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I can feel you close to me, close but not touching, our bodies longing for what we have been missing for so long.

I reach my right hand out to you, caressing your cheek, I feel you lean your face into my hand. Letting it slip around to the back of your neck, I pull you towards me until our bodies are touching, standing, touching everywhere we can. I grab your hair and pull down, which forces your face up to mine, and pull you in for a tentative kiss. When our lips touch, I feel a rush, all the longing and waiting is no more; you are finally here.

Tentativeness doesn’t last long as our mutual hunger explodes at that fist real touch. Our mouths open wide and tongues begin to dance as I wrap my left arm around your waist and pull you tight against me. I feel your breath quicken, your breasts crushed against my chest, your arms around my neck pulling me ever tighter into you. I am breathing your air, and all I want to do is touch you everywhere, all at once, and be as close you as possible. czech super models porno/

We tumble to the ground, rolling over and over as we continue our oral assault on each other, kissing, biting, and licking whatever wherever we can. We stop with my body on top of yours, our arms still tightly wrapped around each other, your legs reaching around me, linking your ankles together and opening yourself to me, you feel my hardness pressing against your wetness, and make tiny thrusting actions hoping to get me inside of you.

I’m in no mood to tease you, I want to be inside you, if I could simply melt into your body, I don’t think I would be touching you enough, I just have to have you in every way. I have to touch you everywhere, all at once, and as I settle deep inside of you, it still isn’t enough. I thrust at you , trying to get deeper inside of you , our passions rising, I can barely make out your grunts and moans as they escape czech tax porno your lips right next to my ear, I still need more, faster, harder, pulling you tighter against me as I lift your ass to try to drive even deeper into you.

I can feel our climax building quickly, and as much as I want it, I want it to go away-to just be lost in this moment of passion and euphoria with you. There is no way either of us can last long, but I still need to find more of you before this ends. I pull your head into my neck; flatten my chest into yours as I continue to pound into your willing, needy opening. I can feel your climax; feel the wetness jetting from you, feel your sharp bite on my shoulder as you try to hold back your scream, your legs still clenched behind me, urging me on, urging me to cum in you.

I still want so much more of you as I feel myself go over the top, feel my own climax rip through me, stiffening my entire body between the spasms. My world goes defloration porno black as I collapse on top of you, panting, sweating, gasping, bodies twitching through the final bits of our climax. I roll over, bringing you with me, kissing you gently as our tongues, sweat and tears mingle together on our faces.

It has been too long, too, too long since we have been together, too much time and space apart, we promise never again as we touch foreheads and pierce each other’s eyes, searching for the truth in those promises, knowing that even with all the desire and longing, we will soon be apart again, left to be alone again, but for the moment, wanting to believe it isn’t true. You rest your head on my chest and I try to smooth your soaked hair, stroke your back, we whisper our love and devotion to each other and start to drift to sleep.

Morning comes, and I bolt upright in bed. The sheets are soaked with my sweat and emissions, and my eyes strain to see her somewhere in the dark. Reality soon creeps in, and I realize that I have had the dream again, that same dream where she comes back to me from beyond, that dream where we are together, and will be together always. That same cruel dream that will never be reality. That same dream that always leaves me sobbing, wanting, hoping, loving. And alone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32