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Beautiful Blonde

Janie Walsh was frustrated! She’d been hot for her childhood friend Jeff ever since…forever! But he just treated her like a pal and never quite understood her feeling for him. She needed help.

So Janie asked her Mom one day after school about this. “Mom, how do I get a boy to, you know, notice me?” she asked.

“Now, who might this be?” Her mother replied. Janie lowered her eyes and muttered “Oh…you know.”

Yes, Maxine knew exactly who her little daughter was talking about. A family friend with whom they shared Thanksgiving every year. Jeff was a year ahead of Janie and, quite honestly, didn’t take her seriously as a love interest. “Well, maybe you need to find something that he likes to do and then ask him along. If you two spend some time together, maybe he’ll get the hint.”

Janie thought a minute and then remembered. “He likes Roller Derby! He’s always talking about the L.A. T-Birds. They skate down at the Olympic auditorium!”

Max just rolled her eyes. The things I do for my daughter, she thought to herself. “Well…how about we just happen to end up with an extra ticket for their next game? Then you can invite him along.”

Janie knew this meant going out with her mother and father as well as her little brother. Not exactly the most romantic situation she could think of but…but it would have to do.

“You can dress up very feminine honey.” Her mother told the lovestruck schoolgirl. “He probably thinks of you as a tomboy since you grew up playing ball together.”

Well Janie did the best she could to dress sexy, as sexy as she could seeing as how her father was going along. And he kept wondering how they ended up with five tickets? Janie managed to at least sit right next to Jeff in the back seat on the way home and even sang along with”Johnny Angel” when it came on the radio.

But Jeff? All he could talk about was the Roller Girls and how nasty Shirley Hardman was. “She actually spit into the crowd!” He said shaking his head. “Did you see that?”

Janie had to admit the evening had been a flop when she got home. She knew even though they had a good time together that night she was no closer to getting Jeff’s attention.

“I just love him so much!” Janie said to herself that night as she snuggled in her bed. She moved her hand down to her little white panties and began to softly stroke her pussy through the thin fabric. She tried to remember the sensation of sitting right next to her red haired heartthrob and smelling his Old Spice aftershave. “He doesn’t even know how much I want him.” She moaned in frustration. She tried to imagine what it would be like to be lying there with Jeff. Kissing him! She wished it was his hand feeling her flimsy little panties and then moving inside to feel her bare pussy! His penis all hard and ready for penetration! She worked her fingers repeatedly into her virgin panties and then she pulled the legband to one side and tentatively touched her unspoiled pussy lips.

“Oh, I’ve just got to have him!” She gasped as her fingers began to enter her sparsely haired pussy. “I know I can make him happy…I just know it!”

Janie’s hardworking fingers eventually sent her into a swoon and she achieved the release she so desperately sought. She figured she would sleep in tomorrow and try to come up with a plan “B”.

Alas it was not to be. About 7:30 a.m. she was awakened by the loud rumblings of the souped up ’57 Chevy that belonged to her next door neighbor. The greasy guy her parents always referred to as “That Juvenile Delinquent.” Everyone loved Mrs. Graham but, when her wayward son returned home…some said from jail, well, things changed next door. Danny had loads of hot rod buddies and they would hang around the garage all day working on their cars. Danny was considered the best mechanic of the lot so he had no shortage of friends who needed his expertise. He supposedly also owned a dragster but no one had ever seen it.

So, at any time of the day or night, it was possible to have your thoughts interrupted by someone gunning some kind of souped up motor, or tires screeching, or even a horn honking since his rude friends would rather he come out to the curb than go knock politely on the door. Mrs. Graham was apologetic but insisted he “Was a good boy” and just needed a little time to get going in the right direction.

“Right direction my ass!” Janie’s father would say. “He’s on the highway to hell and the sooner he gets there the better!”

Janie only know Danny on a slight smile and wave basis and had no desire to know him any better than that. Well…not until one day when her little Falcon wouldn’t start. Her parents had already left for work and it was way too far to walk to school. Wouldn’t turn over. Just “Click…click.”

All of the sudden the young high schooler looked up to see Danny Graham peering into the window. Janie rolled down her window and Danny asked “Need a little help?”

“Gee thanks!” Janie gushed. “It’s always started before, I’m not sure what happened.”

“Piece pendik otele gelen escort of shit Ford…” Danny muttered as he opened the hood and looked inside. “Hmmm…you got any steel wool?” He asked.

