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This is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents in this story are either the product of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


Christy hurried into the cafeteria as soon as it opened. She was absolutely starving. The girl hadn’t eaten anything since Claire’s cherry pie the night before. She looked over at the table by the bay window that she and the girls had claimed as theirs and saw that it was empty. Christy breathed a sigh of relief. All she wanted to do was eat and get back to her room as quickly as possible. She grabbed a couple of chicken sandwiches and a cherry soda and made a beeline to the table. Even before she opened the wrapper on her sandwiches, she opened her laptop.

The screen flickered to life with the image of two girls frantically scissoring. Christy glanced around to make sure no one was nearby and put in her earbuds. The sounds of their moaning and sighing filled her head as she studied every curve of their beautiful bodies. She loved the shape of their thighs, and the way their legs intertwined. She grew mesmerized by their undulating hips and the wet slapping sound of their pussies mashing together. She gave the video a ‘thumbs up’ and moved on to the next. This one had a nun on her knees licking a school girl’s bald snatch.

“Holy fuck,” Christy whispered to herself, sort of ignoring the irony, “Lesbian nun porn?” She couldn’t take her eyes off of it. She had been raised Catholic and even had several nuns as teachers in high school. The thought of Sister Lois bending her over and licking her pussy after she had just given her a paddling was so good that Christy couldn’t help but to squeeze her crotch through her jeans. Christy gave this one a ‘thumbs up’ too and favorited it as well before clicking the next video.

“Where you been all day, girl?” Yvette seemed to just appear at the table with her tray. Christy jumped and slammed the laptop closed.

“What?” Christy exclaimed, “Where have I been? I haven’t been feeling so good today. Sick or something, I guess. Just spent the day in bed mostly.”

Yvette seemed to stare at her a bit too long before she changed the subject.

“So, have you seen your roommate? You think maybe Sandra is sick too?”

“I don’t know,” Christy mumbled, her fingers drumming anxiously on her laptop. “How should I know?”

If Yvette had stared a bit too long before, she was positively glowering at Christy now.

“Christy, what were you watching on your laptop?”

Christy’s heart began to pound in her chest. She wanted to tell Yvette that it was none of her goddamn business and to leave her alone, but she knew that would have only made things worse. Yvette was not one to leave anything alone.

Thankfully, she didn’t have to say anything as Rebecca approached the table.

“Good afternoon ladies,” the primrose brunette said as she sat down beside Yvette. “I trust you are all well.”

“Some better than others, I suppose,” Yvette said, not taking her eyes off of Christy.

“Look, I gotta go.” Christy grabbed her laptop and rushed out of the cafeteria.

“Hmm,” Rebecca commented as she took a sip of her iced tea. “What’s the matter with her?”

“Same thing that’s the matter with everyone else.” Yvette said, “Including us, I think.”

Rebecca looked over the rim of her glasses at her friend. Yvette was a smart, beautiful Latina who wanted the world to think she was just a tough, uncaring bitch. But Rebecca knew that under that intimidating exterior was an intelligent and caring girl who was deeply protective of those she considered her friends. Rebecca truly loved her, she only wished that Yvette would be a little less superstitious.

“Aren’t you overreacting a bit,” Rebecca said. “What happened to us last night is . . .difficult to explain, I will give you that. But everything else isn’t.”

Yvette did not seem convinced.

“Listen,” Rebecca continued, “I met this ‘mysterious’ Jodi today in my French class. She is no more a ‘brujah’ as she is a ghost. Actually, we had a lovely conversation.”

This perked Yvette’s interest.

“About what?”

“Oh, all manner of topics. Her French is impeccable. She doesn’t even need to be in the class, but there was some mix up with her high school credits and so she has to take French. She even offered to tutor me. We are going to meet up Friday in the library.”

“Sounds like you two hit it off,” Yvette said with only a hint of jealousy. Rebecca chose to ignore it.

“We did. And to answer the question from this morning . . . that was her and Amy.”

“What?” Yvette stammered in disbelief.

“I know. She actually apologized about it and everything. And she was the one who brought it up! Turns out she is a lesbian and, apparently, so is Amy.”

“Oh my God, what did you say?”

“What maltepe escort could I say? A person’s sexual preference is their business, not mine.”

