

“Oh, no. He was just asking about tomorrow.” Her loving boyfriend replied as he stood up to check his pockets before grabbing his hair gel and styling his relatively short dark hair.

Feeling herself relax at his answer, Becca smiled to herself as she watched him, letting her hands rest on her neck as her eyes took in his handsome face before they slid slowly down to follow every toned, well-displayed inch of his muscular body. Danny was on the football team at SU, and surprisingly he wasn’t one of these jock-types that had nothing in their head but footballs, beer, beating each other up, and as many women as possible in their beds. Oh, he was still the kind of guy that did most of those things — at least all but the other women part — but he was also kind, caring, and smart. Of course, that didn’t mean that he was without his flaws, he was a guy, and still a jock, after all, so he did sometimes get too obsessed with the game, or with ‘the guys’ and what they got up to, but still, no one was perfect…and he was incredibly hot!

That thought, and the sight of her attractive boyfriend brought a familiar escort tuzla heat to Becca’s hot body that steadily built a tingling fire of horniness within her hungry pussy as her eyes took in every solid inch of him, and for a moment, the stunning brunette felt her cheeks heat and her breathing deepen as she thought of just ripping his new clothes from his body and screwing him senseless on the bed!

“You alright babe?” Danny asked as he turned the collar of his new shirt up a little and popped open the top two buttons…both of which sent a flutter from Becca’s stomach deep into her already gently buzzing pussy…damn but he had a great body!

“Fine” She replied with only a touch of breathlessness, something that her sweet boyfriend didn’t pick up on. “Just thinking how lucky I am, that’s all.”

The gorgeous smile that he gave her in return made that gentle flutter become a rampaging horde of butterflies and Becca had to force herself to look away before she made them late, instead of him. Still, the thought that later would be more intense the longer that she held her horniness inside brought at least a little comfort to the beautiful girlfriend as she tried to settle the feeling in her body, only to have it spike again as she watched Danny walk over to plant a firm kiss on the top of her head.

“Not as lucky as me.” He said from above her, and this time the feeling in the stunning girlfriend’s heart was a deep, warm love. He really was a great guy. She gave him a pleased, loving smile in return as she finally moved her hands and grabbed the bottle of perfume that she’d decided to wear tonight.

“So what did Matt have to say?” She asked as she rubbed the scent into her wrists, sides of her neck and top of her chest.

“Oh, just something about getting the fight tonight.” Her boyfriend replied nonchalantly. Too nonchalantly. Becca’s hands froze for a moment and she looked back at him through the mirror.

“You didn’t say that you were going to drop by, did you?” She asked very neutrally as she placed the top of the bottle back on and stood up.

“Bec, I told you I’m not going. He just mentioned it, that’s all.” He answered in an honest, yet obviously slightly forced, way. She knew that part of him wanted to go, though why when he could catch the fight any time, hung out with Matt and the rest of the guys most of the time, and could have a party with beer, most of his friends, and her, she would never know. Guys were just weird.

Becca eyed him a moment through the mirror, watching as he put his sneakers on, before she turned to look at herself, checking to make sure that everything was just right.

The party was just a house party, and so it wasn’t the kind of thing you dressed up for, so Becca had decided not to go over the top. But even still, it was still a night out with her friends and so she had wanted to dress up a little…especially because she hadn’t really had much chance to party lately with the amount of work she had had and Danny’s being busy all of the time.

So Becca had decided on a pure black party dress that clung gently to her upper body and slim waist yet hung loose around the tops of her thighs. The skirt ended just above the middle of her thigh and the top of the dress was snug around the swelling firmness of her succulent 34D breasts and cut low enough in the centre to display a generous view of her full, deep cleavage. The dress itself was held up by two thin straps over her shoulders and a small zip at the back. Underneath she had chosen her sexiest black lace underwear, something that she knew Danny would love later. She had also chosen a sleek pair of black heels that had a beautiful strappy design that wound around her slender ankles. The necklace and bracelet that she wore were presents that Danny had bought her for their two year anniversary a few weeks ago. Her long, mahogany hair hung down to the bottom of her shoulder blades in luscious waves, and she had decided to leave it loose tonight, despite Danny enjoying it when she wore it in a ponytail…for obvious reasons…as it just looked better with the dress. That and she could always put it up when they got back anyway…

Finally she had decided on a deep red, almost a brown, lipstick for her soft lips that seemed to set off her large hazel eyes in a way that was only magnified by the deep, rich colour of her hair. Her long, smooth, sexy legs were bare and displayed to perfection by the length of the dress’ skirt and her heels, just as the dress seemed to emphasize the slenderness of her waist, the flatness of her stomach, and the tightness of her ass. In fact, smiling at herself as she looked at her reflection, the stunningly gorgeous 20-year-old girlfriend felt more than pleased and knew, as she glanced through the mirror at Danny, that she was definitely going to make a certain man very happy tonight….

…which of course she was…only at that time the sexy brunette had no idea who that guy turn out to be…

Still, for now, with that feeling still tingling within her hot body, Becca couldn’t help but turn around and place her slender hands on her slim waist as she smiled a small, teasing smile at her boyfriend’s head as he finally pulled his sneakers on.

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