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Creampie Eating

PLEASE NOTE… I am not certain what category this story belongs in. I am placing it in the Group Sex category and hope that will redirect it if they see fit. I can see several category listings that would be accurate in some way; Voyeur, group, loving wives, interracial to name a few.

The story involves two men and one woman.


“I’m fine with this one,” Lisa said as she pointed to one of the three best responses to our ad that we had received.

We had gotten several others, but they were either written by illiterates or the people behind them sounded downright scary. Being so new at this, we decided to play it safe, although I admit to being a bit surprised when she chose the one written by the man who identified himself as Wilson.

“You sure?” I asked, and then offered to read it out loud to make sure she understood who I was going to call.

Written with beautiful penmanship that was flawless in style and grammar, the man introduced himself as Wilson and said that he was interested in meeting us.

“I’m 46 years old,” I read aloud. “While I’m surely not a man with a large build in the obvious sense, being only about 5’6″ and about 130 pounds, I am rather blessed in another area, and hope that was what you were referring to in your ad. One thing I should mention to you is that I am a black man, so if that matters to you then you can simply dispose of this letter. and I wish you luck and happiness. In any event, I assure you that I am very discrete and expect the same in others.”

“I read it, several times,” Lisa said. “He sounds like a nice man.”

“This is probably something that I’m not supposed to mention,” I began to say, but Lisa stopped me.

“Him being black?” Lisa interjected. “I don’t know. I think that there’s something to make us nervous about anyone we meet like this, isn’t there?”

“Okay,” I said, realizing that this was certainly a way to prove that everything you mouth in church every week aren’t just words, and that we are all brothers. “I’ll call him.”


I got in contact with “Wilson” the next morning, although our connection was lousy and I had trouble hearing him clearly. Explaining that we were interested in meeting him, we set up a rendezvous at a bar outside of town in an area that seemed convenient for all of us.

“What should I call you?” Wilson asked.

“I’m Bryan, and my wife’s name is Lisa,” I said.

“Really?” he asked. “Are those your real names?”

“Yes. Why?”

“No reason,” Wilson said. “Just curious. I’ll see you at 8 on Friday night.”

“Uh – before you go,” I said. “I was just wondering how you felt about me – getting involved, I mean.”

“In what way, Bryan?” Wilson inquired in a velvety voice.

“Not – well, I’m kind of curious about something.”

“Aren’t we all?” Wilson said, and then helped put me out of my misery. “I think what you’re trying to ask if I was open to have you do things to me. Am I right?”

“I don’t know,” I answered honestly. “It’s just that if the urge hit me that I would like to touch you or something, I wanted to know if you would have a problem with that.”

“Well, Bryan, I admit that I’m really interested in women, but I have strayed a bit from time to time, and when it comes to a hand or mouth approaching my private parts, I’m open-minded. Does that answer your question?”

“Yes, Wilson” I said, breathing a sigh of relief. at not having to really ask.

“Your wife,” Wilson asked. “Could you tell me a little about her?”

“Sure. She’s really cute but kinda shy. We both are,” I admitted. “We’re very new to this. Lisa is blonde and petite. Not really – you know – not voluptuous at all. Just the opposite, to be honest with you, but she has a nice figure.”

“I can almost picture her in my mind,” Wilson said with a laugh. “I can’t wait for Friday night.”

“It’s on for Friday night,” I said when I caught up with Lisa.

“What does he sound like?” Lisa wanted to know.

“Barry White,” I said, making Lisa laugh.

“I thought he was a small man,” Lisa inquired. “How could he sound like that?”

“The phone connection was crummy,” I admitted. “I don’t know. He had a very comfortable sounding voice. Very soothing. I know I’ve heard a voice like his before. Maybe it wasn’t Barry White.”

As it turned out, it sure wasn’t Barry White.


We sat in a deserted corner of the lounge, nursing a couple of drinks as we watched the clock change from 8:04 to 8:05.

“Maybe we’re getting stood up,” I suggested.

“Maybe you shouldn’t have described me to him,” Lisa said, half-joking.

“No, he sounded very interested in you, even more so after I described you, and by the way you look sensational tonight.”

Indeed, Lisa looked very vibrant, and had ever since last weekend. Her sexual appetite had increased by leaps and bounds, as had mine, and while we were both nervous we had looked forward to tonight all week.

“Uh-oh!” I said when I saw a familiar face enter the bar and ease into a stool.