“Yeah, but people don’t just blurt out ‘Oh, by the way, that noise you heard this morning, yeah, that was me eating my roommate’s pussy till she came all over my face. Sorry about that!'”

“It wasn’t like that!” Rebecca said, pushing Yvette’s shoulder playfully. “We were talking about our roommates. I started by telling her about Stacy and she talked to me about Amy and how the two of them had grown very close in just this short amount of time. It was actually very romantic.”

Yvette rolled her eyes, “Romantic? It didn’t sound very romantic this morning. It sounded like she fucked the living hell out of the girl. And besides, Amy doesn’t seem like one to kiss and tell and I bet she will be none too happy that Jodi told you any of this.”

“What do you mean?”

“I had biology with Amy today. She and I were assigned as lab partners. We got some project we have to work on over the next few weeks. We started talking and she told me why she had come to Franklin College. Turns out her mom is an alum and that she was good friends with the president. But the reason her mom sent her here was because she had caught Amy with her boyfriend getting a little too comfortable with each other. She didn’t get into details, but if I had to guess, I’d say momma caught one of them with their pants down.”

“So her mom freaked out,” Rebecca said, picking up on where this was going, “And sent her here to break them up?”

Yvette nodded as she took a bite of her pizza.

“And it apparently worked,” Yvette continued, “But not like mother dear would have hoped for. Now she’s getting morning head from her roommate instead of having to give it to her boyfriend.”

“That is fucked up,” Rebecca said.

“Yep. Almost as fucked up as how much you and me have been talking about eating pussy lately.”

Rebecca gave Yvette one of her patented “not-this-again” stares.

“Chica, stop and listen to me!” Yvette said in frustration. “You know I never once believed Stacy and her silly ghost stories because there was no reason to. You know me! You know I don’t just go off and get crazy. But after last night, and how everybody is behaving today. Sandra up and running out of psych class right as we started talking about sexual preferences; Stacy looking like someone had run over her dog. Hell, even Christy is acting weird.” To prove her point, Yvette grabbed the still wrapped chicken sandwiches and tossed them on Rebecca’s tray. “Look at this, she didn’t even take them with her!”

“You are overreacting.” Rebecca said, casually removing the sandwiches from her tray. “What happened to us last night was just like some super strange coincidence and nothing more. The problem is you are letting it eat at you so much that it’s making you see things that just aren’t there.”

Yvette could barely control her anger as she got up from the table.

“I am not making this stuff up, Becca!” she yelled so loud everyone in the cafeteria turned and looked at the two of them. “You of all people should know that!”

Rebecca immediately regretted her choice of words. When Yvette’s father first touched her all those years ago, Yvette had told her mother. Her mother didn’t believe her, told her she was making it up because she was a horrible little girl who just wanted the attention. Yvette had shared this with Rebecca one night after the two had gotten a little too drunk and shared way too much. Of course, if it hadn’t been for that night, they would not be as close as they were now.

Yvette stormed out of the cafeteria, leaving Rebecca sitting uncomfortably alone. Rebecca’s cheeks flushed as she looked around the cafeteria. Fortunately, it seemed nearly everyone had the decency to turn their attention back to their own business. Nearly everyone, save a strange girl who was sitting by herself several tables away. The girl had a round, moon-face and glasses that were almost comically too big. She was staring at Rebecca rather intently, so much so that Rebecca averted her own gaze, hoping the girl would do the same. Rebecca finished her iced tea and glanced back in the moon-faced girl’s direction.

The girl had, it seemed, just disappeared.


Aimee Archer had been sitting at her usual table in the cafeteria when she saw the scene play out at the table by the bay window. Though she had only ever spoken to Amy, she had been keeping a close watch on all of the girls from the third floor of Lillian Hall. What she witnessed tonight only underscored what Aimee had feared all along. The Convergence was affecting all of them, even herself. Well, that’s what Aimee had started calling it anyway: the Convergence. Made it sound all scary and official. To be fair, Aimee still wasn’t entirely certain what exactly was going on, but she knew she had a better idea than any of the rest of them. Everything that she had come to escort maltepe believe was based mostly on conjecture, speculation and flat out guesswork. And despite spending the past three years trying to decipher her mother’s incomprehensible journal, or all of the other evidence she had recently uncovered, Aimee still had way more questions than answers.

