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A huge thanks to Rustyoznail yet again for editing my story. The adventures of Madiha and Neha continues in Australia. Please check his writings India vs Australia.

Although it can be read as a one shot, it’s recommended to read the previous parts to get a good idea about the characters.


“Crick… Crick… Crick…”

My eyes were fixated on the slow moving fan which made a creaking noise at regular intervals as if it might be missing a ball bearing. Another harsh noise that was competing with it was the old creaky bed which breathed like it might give away anytime. Looking around, I could see the worn out and blistering paint ready to fall off the ceiling. In the corner was an old CRT television, which probably belonged to a museum, was at full volume to drown the creaks and moans. It was tuned to a teleshopping channel where I could hear the host scream the benefits of some sauna slim belt and interspersed words like “WEIGHT!”, “LOSE!!”, “SEXXXY!!”.

And I was lying on the bed of a cheap run down hotel, completely naked with my legs raised high enough that my knees touched my breasts. A man at least twice my age was on top, furiously humping his average sized cock into my pussy. He then bent forward and started kissing my lips with exaggerated passion.

‘Oh god, please don’t make it more awkward.’ I sighed inwardly as I was half-heartedly returning the kiss. It felt even more scandalous than getting your pussy eaten by a stranger because it was more personal. Even though the hotel desk clerk hinted that this hotel was ‘safe’, I remembered news articles of police raiding such hotels and then displaying photos of the arrested “customers” which would be published in the papers.

What would I do if that happened? Imagine the headlines – “Techie of a leading IT company caught soliciting men in a cheap hotel!” Imagine the shock of my parents and that I was doing such dreadful things in my own hometown. I always kept my wild side in other cities but came back home as the dutiful daughter. How did I end up in one of the cheap highway hotels which are infamous for being brothels in my own town? What if someone recognized me?


It’s all her fault. She was the one who led me into this. She was the one who aroused me into doing this. Why the hell did I say hello to her on the first day of orientation and then agree to be roommates with her? I cursed her while I was kissing him and sucking his tongue. Maybe she was doing the same thing right now, but with two cocks. Not sure how a petite girl like her was able to handle it. Was she really to blame for my current situation or was I just too dense to see the truth about myself?

Let me rewind the time by 12 hours. I was spending quality time at home, which is basically doing nothing, when Neha called me out of the blue. She started telling about her day when Shrek (the nickname of our landlord as he looked like a fat ogre) took her to a nearby town where he made her buy vegetables without wearing a bra, giving a nice peep show to the shopkeeper, had sex in a theatre and then in an open field and finally took her to a farmhouse. Her detailed analysis aroused me enough to masturbate in the bathroom.

Later that night I called her as my spider-sense tingled. I was in for a shock. The call was answered by a male voice who I didn’t recognize. I hastily cut the call and immediately I got a Facetime call from Neha’s number. The man opened the camera and my blood ran cold.

There were two cocks entering Neha. One, which I knew belonged to Shrek, was entering her pussy and a black one was entering her asshole. I could hear Neha’s moans in the background and it wasn’t her happy high pitched anime girl ones but a deeper, more animal grunt. He moved the phone so that I could see her face and I almost dropped the phone. Her face was baby pink, her hair was tousled, her eyes had rolled back so I couldn’t see the iris, her mouth was drooling with spit and I could see fresh cum stains on her face. Honestly, it was terrifying. Neha got a lot of attention in the office for having a cute face but I’ve seen her in many unflattering poses, like how she opens her mouth and snores. But this was the worst I had ever seen her.

The man realised that I was getting horrified so he moved the camera to her rear where I could see her two holes getting ravaged. The two cocks were getting more synchronous and moving like pistons. I couldn’t see the other man’s face as the rear camera was on but he was able to see me.

I was initially angry at Shrek for exploiting Neha but now my eyes were hypnotized by the simple image of reproductive organs doing their function. They were trying to entice me into volunteering for the next time and honestly, it was working. My left hand had moved into my pyjamas and started rubbing my clit. I could subconsciously feel that the man had a smirk seeing my mood change on the camera.

