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Life in The Village, through the eyes of a student at the remote school.

This is an original work of pure fiction (just an expression of a fantasy)
by Robert A. Armstrong (a pseudonym)

The resemblance of the characters by action, name, location or description to any real person is purely coincidental.

If it is illegal, or offensive, for you to read stories involving interactions of a sexual nature between adults and youths, then what are you doing here?





From Chapter 58:

I park the Land Rover alongside the shed with the quadbikes. A guy comes out of where the horse stalls are. I recognise him from out at Jintabudjaree the day that Mr Grant became its owner. He”s one of Marty”s friends.

“Howdy, young fella!” he tells me, extending his hand. “I”m Jacko. And you must be Kurt, because the other one of you is Karl.”

I grin. He grins. I like him.

Another body appears from the semi-darkness. This will obviously be Mr Cameron”s recommended person.

“G”day, Champ,” he smiles broadly, grasping my hand tightly and holding on.

“Ron!” I gasp.

Chapter 59 � Getting Ron Alone

I”m shocked. Overwhelmed. I don”t know whether to cry with joy, or burst out laughing at seeing Ron again, so unexpectedly. Thrilled!

“Surprise!” Dad says, resting his hands on my shoulders from behind. I feel his thumbs begin to massage the muscles across the top of my back. He adds, “I caught up with Mr Cameron in Cunnamulla two weeks ago. Over coffee with him and Daphne, I mentioned my intention to hire a farm hand or two while I would be occupied with the buildings in The Village.”

Although I”m listening to my Dad, I”m concentrating on Ron”s smile and his firm grip which neither of us has released. I”m really tempted to tickle his palm!

Dad continues, “Mr Cameron told me that Ron was staying with him and Daphne because the University was conducting its courses on line for the next six months. He wondered whether Ron might `fit the bill” of a person that I was looking for.”

I can”t speak.

Dad goes on, “Ron came in a short time afterwards and I put the farm hand possibility to him. And here he is! When he accepted, he asked me not to tell anyone, apart from Helen, because he thought that it would be fun to surprise you and Karl.”

“And, you should have seen the look on your brother”s face when he recognised me,” Ron grins. “It was as though he had seen a ghost, or the grim reaper.”

“He still talks about how he reckons you tried to drown him that day in the swimming hole,” I say, grinning at that, and all of my other memories of that day.

“And, he wasn”t too pleased at me and Jacko going down with him to bring up some horses,” Ron says. “In fact, he kept dodging around so that Jacko was between him and me the whole time. Pretty funny, actually!”

Dad comes from behind me and stands close to me and Ron, almost between us.

Dad says, jokingly, to Ron, “I wonder whether I should have Karl work with you, then, to get the horses ready?”

“Don”t!” I tell him, pointing a warning finger at his face. “And, you know why, Dad!”

“Yes. I know why,” he replies, grinning at me. “He”s been a changed person this week. We wouldn”t want to jeopardise that, would we? Besides, I heard from Marty that Jacko”s pretty good with horses too, eh Jacko?” he says, looking past my shoulder.

I”d almost forgotten that Jacko was still here, sort of behind me! I half turn towards him and see him grin and nod.

“I guess that means Ron will just have to work with you then, Kurt,” Dad says to me.

It”s Ron who breaks our grip on each other”s hand. Dad probably thinks that it”s been just me hanging on, like he saw me do to Mr Grant that night outside the pub.

Ron steps back and looks me up and down. “Hey, Champ,” he comments. “You”ve grown!”

I hope that Ron hasn”t simply noticed the now-very-much-awake (and `grown”) Junior.

Dad tells him, “Yeah. It”s hard to keep new clothes on the pair of them.”

I know what Dad”s referring to. Karl and I have gone through a couple of shirts and new jeans as we”ve outgrown the `old” ones. But, with Ron here, I think that it”s also going to be hard for me to really keep my clothes on, especially, if I get to be alone with him in one of the workers” huts! No, not hard. Impossible!

My brother emerges from the horse stalls and, taking one look at Ron, retreats to be alongside Jacko and almost behind me.

I say nothing now that might embarrass Karl. But we will definitely talk about this tonight!

