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Kat looked out the window of the private Gulfstream jet and down to the brilliant blue reflection of the Adriatic sea below. The waves sparkled in the sunlight like a million diamonds that were being shuffled around inside a blue velvet bag. Kat took a deep breath and looked down at her ring finger at her own personal 2 carat flawless diamond. Her ruby red lips parted a bit as she smiled at the massive rock, and she watched the brilliant fire sparkled within.

A slight tilt of her hand revealed a smaller diamond off to the side of the much larger one. Even though this stone was indeed much smaller, it evoked a small tear at the corner of her eye as she remembered its significance. In what seemed to be the blink of an eye, time had passed so quickly from the time it was first placed on her finger. Financial hardships, as well as incredible financial windfalls had all occurred since that stone had been placed permanently on her finger, and she would never forget the man who made it all possible.

Kat’s deep brown eyes looked to her left where her husband was clearly in an entirely different world. He looked every bit the kid at a candy store counter as he leaned forward from his seat as far as the belt would allow. His entire being was invested in the two pilots sitting in the cockpit. Kat giggled. The man literally OWNED the plane and those two pilots… and yet he looked at them like super heroes as they turned dials and flipped gauges as the decent into Italy began. Kat refused to let him pilot the jet himself, since this was to be THEIR romantic vacation, and yet his love for aviation couldn’t be denied. He had barely even glanced her way a single time since the pilots announced that they would be landing in about an hour. Kat smiled warmly and remembered that she would have his boyish attention soon enough. Her French manicured fingernail tapped the top button of her blouse to reinforce the point.

Outside the window, a few cotton ball clouds whizzed by and Kat’s excitement began to build. Everyone knows that Venice is the City of Love, and Kat needed some alone time with her hubby. All the thrilling conquests in the world could not replace the feeling of his strong arms wrapped around her, and she intended to keep him completely under her control for the entire length of their stay.

The whine of the jet engines slowly spooled down, and the details of the ground below began to come into clearer focus. Ancient structures and exquisite architecture whizzed by below, until a clearing appeared and the wheels of the Gulfstream gently kissed the ground with a tiny squeak.

“Oh HONEY!” Hubby could barely contain his admiration. “Did you HEAR THAT?!?”

Kat smiled warmly and hid her rolling eyes from the man she loved. “Yeah that was a perfect landing!” she said with a hit of distain.

Hubby continued on with his admiration of the two pilots HE HIRED that were doing THEIR JOB, and Kat started to giggle under her breath once again. She loved her man’s enthusiasm. She found it infectious and disarming.

“Now…” she thought to herself. “How to get a little of that directed towards me?”

The gleaming white gulfstream pulled up to the FBO and a small crew of young men ran out. One of them was carrying a rolled up red carpet which he snapped into place at the side door with complete perfection. The others stood by with the fueling trucks awaiting instructions from the pilots. Finally, and gleaming black Limousine pulled up and the chauffer got out and opened the wide back door in order to receive Kat and her Husband.

Hubby was the first to disembark, and he continued to talk to all the airport folk as if they were his long lost buddies. That was the last straw. With complete control, Kats thumb and index finger gently snicked the top button of her blouse open, allowing the better part of her breasts to see the Mediterranean sun.

Kat stood up and gently leaned over to allow herself headroom in the tubular body of the jet. She stepped forward gingerly on her heels and smiled as the steward’s eyes almost popped out of his skull. She offered him her hand, and he dutifully guided her to the steps of the aircraft. If hubby had seen his reaction, he most certainly would have been fired, but he was over at the fuel truck discussing the proper fuel burn for the now completed trip.

Kat descended the stairway of the aircraft one at a time, and enjoyed all the eyes that were watching her curves as her toned legs and feet impacted each step. She looked over all the admiring men to her hubby who was finally turning around to notice her. His face FINALLY looked up at her, and he literally froze in his tracks.

“Bingo” Kat said to herself. “Now to set the hook.”

Kat’s heel struck the asphalt and conveniently broke off sending her tumbling into the nearest man standing at the base of the stairs. After thanking the red faced man profusely, she then turned to lift her leg up so she could remove the offending shoe from her sexy foot. In doing so, taboo heat porno Kat’s breasts both squeezed up and out the gap between the errant buttons of her blouse. Everything BUT her nipples popped out and all the men present wagered if gawking at her beauty was worth the ensuing unemployment.

