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Janis was a pleasant and easy woman to talk with. Her sharp wit and ever present smile made her blue eyes sparkle with laughter as she swapped one of the many funny stories or jokes we had shared over our years working together. She was also extremely easy on the eyes, her tall thin body and full breasts filling out her professional outfits enticingly. The memory of her in a quite revealing bikini at a friend’s party made that enticement all the stronger.

Over the years she had enjoyed coming by on Mondays and asking how my weekend had been; enjoying listening to me talk about the various boating, fishing or hunting trips I had been on. I love the outdoors, and had come to learn that Janis did as well. Her husband though was the type who felt like roughing it meant that the TV was something smaller than fifty inches. So she had to reign in her love of the outdoors, until recently that its. For years I had made it clear that any time she wanted to tag along for a fishing or boating trip, that she had a standing invitation. I was almost surprised when one Thursday in the late summer, she came and asked if the invitation was still open. I told her it was, and I was headed for a weekend of fishing at a lake a few hours away. I warned her we would be tent camping, and in return I got a huge smile. We agreed to meet after work Friday and leave from there.

Friday afternoon came and she loaded her stuff into my truck and we took off for the drive to the lake, and an extremely enjoyable time, chatting and just generally having a good time. While we shared a tent, I was a good boy and kept my normally horny self in check, not wanting to spoil a very good friendship. Although I certainly did enjoy the thought of stripping her naked and fucking her gorgeous body silly, I behaved. She tested my resolve on Saturday afternoon, when the sun had started to bake us, stripping her shorts and t-shirt off, leaving her sitting in the boat with an incredibly tiny bikini between her and my view of all her charms. The white string bikini was little more than a few triangles of material barely covering her large voluptuous breasts and apparently mostly shaved pussy. After watching her put sun tan lotion on all the exposed parts, I was nearly ready to rip those few triangles off. But with much restraint, I didn’t even when her fingers slipped inside her almost non-existent outfit to make sure everyplace was covered with lotion.

She had made Saturday night difficult too. Sharing a tent in separate sleeping bags was one thing, but having her strip naked to change in the same tent, with me just facing the opposite wall was almost too much after the afternoon’s exhibition. I had promised her I would behave myself, and with incredible effort, I didn’t roll back and watch, no matter how much I wanted to, or how incredibly hard I got. I almost came in my shorts when I saw the shadow of her undressing on the tent wall, the shadow stark enough I could make out her protruding and obviously hard nipples when she pulled her shirt off and then skimmed her panties off, leaving the shadow, and her, completely naked only a few short feet from me.

I never quite looked at her the same way at work again. Each time I saw her, I saw her standing in that tiny bikini, rubbing lotion on her breasts, slipping her fingers under the triangles of material to cover even her nipples in the lotion, or her shadow slipping the last of her clothes off in that tent. In some ways it was incredible torture, and in other, it just made the relationship we shared at work more interesting. The jokes and stories seemed to be slightly more off color and a bit racier. She had started wearing slightly shorter skirts instead of pants suits and there was one corner of my normally messy desk that was always cleared off where she liked to sit, one slim leg sticking out toward me, her heel hooked on the handle of the desk drawer for support.

When she asked me to teach her to hunt I was glad that it generally required significantly heavier clothing. I wasn’t at all sure that if I got her out in the woods dressed in nothing more than that bikini that I would be able to resist ripping it off and taking advantage of her.

I spent the next few weekends teaching her to shoot one of my many rifles, taking her into the woods to scout and instruct her on how deer move, and why they move. I also showed her the places on my property that I had stands set up and why these tree stands and ground blinds were placed where they were. It had been an unseasonably warm and dry fall, with the temperatures occasionally soaring into the eighty’s. For both of us this meant slimming down our outdoor wardrobe to t-shirts instead of sweatshirts and coveralls. Of course this would never work for actual hunting, but for scouting and teaching, it was quite adequate.

