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You’ll enjoy this more if you read chapters 1 through 12 of “Kim and Me” first.

Note: In Chapter 12, I recounted gay teen experiences with my friend, Bill. In this chapter, Kim recounts her first lesbian experience. As before, if this is not something you’d enjoy, please skip this chapter and go to the next. However, if do you like this, please leave glowing public comments and votes of ‘5’.

After getting up to refresh the pot of tea and a brief bathroom visit for both of us, we went back into the living room. I grabbed the last towel from the linen closet and handed it to Kim saying “This is it on the towels for the moment. Refold the towels that we’ve got so we’re neither of us on the wet spot and put this underneath so there’s no soaking through. I’m going to go shift laundry.”

Downstairs, I chucked the towels into the dryer and, while I was there, started a load of the miscellaneous other laundry that had accumulated. When I returned, the couch had been recovered and Kim was demurely sipping a fresh mug of tea with her legs tucked up once again. She had on nothing but a gold ankle bracelet. Her eyes sparkled when I came upstairs.

“You’re very pretty!” I said. “And I love having you running around wearing nothing but jewelry. It does fit that belly-dancing image I have of you.” I sat down next to her and said “Care to get your nipples pierced so we could have little dangly gold things on them?”

“You’re going to have to talk me into this and it may be a long hike,” she replied. “I’m going to have to be sold on the advantages of doing this.”

“I’m glad to keep working at it,” I said. I refilled my mug and took a long swallow. “Story telling’s thirsty work. As you may be about to find out.”

“You’re a tough act to follow,” Kim said. “I was going to suggest that we watch a movie for a while, first.”

“You sure I can’t talk you into telling about your first lesbian experience? Or perhaps what Trish told you in the shower?”

“You’d really like to hear about a lesbian experience of mine?” Kim said.

“Yes, if you’d like. I’d get very turned on thinking about you eating another woman.”

“What I think you’re thinking is that you might get me to do a threesome with Lynn.”

“As far as Lynn goes, I’m thinking that you’re going to get so turned on by everything that you’re going to be involved somehow regardless. So I’m not overly worried about the if’s here. But you’re so incredibly pretty when I eat you and it turns me on so much to do it that it’d be a turn-on for both of us to hear you telling about something like this from your past,” I said.

“Well, since you put it that way, I may be able to accommodate you somehow,” Kim said.

“You said you’d done this four times where, I guess, both of you came, and there was some one-sided action as well, but you didn’t qualify that.”

“I think that’s right.” Kim looked up at the ceiling and counted on her fingers for a moment. “Yes, that’s right, although there are few things you might think to ask of next time it’s your turn.” There was a distinctly smug tone in her voice.

“There are other sexual experiences that I haven’t asked about?”

“That would be the case, yes.”

“Like what?”

“Oh, no, you have to wait until next turn,” Kim said. “This turn, you’ve asked me to tell you about some hot lesbian experience of mine… unless you want to forego that and find out what else I might’ve done.”

“No, no, I’ll have to suffer with the anticipation of learning about the other parts of your seamy, sordid past. Let’s focus on this one seamy, sordid event now,” I said.

“I wouldn’t call it ‘sordid’… well, perhaps I would at that, okay.”

“Oh, good, I like ’em that way!” I said.

“Pipe down, you degenerate!” Kim giggled. “Okay, settle in, it’s your turn to hear true tales of filth and degradation.” I squished myself into the corner and went back to playing with my nipples.

“I was in college. I’d actually gotten a rather late start on things and hadn’t even gone out on a date until I was a junior in high school and didn’t lose my virginity until I was a senior. The experience was okay and I liked it, but it wasn’t incredible. I tried a blowjob on my second time and I liked it a lot from the start, but I didn’t get eaten the first few times I had sex and I felt like something was missing. I’d read stuff from ‘The Pearl,’ that old collection of Victorian porn—”

“I know that one,” I said. “That was a constant companion during my adolescence, too.”

‘Right, well, I learned much about technique from that. I could’ve done worse, really, though I never could see what the fun was in flogging or anything.”

“Me, neither,” I said. “I just chalked it up to some weird British ‘school’ thing.”

“Exactly. Anyway, I knew that men would lick women, but it took me a few times before I could get someone to do this to me. When it finally happened, I loved it! I went from so-so about sex to—what’s that phrase you like?” bahis firmaları

“Oh, Marlene, sell my clothes; I’m-a goin’ to heaven!” I said.