Just then, the ‘oh so familiar’ powerful grasp of her husband’s large hands could be felt as they encircled Kat’s slender arms. Her inner goddess knew exactly what it took to get his attention, and she could see the blood vessel at the base of his neck pulsing with desire and jealousy. Her man’s blue green eyes flashed back and forth as they scanned the men surround her. He looked like a predator picking out his first victim. Kat distracted him once again, as she once again lost her balance and needed her big strong man to help her stand upright.

“I’m so sorry honey!” she said breathlessly. “I don’t know what came over me! I’m so sorry I broke one of the shoes you bought me for this trip.” Kat’s face pouted as her doe eyes looked up into her man’s softening face.

Hubby smiled “Ohhhh It’s ok baby. Question is: Are you ok?”

“I think so…” Kat said, allowing her husband to steady her.

“Looks like you lost a button…” Hubby said and his hand instinctively reached up to close the gap over Kat’s impressive cleavage.

Just then Kat’s hand flashed out and smacked his with an audible “smack!”

“I got it!” she said and leaned over as she entered the limousine.

As she did so however, she gave her husband the best show yet as both of her breasts dangled like perfectly ripened fruit that needed badly to be picked from the trunk of her tree. She even gave them a nice wiggle that caused them to sway back and forth in the way that made him hard almost instantly.

Kat was rewarded with a forceful push that sent her careening into the soft leather of the limo’s couch and hubby followed immediately after. The door quickly shut behind them, and the tinted glass completely hid the giggling couple from prying eyes as the long black car headed south towards Venice, Italy.


Time was literally was flying by. Kat had always wanted to visit the City of Love, and she didn’t want to miss a single thing. She had it all planned out.

First they visited the Palazzo Ducale in San Marco Square. Kat was in heaven as she toured the very symbol of Venice. The architecture was stunning, and the multiple works of art by the great masters had Kat swooning with culture.

Hubby had arranged for a private tour which covered all of the magnificent structure’s history in detail. Kat found the Bridge of Sighs to the most intriguing and somewhat terrifying. The Bridge of Sighs was built in 1614 to link the Doge’s Palace to the structure intended to house the New Prisons. Enclosed and covered on all sides, the bridge contained two separate corridors that ran next to each other. Both corridors led prisoners to their ultimate fate from either the Advocacy rooms or the Magistrates office. Kat held hubby’s arm as the famous name of the bridge was explained. It dated from the Romantic period and was supposed to refer to the sighs of prisoners who, passing from the courtroom to the cell in which they would serve their sentence, took a last look at freedom as they glimpsed the lagoon and San Giorgio through the small windows.

Second, they toured the famous Bell Tower of Saint Mark. Hubby tried for an hour to say ‘Campanile Di San Marco’ correctly. Kat ignored his quips about how they could have just gone to EPCOT to see a similar tower. Where else could you learn that Each of the five bells of the campanile had a special purpose? The Renghiera (or the Maleficio) announced executions; the Mezza Terza proclaimed a session of the Senate; the Nona sounded midday; the Trottiera called the members of the Maggior Consiglio to council meetings and the Marangona, the biggest, rang to mark the beginning and ending of working day!

Third on the itinerary was the Scuola grande dei San Rocco. Kat wandered through the ornate hallways and nudged hubby so she could whisper in his ear.

“The guy who built this must have been as horny as you. There are mirrors in the ceiling!”

Finally just as the sun was beginning to dip down towards the horizon, they visited the Rialto Bridge Market. Here, Kat felt truly in her element. The hustle and bustle of the merchants wanting to make the final sales of the day energized her to no end. She picked up several new pairs of shoes, some trinkets for her bedroom, and some souvenirs for Daisy who no doubt was going insane with the workload of managing the new riding facility.

For his part, hubby was beginning to feel tired, and a bit forgotten. Kat was obviously very happy and he wanted nothing more than to bring her joy. However, he wasn’t feeling much ‘love’ and his eyes scanned the tight pedestrian corridors of the city for anything that may change her disposition. Kat continued her teach that bitch porno shopping, and Hubby wandered off by himself so he could get a bit of breathing room from the boisterous crowd.

