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Stepping back in time to take a second go, taking all my experience and knowledge, my confidence and patience with me, seemed like a good idea. Re-run that fateful party where I had met Penny and then spent two years trying to get her clothes off, eventually succeeding, but ending up parting with her after another five years, and regretting all the time I could have been with someone else. Especially since I knew that there were other girls who fancied me, opportunities missed, that this time I could grab. So start with Jill, a friend of Penny that I never got to kiss in life version one, but now (or should that be ‘then’? — tenses are strange when time travel is involved) I can or could have made a pass at instead.

So I did, and it worked, and Jill turned out to be an astonishingly open and willing partner, passionate and free and simply stunning. In two days of intense emotion and physical exploration we had become more intimate than I had been with Penny in two years. It was electrifying, intoxicating, and I wanted more…

Jill looked fantastic the next afternoon as she walked down the road with Jo on one side and Penny on the other. The three had just left school a few minutes earlier, and while I know that most schoolgirls hate their uniforms and think they are anything but sexy, they are just plain wrong about that. It was winter, so they all had long grey coats on, and there was just the hint of the maroon skirt below, before the thick grey tights lead down to the sensible flat heeled black shoes. I wondered just what was beneath those coats, and my imagination had a direct line to my gonads. I knew that Penny at least would be wearing the regulation maroon knickers. I wondered if Jo or Jill was a rule breaker.

I pulled into the end of a side street in front of them, and hopped out of the car. I leant on the roof as the girls approached and said “Can I offer anyone a lift?”

Jill beamed. Jo scowled, and Penny looked half way between pleased and thoroughly miffed. Jill stepped up to the passenger door and opened it, saying “I’ll take a ride with you,” as she got in to the front seat, blocking access to the back (a Mini is a small two door car, for those who don’t know). “See you tomorrow girls,” she added with a wave.

I got in my side and leaned across to kiss her, saying “Hello, my beautiful woman,” but she pushed me down into my seat and looked away. “Not here, handsome man, it is too close to school, a teacher might see and I would be on report.”

“Okay, then let ‘s move.” I said and we set off down the road, passing Jo and Penny. “They didn’t look to happy,” I remarked.

“Well, Jo saw Owen yesterday and he had a hangover and was a grumpy tosser, and Lenny turned up at Penny’s house on his motorbike, so Penny’s dad has grounded her. I think they might be a little jealous.”

“So, where would you like to go today.” I asked.

“I am very open to suggestions” she replied, shifting in her seat so that her skirt rode up as she moved her knees apart. Her half smile and raised eyebrow were very sexy.

“Why Miss Wyatt, I’m sure your headmistress would say that that is not the proper way to behave in school uniform.” I joked, “You will get the College a bad name.”

“True.” She smiled, “We had better find somewhere I can take it off then. And I have to be home by six, so you had better think fast.”

“Ooooh-Kaaay.” I drawled, thinking quickly. I had hoped of course, and planned just in case, but I needed to make it sound like I hadn’t counted on this. “My folks are home — Mum isn’t at work today. How about yours?”

Jill snorted “No chance. Even if she was out shopping, Mum could come back at any time, and I don’t think she would approve of me having a boy in the house alone even if we were fully clothed and sitting five feet apart with a chess table between us.”

“Hmm, tricky.” I said, then “How about Mike’s house — he’s just round the corner, and he has a snooker table.”

“A Snooker table?”

“Yeah, I could tell him I wanted to show you how to play. He’d be good about it and bugger off.”

“Is Mike the tall guy, fair haired? Weird deep voice?”

“Yes, plays keyboards as well, we jam a bit, but he couldn’t make it on Saturday night.”

Jill nodded “Pity that, Penny fancies him. If he had been there maybe she wouldn’t have spent all that time fluttering her eyelashes at you.”

“Really? Perhaps I should tell him.” I said, “Anyway, she didn’t flutter at me for long, it was clear I was only interested in you, and she ended up with Len.”

Jill laughed “Yeah, but she would still have preferred you. Or maybe Mike. But don’t tell him yet. Maybe we can arrange to introduce the two of them.”

We had arrived at Mike’s house, and he came to the door reasonably quickly when I knocked. I had of course checked out that it would be ok, that his parents would not be in, and that he would bugger off and leave us alone, so he was welcoming enough, and said it was ok we could use the snooker table, and offered us a coffee. He went to get it, and I took Jill into the billiards room.