Janie found herself looking right into Danny’s piercing blue eyes. His face looked like he hadn’t shaved in a few days and his grubby tee shirt had black grease stains on it. Then…then he smiled at her. Janie was a bit confused but collected herself and began to think about his question.

“I…I don’t really know.” She answered quietly. “My Dad might have some someplace but…”

“Oh, no problem. Hang on, I’ll be back.” And couple of minutes later, Danny returned with a wire brush. By now Janie was out of the car and watching as Danny cleaned the battery cables with the brush. He smelled like a combination of perspiration and Butch Wax. She couldn’t help but notice he was a good six inches taller than her and sported an anchor tattoo.

“You were…in the Navy?” She asked.

Danny looked right into Janies’ perplexed face and sarcastically replied “Yeah, and somehow the boat didn’t sink. OK, go ahead and give it a try.”

The 18 year old student jumped in her Futura and, sure enough, it started right up.


“Danny.” He simply answered. “Nice to finally meet cha.”

Janie drove away with the strangest feeling. He said “Finally” meaning he knew she lived there but had never been introduced to her. Oh, but he was such a ruffian! And he was so much older than her. He might have been thirty or something. And he was so dirty! Still the pretty brunette teen found herself wondering about her neighbor. And, it was nice of him to help her out like that.

Janie decided she would go over and thank Danny for his help that morning. He was grubby but didn’t seem THAT bad. She baked some chocolate chip cookies and fixed up a plate to take over next door. Janie was aware that Danny stayed in the garage so there was no need to bother Mrs. Graham. She unlatched the gate and was walking along the perimeter of the garage when she noticed a cool looking ’62 Super Sport parked in the driveway of the Graham’s house. Janie was wondering who that might be just as she passed the garage window.

“Ohhhhh…Oh Danny… harder baby!” She heard a woman’s voice moan. Janie froze. She peeked in the curtain covered window and, just at the edge she could see into the room. And there was her good Samaritan neighbor…plunging his penis into some dark haired girl’s eager young pussy! They were…they were fucking! Right in the middle of the afternoon! And he wasn’t exactly forcing her into the illicit act either. Janie could see the young woman thrusting her loins out to meet Danny’s pistoning penis, moaning all the while.

“Oh, that’s so good Danny! Shove it all the way in now. Give me all the cock you’ve got!” Janie saw Danny lean down and whisper something to her and he received a playful slap in return. “You are so nasty!” She laughed at him.

Janie was confused and excited at the same time. Obviously the fresh young virgin had never seen people having sex before and, in the early sixties, it wasn’t as easy to come by as it is nowadays.

So she looked, hoping Danny wouldn’t see her spying on this lewd act taking place just on the other side of the garage wall.

The two lovers began to pick up the pace and Janie found herself wondering what that must feel like? To be…to be fucked like that! Have a man stick his penis right up inside your…your pussy and keep fucking you good and hard until..until…

Until Danny pulled his cock from the woman’s slippery pussy hole and began to spit streams of white liquid which Janie quickly understood to be sperm, right onto her sizable tits! And she didn’t complain about that either!

Janie knew she had to leave now since Danny would be turning around and he could possibly see her peering into the window. She took the still warm cookies back into the kitchen and then retired to her room. The excited young schoolgirl quickly removed her panties and laid down on her bed. Janie rolled over onto her belly and then began to pleasure herself, the lurid scene she’d just witnessed still fresh in her mind. She remembered how the woman had begged for “All of his cock” as he’d fucked her. Janie stroked her bare pussy lips as she thought of the electrifying sight of Danny’s sperm splashing onto the girls big tits.

Janie’s fingers worked quickly and then her legs magically opened and then opened even wider. The pretty young brunette pushed one and then two fingers into her tight young pussy. Now Janie was moaning just as the woman in the garage had. She found herself wishing she could be fucked like that. And fucked right now!

Then Janie heard the unmistakable sound of her father’s old Studebaker pulling into the driveway and the spell was broken. She did the best she could to compose herself and went downstairs to talk to her father.

“Mmmmmm! pendik rus escort Somethin’ smells awful good around here!” He greeted his daughter. Janie smiled and explained about the incident earlier. She know her father didn’t like Danny but, after all, he did help her out.