Just then an old gondola with an even older gondolier began to slip silently by on the water. He wasn’t wearing the traditional black and white striped shirt, nor was he wearing the typical wide brimmed hat with a red band! Both of these facts intrigued hubby and he whistled to get the old man’s attention.

Hubby helped the man pull his empty old gondola up to the pier. It was at this moment that hubby knew he had struck a gold mine. Most of the ‘tourist’ gondolas looked the part for sure, but they were cheaply made, and had zero culture or class. This gondola was completely the opposite: It had all the culture Kat could stand AND it was the most classy boat Hubby had seen all day! on either side near the ornate chairs were golden horses that through Hubby’s rudimentary understanding of Italian represented Fertility, Virility, or… spicy food. Not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, Hubby assumed it was NOT the latter, and proceeded to give the old man a wad of cash that was sure to keep him happy for however long the evening lasted.

One the plan had been fully implemented, hubby rushed back up the ancient stone steps from his newly acquired ride, and searched the crowd for his lovely wife. She wasn’t too hard to find, as several loud men were seemingly arguing over her. Hubby’s blood pressure shot up until he realized what was happening. It seemed as if the city council was holding a charity fundraiser in honor of a local man who had died recently. Attractive women were being ‘auctioned’ to the highest bidder for a personal photograph commemorating the event. Kat was seemingly in great demand, and the elderly brother of the deceased was in a bidding war with a clearly spoiled young buck.

The auctioneer was clearly animated with the numbers that were climbing higher and higher, and Kat was high on the attention she was receiving. Hubby decided to lean against a light post and watch what was to happen next.

The young buck (who clearly had more cash than brains) was driving the price into the stratosphere when Kat leaned over and gave the old balding guest of honor (who was a distant relative of the deceased) a kiss on his smooth head and then took the gavel from the auctioneer and banged the sale final. She pointed towards his wrinkled smiling face and then gleefully skipped across the stage to climb into his lap for a photograph.

Hubby smiled and watched as Kat worked her magic – encouraging the older gentleman to stand up and walk across the red carpet of the stage. Several of the old man’s granddaughters snapped pictures, and the old man’s wife beamed at the sight of her husband being held up as a ‘catch’ by such a clearly beautiful woman. Everyone was under Kat’s spell and she always had a way of bringing out the best in others. Hubby nearly forgot his plans until he heard the gondolier clear his throat down by the waterside.

He snapped to attention and worked his way through the roiled up crowd. Everyone was having such a good time, except for when Hubby took Kat by the hand and tried to peel her away from the hustle and bustle. They began to playfully boo him and begged Kat to stay. Hubby shrugged his shoulders and gestured to the rose colored sunset and then to his beautiful wife.

The crowd good-naturedly booed even louder this time. Laugher soon followed however when Kat broke free of her husband grasp and then put her hands on her hips playfully. The crowd cheered her on, until she crossed her fingers and gave them all a visual ‘shame shame’ scolding with her hands. She then silently held up her left hand to point at her ring and then tilted her head back towards hubby a few times to let them all know she… was his. At that point, the crowd relented and decided to let her go. The entire festival continued on as she excited stage right.

The din of the crowd slowly faded away along with the light from the sun. The tops of the surrounding buildings gleamed in the golden sunlight, but at the water level things were quite a bit darker. Kat’s eyes adjusted and she noticed the awaiting gondola being tended to by an elderly gondolier.

“For me?” She asked

“All for you baby!” Hubby said with a sly grin.

“Why If I didn’t know any better, I would say you might have nefarious plans for the evening!” Kat said as she held out her hand and was guided into the vessel.

“Nefarious plan… indeed!” said Hubby as he pushed off the dock and the slender vessel floated out into the open canal water.

The next hour was complete perfection. A gentle Mediterranean breeze channeled through the narrow waterways cooling the buildings and the air from the hot sun. As the gondola silently plowed the waterways, Kat leaned over and rested her head on Hubby’s chest. She could hear his heart beating team skeet porno a slow and relaxed rhythm that matched perfectly with the slow and soft lapping of waves against the hull below her. Kat took in a deep cleansing breath and remembered exactly why she wanted to come here in the first place. While she did indeed love the attention of crowds admiring her beauty, as well as the hustle and bustle of a busy marketplace, this- right here- was what she wanted most of all.