I had racked up the balls, and she had thrown her coat and blazer onto a chair, when Mike reappeared.

“Coffee. brazzers porno Do not put the cups on the table, or the cushions. I marks the baize and Dad will kill someone,” he said, leaving them on the sideboard. “You want me to keep score?”

I gave him a significant look and said “No ta, we’ll manage fine on our own.”

Mike left, laughing.

Jill came over to me then, and said “Hi handsome man.” She touched my cheek, and kissed me. “Are you sure he won’t come back in?”

“Not if he wants to live. But let me put the chair by the door to make sure.”

When I turned round having moved the chair across she was holding a cue and waving it awkwardly. “So,” she said, “you use this stick to poke the balls into the holes. Which one do you start with?”

I moved to take the cue before she ripped the cloth. “It is called a cue, not a stick, and the holes are called pockets. You only ever strike the white one, so it hits the coloured ones, and you start with a red. You hold it like this, and you want a nice smooth stroke so that, ooohgh!”

The last noise was caused by her slipping her hand into my pocket and grabbing my cock and balls.

“Oh dear,” she said, “you missed. Foul stroke, four away.” I stood up and she kept her hand where it was, moving behind me to put her other arm round my chest and pull herself against me.

“That is cheating. And how come you know the penalty for a missed shot?” I said.

“Dad has a table. He taught me to play when I was six. But just now I think I want to play with these balls not those ones,” she said as she moved her hands to undo my trousers.

As soon as she had my belt and fly undone she plunged her hand into my underpants and grasped my cock again. I turned to kiss her, to hold her breasts and run my hand over her ass, reaching to lift her skirt. There was no shyness today, and her kisses were hard against my lips.

I lifted her skirt at the front and got my hand between her legs, pushing against her tights and panties as she wanked my cock. She pulled back and said “I got told off in History today for day dreaming. It was all your fault. I was thinking about your cock.” “Well I have no idea what I was supposed to be learning today because all I could think about was you. Naked.” I grinned, “Does that make us even?”

“Nearly,” she said, “but since it was your cock that got me told off I think it has to something nice for me as well.”

She stepped back and started to undo her skirt, then looked at me and said “Don’t look.”

“Why?” I said, continuing to look.

“Because when I take this off you would see my highly unsexy grey tights, and they would put you off,” she said, making gestures that I should turn round.

I didn’t. I just grinned and said “Who told you I thought they were not sexy?”

“Well I warned you!” she said, and dropped her skirt. “Ta da!” she said and pulled a magician’s assistant pose, arms in the air and one foot in front of the other to show off her legs.

I whistled. “Even in those you have great legs.” I grabbed her and ran my hands over the rough ribbed material covering her perfect round ass, letting my fingers find the grove of her pussy inside the cleft between her thighs. Then I dropped to my knees and pressed my face into her groin, inhaling the scent of her pussy through the material that had been rubbing against her all day. I could feel it was damp, testimony to her exciting day dreams. I hooked my fingers into the elastic waistband and pulled them down, bringing the wet white cotton knickers with them.

“I thought you had to wear knickers that matched your skirt.” I said

“Who told you that? We have to wear maroon ones for sports, but we can wear white for ordinary. Oohh, that’s nice.”

I had slipped her underwear off one leg, pressed her knees apart, and kissed her full on the pussy, pressing in and up with tip of my tongue. She tasted delicious, as usual, and was already very wet. My finger slid straight up into her, and I hooked it round to massage the upper surface of her sheath, in behind the pubic bone, where some say the ‘G’ spot lies. It was certainly effective for her, although the simultaneous attack with my mouth on her clitoris might have contributed. She almost collapsed on top of me, clutching my head and shoulder for support.

“Oh Sean, oh my god!”

She staggered, pulling away, and had to lean back against the snooker table. Her eyes were wide. “Oh…god…” she panted.

“No, just Sean will do.” I smiled

Her only reply was to push me onto my back as she stepped forward to straddle me. She lowered herself down, pulling my cock upright to meet her, and sinking onto it, enveloping me in a smooth, warm, wet, slippery tight embrace.

“Ooh god I have wanted that all day.” She said, and paused for a moment, her eyes closed, her pussy lightly quivering on my shaft. She began to undo the collar and cuffs of her blouse, loosening her tie. Then she reached down and took the bottom of her blouse and in one movement pulled it off with her jumper and tie. It was a magnificent gesture, and when she undid her bra and dropped it behind her my breath was caught clip4sale porno in my throat.