“What’s konya escort wrong?” Lisa asked.

“Don’t turn around,” I cautioned. “It’s Mr. Jessup, from church.”

Mr. Jessup was active in our church, and along with Lisa and a few other people, did things like passing out the collection baskets and handing out things. Definitely not the man I wanted to be witnessing our attempt at a rendezvous in this bar.

“Too late,” I said as he saw me from the other end of the bar, and after paying for his drink he began walking towards us.

“Mr. and Mrs. Pratt!” Mr. Jessup said in his usual friendly tone. “Out for a night on the town?”

“Uh – just having a drink,” I said.

“Have a seat, Mr. Jessup,” Lisa said, always the courteous one.

“Yes, by all means,” I said. “We were going to meet someone here, but I think we might be getting stood up.”

“Oh?” Mr. Jessup said as he slid into the seat opposite us. “I think you might be wrong about that… Bryan.”


I knocked over my glass, which was mercifully almost empty, and as we combined our efforts to clean up my mess I tried to think of something to say. Something to explain away what we were doing here, and I came up empty.

“I had no idea it was you, Mr. Jessup,” I finally said. “Obviously.”

“I wish I could say the same, but after you told me your first names on the phone, that gave it away,” Mr. Jessup said with a smile.

“This is very embarrassing,” I admitted with a nod toward my wife, who was seemed like she was looking for a place to hide. “What you must think of us.”

“It would be difficult for me to throw stones at anyone else, given the fact that I’m here as well,” Mr. Jessup declared. “Aren’t we all looking for happiness? I think the fact that we met like this is rather special. You see, I’ve always been very attracted to Mrs. Pratt here.”

“Lisa,” my wife interjected.

“Lisa,” Mr. Jessup repeated. “You can call me Will, or Wilson.”

I knew that Mr. Jessup was called Will by some at church, but I had never made the connection to the name Wilson because I never thought of the man in this context. Then again, I was never expecting to be running into anybody we knew like this, because everyone we knew was like us. Squares. Or at least that was the way we used to be.

“Like I was saying, I’ve always be very fond of Lisa,” Will confessed. “So cute and such a tiny little thing too.”

Lisa blushed at that, and as I watched Will’s impeccably manicured hand reach over and pat Lisa’s hand softly, I couldn’t help but be taken aback by the sight of his long dark fingers – such a stark contrast to the pale white skin he was touching. I knew African-Americans come in many shades, but by any standard Will Jessup was a black, black man.

How did I feel about this? I must confess that while I never considered myself prejudiced, there was a certain degree of trepidation involved when I would associate with people of other races. It was more of a fear of the unknown than anything else, I suppose.

Wilson Jessup, on the other hand, was someone I had a nodding acquaintance with for many years. He was a respected member of the congregation and while I didn’t really know much about him, I did know that he had a prominent job in a state government agency. That, and now I knew that he also wanted my wife.

“I would always try to maneuver myself so that after we would take the collection, I would find myself sitting next to you,” Will said. “When we would exchange greetings at the end of the service, while only our hands touched, my mind was working in other areas. I hope that doesn’t offend you.”

I shook my head no, but his comment was really directed at Lisa, who was also shaking her head no while staring at the black hand on hers, the rich gold of his watchband sparkling against the smooth ebony of his wrist. Even in the dim light of the bar, his smooth shaved skull glistened.

“So I leave this up to you two,” Will said as he drained his drink and set the glass back down. “I understand completely if you would rather not continue with the plan, but I assure you that I’m most interested and am not bothered at all by the fact that we already know each other a little. Either way, no one besides us will ever know a thing about our meeting like this.”

I exchanged glances with Lisa, whose eyes gave me the answer I was looking for. Clearing my throat, I spoke to Will for both of us.

“We want this to happen. Uh – I usually get a motel room,” I said, by voice cracking a bit, and then laughed at that. “Usually? We’ve only done this once before, but that was what we did that time. I haven’t gotten a room yet tonight.”

“Then there’s no need for that,” Will said. “That is, if you don’t mind coming over to my place. I think we’ll all be more comfortable there.”


Will Jessup’s place was amazing, to put it mildly. He had a condo on the fifth floor of a building that overlooked the park and provided a fantastic view of the city. I could tell Lisa was bowled over by his place konyaaltı escort and the way it was decorated, obviously by a professional.