Hubby seemed to understand perfectly what thoughts were passing through Kat’s mind as he gently squeezed her shoulders with his strong arms. The feeling of Kat nestled up against him made him feel as if he could accomplish anything in life. As he pondered the future, he too took in a deep breath. Kat’s jasmine perfume filled his nostrils, and his hand instinctively came up and began to run his fingers through her long silken hair. This is where we wanted to be… next to his wife, best friend, and lover.

“Lover… Now there is an interesting word.” Hubby thought to himself.

As Hubby’s mind looked up the definition in his mental dictionary, the gondola turned down an especially dark watery corridor. Kat instinctively nuzzled closer to her husband as the inky darkness closed in around her. What sort of ne’er-do-wells could be lurking around this foreboding passageway? Kat’s eyes darted from darkened window to darkened window. It was as if the entire city had suddenly gone to sleep and shuttered their windows.

Then, like a slithering stealthy snake, Kat felt a hand gliding up her waist and gently push between her arm and her ribcage. Her attention turned from the dark walls gliding by other either side, and she looked up at her husband. His gaze was locked forward as if he was navigating the waterway himself. Kat tightened her arm in place in order to make the stealthy intruders progress more difficult.

“Just what do you think you’re doing?” Kat asked innocently.

“What?” Hubby replied. “My hands are cold”

“It’s 82 degrees love.”

Hubby shuddered in place as if he were in the arctic circle. “Brrrrr” he said and his hand crept closer to Kat’s soft breast.

“Stop it!” Kat whispered while glancing back up to the old gondolier. The lantern hanging off the back of the boat cast and eerie yellowish glow across his stoic form.

“What baby?” Hubby said as he hand thrust forward with both precision and force.

This time Hubby’s hand made it to the soft object of his desire, and Kat immediately felt the hot connection. While she was no prude anymore, she was shocked at her husband’s aggression in such a public place. Her eyes darted back up to the Gondolier and she was happy to see his eyes remained fixed on the narrow watery corridor ahead. Kat laid her head back down on her husband’s chest and she could hear his heart rate had dramatically increased… as had hers.

“What the hell?” She thought to herself.

Kat placed her hand gently on Hubby’s thigh. The reaction she got was always the same. Hubby’s muscular leg jumped at the contact and shivered as her hand slowly headed north to the place she called her ‘happy place’

Hubby’s fingers continued to softly knead Kat’s breast and in no time at all her nipples began to respond to the stimulation. The erect nub was discovered in no time, and hubby began to gently twist and pull causing Kat’s abdomen to quiver with anticipation.

Kat glanced back up at the gondolier as the boat turned to the right. He was completely oblivious to the lovers below him.

Hubby felt Kat’s hand inch up until she was perfectly within reach of his tingling nether region. It seemed like hours passed before her sharp nails gently traced the outline of her favorite toy. Bolts of energy shot both North and South from her fingertips, causing hubby’s toes to curl and the hair on the back of his neck to stand on end. His entire body shuddered under her touch, and he grasped her breast a bit tighter this time.

Kat beamed to herself. Hubby was so easy to control. All it ever took was a slight touch here, and whisper there, and he was instantly under her control. She listened as Hubby’s heart rate nearly doubled as all his body’s energy began to flow into his manhood – causing it to begin a rapid transformation into the beast she had tamed nearly every night for 2 decades.

Hubby began to shift uncomfortably in his soft lounge as his cock outgrew the tight confines of his clothing. Kat was no stranger to the male anatomy and she knew exactly what it took to make him rock hard and ready to cum in mere seconds. Tonight however hubby wanted to be in control, so he shifted to the side and gave himself a bit more room to grow, while at the same time causing Kat to slide down his chest and onto his abdomen. Her long hair cascaded across his chest and hubby began to pull it up into a pony tail with his powerful hands.

Kat loved the feeling of Hubby stroking her hair. This time however, she noticed a bit of more power with each stroke me made while gathering up her silken locks. She also couldn’t help but notice how deftly Hubby had placed her in a rather precarious position! Even in the darkened confines of the gondola she could see the tent like form of Hubby’s pants as his cock stood vertically before her like a good soldier should.

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