“So,” Dad suggests, “Why don”t we all have a cup of coffee, then go and check out what Jed and Charlie are doing? Either izmit escort by horse, or quad bike, or the five of us in the ute.”

“I bags a horse!” Karl says.

“I”m with him,” Jacko says, directing a thumb towards my brother.

Dad gives me a questioning look.

“Quad bike!”

All eyes turn to Ron. Mine with hope. Karl”s with `hope not”!

“A horse…” Ron starts. My heart sinks, so does Karl”s. “…is for those with a tough hide! “I”ll happily trot along on a quad bike.”

I”ve seen Ron ride, and he”s good, so I suspect that his choice of `quadbike” has more to do with me than the pretended preservation of his `tough hide” on a saddle.

Everyone now focuses on Dad.

“Ute!” he says. “So that l can bring back anything that needs to be taken down to the rubbish paddock.”

Over coffee and a piece of custard tart, he explains his `rubbish paddock” idea. Jacko and Ron might not be so happy when they realise who is going to build it, and cart all the junk!

It”s Karl who comments, “Well, that sounds like a perfect week-day job!”

It only takes a moment for everyone to understand what he means. He and I will be at school during the week!


“Remember this place?” Ron asks, deviating off the track and pulling up beside the swimming hole, as we watch the dust of the horses and the ute continue ahead of us.

“Are you joking?” I say. “I”ll never forget this place!”

Ron smiles at me.

I add, while not disclosing my best memories, “It”s where you tried to assassinate my brother… according to him.”

“Anything else?” he puts to me, grinning.

“No,” I tell him. “Oh, except, that this is where you gave us both a can of beer.”

“Is that all?” he asks, latching on to the back of my jeans, adding, “Hey, nice glutes!”

My whole body tingles.

“I need to pee!” I tell him, and head for the nearest gum tree.

Instead of just pulling down my zipper, I undo everything and push my jeans and undies down onto my thighs. Then, sticking my hips forward, I let Junior start to empty my bladder onto the tree trunk.

Ron stands alongside me and does the same. Jeans down. Hips forward. Pee gushing, like Jake”s did, the other day at school.

I reach across and take hold of it. “Hey, nice dick!” I comment, mirroring his words about my glutes. Then, I have to let him go because I know how hard it is to pee with an erection!

Reaching for Junior, he says, “Hey, you HAVE grown, and so have your chicken feathers!

I finish peeing and let him play with my body for a little while, delighted with the feeling of his hand. I would be happy for him to jack me off right here, or to feel his stiffness between my legs, letting him enjoy himself, like he did way back then, in the water. However…

“Later!” I tell him, and turn to walk back to the bikes, as I zip up everything. “If they ask, we can say that we took some time to stop and pee, but any longer would be hard to explain.”

Ron comments, “I see that your brain has grown on the inside as much as the rest of your body has on the outside. Not to mention that manly voice!”

Accelerating, it doesn”t take us long to almost catch up to the others. Karl and Jacko are hitching the reins to a nearby fencepost and Dad is closing the door of the ute.

“I thought that we”d lost you for a while,” Dad says as we pull up alongside him and switch the engines off.”

“I must have drunk too much coffee this morning,” Ron answers. “And needed a pit stop.”

Dad nods. No further explanation is necessary.

After Dad says a quick `hello” to Jed and Charlie, inside, he and the rest of us walk around the workers” hut and see that the two large gas bottles have already been put in place, close to the water tank. The water heater is mounted right here, on the wall of the hut. Two lots of thin pipes (“one for the hot water and the other for the gas fire,” Dad says) extend from their connections under the raised wooden flooring. I”ll bet that squeezing under there would have been a job for Charlie! LOL.

We `discover” two very dirty 44-gallon drums behind the hut.

“I”ll take these back for the rubbish paddock,” Dad comments.

Jacko suggests, “You, know, Jan, that they could be cut in halves, lengthways, to make some food troughs for animals. Or water troughs. Or, they could be turned into barbecues for your Home Stay people to use. With a little bit of work, they would be easy to mount on stands. I could do that, if you like. Or, you could use them as fire pits. People could sit around them at night and sing songs, or tell yarns.”