There was African art everywhere, and the furnishings were tasteful and very expensive looking. I suspected that his black leather sectional probably cost more that all of our furniture put together, and as Will gave us a tour, we discovered that we hadn’t seen anything yet.

The bedroom was unreal. There was a mirror above what had to be the biggest bed I had ever seen. A water-bed, as it turned out, and seeing that sent a chill down my spine. This was the bachelor pad of all bachelor pads, and I wondered how many women had swooned when they saw it, and found themselves on those black satin sheets.

“Since my wife passed,” Will said after Lisa complimented him on his exquisite taste. “I haven’t had anybody to spend money on but myself, so I kind of got a little crazy here.”

Apparently Will’s wife had been killed in an auto accident many years ago, and Will had never remarried. He may have been alone, but judging by his looks and surroundings, was rarely lonely.

Will excused himself, and when he was gone I asked Lisa how she was feeling about all of this.

“This place is like something out of a magazine,” Lisa said as she looked around the room.

“That’s not what I meant.”

“You mean Will?” Lisa asked, her pale blue eyes twinkling behind her glasses. “He’s very nice, isn’t he?”

“Do you want him?” I asked. “There’s still time to back out.”

Lisa didn’t say anything but just slowly shook her head no.

She looked so adorable in her breezy lime green summer outfit. An outfit that would be coming off soon, I knew. My hands were shaking and my heart was racing, but my dick was hard.

“Forget I’m here,” I said to my wife, kissing her on the cheek.

“Can’t,” Lisa said, and then added something that she hadn’t mentioned before. “Actually, watching you watching me turns me on.”


“Yes,” Lisa admitted. “Bryan… is it true what they say. About black men, I mean?”

“What do you mean? I asked, knowing full well what she meant.

“About – you know – how well endowed they are?”

“I don’t know,” I confessed.

“Tony,” Lisa said in a shaky voice as she referred to the man who had introduced us to the lifestyle the previous weekend. “He was so big. I can’t imagine Wilson being that large, seeing how small his body is.”

“I don’t know if that has anything to do with it,” I told my wife, wondering what she was hoping for. “Anyway, one way or another I think you’re about to find out.”

Will returned with a bottle of wine, a crisp Chardonnay that soothed my parched throat, and after we enjoyed the wine Will took Lisa’s glass away, setting it down on the dresser before walking back and standing behind my wife.

The room around me was so alien that I felt like I was in a movie. The lighting – it was so soft and glowing yet you couldn’t tell were it was coming from. It was as if the walls emitted a faint glow that lit the room subtly, and adding to the surreal vision was the sight of Wilson Jessup standing behind Lisa, her hands on her shoulders.

“I want to thank you, my brother Bryan,” Will said in that velvet tone that sounded more like a purr than a voice. “Thank you for giving me this most precious of gifts. The loan of your beautiful wife for too short a short time.”

Wilson kissed the top of Lisa’s head before taking off her glasses and handing them to me. They were both facing me, with Will still behind Lisa, and although they were only a couple of feet away from me, it felt like a mile.

“What a glorious creature you are, a special creation indeed,” Will whispered in my wife’s ear as his hands reached around her and undid the buttons with a smoothness that was amazing, and now Lisa’s blouse was being taken off of her slender shoulders and set aside.

Will was nuzzling into Lisa’s neck while his hands went along Lisa’s arms. I could see the faint down standing up on her forearms, which were now covered with goosebumps, and then Will’s hands were undoing the single clasp between the cups of my wife’s bra – the Wonder Bra that she had bought for the occassion, and as the cups came away and the small buds of her breasts were revealed, Will’s long fingers cradled them lovingly.

“How I’ve dreamed of seeing you like this,” Will said as he caressed Lisa’s titties. “My dreams were unworthy of you. You’re breathtaking.”

Will’s style was amazing. Lisa wasn’t anything like the woman Will was describing, but he sounded so sincere and passionate that I was believing it, and so was my wife, who was melting in his arms.

Lisa’s eyes were rolling back in her head as her hands went up and back, her hands embracing Will’s bald head as he continued to nibble at her neck. His fingers moved gracefully all over her waif-like torso, even somehow knowing how sensitive Lisa’s underarms were, as I watched her entire body shudder as his thumbs slid over the satiny smooth konyaaltı eve gelen escort hollows several times.