I was deep in the process when I abruptly lost my rhythm because of a phone call halkalı escort from an unknown number. Usually, it would be the credit card callers but no one calls at that time of the night. Instinctively I pressed the receive button ending the Facetime so that my father won’t launch an enquiry the next morning about why I’m getting calls late at night.

I raised the phone to my ear in trembling hands. As it got close I heard a cheery, but measured voice and I knew it belonged to an older man.

“Hello?” I heard the voice. I didn’t know what to do but I kept quiet. I was breathing heavily and my left hand was still in my pyjamas. I guess he understood that I was listening.

“Listen, you had called me and…” I immediately cut the call and threw it on the bed. I was shaking. Did Shrek give my number to all his friends? What should I do?

Was I overthinking it?

The phone screen lit up. I checked and saw he had sent a message through Whatsapp.

‘Hello, I understand you can’t talk. Shall we chat?’

I foolishly unlocked the phone and opened Whatsapp, which would have sent a read receipt. I went to the call lists to check his number and then I saw two entries. One was a call from me at around 7:30 pm. Who is he and why did I make this call? My mind was trying to recollect when I got a ribbon notification.

‘I think this is yours’ and a photo icon.

I opened Whatsapp and downloaded the photo. It was a photo of a lilac panty. MY lilac panty, which I had worn to the office function. In a second, everything flashed in my mind. It was the guy whom I went to third base with on the bus journey. He left his number on a card before leaving and I ended up taking it. After Neha’s narration, I got so aroused and called him but I cut it immediately. Then I masturbated and forgot about it.

Now what does he want? What should I do? I unnecessarily exposed my number to him. It was fun for something to happen out of the blue but now I might get blackmailed for it. I constantly chastised Neha for not being careful, but sometimes I also act like an idiot.

As if he could read the tension of not typing from my side, he added. ‘Don’t worry. I didn’t want to disturb you. I was curious why you called me?’

I didn’t know what to say but certainly not the truth. So I typed back.

‘Just wanted to check if it’s a real number or not’

He replied with a winking smiley. I didn’t know what this uncle was trying to convey. Maybe he wasn’t good with emoticons yet.

‘Truth be told, I was thinking about you all day. Shall we meet tomorrow?’ came the next message.

‘What for?’ I typed back.

‘Just want to meet and see how it goes’

‘Oh my god, he wants to complete what he started on the bus.’ I thought.

‘What if I say no?’ I replied.

‘I have no issues with that. I respect your opinion. I’ll delete your number and move on’

I was stunned by his response. I expected some begging or even threats but he just accepted my decision. I started feeling a bit guilty. But then the thoughts of Neha started coming back. What would they think if I tried to do another Facetime? Would they think I’m easier than Neha? I kept the phone and decided to sleep.

I kept fidgeting for the next half hour. I couldn’t take out the images of Neha getting double-penetrated. How did that happen? Did Shrek plan it earlier or was it just a coincidence? Did they force her or had she just agreed? Did they give alcohol to make her easy? Is she shocked or actually enjoying it?

Then my train of thoughts moved in another direction. I thought about the bus journey, how he slowly snaked his hands inside my body, unclothed me and gave me an orgasm in a bus with 40 sleeping people. How I bit Neha’s pashmina shawl to hide my moans. My hands slipped into my panty and started playing with the devil’s harp. I fingered a tune while imagining him on top of me. I hardly even saw his face in the morning so my mental picture only had a penis attached to a body.

I bit my bedsheet when I orgasmed to make sure my parents never heard it from the other room. I could feel my panty fill with wetness. After the warm feeling subsided, I felt even hungrier rather than being satisfied. I needed something inside me, not just rubs. With a heavy sigh, I took the phone and opened Whatsapp and typed a message to the man.


‘Hey, I was eagerly waiting for you’ he replied almost immediately.

‘So fast’ I typed back. I looked at the time, It was 1:13 am.

‘Honestly I couldn’t sleep. I was thinking about you all this time’

Maybe he was masturbating too, but could I blame him?

‘You see I still think whether everything was a dream’ he typed back ‘I’m not usually like that but my hand just acted on its own’

Not the best defence if I had screamed “pervert” in the bus. I was too tired and too horny to beat around the bush, so I went straight to flirtation.

‘I want olgun escort to meet you tomorrow’ I typed. There was a brief silence for close to a minute. I guess I had him tongue-tied.