But she knew she was on the right path. Too many things were lining up, too many coincidences were happening, too many things her mother had warned her about were coming to pass. She had to act soon. Time was running out.


Christy knew she had to go to work in the library. Mrs. Glenn was expecting her. But every time she had an orgasm and thought about closing her laptop and doing something, anything, besides masturbating, she would be pulled back in by a new video or a lesbian live-stream. She was frantically rubbing out another orgasm, this time to a really hot lesbian porn music video she had discovered, when the door to her room opened.

“Christy? I thought you’d be at the library already,” Sandra said.

Fortunately for Christy, she was up on the top bunk and sort of under the covers. She jumped when Sandra came, but it didn’t look like the girl was aware of what Christy was doing.

“I know, I um. Just running late, I guess.”

Sandra nodded sullenly and sat down on her bed beneath Christy and started taking her shoes off. Christy felt the urge to just, sort of, keep masturbating. If she could kind of stay quiet, maybe Sandra wouldn’t notice.

‘What the fuck is wrong with me?’ Christy’s brain screamed. ‘Am I seriously gonna finger myself with my roommate sitting right below me?’ It took a great deal of effort, but Christy fought off the urge and leaned over the side of the bed.

“So, wow…are you O.K.?” Christy hadn’t noticed at first, but Sandra looked like hell. The red-head was always so beautiful and poised. She was basically perfect. Like, always perfect. Even when she got out of the bed first thing in the morning, Sandra was stunning. But what Christy saw now was a young woman coming undone. She was sitting on the bed with one shoe on and one shoe off, holding her frazzled-haired head in her hands. Christy remembered how Yvette had asked about her. “What’s wrong, Sandy?”

“I don’t know,” Sandra said, her voice wavering. “It’s just been a bad day. Last night was…crazy.”

Christy tried to think. What day was it? She actually wasn’t sure. Everything was just a big blur of lesbian pornography ever since that night in the library…had that been that last night?

Sandra raised her head up and looked at Christy. To say the girl was beautiful was a gross understatement. She was absolutely gorgeous. When Christy had first met her, she was so jealous of her roommate. Sandra’s face, her body, everything was exactly what every movie star or celebrity worked out eight hours a day in order to achieve. And she was just born this way!

“Oh Christy,” Sandra began, “I think I’m . . . wait, what – what’s that smell?”

Christy had no idea what Sandra was talking about. She didn’t smell anything.

“You don’t smell that?” Sandra said as she stood up. She was still only wearing one shoe as she walked around the room. “It’s like, everywhere. It’s sort of faint, but it’s definitely there.” Sandra suddenly stopped and turned to look at Christy. Her brow had furrowed into a look of shock and recognition.

“Oh my God! Christy!”

“What?” Christy still had no idea what Sandra was smelling.

Sandra walked straight over to the bunk bed and grabbed Christy’s comforter. She tried to keep a hold of it, but Sandra moved too fast and jerked the comforter off in one swift motion.

And there Christy was, with her shorts and panties wrapped around her ankles and her thighs spread wide. Her pussy had creamed the bed so many times that the sheets were slick and saturated with her juices.

“Oh, you mean that smell . . .” Christy said, trying to look as innocent as possible.

“Have you just been lying up there all day fucking yourself! The whole room smells like your wet cunt!”

“I can explain!” Christy said, but she knew she really couldn’t. She grabbed one of her pillows and covered her exposed pussy, her face red with humiliation.

What little sanity Sandra had left began to crumble. She had struggled all day trying to understand what had happened between her and Brianna last night, as well to come to terms with all of the new and confusing feelings she was experiencing. It was in that moment something inside her snapped, that thing that had strained so hard to hold her urges in check just melted away and Sandra knew what she wanted, what she needed.

The smell of wet, hot pussy swirled in the air around her, filling her head with images of sex and girls. And pussy. Sandra noticed Christy’s laptop laying closed beside her, the earbuds still plugged in.

“Open your laptop.”

“What?” Christy’s eyes opened wide.

“You heard maltepe escort bayan me,” Sandra said stepping closer to the bed. “Open your fucking laptop. Now.”

Christy shook her head and clutched the laptop to her massive chest with both hands. Sandra grabbed the pillow Christy had been holding over her crotch and threw it on the floor. Without a second thought, Sandra slapped Christy’s hairy bush. It was a quick, forceful slap, meant more to get Christy’s attention than to arouse her. It did both.