“You’re not taking any cookies over to that hooligan!” He declared. “It’s not safe. He’s probably some kind of criminal. Besides that’ll mean less cookies for me!”

Janie knew she couldn’t go against her father’s wishes but she also knew she wanted to thank him again for his help. So, the next afternoon, well before her father was due to return home from work, Janie cooked up another batch of cookies and made her way through the gate. She checked the driveway to see if anyone else was in there “Visiting” and, sure that the coast was clear, she continued on her way.

Danny was in the driveway himself, under the hood as usual of that ’57 Chevy. He looked up when he heard Janie approaching and smiled at her. Janie was sort of embarrassed at that moment. What would a big tall manly stud like him want with a batch of stupid chocolate chip cookies? Could she have ever been any lamer?

But, without letting her even start to explain, Danny just grabbed for the cookies. “Break time!” He yelled as he stuffed a whole cookie into his mouth.

Relieved, Janie just stood quietly as Danny chewed and munched and finally devoured about half the cookies. “These are damn good honey…Jane is it? Yeah, almost as good as my Mom’s!”

Danny led Janie into the garage and out of the sun. “You gotta keep those battery cables clean or that will keep happening.” He warned.

“It’s Janie,” She corrected him, “And I already got yelled at for not having the guy at the Chevron station check under the hood last time I filled up.” She tried to smile but, again, she couldn’t shake the the vision of her neighbor, nude with his cock buried in that woman’s pussy.

Danny’s little space was small but cozy. He had pictures of dragsters on the wall and a bunch of license plates above the door. Large tool boxes were everywhere. He work a “Smoker’s U.S. gas and fuel championships 1965” tee shirt that was, you guessed it, dirty, worn out and full of oily stains.

Danny opened a small refrigerator and pulled out a can of Coors beer. He offered it to Janie. She politely shook her head no. “Suit yourself.” He commented. “Some people like a glass of milk with chocolate chip cookies but not me!” The grimy mechanic downed a good two thirds of the beer with one healthy gulp, burped and then eyed his neighbor with a secret little smile.

“Well…heh heh…I guess you got a real eyeful yesterday didn’t you!”

Janie felt her ears starting to turn red. “Um…uh, what do you mean?”

Danny chuckled at her chagrin and then said, “Well, I missed it but Cheryl said she saw you peeking in the window while we were screwin’ yesterday! Ha ha! That must have been somthin’ you know? My big ol’ bony ass pumpin’ into cheryl’s coochie. She’s pretty hot too. Didn’t want to stop me to report a peeping Tom cause she wanted to come!”

Mortified, Janie couldn’t think of a thing to say and knew her entire face was now red as a beet!

Danny just waved his hand and said “Oh don’t worry about it Janie. We all got to learn somehow. I remember when I was just a kid I saw my big brother in the back seat of our Daddy’s car screwing some broad and I tapped on the window…why I’m not sure, and he like’d to have killed me! I saw his big ol’ cock stuffed into her hairy snatch…couldn’t see the lips or nothin’ just a big patch of hair. I bet you weren’t expecting to see that!”

“No…no I wasn’t.” Janie finally managed to reply. With that, Danny swigged down the rest of his Coors and opened the little fridge. He gestured to Janie with another cold can and Janie decided to take the plunge. She nodded her head and Danny tossed her the beer. Danny opened his can and then used the opener to open Janie’s cold brew. They kind of toasted each other, holding up the cans and then Janie took her first sip of alcohol. Oh, it was bitter This would take some getting used to, that’s for sure.

Danny took a long pull on his beer and then began to explain to his neighbor what a silly little piece of shit her Falcon was and why. The high schooler couldn’t help but smile as he rambled on. She took small sips and, wonder of wonders, the beer began to taste kind of refreshing…kind of good!

“You got a boyfriend?” Danny asked out of the blue.

“Well, sort of.” Janie thought for just one quick second and then shook her head. “What am I saying? No, I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“Oh I get it. You like him but he doesn’t know you exist.”

“Something like that.” She admitted.

“Well, if at first you don’t succeed…give up!” Danny took another swig of his beer and laughed at his dumb joke.

“Well, I want to try but I really don’t know how to go about it. I mean, how do I get someone I’ve pendik sarışın escort known all my life to recognize me as a real…uh…real…”

“As a real grown up woman.” He answered. “I know. That can be hard.” He looked up and down at Janie. “You look pretty good Janie. I mean, I’d ask you out!” They both laughed at his absurd statement. Her father didn’t even want her to deliver a plate of cookies to her neighbor.. He certainly wouldn’t want her going out with him.

