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Double Penetration

It’s Thursday evening, and I’m bent over in the kitchen, but it’s not what you think. It’s time for our weekly hormone shots, and my husband of thirty-one years has prepared our injections. He gives me an Estrogen shot in one ass-cheek and a Testosterone shot in the other. And now it’s time for him to bend over! He’s a bit jumpy and always tightens up for his Testosterone shot, so it stings, and with a slight yelp, we are done until next Thursday.

Why the shots? I am a very active seventy-six, and my husband is fifty-four, and the hormones turn me into a horny teenager and enable my husband to keep up with me. We are very much in love and have a very passionate sex life. Some might even say kinky.

My husband has put the injection supplies away, and I’m fixing supper while he watches the news. He is a hard-working man, and I’m his domestic Goddess! I bring our dinner to the living room on trays and settle in next to him on the love-seat. As usual, he finishes his dinner before me and starts surfing for porn on the PS4 that he supposedly bought for our grand-kids. We love watching porn together, and he knows what I like!

I’m getting more and more turned on by what we are watching, and I can hardly finish my plate. He knows how turned on I am as he reaches through the loose sleeve of my Caftan and starts gently rolling my hard nipple between his fingers, making me even wetter! Then he picks a video with a voluptuous milf getting her wet needy pussy eaten, and I lose all sense of my food as I start to crave his penis! He reluctantly lets go of my nipple as I get up and take the trays to the kitchen, where I take off my Domestic Goddess hat, and become his Mistress!

It’s time for him to clean up his desert! I smile at him from the hallway, and he lets his loose lounge pants fall to the floor as he stands and follows me into the bathroom. I point at the floor as I sit on the commode, and he quickly gets on his hands and knees. I spread my legs and let him watch me pee. I can see his penis growing, and because he has been a good boy, I let him lick off the last golden droplets. Then I climb into the tub and get on my hands and knees so he may clean me. He runs his hand over my toned round butt, then gently spreads and cleans my ass with the shower wand.

I watch his penis grow into eight inches of beautiful hard COCK as he cleans me. Then he puts down the wand, leans into the tub and begins to worship my ass hole with his tongue as he slides two fingers into my pussy and works my G-spot, hoping to make me squirt. I gasp with the pleasure of his karşıyaka escort invading tongue and fingers, but I will not be that easy and push his head away as I move off his fingers and climb out of the tub. He begins drying off my feet and is working his way up when his eyes lock onto my erect nipples. I grab the back of his head, shove a nipple into his open mouth, and he greedily sucks and swirls it with his tongue, sending tingly shocks right to my pussy! He continues to dry me as I roughly pull him off my nipple and move him to the other, my pussy now on fire!

I pull him off my nipple as he finishes drying me, and gets to his feet. Then I grab his rock hard cock and drag his six-foot-two frame into the bedroom. I’m only four-foot-ten, and we are standing next to the bed when I pull him to me by his cock. I start to suck and run my tongue around one of his tiny nipples, then bite down hard, making his cock jump and grow even harder in my hand. I release his nipple and cock, climb onto the edge of the bed, get on my hands and knees, and present my awesome gym-toned ass to him. He kneels and runs his tongue over my clit, then up between my dripping wet pussy lips and starts to lick my ass. He is a wonderful multi-tasker and plays with my nipples and large engorged clit as he gently increases the pressure of his licking and probing until my ass opens up. Then he begins fucking me with his tongue.

I am moaning and feverish with desire as he pulls his tongue from my ass and stands behind me. He starts rubbing the purple head of his hard cock between my pussy lips and over my ass, lubricating it with his pre-cum and my juices. But it’s not time for him to insert his cock yet, and I only allow him to push against my tight puckered hole.

I feel his urgency and roll onto my back as he climbs over me, and we begin to kiss passionately. He brings two hands full of my triple D tits to our mouths, and we both suck my nipples into our sloppy tongue tangling kiss. But my pussy is getting the better of me, and I tightly grip his hair as I push his head down between my legs and grind, what is now my needy cunt, against his hungry mouth.

I hold his mouth over my clit as he sucks and works it with his tongue, then lift my hips and he eagerly drives his tongue deep into me, over and over, greedily lapping up my heavily flowing juices. I’m not ready to cum yet, but I need cock and demand that he fucks me! He lifts my legs as he moves into position and slides his hard veined cock into my soaking wet cunt, then gives me several full kartal escort strokes, pulling out each time, the way I like it! But he knows better than to cum without permission, and that Mistress may, or may not let him cum tonight.

