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Simply put, my bed is very cozy. I have enough pillows and blankets to keep me warm and surrounded by softness. I have a TV and DVD player to keep my occupied for hours. I have a cushy mattress to keep me comfortable all night. When I’m in bed, I have it all.

Well, at least I thought so. That was, until I met you. I knew I wanted you in that soft, entertaining, comfortable bed with me. I wanted your softness, your comfort, your entertainment. Every night I went to bed without you, it only furthered my longing to have you in bed with me.

I hope things will change tonight. You’re coming over any minute. It’ll be the first time you’ve seen my apartment. . . and my bed. I just finished changing into something a little more comfortable; a long, black, silky nightgown. It’s so much more comfortable than the clothes I wore to school today.

You buzz my apartment and I let you in. I meet you in the hallway in front of my door. I wrap my arms around your neck and stand on tiptoe in order to kiss you. I love that you’re so much taller than me. I’ve always been a tall woman and my height has made me uncomfortable around men. But with you, I’m little and womanly and un-awkward.

My lips are pressed tightly against yours. Your hands brush my cheeks and fold themselves into my long hair. I pull myself closer to you by wrapping my arms tighter around you. But eventually, like all good things, our kiss must end; my tiptoes are about ready to give out on me.

I lead you by the hand into my apartment and my bedroom. I put a DVD in the player as you settle into my bed. I join you and snuggle close to you. You have your back in the corner where my headboard meets the wall perpendicular to it and you have pillows behind you. You have your legs open and fully extended; I sit between them and lean my head against your chest. I grup porno cover us with a blanket to keep us warm and cozy.

The movie begins, both of us too shy and nervous to start anything. Eventually, you wrap your arms around me. I feel so safe in your arms. After a little while, you lean forward and kiss my neck. The feeling of my blood rushing underneath your soft kiss turns me on so much, a soft moan escapes my lips. You take that moan as a signal to continue, so you keep kissing my neck lightly.

You lick my earlobe a little and another moan slips from my mouth. I feel your teeth nibbling the flesh and your tongue licking it. You switch between kisses and nibbles and I start breathing heavy. You turn me on so much. . . I wish I could fully explain it.

As you kiss my neck, I long to feel your lips on my mouth. I just need to feel those pleasure-giving lips on mine. I shed the blanket as I turn around to face you and kneel between your legs. I place my hands on the sides of your face and kiss you hard, deep and long. You wrap your arms around my waist, but before long, your hands settle on my butt. You pull my pelvis close to you and I moan a little.

I move my kisses onto your neck and ear, giving you the same pleasure-treatment you gave me. You run your hands along my lower back, unaware that my lower back is very sensitive and erogenous. I just love to be touched there.

Eventually, I break the kisses and stare into your eyes. I know you want to take this further; I know I want to take this further. I kiss your quickly and lean back a little. You seem to know what I’m aiming for; I want you to be as naked as I am. I’m only wearing panties and a thin layer of satin. We both reach for the waistband of your sweater and pull it over your head. I feel drawn to your broad, soft chest and hug hd porno your for a little while. I can tell from the bulge pressing against my thigh that feeling the satin on your bare skin turns you on. “So little time, so much to do,” I think as I break the embrace.

Before I can do anything else, you start kissing my collarbone and the top of my chest. I close my eyes and surrender to the intense pleasure overcoming my body with each kiss. I slowly slip each strap of my nightgown off, revealing my young, beautiful breasts. You pause a moment just to admire them. Faintly, I head you whisper, “God, they’re amazing,” before placing your lips on one of them. You kiss each of my breasts, carefully avoiding the nipples. My breaths draw deeper and more frequent as you continue to kiss me. You take one hand off of my back to fondle the breast you’re not kissing; I’m very glad you didn’t remove both, or else I might just fall over from the sheer delight you’re giving me. I’m weak and dizzy. . .and so aroused.

After a while of fondling and kissing, your lips touch my nipple. I almost pass out from the pleasure and anticipation. You roll the nipple against your tongue slowly, teasingly. You begin to suck slightly. There’s a little nibbling and it drives me wild. Then, you pay the same attention to the other breast, all the while holding one hand against my back to keep me from falling over.

Your kissing, sucking, nibbling and licking bring me ever closer to orgasm. Being a man wise in the ways of the bed, you leave the nipples before I can reach orgasm. You want the first orgasm you give me to be absolutely amazing, and, by doing this, you create extra sexual tension dying to be released in an even bigger orgasm.

To give me a moment to breathe, you gently lay me on the bed on my back and stand at the edge. You latin porno remove your pants and boxers in one smooth, sexy movement. You are even sexier than I had imagined you to be. I still have my nightgown bundled at my waist and your slide it down over my hips and legs. Gently, you remove my panties. I get tingles when your hand brushes against my mound as you remove the panties. Before you climb back into bed with me, you put the condom on. For some reason, watching you do it is sexy.

You lay down next to me, both of us naked. We kiss for a while and let our hands explore the naked skin of the other person’s body. I feel your body against mine, my pussy getting wetter with each caress.

“Mmm. . .Casey,” I moan, “I want you. . .so bad. . .inside of me.”

Like a true gentleman, you obey your lady’s wishes and climb on top of me. I feel you at my opening, hesitating. Our eyes meet and I nod, unable to even mutter a simple yes. You slowly enter me; I’m so tight because I haven’t been with a man for quite some time. Slowly, you move in and out of me, letting me get used to your size. I moan from deep inside, just as your are deep inside me.

My hips buck in tempo with your thrusts. We are a melody of sexual passion. I breathe heavier and louder as I near orgasm. You moan, also; I love to know my man is enjoying himself. Faster and deeper your thrust as I scream, “CASEY! CASEY! OH GOD CASEY!” I’m quickly nearing a tremendous orgasm as you pump faster. “OH GOD CASEY! I’M ALMOST THERE! DON’T STOP! Ohgodohgodoh. . .oh. . .OH. . .YES! I’m CUMMING!”

Hearing me scream in delight and feeling me thrust my pelvis into yours sends you over the edge. “Oh, darling! Oh!” you mutter as you thrust deeply into me and cum. You thrust a few more times as our orgasms subside.

You lay by my side and kiss me gently. There’s so much I wanted to do, so many things I wanted to do for you, to you and with you. Oh, well, there’s always next time. . .and after this amazing night, I sure hope there will be.

And as I lay next to you, kissing you, I know, I have it all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32