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Once we broke the seal on our relationship, Sara and I really started to get into things a whole lot more. I loved the first time I reached my fingers down the front of her jeans while we were out driving, feeling the slippery folds of her pussy and fingering her clit while she squirmed in her seat. It was difficult to drive with my throbbing erection, but, believe me, I knew she would take care of me.

While the oral sex and handjobs were awesome, we both really wanted to fuck. She wanted to feel me on top of her, and I wanted to slide my cock deep in her wet pussy to feel her squeeze me.

Since we only really had the car to work with, we had a lot of limitations to work with. And, since our encounters happened mostly during the day, no one really wanted to get naked and go for it out in public. You knew as soon as that happened, someone would come knocking on the car window, and that would put an end to our relationship.

But, there was this old shopping center not too far from our office. It was one of those situations where it was failing, and you knew the next step would be the wrecking ball. But, while it sat in that state, very few people would be stopping by. And, one day after lunch, we took a quick spin back behind the center to check it out.

There was an old grocery store in the center, and they had a secluded loading dock there in the back. Since Sara was driving, she backed the car in with two walls hiding the car. We were pretty tucked away from view, and we were already both horny.

“I want you to fuck me,” Sara said. Of course, there was very little room in the front seat of a compact car, and the rear seat was kind of a joke itself, with minimal room for seating – forget sex. So, we formulated a quick plan.

Sara jumped out of the driver’s seat and came around to the passenger side. We slid the seat all the way back, and she plopped down into the seat. She unbuttoned her jeans and slid them off, stashing them on the driver’s seat. Her black panties came next, and as she pulled them down, I could see her perfectly shaved pussy in all its glory. She started rubbing herself, her moist lips glistening in the sunlight. I had to have her.

I got into the car and knelt on the floorboards in front of her. I undid my belt and slid my pants down around my knees, my hard cock straining for release from my underwear. While I pulled them down, she unbuttoned her blouse and released the front latch of her bra. Her gorgeous tits spilled out, nipples hard and areolas all wrinkly. Wow, that sight took me to another level.

In some incredible feat of flexibility, Sara lifted her legs, resting her feet on the dashboard. I used the head of my cock to gently spread her wet pussy lips and rubbed it in circles over her clit. She bit her lower lip and breathed in sharply. She was beyond ready for what was to come.

I slid my cock into her, slowly, until I was balls deep in her hot wet pussy. She squeezed me strongly. Soon, we were getting into a rhythm. I looked down on her, tits bouncing each time I thrust in. She had also unbuttoned my shirt, and she had both hands on my chest, moaning gently as we picked up the pace.

It was just about then I could hear the sound of a large Diesel engine approaching. “OH, Shit!” I yelled as I crouched as low as possible, covering both of us. Sure enough, a delivery truck drove past where we were parked. BUSTED!

The truck drove past, disappearing around a corner, and we both looked at each other. Now what?

After what seemed like an eternity, (and we stayed still, my throbbing cock still buried in Sara’s pussy) the truck reappeared, driving the other direction. As it went past, the driver and passenger honked their horn and waved as us, grinning from ear to ear.

“I bet we just made their day,” Sara giggled. “Now, I want you to make mine!” That’s all the encouragement I needed. I thrusted vigorously inside that small car and her tight pussy, getting closer to climax every time. Sara had moved her left middle finger onto her clit and was rubbing furiously, gasping as she got closer to her orgasm.

Just then, she let out a loud moan. “Oh, GOD! I’m cumming!” she screamed, and I could feel her pussy contracting as each wave of pleasure swept over her body. Her orgasm seemed to take forever, which made mine that much closer.

And, it didn’t take much longer for me. My back arched and after a few more vigorous thrusts, my hot cum began to fill her wet pussy. While the cum was spurting into her, she grabbed both of my ass cheeks, pulling me in as deeply as she could, feeling every pulse of my cock as I came.

Spent, I rested my head on her shoulder and drew out. My cum was oozing out of her wet, pink pussy all over her passenger seat. “Don’t worry about that,” she said. “I can get that clean, and it will give me lots of good memories about this car.”

We eventually had to untwist ourselves from that front seat and get dressed before we had to head back to the office. As she pulled on her panties, she leaned in and whispered to me, “I will feel your cum in my panties all day, and I’ll keep thinking about you. That makes me so hot.”

Oh, it had the same effect on me!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32