Her attire also proved to be quite a view for me, as Janis went braless under her “wife beater” t-shirt on one particularly hot Saturday. Her large tits wiggling enticingly with each step, the thin material of the shirt showing more than I suspect she realized as it soaked with her sweat. Not that I was going to complain or even mention czech experiment porno the fact that it was affording me a view even more revealing than her tiny bikini had. By the end of our final afternoon of checking stands and scouting the hot woods, her shirt was mostly translucent, her large pink areola and rock hard nipples fairly visible to me. Of course I was pretty sure she was enjoying the huge bulge in my shorts that required occasional readjustment.

By the time we had driven back to town, her shirt had dried and once again was its normal opaque self, but the view it had afforded me was burned into my mind for enjoyment later that evening. We said our goodbyes and headed our separate directions for the last week before deer season started.

Throughout the week she visited frequently, talking about the sign we had seen, the different stands I had set up and hopeful discussions about the weather report. She was frequently laughing and touching my arm as she sat on the corner of my desk, her stocking covered thighs tantalizingly close as I tried not to stare at them. All in all, if her intent was to tease the shit out of me sexually, she had done all the right things. Still, she was married and married women are still off the menu, especially married women at work!

Friday night finally came and I picked her up at her house, along with her gear and the gun I had loaned her. She seemed genuinely excited as we loaded the gear into my truck and departed for the hour drive to the property. Having a camper set on the land makes life a lot easier on hunting morning, but it also means that you have to take care of a lot more stuff. Janis followed me around like a puppy dog as I got the gas turned on, the refrigerator and hot water heater lit, and food stashed in the refrigerator. A generator purred away outside the trailer, providing lights and other electric, although not enough to run the air conditioning, which wasn’t a normal part of hunting season. Even at nine at night it was still over seventy degrees. It could prove to make hunting a bit more difficult.

With everything finally in place, it was time to settle in and relax. I pulled the main bed out and inflated the air mattress on the bed where I normally slept. It was the only really comfortable bed in the camper, or more the point the only one that I fit into. The kitchen table could fold into a bed, but it was quite a bit shorter than I was, and the bunk bed over the main bed was, well to say the least, it was tight, with only a foot and a half clearance between the thin mattress and the ceiling. It was really only made for kids.

“So where am I going to sleep,” Janis asked as I blew up the mattress.

“Well, I thought I would put you here, and I’d take the table bed.”

“That doesn’t look like it would be big enough for you.” She said, looking dubiously at the five foot long seating area.

“Yeah, well I figure if I lay kitty corner I might fit.” I said almost as a joke.

“So you’re saying I’m kicking you out of your bed?”

“Oh, I don’t know I would call it that.”

“I would. No, we’re adults. This bed is more than large enough. I don’t see why we can’t just share it.”

“Uh. Janis. It’s only a full size bed, and as you can see, the only access for the person toward the wall side is to climb in first or to crawl across the other person.”

“Yeah. We’re big boys and girls. I would think we can manage, unless of course you think I have cooties or something.” She laughed.

“No.” I said with a chuckle. “I would certainly not say you have cooties!”

“Good, then its settled. You can get ready and climb into the back and then I’ll get ready and take the front.” She said as she walked toward the tiny bathroom in the back of the trailer. “I need to get rid of my makeup anyway.”

I shook my head and dug my running shorts out of my bag. While Janis was in the tiny bathroom, I quickly stripped down, standing in the only free space, and pulled in my shorts. If you have ever camped in an older style trailer, one without those fancy pull out sections, you know exactly how cramped they are. The free space, with the front sofa made out into a bed, is nothing more than the short aisle that leads from the front bunk to the bathroom and exit door. This space is only about two and a half feet wide and is flanked on one side by the kitchen appliances and counter, and on the other by the small kitchen table and booth type seating area. There is a curtain that can be pulled across the bunk area to provide some modicum of privacy to both the tenant of the upper and lower bunks and the bed space created in the small dining booth. How you would ever really get six people into the trailer at once is beyond me, but then I have never had to worry about that. Usually it is only me, and I use the upper bunk for storage of my hunting gear and guns.

With the privacy curtain pulled as far as the edge of the entry into the bunk, the two and a half foot wide aisle, I crawled into the bunk and rolled across the six inch thick air mattress and flicked on the single light mounted czech first porno video to the bottom of the upper bunk. I had just settled in to wait for Janis to come back out when the tiny bathroom door opened.