Kim laughed. “That’s the one! From then on, I was keen on getting eaten whenever I had sex and was so taken with it that I actually kicked one guy out when he refused.”

“I can sort of understand that,” I said. “But as I recall, a lot of teenage boys aren’t big into pussy-eating when they’re in high school. It takes a little leading up to for them. I wasn’t big on it myself until I’d had a chance to learn more about sex, and then I loved it.”

“That was some of my experience, too, although it’s not like I’d discovered about sex and then screwed everyone in sight. We’re only talking about four boys from when I lost my virginity to when I left for college.”

“And one of those you kicked out,” I said.

“No, I didn’t count him. He never really got anywhere, ‘cuz I kicked him out before we really got down to business. I wanted him to eat me before we did anything else and he wouldn’t. It was all him, too, because I’d always make a point of washing very carefully anytime before I might end up in bed.”

“And may I say as a member of the loyal audience that we really like that. Fresh, clean pussy is a joy and a wonder,” I said, smirking slightly.

“Uh-huh. Anyway, so I went off to college and was dazzled by the good-looking college men. I was rooming with a rather pretty woman named Donna. Donna was from Redding, California, and hadn’t had any real sexual experience at all. She was not devoted to being a virgin until she got married, but she hadn’t run into anyone special in high school. She’d done her share of second and third base stuff and had even had a couple of boys get her off by hand, but that was as far as it had gone. College was going to be something of an adventure for her, she said.”

“What’d Donna look like?” I said.

“You are a cheap and sensation-seeking audience!” Kim said in mock disdain. “We looked a lot alike and people frequently thought we were sisters who’d gone to the same school. Donna was a little taller than me. She had very dark brown, very curly hair, dimples, bright blue eyes, and a great big smile. She was about like I’m built now, but her nipples and areolae were smaller and her breasts defied gravity. The first time I saw her getting dressed after a shower, I couldn’t believe it: it was like they stuck straight out and needed turn signals or something.”

“Wow!” I said.

“Oh, I’m sure you’d have liked them a lot,” Kim said. “You should also remember that I was a little thinner then and my breasts weren’t quite as large and my hair was a lot longer in those days, so it came down to mid-shoulder blade. Donna’s was about the same, which I think was why we got a lot of comments about being sisters.”

“So in other words, it was a pair of hot plump women with great breasts who looked very similar, is that it?”

“Yup!” Kim said. “So it was confusing to both of us that we weren’t getting tons of offers. It turned out that while most of the men thought we were good-looking, our intellects were overwhelming and guys being what they are, they weren’t quite sure about smart girls.” I sighed and nodded my head sympathetically. “So the door wasn’t being beaten down by men.”

“Do I gather that this had something to do with the story you’re telling?” I said.

“Not quite like you’d think. Neither of us was feeling particularly desperate, although I was missing getting eaten. What happened was that we’d finished our mid-terms and we figured we’d both aced them, which turned out to be true. We didn’t have dates that evening, so we’d both showered and washed our hair. I’d smuggled a bottle of Myer’s Rum into the room a couple weeks before, so we were drinking rum and coke on ice and sitting around in our bathrobes listening to Carole King and Elton John.”

“We’d knocked back a couple of rum-and-cokes each and we were feeling relaxed, so Donna and I were talking about our respective pasts. Donna wasn’t a prude and she wasn’t repressed and she wasn’t uninterested, she was just inexperienced. But she was definitely interested. She was impressed with how much I’d done already and had a lot of questions.”

“One of the things Donna was particularly interested in was how to give a blowjob and what it was like. I told her what it had been like for me and what I’d learned. I tried to describe this, but it didn’t quite make as much sense so I looked around for something to demonstrate with. I spotted my hairbrush, which had a round handle. I ran down the hall, washed it off really well, and came back to the room. I said “Here’s what I do,” and tried demonstrating how to go down on a hairbrush handle.”

“This didn’t work out too well, partly because it was way too narrow and mostly because I was laughing too much. It really did look and feel kind of dumb. Donna and I ended up cracking up about this and it wasn’t at all helpful. She was looking a little disappointed, kaçak iddaa though, so I said ‘I think I have something that may work better. One moment.'”