She began to ride me then. Eighteen years old, naked and beautiful, two days ago a virgin who had never let a boy touch her, now indulging her body in a slow sensual build up to orgasm. Words cannot describe the glory of her body, pale and soft, slim but with gentle curves, her skin coated in tiny pale hairs that stood up in the slightly chill air and glistened in the winter afternoon light. Her muscles and sinews tensed and stretched, and her breathing became rhythmic and a little louder, a tiny catch to it each time she pushed all the way down on me. And the scent of her, sweet soap, fresh perspiration from the effort, and spicy warmness of her sex.

I was in heaven. I was inside her.

She reached down with one hand and began to rub her clitoris. Her other hand wandered to play with her nipples. With her eyes half opened she spoke between breaths, “I did this last night. In bed, when I got home. I thought about you, what we had just done, and what you had taught me. And what the girls had said the night before. And it felt really good, and I imagined doing this. I imagined sitting on top of you, having you inside me, letting you see me like this, doing this so you could watch. It made me come, but it wasn’t like yesterday. It wasn’t as good. It wasn’t as good as this is now. I love your cock in me. I love it in me when I come. Oh Sean I’m going to come now. Oh Sean, hold me!”

She fell forward with a series of jerks and her hips rocked her pussy back and forth rapidly. She came, gasping and grabbing at me, pushing down hard to drive me deep into her and crush her clit against the root of my cock. She kissed me and froze in mid kiss, her mouth open, breath held, her face flushed and body rigid, apart from the pulsing clenching of her muscles around my cock. Then she wilted, melted against me and began to draw deep breaths again. I held her and stroked her, and marvelled at how lucky I was.

As she recovered and lay on me totally relaxed I said “That was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I wish I could have taken a picture of you just then. You are simply gorgeous. How did I get to be so lucky?”

She stirred, and came up on her elbows, and smiled at me. “I saw you three years ago when you came to our school to a debate. You weren’t like the other boys. You were smart looking, neatly dressed, but not like the swots or the Christians. Just like you looked after yourself because you valued yourself. And you spoke like that. Confident, but not smart-Alec, not cocky. You knew what you were talking about, and had no fear of standing up in front of two hundred people to say it. And your voice. So clear and quite deep, though you are deeper now. And a nice accent, not posh, not common. Your voice makes me shiver, in a nice way. It was your voice that hooked me. Of course you had a huge spot on the side of your nose, which was all the other girls could talk about when we compared the boys the next day, and all of them fancied that guy Davy, who was in upper sixth, but I just kept thinking about you.”

I was stunned. I remembered that debate, being scared to death when I stood up to speak, and just dying every time a girl looked at my face. That boil kept coming back for months, and left a scar on my nose to remind me even when it finally stopped raising its very ugly yellow head. All I could say was “Really?”

“Yes. I love your voice. I went to every inter-school debate hoping to hear you. You speak well, you know, clever, funny, never rude or nasty, thoughtful. And you use your voice; volume and tone and effective pauses. Don’t look at me like that, just because I appreciate a good speaker doesn’t make me weird.”

“Sorry,” I said, “I’m just amazed. Three years ago? I wished you had said — I mean we could have been doing this for the last three years…”

“Oh no we wouldn’t!” she laughed, “For starters I was fifteen, and it ain’t legal until seventeen, and anyway I was a well brought up girl who had been taught to say ‘no’ until I’m married. You might have got to hold my hand, and maybe a kiss, but even with your charms you would not have got me nude.”

“So why are you nude now? Why did you do it with me?” I asked.

“Because you are still lovely, kindly, smart and funny, and have a voice that makes me quiver. And because I realised a few months ago that whatever my mother and the church say, I am not getting married until I have my degree finished, and I am not waiting ’til I’m twenty two to have sex. I have been horny for years. I never even realised what it was. But on Saturday night you kissed me and I my body knew exactly what it was missing. And, well, it is weird but I feel like I have known you for years. I feel like I can be your friend for ever. Even if we don’t stay together, you will always be my friend. I think. I hope.” She looked shyly at me.

“Jill Wyatt, you are a remarkable human being. I know what you mean about feeling like I have known you for a long time, but all this ‘if we don’t stay together’ stuff… you aren’t thinking of dumping me are you?” I asked this with real concern, and was surprised colette porno to register that in myself.