Janice walked toward the few steps it took to reach the bunk and commented on how cozy the tiny trailer was, as she tossed the shirt she had been wearing on the small kitchen table. She stood in the tiny aisle while she reached up onto the top bunk to dig in the duffel bag she had brought, the only part of her body visible to me being from her neck to her thighs. The view she was giving me as she lifted herself to her tip toes was incredible. She had removed her shirt in the bathroom and was naked above her waist except for her white lace bra. Through the material I could just make out bits and pieces of her pink areola, and her hard pink nipples made significant sized dimples in each of the lace cups. Her creamy white breasts looked like two large soft melons pressed together, the white bra holding them up and exposing almost all of the two facing creamy mound sides.

Had I wanted to, I could have easily run my finger down from her neck, between her gorgeous breasts, and actually stroked a tiny bit of the bottom of each breast without touching her bra. I can’t tell you how badly I wanted to actually reach out at that moment and make my finger take the tantalizing trip. As she stretched up and dug into her bag on the top bunk, her breasts wiggled and moved, working her nipples slowly toward complete exposure, both her large pink areola slipping partly into view as her nipples remained just barely covered by the edge of the material.

Finally, and thankfully, she got what she was digging for from her bag and stepped back, flashing me a smile before she turned her back to me. I had expected her to retreat to the tiny bathroom again, but was surprised when she stopped next to the kitchen table after only one step. She set down what she had dug from her bag and quickly slipped the shoulder straps of the bra off her shoulders, pulling her arms from it. She twisted the bra around her body and unclipped the clasp, taking it off and leaving me looking at her completely naked back. My cock had risen to full staff, and I quickly adjusted myself to a less obvious position as she bent over and pushed her jeans down her legs. Her large breasts wiggled and swung slightly as she worked her jeans over her feet and pulled them off her legs, giving me quick little glimpses of their creamy roundness and even one quick peek at a profile of one hard nipple. I was torn between watching her naked breasts sway in and out of view, and her round firm panty covered tush, her cloth covered pussy pressing the material out at me as she bent once again to take her socks off.

Finally, and again thankfully, she reached for what she had put on the table and pulled on a thigh length nightshirt. If she hadn’t already teased me enough, I had to stifle a groan as she reached her thumbs up under the hem of the night shirt and slipped her panties off, tossing them onto the pile of clothes that she had created on the seat next to her. Turning she gathered up her clothes and stepped to the front of the bunk again to put her clothes into her bag, her shirt lifting as she did until the hem was only a few inches below what had to be her completely naked pussy.

Having finished putting her clothes away, she smiled and crawled into the bunk next to me.

“There, all set for bed!” She said cheerily as she lay down next to me.

I did my best to hide my hardon as the thin material of her night shirt exposed the two mountains of her breasts with each hard nipple poking up against the material tantalizingly. I did my best not to stare, failing miserably as I lay propped up on one elbow.

“Something wrong?” She asked, looking down at her shirt and pulling it tight, lifting the hem so she could look at its length. Had I been sitting at the other end of the bed I have no doubt I would have been treated to a view of her naked body from her tits to her toes.

“Nope. Just looking at all the different smileys on it.” I said, indicating the graphic that depicted all the common, and some not so common, yellow emoticons used by various texting programs.

“Yeah, there are a few aren’t there?” She said, lifting hem of the shirt up to let me see all of them. “Each one actually has the little characters you type to make that face.” She said, removing her hand and pointing to one near her right breast. “See, this one uses an equals and an eight.”

“Yeah, there are a few I haven’t ever seen before either.” I said, looking at one near the bottom that was quite sexually oriented, and wishing I was slightly farther down the, which would have allowed me to see her naked pussy.

“I think they made one or two of the more racy ones up. But it’s still cute.” She said laying it down and running her hands down her body to smooth it back out.

“Yeah, it is definitely cute.” I answered, wondering how I was going to get any sleep with her next to me dressed that way.

“Well, I guess we should czech game porno get some sleep then? What time are we getting up?”

“I have the alarm set for five. Shouldn’t take more than half an hour to get up and dressed and headed down there if you have your stuff organized.”