“Well than what do I do?” Janie asked sincerely. “I don’t know what boys like or anything.”

“Well, they like to look at naked girls, that’s for sure.” Danny shook his head knowingly.

“Oh…so I just take off my clothes and let him see me naked?” Janie was being sarcastic but she looked at Danny for more of an explanation.

“Let’s see…” He began. Danny then moved to the back of the garage and opened a large Craftsman tool box. He lifted up the tray and from underneath he pulled out a magazine. He quickly leafed through it and raised his eyebrows as he looked over at his naive neighbor. “Show him this! He’ll get the hint. Well, he’ll get the hint it if he isn’t a homosexual or something!”

Janie took her offered magazine and was shocked to see photo after photo of nude women. virtually all of them with their pubic hair shaved off! She was embarrassed to have Danny looking on as she slowly turned the pages and viewed the lewd images within. “Why…Why did they…shave?” She couldn’t help but ask.

“Cause that way you can see all of their pussy! Well, that and their tits and ass.”

“I…I don’t think I could…”

Danny just waved at her. “I’m being honest Janie. If this guy is interested in you, even a little bit, and you show him this magazine, he’ll get the hint. I mean, I’m only a tiny bit interested in you and I’d like to see your pussy!”

Janie Walsh should have been shocked. She should have been indignant. She should have stomped out of that little garage and reported him to her mother and father!

But, instead, she simply replied: “Really? You really want to see my…my…”

“Yes, I want to see your pussy Janie. Start out by saying it…’My Pussy.’ Go ahead…try it.”

Maybe it was the beer which she’d now pretty much finished. Maybe it was the stunning incident she’d witnessed yesterday. Maybe it was just her time. But Janie Walsh spoke quietly: You really want to see my pussy Danny? Really?”

“OK! Now you’re gettin’ it! He smiled. The unshaved biker moved to the worn out old couch that rested against one wall and sat down as if it was time for the show to start.

And it was. Janie sat down her Coors can and lifted her skirt exposing her white cotton panties. She glanced at Danny to be sure he was looking and then began to tug down her panties until the soft brown hairs that covered her pussy were visible. Then, taking a breath for courage, she pulled her panties the rest of the way down and stepped out of them. Her skirt had of course fallen and was now preventing the complete exposure of her vagina. But Janie, warming to the task now, solved that dilemma right away by slowly lifting the hem of her skirt until all of her sweet young pussy was exposed to her much older neighbor.

Danny smiled and nodded his head up and down. “That’s all there is to it honey!” He added.

Janie moved to a nearby upholstered chair and sat down. Then, with Danny looking on intensely, she lifted her legs up onto the arms of the chair completely exposing her little pink pussy lips to anyone who cared to look.

And Danny cared to look. His cock began to harden in his pants as he studied this tender young high school senior’s lewdly exposed cunt. He knew he was seeing something no one else had ever seen. Well, not since she was six months old!

It was like an out of body experience for the tender young virgin. Almost like she was now in that magazine with her pussy showing. She saw the older and much more worldly man’s eyes light up and then she moved to her hands and knees on the chair, mimicking the women in the magazine. Now Danny was treated to a rear view of Janie’s pussy and, just above it, her never before seen little asshole! She looked back at her new friend and wasn’t surprised to see him dropping his Levis. Danny wore no underpants and his big thick penis that Janie had been introduced to yesterday was now exposed. And she was to be its next victim!

The pretty young virgin became alarmed at the sight but it seemed to be too late to turn back now. Danny approached her and laid his cock in the valley of her plump butt cheeks. He used a bit of spit to lubricate her and then slid his hardened prick to and fro in Janie’s salaciously exposed ass cheeks! His balls collided with the sensitive flesh of her pussy and Janie began to get very excited. Her fear was overtaken by anticipation. The moment was getting closer and closer now.

Danny tossed Janie’s skirt up out of the way and nudged her legs a bit further apart.

“Go ahead and open it honey…” He quietly instructed her..Knowing what he meant, Janie reached back and used her fingers to spread open her defenseless young pussy, showing Danny all of her interior pink flesh! She knew she was making a spectacle of herself and understood that she’d sent the wiry biker a message he wasn’t likely to misinterpret.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32