I had intended to seduce her and then move on to another of the girls on my list of ‘ones that got away, but I’ll get this time.’ Now I found I wanted to keep her. In my previous life I had known her through decades of social events and occasional chance meetings. I had always enjoyed her company, and regretted that I had not dated her, and bedded her, before she met her husband. I had thought if I went back and had a chance to sleep with her then I would have something to look back on with warmth, rather than regret. But in this life the knowledge that this woman could be forever a great companion, a friend for life, and as sexy in forty years as she was now as an eighteen year old, was influencing me powerfully. She had met her first boyfriend, Fitzy, a classmate of mine, at a party a few months from now. They stayed together through university, married, had three kids, and were still in love, as far as I could tell, at his retirement party. Now I was her first. I could be me waking up beside her in forty years. I liked that idea.

On the other hand… the whole notion of this second attempt was to be able to use my knowledge and experience to better advantage, and part of that knowledge is the knowing that I am at heart a desperate romantic and serial monogamist, deeply loyal to my partners to the idiotic extent that I have missed, and regret missing, numerous opportunities to bed beautiful women. I didn’t sleep with Jill last time because I was loyal to Penny. For the same reason I ignored a very blatant pass by Jo, and did not take advantage of an opportunity with a wonderful German girl on holiday in France. I didn’t shag Shauna some years later because I was then going out with Ruth, who I married, and so never took up the other half dozen flirtatious offers I got over the next ten years or so, while I was still young enough to get them And there were so many more that I never even tried to chat up, flirt with or seduce, because I was too scared, too loyal, too … too much me.

It was me being me that was starting to fall in love with this young Jill. Not just because I am very fond of the Jill she could become, but because she was just lovable, and I can’t help being in love. If I had gone with her that first time round, would I have ever regretted it? Ever regretted any of the opportunities I didn’t take up? Should I regret them? After all, being loyal is being me, it is what I do. If I had shagged Shauna, Ruth may not have married me. She might well have stabbed me to death in my sleep if she found I had slept with another woman after we married (and I say that with great affection). And to be perfectly fair about it, I have always been happy with my partners. Even now after thirty years of marriage to Ruth I am still in love with her more often than not. I had thought in this second go that I would just do it differently until I met her — in eight or nine years. Although I had also thought of trying to meet her earlier, be her first boyfriend, see if we could just click and stick and grow old together, but I had rejected that just because I wanted a few years of bed-hopping teenage and college age adventure. Now here I am thinking about settling down with Jill, abandoning that plan. Just like I did with Penny, the first time round. Had I learned nothing?

Jill was smiling again. “Nooo,” she said, “I wasn’t thinking of dumping you, just yet. But you aren’t the only fish in the sea, and nor am I. I don’t expect you to always be with me, marry me, grow old with me, and all that. We may find other people we fancy, we might go on holiday apart, or off to different Universities, or just be walking down the street and meet someone. I’ll be honest, if you hadn’t kissed me, if it had been Lenny or Owen, or Max. No not Max, but one of the others, I would have been horny as hell and maybe ended up doing all sorts of things with them. And I am damn sure that if Jo or Penny had got hold of you first you would have spent the night snogging them, and have tried to have your wicked way. Although I don’t think you would have spent the next day in bed with either of them, and you wouldn’t be doing this with them now, because Penny wouldn’t and Jo is all talk but I’m sure she has never done this. But I am awfully glad it was you. I wanted it to be you. And I’m just as sure that even if I had snogged Owen or Len, they would not have been a gentle and kind and confident and caring and wonderful as you, and I would not have ended up like this with them. And absolutely not this fast anyway. You are very special. You are not like the other boys, they are just, boys, impatient and thoughtless, but you, you seem, I don’t know, grown up. In a good way. Not boring stuffy grown up, but just, trustworthy, safe. And so sexy. Those boys aren’t sexy, they are just horny. And their voice would not have made me shiver inside. And I don’t want anyone else now. And I am not going to dump you.” I listened to all that tumbling out of her and found myself smiling again. “Well I am glad to hear it. Glad to hear all of it.” I kissed her again, a gentle peck. She returned it, and the third kiss grew into a longer, stronger, deeper embrace. I moved my hands to grasp her more firmly, and realised that her back was cold, as was her bottom where my palm came to rest. I broke the kiss to exclaim “You are freezing! You poor thing, lying there nude. Hell I wish we had a blanket.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32