“I dug around in my underwear drawer and pulled out my vibrator. I had one of those old hard plastic six-inch vibrators that you put a couple of C cells into that I’d taken to college with me. You remember those?”

“Oh, yeah,” I said. “They always got sold as a neck massager or something and they showed a drawing of some woman on the box holding the thing up to her neck like it was helpful there.”

“That’s the one, all right! It was like four dollars and I’d bought it out of the back of a magazine when I was a senior in high school. I was sure my parents didn’t know about it. I found out years later that my mother had known I’d gotten it and never said anything. Very smart woman, my mother. Anyway, so I hid this from Donna as I got it out and ran down the hall and made sure that no-one was around and I washed it off really well and dried it off and came back to the room.”

“I showed it to Donna, who was a little surprised that I had one. I said ‘I want you to promise that you won’t ever tell anyone about this.’ Donna said ‘Sure, but what would I say? That you showed me how to blow a guy and we practiced on your vibrator? Are you insane?’ We both laughed at that and I said ‘Okay, here’s what I do’ and I demonstrated how I gave head using the vibrator. I wiped it off carefully and said ‘Here, you try. A lot of this comes naturally.’ Donna took the vibrator and did a fair job of licking and sucking on it. She wiped it off and handed it back and said ‘That does feel nice. What do you do when they ejaculate?’ I said that I liked to swallow and that it tasted okay, but she could always spit it out into a kleenex or something, but that guys got really hot when you swallowed and if they hadn’t eaten you already, they’d be willing to do it then, particularly if you made it clear that more swallowing could be in their future.”

“Donna said ‘I’ve never had anyone eat me, either. What’s that like?’ I said that it was better than masturbating because it felt softer and wetter and there was the idea that it was someone else doing it, so it tickled occasionally, which was actually rather sexy under the circumstances. I also said that I got very excited with the idea that someone was doing this to me and that it felt very, very good. Donna mulled that over a bit.”

“We both had another rum-and-coke and Donna asked me about the vibrator. I said that it was actually a bit like being eaten because it was very light and kind of tickly. Donna asked me how often I masturbated and I said that I liked to every other day or so, but that I usually did it by hand and only used the vibrator when I had time or when I was by myself. Donna blushed a little and she said she understood, that she felt embarrassed to do it when I was around, too. She said that she masturbated every couple days also, usually in the shower, which was good for privacy. She’d use her hand and the shower head.”

“Donna asked how I used the vibrator. I told her that it was usually just touching the vibrator to the shaft of my clit. I turned it on—you remember how you’d turn those on by twisting the base?” I nodded. “I turned it on and held it by the base and touched the tip to her finger. She laughed and said ‘It tickles!’ I said that that was the idea except that it felt different elsewhere. Donna said ‘How about nipples?’ and pulled her robe open on one side. I touched her nipple with the tip of the vibrator and she jumped at first and then said ‘Oooooh, that does feel different!’ She moved her chest around so the vibrator touched all around the nipple and then settled back with the vibrator on just the nipple. Her nipple got really dark, much darker than mine did or even do now.”

“Cool!” I said. “Were you two drunk by this time?”

“No, we weren’t, really,” Kim said. “We’d had three rum-and-cokes, but we were just feeling very relaxed. I think it was that we’d had enough to relax some and Donna was really curious.”

“Okay,” I said. “Please continue.” I was still squeezing my nipples, but I was also running my hands around my chest and down my body every so often. My cock was still fairly soft but there was some sign of life in it.

“Donna liked how the vibrator felt and after a minute, she opened her bathrobe all the way so both breasts were fully exposed and said ‘Do the other one, please!’ I ran the vibrator around the other nipple and it got nice and hard and Donna was enjoying this a lot. I was getting horny myself, but to this day I think it was the sound of the vibrator that was doing it as much as anything else. I mean, I only heard that sound when I was horny and masturbating, so it wasn’t surprising that I got horny when I heard the sound. I figure that if I could’ve salivated as well, I might have had a paper for my behavioral psych class!” I laughed at this.

“I said ‘It’s not fair that you get all the attention. I want some of this, too.’ I kaçak bahis pulled my bathrobe open and started running the tip of the vibrator across my nipples, which I hadn’t tried before. It did feel pretty good. I rubbed it around my nipples and Donna said ‘Wow, you have huge nipples!’ I was kind of flattered and said ‘Thank you. Your nipples are very pretty, too. I like how dark they get.’ Donna blushed, which went all the way down her breasts I noticed. I thought that was cute.”