“Open the laptop,” Sandra said again.

Christy just couldn’t. She tried to put her legs together, to hide from her shame, but Sandra was having none of it. She pushed Christy’s legs apart and slapped her pubic hair again, only harder this time and her hand lingered there, pulling the long dark curls softly between her fingers.

Christy was trapped. There was nothing she could do, nowhere left to hide. Trembling in fear and crying in shame, Christy slowly opened the laptop.

The screen flickered to life and Sandra’s eyes lit up. Two girls were furiously finger fucking each other in the shower. Sandra grabbed the earbuds and jerked them out of the audio jack. The sound of moans and cries filled the room. Sandra looked at Christy and saw that the girl’s glossy, watery eyes were fixed on the screen. Even as humiliated and disgusted by herself as she was, Christy was unable to look away.

“Oh my God,” Sandra said, “Christy . . . “

Christy tried to tell her it wasn’t what it looked like, that she had only watched a few videos and only out of curiosity. But her sopping wet sheets and her swollen vulva had already betrayed her. Christy’s dirty, filthy secret had been exposed. She was so fucked.

“That is so hot.” Sandra finished.

“What?” Christy looked at Sandra with her mouth wide open. “You . . . you like this kind of stuff?”

Sandra gave the girl a seductive smile and a quick tug on her pubic hair.

“Too,” Sandra corrected her as she leaned in to get a better view. “I like this kind of stuff too.”

“Holy fuck,” Christy said as the realization of what was happening began to take hold. “Do you want to watch with me?”

Sandra giggled as she jumped and pulled herself up on the bunk with her roommate.

“Move over, bitch!” the gorgeous red-head laughed as she snuggled next to Christy.


Amy and Brianna made their way, hand in hand, back towards Lilian Hall. The nights were getting colder now, and the little girl shivered in her short little schoolgirl skirt and black t-shirt. Amy took her hoodie off and gave it to Brianna, who gratefully slipped on. It was way too big for her, hanging as far down as her skirt itself. But Brianna loved it. She never wanted to take it off.

“S-s-so, have you th-thought about what you are g-g-going to say?” Brianna asked as they rounded a corner and saw the lights of their dormitory.

“No. But, like I said, I can’t lie to her. I don’t want to lie to her. I want to tell her about you. About us.”

“D-d-do you think she will l-like me?”

Amy turned to see the nervous look on the girl’s sweet face.

“Sweet B, what does it matter if she likes you or not? I love you.”

“I know, b-believe me, I know. I love you too. B-but y-y-you l-l-love her t-t-t-tooo.”

Amy took the girl’s cold, trembling hands into her own. “I’m not going to leave you,” Amy said firmly, “Nothing Jodi can say or do will change that. You are my BFF and the woman I love.”

Brianna hugged Amy tight, her stutter always fading away whenever the two of them were so close.

“I don’t want you to have to choose,” Brianna said softly. “I love you so much, I want you to have us both. That’s why I want Jodi to at least kind of like me.”

Amy knew the girl was sincere. She really meant what she had said. Brianna was willing to share Amy’s love with Jodi, hell, probably with anyone, so long as it meant Amy’s happiness. That was how much her Sweet B loved her.

“Oh my God, I love you so much,” Amy said, hugging her even closer. As she did so, Amy looked up to the third floor of Lilian Hall. It was a relatively small brownstone building, rather quaint with dark green ivy covering most of its front. It only had three floors, not counting the ground floor. Each floor had three windows facing the sidewalk and all of them were lit up. All except one, that was. The corner room on the third floor, farthest from Amy’s and Jodi’s room, was dark.

“Brianna, who’s room is that?”

Brianna turned and followed Amy’s gaze.

“Um. That’s room 301. It’s empty. Just like yours used to be.”

“Empty? Are you sure?”

“I th-think so. Why are you asking?”

“Because I’m pretty sure I just saw somebody in the window.”


Stacy and Jodi had somehow managed to make it back to their rooms before it got too dark. Between all the laughing, joke telling and general lesbian shenanigans, Stacy was actually quite impressed they had been able to beat both Rebecca and Amy back to the dorm. The two girls first went into their own rooms: Jodi to drop off the shoes she had been carrying since they left the swimming pool locker room and Stacy to gather up her courage and confess.

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