“Great idea!” Dad tells him. “I”ll take them back and leave them inside one of the sheds, out of the way until you want to carve them izmit otele gelen escort up.”

A few pieces of corrugated iron get similar `reprieves” from the rubbish paddock.

“They”re not in too bad condition,” Jacko says. “And they could come in handy for any emergency roofing repairs, like from a falling tree branch.”

“I should keep these back at the homestead, in case they are needed there or at either hut,” Dad tells him.

I can tell that Jacko has a lot of experience in not throwing anything away! He and Ron put the drums into the back of the ute. Dad, Karl and I manage the corrugated iron.

Karl, pointing farther north, speaks quietly to Dad, who nods, and points at his watch.

“Hey, Jacko,” Karl says, “I know a good trail ride up that way. You wanna come and see?”

“Sure, mate,” Jacko replies. “Lead the way.”

Freeing the reins, they both climb into their saddle and Karl starts his horse walking, then `pushes the accelerator” and I watch the two of them take off, laughing.

“It”s good to see him happy again,” I say to my Dad as he, Ron and I stroll inside.

I hear Jed tell my Dad that he and Charlie are “ahead of schedule because the connections were easier than expected. The gas fire has been set up adjacent to the bathroom wall, thus minimising the amount of piping required”.

“Nice job!” Dad says.

“We should be finished in an hour. Not much more,” Jed tells him.

Dad looks at his watch. “Come back to the homestead and have lunch with us when you”re done,” he says. “We”ll hold off eating until we see you, and I can pay you straight away.”

“Oh, and thanks for the breakfast,” Charlie throws in. “It was delicious.”

“I don”t know where he puts it!” Jed tells everyone. “Food certainly doesn”t hang about on his body, like it does on mine.” Jed pats is round, but not fat, belly.

“That”s because I work it off, Uncle Jed,” Charlie replies. “You see to that. Slave driver!”

Everybody laughs.

I enjoy Charlie”s playful sense of humour. Not unlike my own actually!

Outside, Dad says to me and Ron, “I”m heading back to the house. Are you guys coming too, or do you want to drive around for a while?”

I”m dying to get alone with Ron!

“I was thinking that Ron and I might go straight down to the other hut,” I tell Dad, “and just check out whether there is anything there that needs to be carted to the rubbish paddock. Or, maybe, find something that Jacko might see another use for.”

“OK. Don”t be late for lunch. Be back by one o”clock,” he tells me.

I look at my watch. That leaves me plenty of time!

Ron and I head off before Dad does. And, not slowly! But safely.

My whole body is tingling with excitement in anticipation of running my hands all over the muscles of Ron”s naked body. And feeling his big cock having fun between my legs. And, perhaps to show him my new skill of sucking. I know that he wanted to do it to me last time, and I”ll bet that he still does!

I”m so glad that Andy and I have agreed that we can play with other people, short of `going all the way”.

As the workers” cottage comes into view, Junior is really straining. With me in this position on the bike, he is prevented from stretching to full stiffness by the cramped space inside my jeans. And, I think that he might be leaking, because I”m feeling slightly wet.


We pull up outside the cottage. No time to waste!

“Did you miss me, Champ?” Ron grins, hugging my body to his, the moment that we are inside.

“What do you think?” I tell him, taking one of his hands and placing it over the front of my jeans where Junior is aching for his freedom. He”s as stiff as he”s ever been, I reckon.

I feel for Ron”s cock and find it equally ready for some fun. Big and thick, like a metal bar inside his jeans.

I don”t wait! I take off my boots then immediately start stripping off my clothes, throwing them onto the nearest bed.

Standing naked, apart from my socks, Junior is pointing upwards and leaking.

Indicating Junior”s condition, I tell Ron, “We might not need the baby oil, but I”ll fetch it anyway.”

As the last of Ron”s clothes hit the bed, I stare at the beauty of his body. Muscles. Balls. And his handsome erection in its patch of hairs.

I grab him in a hug and rub my body against his. Junior against his cock; back and forth, up and down. `Sword fights”. He grabs my `nice glutes” and I latch onto his.