I immediately added ‘Don’t have any wrong ideas. It’s just a casual meet’

‘Don’t worry. I won’t try anything you don’t want. How about a coffee shop. Lets see where it goes’

A coffee shop was a smart idea but we only had good ones in the downtown mall and I couldn’t chance bumping into anyone I knew. But then, I couldn’t meet him in a private place like his house or a hotel room. That would imply I was there for a booty call. What if I got cold feet and wanted to bail out but he refuses to let me leave? What if he calls another friend to surprise me like Shrek did with Neha?

Then I remembered what Neha did today. The cinema hall. It’s private enough, as it is dimly lit and everyone would be watching the screen. In case I felt uncomfortable, I could just come out and there will be ushers and security to make sure he won’t try anything stupid. Although I would never ride him inside a theatre like Neha did.

‘Jubilee Theatre’ I typed after much deliberation.

‘Ok’ he replied, probably not sure why I chose that spot. He would have if he was a local. The Jubilee Theatre used to be an icon of our town’s history and my father had many fond memories of watching movies there. But then the town expanded on the other side due to modern malls with multiplexes opening up. The owner of the Jubilee knew renovating would be a waste of money, so they started showing movies that had completed their run in the multiplexes.

The theatre was making money in a new way. Since it was part of the old town and on the national highway, it had become a favourite spot for young couples to chill out in the air-conditioned hall with no one to disturb them. And importantly, away from the prying eyes of aunties and uncles eager to report their activities to their parents. I didn’t have a boyfriend during my school days, so I never ventured near that theatre. Going there in my 20’s seemed strange.

‘2:30 pm’ I typed.

‘I will surely come. Good Night ‘ he replied with a heart emoji, although he would be thinking of the eggplant emoji.

‘Good night’ I replied and then deleted all the chats. With the planning done, I immediately slept like a log.

I woke up late at 10 am and immediately checked my phone. There was no ‘Good morning’ message from him which was a good sign that he also didn’t want anyone to discover the meeting. I had my late breakfast, helped my mom with some cooking but I was only thinking of the afternoon meeting.

My mind whirled. Should I just bail out? Did I make a bad decision in the heat of my lust, just like with Shrek? Will this give him additional leverage over me? Oh, god, why can’t I just lift the phone and type I’m not coming? Anyway, why should I freak out? I’m meeting him in a theatre. Nothing bad can happen if I choose to stop. I know that the theatres will only allow some first and second base action – nothing more, so it must be safe.

I made up my mind to go. Next thing was what to wear? This was not a date and he wouldn’t mind even if I wore a garbage bag. What’s the most practical dress? A shirt and a skirt like Neha wore? No, that was a city theatre. Mine was a town so I should be a Roman in Rome. So I decided to wear a salwar kameez and use the dupatta to cover my face. It’s not uncommon for women to do that while riding two wheelers or protecting their face from the sun. In that way, I could also protect myself from the stares of other men and women who might report my strange visit to my dad.

After lunch, I told my parents that I was going to meet my friend Mansi. We had a pact from our school days that we would cover for the other as an alibi, although it was her who had benefited the most. It was my time to use the card.

I took my scooter and rode it to the city bus stand and parked it. Then I took a bus to the theatre. I didn’t want anyone to notice my scooter in front of the theatre famous for being a lover’s hangout.

The theatre looked deserted, but I bought a ticket at the counter and went in. An usher guided me to my seat, which was in one of the rear rows. The movie had already commenced and I settled down to watch. The theatre looked kinda empty and I could just make out a few couples seating a few rows ahead. My row looked completely empty.

After about 10 minutes, someone entered and I realised that it was my ‘date’. He made a beeline towards me like a guided missile and sat down. He put the bucket of popcorn he bought on the other seat and put his hand on my hand.

I totally froze. I didn’t know what to do. All those premeditations and now I was just speechless. I didn’t look at him and turned my eyes to the screen. I guess he must have been surprised by my cold behaviour. He offered me şişli escort popcorn and I took some. I kept watching the movie which I didn’t know the head and tail of while he was staring at me.