“Yeah, I don’t think it will take me more than a few minutes jump into my hunting pants and shirt.” She answered, making my mind jump back to how little she had on right then.

“Ok. Let’s get some sleep then.” I said as I reached up and flicked the light off, plunging us into darkness. A small amount of moonlight filtered in the open windows, illuminating more and more as my eyes began to slowly grow more accustomed to the dim light. I lay quietly for some time, trying to force myself to go to sleep, but my level of arousal was just so high I wasn’t sure I would ever get to sleep. As the night crept on, I finally drifted off, my dreams filled with the glimpse of her semi-naked body.

It was still dark when I woke, which was not a surprise. It also wasn’t a surprise that I had to go pee or that I had a hardon. What was a bit of a surprise was feeling a body pressed against my chest and legs. It took me several seconds to place who I was in bed with before my head cleared enough to recall. I could feel her spooned against me, her body making contact with as much of my body as she could. I lifted my arms close to my face and pressed the button on my watch, finding it was only a bit past one.

The moon had apparently gone down, and it was pitch black in the trailer. I dropped my hand down, letting it rest on the hip that was pressed against me. I idly stroked her hip as I thought about having to get up to go. My mind, in its fuzzy state of half sleep took long seconds to realize that I was stroking soft bare skin. I let my hand slid up and down her hip, finally realizing that she was dressed, but her night shirt had worked its way up in her sleep, leaving her hip and rear bare. It also took my mind several more seconds to realize that if her hip and butt were bare, that her bare pussy was only separated from my hard cock by the thickness of my shorts. I lay for several long seconds, gently stroking her hip until my mind woke me enough to realize just what I was doing and where my hand had started to roam toward.

Groaning, I pushed myself up and slowly tried to crawl across Janis to get out of the bed. She stirred as I climbed over her legs, finally slipping out of the bed and into the aisle headed to the bathroom. I had been in the trailer enough that I had no trouble making my way to the bathroom without lights, although I did flick on the low intensity nightlight in the bathroom while I went. I had to stand for some time before my hardon finally softened enough to allow me to relieve my complaining bladder.

I turned the light off and made my way back through the dark to the bed. I slowly crawled in, feeling my way over her as she now lay on her back. I straddled her legs and held myself over the top of her in the confined space. My mind jumped to the possibilities, wondering what it would feel like to be naked with her this way, sliding my cock into her pussy. My mind filled with images of her naked below the waist, which I realized was actually the case, my hips pushing down slightly and pressing my again hardening cock against her body.

“You know, it would work better if we were both naked.” I heard her whisper, startling me and flashing my brain back to reality. I jumped in response to her statement, whacking my head on the bunk above, my body collapsing on top of her in recoil. I rolled off of her and onto my back next to her, my hands going to my head to rub the suddenly sore spot. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to startle you!” She said, her voice filled with concern.

“No, it’s ok. My fault. I had to get back in bed after going to the bathroom.” I said with a quiet groan.

“Ah, is that what you were doing?” She asked, her voice filled with the smile I couldn’t see in the dark.

“Yeah, it was dark so I was just trying not to hurt you as I made my way back across.” I lied.

“Well, glad you made it back in bed ok.” She said with a giggle. “I hope you didn’t hurt yourself too much.”

“No I’m fine.” I said as I dropped my hands down next to me from my throbbing head. “We need to go back to sleep or we won’t be able to get up at five.”

“Well, that wouldn’t be the worst thing would it?”

“It would be if you wanted to get a chance to shoot a deer.”

“Ok. Good night.” She whispered in the dark.

My head slowly stopped throbbing and I fell back asleep.

I pulled my brain from the fuzzy images running through my mind, my hands fumbling for the insistence beeping near my head. As I picked up the alarm and clicked it off the dull throb registered in my head, along with the events of the middle of the night. I wondered just exactly what I had been thinking? Janis was a married co-worker, both of which made her completely off limits. Yes it was clear to me that there was an attraction between us, and that the thought of a sexual interlude with her would be quite fun, but the after effects of a sexual relationship on our working relationship could be devastating. Part of my mind said “who cares!” and the other part said “You’re an idiot for even thinking about it.” I lay there mulling it over for a few short minutes before reaching up and flicking the light on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32