I tell him to roll over on his back and straddle him, pinning his hard cock against his belly, and rub my hot wet lips and ass over the length of his cock. I know how badly he wants to slip it into my hot cunt and tight forbidden hole, but not so fast, my friend! I dismount and stand over his face rubbing my hard clit, and as he intently watches, I slip two fingers into my hot needy cunt and work my G-spot. I know how much the sound of a sloppy wet cunt getting fingered turns him on, and I pound until I squirt a little.

I tell him to stroke his hard cock and sternly warn him not to cum as I pull my glistening fingers from my cunt and bring them to his mouth. I allow him to greedily lick and suck my fingers clean, and he has to stop stroking and tightly grip the base of his cock. He knows I’m not finished with that beautiful hard cock yet, and if he cums without permission, he won’t get to cum again for a week!

I hover over his face as I let him come back from the edge, then lower to my knees and allow him to suck my dripping wet lips and clit deep into his greedy mouth. But he only gets a lick and a promise before I start to slowly slide down his chest, stopping to let him suck my tits for a moment. I slide down a little more, and he rubs his hard cock up and down my wet slit until I allow the tip into my hot wet cunt. I tell him to let go and plunge on his quivering cock. Then he lifts me by the shoulders into a sitting position and buries his cock deep in my cunt. His rock hard cock feels huge as he thrusts, again and again, making me moan and squirt!

He has a big happy grin on his face as I squirt on his cock, but I don’t want him to cum yet, and slide up his belly until his cock pops out and springs straight up. Then I slide back and rub my hot cunt and tight forbidden hole against his throbbing cock. He grips the base of his cock and rubs the tip against my ass as he squeezes out a big load of pre-cum and gently works the slippery fluid into my ass with his finger. Then he pushes the tip of his cock against my forbidden hole, and I push back until the ridge of his helmet pops through. I feel him tense, and I moan as a shudder of pleasure passes through me!

He holds still, allowing my sphincter to relax, and I lean in and kiss him passionately as he tentatively kastamonu escort pushes in a little further. Then he thrusts in another inch, and I moan into his mouth as the head of his cock grows, and our kiss deepens. I suck on his tongue as he slowly pulls back until the ridge of his helmet is against the inside of my tight forbidden hole. I know he’s on the edge as he thrusts again. Then I feel his body tense and his cock throb as pulses of warm cum pump into my ass! I shake from the pleasurable sensation as he grunts with little jerky thrusts until he is spent.

My husband has caught his breath and wobbles off to the bathroom to clean up as I playfully chide, “I didn’t give you permission to cum!” Then he glances over his shoulder with a sheepish grin, and I quip, “But I’ll let you slide, this time!” I know he cums much harder when he’s not supposed to, and he knows I love the feel of his big cock in my hot cunt and tight ass. I don’t fake orgasms like some of the girls in the porn videos. I can only cum with direct oral stimulation, and he knows I will be expecting an awesome orgasm when he returns.

I lay on my back with my throbbing clit protruding through my engorged lips, vibrating with anticipation as he returns with an ear to ear grin and dives on the bed. He grabs the back of my knees, lifting and spreading my legs as he buries his face in my hot needy cunt. I quickly transform from a mere human, into a being that is all hard nipples and hot cunt! The rest of my body no longer exists.

He loves dirty talk, and as he greedily sucks my hard clit and sopping wet lips into his mouth, I order him to, “Suck my little cock!” He sucks, laps and probes and worries my nipples with his fingers as I grasp the sheets and thrust madly against his mouth. When I get this hot, I feel an overwhelming need to have him in me, and I command him to, “Fuck me!” I know he is completely focused on me and doesn’t have a hard-on. But he knows what I really want as he slips two fingers into my needy cunt and vigorously works my G-spot. My legs begin to shake and quiver, and I’m making guttural sounds that don’t seem human as he pounds my G-spot and sucks my little cock until my orgasm overtakes me, and I scream, “FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!”

I’m just a puddle of exhausted flesh as my breathing slows, and I slowly return to my human self. Finally, I’m able to wobble off to the bathroom to clean up and pee. When I return, my husband is sound asleep, and I slip into bed knowing I will only sleep until around three o’clock in the morning, then lay awake horny, wanting him to reach out and touch me. I know I should tell him to go back to sleep when he does. But then he starts lightly running his fingers over my already hard nipples, making me whimper and moan, and it’s ‘here we go again’ as he rolls toward me, and I bury his face in my tits.

And that’s how old people fuck!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32