After ten minutes or so when I was taking some popcorn, he held my hand and gripped it hard. After a couple of minutes, he lifted it to his mouth and kissed it affectionately. I was not so tense and scared about it like before. I did not protest. We both held hands for a while with him constantly gripping my hand and caressing it.

He began to fidget on his seat and I heard him unzipping his fly and I could feel my heart beating faster. With his other hand, he took his semi-erect cock out. He then placed my right hand on it and I willingly and without much nervousness took it in my hand. He did not have to force my hand on his cock and I began to gently caress and grip it. It did feel nice and wonderful. I had no qualms about stroking this stranger’s penis. I glanced down at what I was doing, and in the dim lights could make out my hand stroking his dark cock.

He leaned towards me, and with no hesitation put his right hand directly on my breasts so he could fondle and massage them. The movements became deliberate as if he owned me. I let him continue and my passion was building up. He was firmly and expertly fondling my breasts and it was feeling good. Very good. He then moved his hand down and from the front slipped his hand inside my kameez and reached for my breasts and began to squeeze them hard over the bra. Becoming more brazen he tried to push my bra upwards so that the breast could be freed. He was struggling a bit and I was wondering how to help him. He then withdrew his hand totally outside and then with his left hand encircled my shoulders and pulled me towards himself to hug me tight. It was a deep, warm and passionate hug as with his right hand he was pushing me hard on his chest. He made me move a bit sideways towards him so that he could hug me really tight – a real bear hug.

Our faces were almost touching and then he kissed me on my cheek. Before I realized it, his mouth was on mine and he was kissing me passionately. It was really mind blowing. I felt his tongue force it’s way into my mouth and push and toy with my tongue. He was pushing his tongue in deep and darting it around my mouth and then he began to suck onto my tongue.

I realised that while Shrek did a lot of things with us, he rarely kissed us on the mouth. I thought he just wanted to keep it strictly physical.

It had been a while since I was french kissed by a man. Actually, since my ex-boyfriend from college days although I had kissed Neha many times during our threesome. I wasn’t bi, but during the throes of passion you end up kissing whoever was next to you while getting your pussy fingered or eaten by Shrek. I returned the stranger’s kiss and tried to push my tongue into his mouth. He let it enter and sucked on my tongue. This deep french kissing continued for some time and we were both enjoying it a lot.

While we were still deep and wet kissing with intertwined tongues, he slid his right hand back inside my kameez and was fondling and squeezing my breasts really hard. He managed to get one breast partially outside the bra and was kneading, then caressing the nipple and making it hard. It was feeling lovely and I then felt his hand lightly stroke my stomach, my side and then below the salwar. He moved his hand onto my back and deftly unhooked my bra strap. He gave a grunt of satisfaction and started caressing my naked back.

We were still deep kissing and he moved his hand back onto my breasts and pushed the loose bra upwards. Both breasts were released and he kneaded them in full earnest. My breasts were now free for whatever he wanted to do with them and as I was leaning sideways towards him, he began to tug and pull my kameez upwards. I shifted slightly so that he could pull my kameez up from under me. He very easily pulled it upwards and I could feel the cool air-conditioning on my naked breasts. I glanced down and in the dim light of the movie hall, I could see my fully exposed breasts with his hand squeezing them hard.

He then bent down and began to lick me — and then flicked the nipple with his tongue and suckled on it. I was still gently gripping his proud and erect cock. It was throbbing in my hand and felt so hard and powerful. He was being very fidgety in his seat and he was doing something to his trousers. He shifted a bit and I saw him tug his pants down – he had opened his trousers and had pushed them below his bum, spreading his legs much wider. I could see his bare legs and he now took my hand and guided it over his naked torso and upper legs, onto his balls, between his thighs. Everywhere.

Out of my own curiosity, I moved my hand under his balls and cupped them in my hand. He let out a contented sigh and spread his legs wider – he was loving every moment of it. In the dim light I was either watching him suck my breasts, guiding his mouth from one side to another or was looking down at how I was stroking this strong and big cock. We were both in our own world. He again hugged me tight and put his arm around my shoulders, sliding up to my neck so he could pull my face towards his and began to kiss me again passionately — pushing his tongue in deep. I responded by putting my arm around his neck and returning his kisses with equal passion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32