We wrestle each other to the nearest bed and, holding me on top of him, he kisses my neck.
I shiver and feel Junior leak out more pre-cum.

I start to slide on his body, alongside his stiff rod. With my precum mixed with his own, darıca escort it”s an incredible feeling!

Slipping up and down, Junior takes a detour under Ron”s balls and between his legs. Ron lets me push down and up. It gets slipperier.

“Ooh!” I groan. “This feels so good. I”ve missed doing this with you!”

I stop, and kiss his neck, then his chest, then his abs and I put my tongue into his navel.

“Hey! Where are you going, Champ?” Ron asks.

Instead of answering, I take the head of his cock straight into my mouth and, using my saliva, begin to suck up and move increasingly down.

When I get him almost half in, Ron says, “Stop! Wait!”

“What?” I ask, almost panting with excitement.

Holding me off his body and staring into my eyes, he says, “Didn”t I teach you that it”s better to go slowly?”

He flips us over so that, still facing each other, he is now on top.

He kisses my forehead, my lips, my neck and then works his way downwards. But, instead of taking Junior into his mouth like I thought that he was going to do, he just keeps going. He kisses my thighs, then slowly works his way back up.

Then he licks my balls before taking one, then the other, then both together, into his mouth. They only just fit! They must have grown too. His moving tongue and his lips have me aching with pleasure. Then he does it. He licks up the underside of Junior, right to the slit, three times, teasing me, before taking the head into his mouth and continuing straight down. The whole of Junior is inside his mouth and Ron”s nose is in my `chicken feathers”.

“Aaah!” I gasp. “That felt amazing. Do it again!”

He does, and is soon bobbing up and down, pushing and sucking. I”m in heaven!

“Wait!” I call out. “I don”t want to cum yet!”

He pulls back, moves me sideways then rolls onto his stomach.

“Use the baby oil and do whatever you want!” he tells me.

I reach for it, squirt it over his glutes and I watch it run down his crack onto his balls. I squirt extra between his thighs, and rub it all around.

I put the bottle onto the floor and, resting on my elbows, I lay my lower body on his.

I go slowly, rubbing Junior up and down, over and between the mounds of his glutes.

Then, raising myself up on my hands, I push Junior between his thighs, under his glutes, and watch him disappear, pushing against Ron”s balls. Then I pull back, and do it all again.

I decide to continue while lying flat on Ron”s back. Lifting my hips, I guide Junior back down into the gap. Then up, and down. Moving my hips. Feeling Junior sliding. Feeling the heat of Ron”s body. Feeling fantastic! Feeling like I”m going to spurt at any time.

I tell him, “Ron, I”m gonna cum soon.”

He flips us over and, laying me on my back, kneels on either side of my legs. He takes Junior into his mouth, sucking up and pushing his hot mouth down.

“Oh, Ron,” I tell him. “I”m gonna cum. I can”t stop it. Look out!”

Instead of pulling off me, he goes right down and, while Junior is deep in his mouth, probably even past his tonsils, he starts to hum. That does it! The feeling is too much! I shoot, and shoot and shoot!

“Aargh!” I hear myself call out at the intense feeling.

Neither William, nor Mr Grant, nor even Andy, has ever done what Ron just did!

When I regain my breathing, I open my eyes, staring straight into Ron”s, and his smile.

“When did you learn to do that?” He grins at me. “You were pretty good!”

“But, not as good as you!” I say to him. “And I can”t tell you any more. House Rule! Hey, you could always teach me to do it better, like how you just did it to me!”

“I think that we will have opportunities to make that happen,” he says, still grinning. “I could be here for quite a while, according to what your dad told me.”

“Nice!” I say. Then I roll onto my stomach. “Your turn!” I tell him. “Go for it!”

“Just a minute!” he says. “I”ll need a towel. Things are going to get very wet.”

He gets up, squeezes my glutes, then heads to the bathroom and emerges, rubbing off his body the excess oil that I so freely bathed him with.

Suddenly, he stops dead, listening, and says, “What”s that noise?”

“Hell!” I blurt out. “That sounds like my Dad”s ute!”


(to be continued)



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