“I’m tickling my nipples with the vibrator and hearing the vibrator and I am getting very horny! Donna was watching how I reacted to the vibrator and was squeezing one of her nipples and rubbing her breasts. I’m not sure if she realized how turned on I was getting, but I could feel myself getting a little moist and there was this wonderful tickling sensation in my pussy. I’m working on my nipples and getting hotter and hotter and not sure what to do, when Donna says, ‘Can I try it again?’ I say ‘Okay’ and hand the vibrator to her. I’m kind of glad to have an excuse to stop, actually.”

“Donna takes the vibrator and starts running it over her nipples on her own. She’s holding the vibrator like I had been, by the base, and was pinching the other nipple with her other hand. Now that both of my hands were free, I became acutely aware of how horny I was feeling.” I smiled broadly. “I still wasn’t quite sure what to do, so I put my right hand in my bathrobe pocket while stretching my legs out. I refolded them but I kept my hand in my pocket and moved it down into my crotch.”

I started laughing. Kim said “What’s so funny?”

“You were busy playing pocket pool!” I said. “I thought only guys did that!” I kept laughing and Kim looked annoyed for a moment, but her annoyance dissolved and she started chuckling at this herself.

“I suppose it is pretty silly at that,” she said. “And it’s as dumb as anything that a guy ever did trying to be subtle at that age, too.” I nodded but I was still smirking. “Donna was busy with the vibrator and I was trying to play with myself discretely through the fabric of a thick terrycloth bathrobe, which wasn’t working very well. I was so busy with trying to be nonchalant I wasn’t paying much attention to what Donna was doing. I looked up and saw that she was still doing things with the vibrator to her nipples, but she had her other hand under her robe and she was playing with herself at the same time.”

“Oh!” I said.

“That’s what I said, too,” Kim said. “Donna opened her eyes and was very startled and terrifically embarrassed. She tried to hand me the vibrator and was babbling apologies and I said ‘It was your turn, keep going.’ There was a long silence in which we looked at each other and I could see about twenty different emotions running across Donna’s face. I was kind of embarrassed, too, but Donna’s embarrassment was much bigger than mine and I think it was kind of… well, drawing fire, so to speak.”

“Donna leaned back and looked like she was going to start again, but she paused and said ‘You don’t mind?’ I said ‘No, go ahead.’ Donna said ‘You’re sure?’ I said ‘It’s fine. We were talking about all this stuff, remember; if I truly minded, I wouldn’t have shown you the vibrator in the first place.’ Donna looked relieved and she pulled her robe open wider and I could see her pubic hair. She moved her hand rather shyly down to her pussy and touched just above her clit. She looked up at me again with an “Is this okay?” look. I opened my robe rather wide so she could see me, and I put a finger inside myself.”

“Far out!” I said. I squeezed the base of my cock and my balls.

“That was definitely enough to put Donna at ease. She relaxed and I heard her sigh. The tip of her finger started rubbing her clit very gently, which wasn’t really visible at first, but she was making herself happy. Donna kept rubbing her nipples with the vibrator, too.”

“And you?”

“I had a finger in myself and squeezing my nipples with the other. I spread my legs nice and wide and Donna followed suit. Then Donna undid the tie on her robe and spread it wide so I could see all of her. She really was pretty.”

“Of course she was. You said she looked like you do.”

“Thank you, kind sir! Yes, but I was just amazed: no matter what angle she was at, it seemed like her breasts were defying gravity.”

“They weren’t fake, were they?”

“No, not at all, they were all natural. She was just one of those girls with strong tissues. It was impressive.”

“So both of you are spread out and are masturbating gently?”

“At first, but we both started getting excited by this. For Donna, it was using the vibrator on her nipples, but both of us were turned on by watching each other.”

“Did you know you were an exhibitionist at that stage?” I asked.

“Not really, but it was fun when I did. I just hadn’t made any connection yet.”


“As we were rubbing ourselves, our legs kept touching each other. It was nice. We both started being less shy about things. Donna was pushing her finger into herself and I was putting a couple of fingers deep into me. We were both squishing slightly, which was fun to hear. And I really liked not having to hide this.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32