Now Lisa’s slacks were coming down, and her panties right after them. Will’s fingers caressed the sparse wisp of golden fleece that guarded her sex, which was so wet I could see it glisten from where I stood, and then my wife was turned around to face him.

They kissed and embraced, and then Lisa’s fingers were going down the row of buttons on Will’s silk shirt. My wife’s hands were not a graceful as Will’s had been, because she was trembling so much, either from nerves or excitement, maybe a mixture of both.

Will’s 46 year old body was in great shape, slender like mine but his wiry upper torso was more muscular than my own. A tiny gold cross was hanging from his neck, and that along with the purplish nipples were all that broke the smooth blackness.

Could that be my wife undoing this man’s belt? How did we get to this point, and why am I enjoying watching this? This should be me that Lisa was undressing with barely restrained excitement, but then as the tailored slacks came down and Will stepped out of them, I knew why it wasn’t me.

The tip of Will Jessup’s cock was what I saw first, probably right around the time that my wife did, the long foreskin completely hiding the head of his penis. Why that got my attention so abruptly, along with Lisa’s, was that the end of Will’s cock was peeking out from the inside leg of his boxer shorts.

How could this be? Will’s boxers weren’t the real baggy kind, and seeing the outline of his manhood in those white satin boxers was a mind-boggling sight. Even taking into account how short Will was, it was still unreal to see a man’s penis hanging down so close to his knees.

Lisa’s hand was running down along the bulge, her fingers grazing the exposed bit of cock before she ran her hand back up. As she did, I could see Will’s foreskin retract slightly, exposing the head of his member, the black cherry color of the glans glowing against the rich blackness of the rest of his penis.

“Can’t believe…,” I heard Lisa say softly, her eyes looking glazed as she looked at the eyes of the black man just a few inches taller than she was.

“Can’t believe what, my lovely Lisa?”

“I can’t believe how big you are,” I heard Lisa whisper, her timid words and halting voice almost enough to make me cum as she rubbed the almost alien shape beneath the satin. “I’m scared.”

“All for you, Lisa honey,” Will said in response, and with a flick of the wrist the snap of the boxer shorts opened and they fell to the ivory colored carpet. “Don’t be scared of it. I’m just a man, just like Bryan is. I know you want it, just like I want you.”

This was back when we had first gotten a computer, so during the times when I would surf around adult websites, I had seen my share of men that I considered to be genetic freaks, with cocks that were so gigantic that they defied belief.

Seeing a picture or a movie, however, does not compare with actually seeing someone in the flesh who was so incredibly well-endowed like Will, and as Lisa’s hand came up to grab it I could tell she was as stunned as I was.

Massively thick at the base, the sleek black cock tapered somewhat from there, with a single bulging vein that went down the topside until disappearing about halfway down. Making Will look even bigger was the fact that he had no pubic hair, exposing the entirety of the stump of his cock.

He would later tell us that he started removing his pubic hair when he spotted a grey one a couple of years ago, and now got himself regularly waxed at a salon, which he insinuated was a wonderful experience as well.

In that room at the time, all I knew that Will’s cock had to be close to a foot long, and as he put his hand on Lisa’s shoulder and guided her down to her knees, I wondered how much bigger it would get when it got hard.

I happened to glance over at Will, who motioned for me to get undressed, since I stood out like sore thumb fully clothed. Feeling a mixture of shame and exhilaration, I did as Will asked while Lisa’s hands wrapped themselves around the shaft of his cock and brought the plum-like head to her mouth.

The loud ragged breath that came from my throat went unnoticed as I watched Lisa trying to get your lips down as far as she could, her tiny white fingers gripping the rest of Will’s enormous manhood like it was a Louisville Slugger.

I was now naked, and Will smiled when he saw my dick bobbing in front of me, as long and thick as it would ever be, and even though I looked pathetic in comparison, I made no effort to hide myself from his eyes, almost reveling in showing Will my shortcomings.

In fact, when Will motioned for me to come over next to him, I did so. Will wrapped his arm around my shoulder, the scent of some kind of exotic body oil filling my senses as I stood next to him.

“Give your man some love too,” Will said, pulling me closer so that we were not only touching, but placing me at an angle where our cocks were in my wife’s face. “Give us both some love.”

Lisa grabbed my dick and brought it over next to Will’s and began to go back and forth between the two of us. If there was ever a moment that the absurd differences in our anatomies were defined, it was then when our cock were side by side.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32