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Some of my exciting memories as a foreign grad student in the UK were the weekend trips with friends from just about anywhere. I can’t recall a dull weekend ever, whether it was raining or snowing but the best was always during sunny weather.

This was the early 90s, not much technology was present during that time. No mobile phones or gadgets to bring so everyone’s always talking and socializing with each other and bus trips could really be exciting… and more.

We went on a trip in a bus one Saturday. It was a long trip to the countryside with my course mate Franco and his friends. I’ve met a lot of his friends but I don’t exactly know them well plus I’ve had a not so nice experience in meeting some of them in the past.

The road trip in the school bus type of big bus (the ones I hung out with I felt we knew each other well but could not really recall when and where we first met) and there were plenty of empty seats especially at the back of the big bus. There were hardly any houses that we passed. It was a daytime trip.

I am not sure but I think it was on our way home when we were all drunk and dozing off when we stopped by some vacant lot. It was in the middle of nowhere. No houses were about nor were there other vehicles passing through where the road was.

I think we had a problem with the bus, that is why we stopped there. I ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar cannot recall the details of our stopping and what happened next.

My memory starts with me being fucked and eaten by three guys on the side of the bus. My dress and undies were a mess. I had my back on the side of the bus. One guy was eating my cunt with my leg over his shoulder. The two other guys were mashing and sucking my breasts. One was covering my mouth with his hand to keep me quiet. And the other had his hand on my neck.

I was very dizzy with pleasure. I cummed five or six times while they ate me. I was dripping wet and the guy sucking on my clit had his fingers inside my cunt. I couldn’t wait to feel their cocks inside me. I tried to tell them to ram their cocks inside me but I couldn’t because of the hand on my mouth and on my neck.

I kept moaning and groaning as they made me orgasm. I shut my eyes to experience the pleasure more. Then I felt I was lifted and the guy eating me stood up and wrapped my legs on his hips. He rammed his cock inside my cunt and started fucking me. The two others let go of my mouth and neck but their one hand was still on my breasts. Their other hands were playing with their cocks.

One guy asked, “do you like what we’re doing to you?”

I slowly said, “yes.”

Another asked, “would elvankent götü büyük escortlar you like to feel our cocks inside you?”.

I just nodded my head as I was about to orgasm again.

The guy fucking me was literally carrying me and turned me so my back was to the other guy. That other guy slid his cock inside my cunt from behind and they both fucked me hard. I was panting and gasping with two cocks in my cunt. Their cocks were big and it was like my cunt was getting ripped. There was pain but also so much pleasure.

“Do you want us to stop?” they asked.

I said, “NO!”

“Fuck me harder,” I whimpered. They did!.

They rammed their cocks harder and I was bouncing. My breasts were bouncing and I suppose the other guy got turned on by it so he put his mouth on my breasts to suck them. It was a tight squeeze with the three of us with my upper body tilted to one side so my breasts can be sucked. I think they felt I got really turned on and wet with my breasts getting sucked while my cunt was getting fucked.

After a while they put me down and made me bend forward. I had to suck the cock of one of the guys who was fucking me and the guy sucking my breasts started sliding his cock inside my cunt. They were rough. They really wanted to fuck me hard. They then made me hold a cock each in my hands. etimesgut çıtır escortlar I had to alternate sucking the other cocks. Then they switched places so another guy fucked me. They kept going around me. There were four guys by then. I think the new one was the driver who came back and I did not notice, of course. Their cocks were in my mouth or my hands or my cunt. They kept switching where they placed their cocks which turned me on more. I felt their need to fuck me good. I was getting tired from the fucking and orgasms but I wanted to keep feeling the pleasure.

When they saw me getting tired, they lifted me again so two of them can ram their cocks at the same time inside my cunt and fuck me standing up. They all took turns in pairs. I kept begging for more.

It was dark when we left. I was exhausted and falling asleep. They placed me at the very back seat of the bus so I could lie down. But they did not stop. I remember my cunt still being eaten and breasts sucked as we resumed our trip. I also got continuously fucked by some guy. I got fucked as I laid down on the back seat. Cocks were thrust into my mouth. Some guy would go under me and insert his cock while another would lie on top so both their cocks could fuck me.

I also rode a guy facing him and someone pushed us to lie down so he could enter me from behind.

These were all I could recall. I felt so used and abused. There were like 8 guys in the bus and the driver. There were 2 or 3 other girls who, I think, were drunk asleep.

I was still too drunk to care so I let them do what they wanted with my body. I was so messy and sticky that I had to clean up at Franco’s before going back to my flat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32